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yay [19 Nov 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | touch of my hand-brit ]

yeah i love zack so much. he sat w/ us at lunch today!!!!!!!! :) :) :) cuz we had top do hw together but stil! lol and we hung out after school :) yeah i love him. i cant wait til friday. i really have no idea if he likes me or not..God i hope he does. yeah i have tae kwon do tonight. we're gonna c love actually friday. perfect movie. but yea tae kwon do. then new angel tonight yay :) theres gonna be a speaker tomorrow in history in the war veterans. okee gtg bye

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[18 Nov 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Boom Boom-brit and the ying yang twins ]

yay ian has a blurty now 2. buhlurty jors. o sweet Jesus britneys sexy. i got her cd..ooohhhh. :) yeah i love zack i love zack i love zack. he sed yes!!!!!1 when i asked him t go to the movie....well actually olivia asked but whutever lol. so we're gonna c it friday:) :) :) amanda, olivia, and jason r going. thatll be so weird. i dont even like know amanda really nemore or olivia. hopefully itll work out fine. jason will be there so yea. and zack yay. i hope soooooooooooo much that he puts some sort of move on me id be in HEAVEN. im gonna try 2 make us c love actually cuz it like makes u wanna be in love so yeah zackll feel desperatemayB or something. yeah gtg do homework altho ims til on aim. bybye

ive got that boom boom that you want. watching me all night long, hurry up before its gone.

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[17 Nov 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Funnygirl5150: I like ur heart light! I want it! LoL
PurchaseXhamHams: were u at my house..?
PurchaseXhamHams: lol
Funnygirl5150: yes
PurchaseXhamHams: when?!
Funnygirl5150: u were at da raider game

lol thats kind of surprising..i hope she didnt look thru my shit.

i told her to tell ms. sheridan i say hi and that i miss her. ill update when i hear whut she says back lol..

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hellar [17 Nov 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Toxic. Britney o God sex ]

yea school was normal. i feel more comfortable just talking about school in here than on dj 4 sum reason. uhmm yea i didnt have much homework..alana missed school again 2day :( spanish jes isnt the same w/o u alana. yer seat got like moved around so yer like inbetween me and natalie now lol. i miss ms. sheridannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. i have so many dreams about her i wanna run into her somewhere..i believe she lives in pleasanton, i shuld like hang out in pleasanton and look for her :) i seriously am in love with zack. seriously. i love him. lol. when im with him everything is perfect and i feel so good. if only he were my boyfriend...he walked w/ me today all the way 2 where i got picked up almost lol, at it was totally out of the way 2! :) today he asked if i was staying afterschool again cuz i had b4 in which we spent like an hour together:):) unfortunately i was not. if he went out w/ me id be so happy. God. zack+me=love

heh yea riley can be such a bitch. shes jes so inconsiderate sometimes. i know it is her locker but like..he share it and she takes down all my special stickers and stuff and throws them away and puts up her gay shit, and i took down her gay ass fucking gak clock and put it in my back pack..and she asked where it was and i told her and she got all pissed and was like omg kelsey give it to me i payed for it and i was like oh sure yea hang on a sec..and i was getting it out and i was like how come u can put whutever u want up and i cant put nething up and she was like cuz its MY locker and u have yer own locker and its a privelage for you to use mine. MOTHER FUCKER! okee i wonder if ne1 will read this.

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[16 Nov 2003|10:36pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | suga suga ]

new journal yay. i dunno if ne1 is ever gonna read this...dunno y i even made it lol. i love zack times talking 2 him at the moment..we're talking about sex :)

ah fuck gtg

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