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remember when... [20 Feb 2003|04:58pm]
  • everyone used verdana in size one?

  • Times New Roman was the "bad" font and if you used it, your website officially sucked?

  • people typed LiKe tHiS and it wasn't lame?

  • Kayta made websites (,, excessive angelfire / gurlpages)?

  • if you wanted a journal online, you had to type out the HTML for each individual entry?

  • everything wasn't owned by Yahoo?

  • it was cool to misspell your name (i.e. emilee, emylee)?

  • pop-ups were just a kind of children's book?

  • you didn't need a code to sign up for LJ?

  • I was cool (yeah, me, neither)?

  • everyone had an / website?

  • animated gifs were cool, then not cool, and then cool again?

  • no one anti-aliased their text?

  • you first tried to FTP and you couldn't figure it out, so you threw things at the computer?

  • you thought the actual computer was the big screen?

  • it took you fifteen minutes to type one sentence?
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things to do with my domain / various online shite. [20 Feb 2003|05:09pm]
  • install a UBB.

  • redo guestbook layout.

  • redo mayfair?

  • move lj's, edit lj layout, buy paid account.
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