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    Thursday, February 5th, 2004
    2:04 am
    First mutha****ing entry
    Hey no one, why do I keep having these periods of nonchalant glee and these phases of depression that prevent me from getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. It seems like I have no friends, and last week I made an important decision. I'M NOT GOING TO FOLLOW PEOPLE ANYMORE. Never. Everyday's been such a disappointment since November. It's funny, I think I HAVE A BEST FRIEND WOOOO..well only friend so that must move you to best in my life....right well my paranoia got to me and I thought she was only befriending me because I was friends with someone she liked. Right, things haven't improved since I told her to go away. Towards the end of last year I made my first real friend in school...yeah people just suck. MY point is I DON'T NEED SHIT FROM PEOPLE. I think that's the moral? People just stare at me and think what an idiot. I have something weird with events that place during the day, if something took place I'll keep replaying it in my mind wondering what I could've done differently. Ugh ugh ugh uehhhhhhhhhhhhh I have nowhere to vent all my anger, anger at myself for being such a fool. S'oh well I've also been losing the motivation to want to keep trying so hard, hey I had it earlier today but it quickly went away when I received some news 5 months late. It'd be great if I could pass out at will, then life would be funner. WHenever I feel awkward....BAM!! oh yeahhh, so great, I like daydreaming about those things but I've been coming to terms that they're unrealistic....in this part of the universe, I'm sure elsewhere the laws of physics wouldn't stop me muahahHAHAHAH, I'll have to format this shit later, bye

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Beatles
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