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[21 Nov 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | emo ]
[ music | 2 Pac-keep ya head up ]

Not alot has been going on.Slept at Nicoles last night.We just hung out and ate ice cream.We went to Fudruckers..if thats how you spell it.It was fun.She told me she was sad..but then when I asked her why later on in the night she said she wasnt.So I dont know what that was about.She tried to get me to stay up with her..but I was so tired.My eyes kept closing at like 12.There wasnt anything I could do to wake up.I skipped like the whole day..I just went to 1st 3rd and Tech.I smoked befor 3rd so I was tired as hell.So I slept.While they watched of Mice and Men or something like that.I had to work today.It was boring as fuck.I hung up signs the whole night.I work tomorow to..What joy it brings to my life that they schedule me for 26 hours.I work on thanksgiving which isnt a bad thing.I didnt want to go and spend the whole time at Kens mom.Just sit around and watch football or whatever sport is on.Last Thanksgiving Lauren was in the hospitol and Ken chocked on a chicken bone..I couldnt help but laugh.What a bitch.I want to get another the money will help.I want a Amy Brown fairy.It would remind me of everything Josie and I had..There are reasons behind it..but whatever.I talked to Christina tonight.I havent talked to her inwhile..we talked about some things in the past..feelings and shit.Whatever it was nothing.I just feel really bad because she is going through alot of shit..and I just wish she had someone like I had when I was going through that.Because it would make things easier for her.She is so sweet..and she desereves the best..some of the shit she is doing is pointless.I told her to call if she needs someone to talk to..but she wont.Whatever.Im gonna go to bed.Even though im not tired.

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