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Thursday, September 30th, 2004

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    i want to have faith that all humans are essentially good at heart and have the desire to be peaceful and giving and want to help one another without just trying to benefit themselves. i do it some times but i know that many do it on a daily basis and some do it as a way of life. maybe you are one of the people that want to do things better you want to make a difference but you fear the consequences of being singled out or left alone because of that.

    well, let me tell you, you are going to feel that way if you keep deceiving people, in fact it will last even longer, the lonliness and being singled out. maybe you have the wrong friends or hang around the wrong people. you must make a change or it will haunt you for a very long time. the sooner you make a difference the sooner your suffering will lessen and maybe go away. we all have to make the changes. i am doing my part to bring peace to the whole world. no it will not happen all at once. it will be one person at a time. hopefully, i will be able to use the valuable lesson that we have all heard of in network marketing, but i will be market peace and happiness. we must stop the killing and start loving and respecting each person for what they are. I know i have made some strong statements about how i feel about some of the ways people are trying to get over. but, i feel that these are some of the things that must be changed in order for our society to move forward. anyway. no more criticism from me i hope, unless you happen to be a liar or deciever of just ignorant. we need to wake up all the way around. peace and happiness and well being for the world. wouldn't life be just wonderful.

    I have nothing to say tonight, not a whole lot anyway. I have been struggling for almost a year now trying to find a job. its strange, i am a very hard working person. i feel that i work as well as two or three people. not only that i have a lot of integrity in my work. i do my best at every job i do and always work towards perfecting my work. have never been fired from a job and feel that i give all of my employers the work and type of employee that they desire. yet i cannot get a job. i have been overlooked for lesser quality employees. people that dont show up on time. try to cheat and steal their way through their job. oh well i guess america isnt ready for quality people working or helping them in their businesses.

    One day though i hope to be able to show an employer the quality that they can get from someone like myself. maybe it's nafta or affirmative action i dont know. but i can say that all the people that say our economy is good and getting better daily most definately have jobs and havent had to look for one in quite some time.

    oh well i will use my spare time for the moment trying to learn and absorb as much as i can. something will break soon i do have faith in that. i guess that it is really getting hard for honest people to make an effort and voice in this society. peace to all.

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