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12:33am 20/07/2003
mood: busy
hey everyone! i no longer like this website for my journal. Instead i use diaryland.com --- You can check out my diary there. http://lesuhhlee19b.diaryland.com Soo check it out there instead! :)
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Oops! ;-D   
02:07pm 17/07/2003
mood: okay

Which Willy Wonka character are you?

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hii :)   
11:39am 16/07/2003
mood: excited
music: Ashanti ~ Rock with You
i know i didn't update in here yesterday, because yesterday was a pretty interesting day. Well i had to wake up at 7am for practice at 8. I wasn't too happy about that, but at least the practice kinda flew by. Brian came late, and had Jason with him and soo they split up the old girls first, and then Erin took the new girls outside with flags. I had to do the rifle first, with Brian and i couldn't tell you how many times i told him i quit yesterday. LOL, yeahh it was that frustrating. Then i finally survived threw rifle, and then the groups switched and we had Jason now teaching us saber and ooh it was funny. I don't think i like ANY weapons anymore! Lol, i thought i wanted to do saber, but the one toss landed in my hand a lil too hard and i got bruises on them now. >:[ Oh and FACT :: i did break almost every one of my nails yesterday because of the saber and rifle! AHH. Ok, enough with practice..
--After practice, Caitlin had her lil black lab puppy outside with her, and she was sooo adorable. I wanted to take her home with me, but of course i can't due to the fact that, i ALREADY HAVE 3 DOGS. Then we had to give John Callaio a ride home, since he was sucking up to my mom soo bad yesterday for some stupid reason, idk. Then after that we came home, got all ready to go back out to buy my sisters car. We went to the place where she found a Green Pontiac Grand Am, but of course when we went there it wasn't there. We went in and told the guy and asked about it, and he said that it would be back tomorrow, because it was getting inspected or something. So then we went to Valley Chevrolet, because my sister had her eyes on a Orange/Red Pontiac Sunfire. I shouldn't say this, but i liked the Sunfire better. The only thing is that this one was a lil more expensive, but i think she would be able to buy it, so it's cool. Then it was almost 2:45 and i had an orthodontist appointment all the way down in Pittston, soo we were speeding to get there. I got there in time, and was still sitting there just waiting for an empty chair thing. Then i finally got a chair, and Dr.Cohen was nowhere to be found. Well, he was just in the other room next to us talking to some mother, but he toook forever. I was kinda glad that i waited though, because he came in and told the lady to take my uppers off! :) :) I was like, wait..really? And now they're off, i love it. OOh and Bryan(rachelles lover...lmao) was in there too, so he was laughing at me when i walked in, but who's laughing now? i got mine off before him, and he had his on alot longer than i did, soo HA! :) Lol.. Then we left there and dropped Rich off, and went home. Then Rachelle called and asked where i was, because i was supposed to go with her to get her bellybutton done, but i got outta the Orthodontist soo late that i thought she woulda left already, so i didn't go. But in the long run, she got it done yesterday, soo it's all good. Then she asked me if i wanted to go to the Steamtown Mall with her and i wanted to go up there anyway, so i went with her. After we went shopping, Rachelle convinced her dad to stop at Jitty Joe's. Mmmmhhmmmm. I love their ice cream, even though i always get the same kind when i go there, but that's ok. :) Welp, i guess there's nothing more to update on, soo i'll update later, if i remember to. Until then..
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good morning   
10:44am 14/07/2003
mood: sick
music: 50cent ~ 21 questions
hi everyone. Yeah i know i didn't write in here saturday or sunday, at least i think so.. but i probably just forgot to and all. Well saturday, i was all around and i forget what i did, so i'll just tell you about Sunday. Sunday, my mom dropped her paperwork off at home health and then we went over to the car sales place that had my sisters car. We checked it out, and now we're goin back there tomorrow to buy it. Now, next thing..
We went to Motorworld to check out my mom's new love. lol, yeah it was gorgeous. It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition.. power EVERYTHiNG, and i do mean everything. It was just gorgeous, no need to explain it. So now my mom is hooked on that car, since she didn't get the other one that she wanted. Then we went to the mall, cuz my sister just had to go to Victoria Secrets to buy a $32 bra. I would never spend $32 on one friggen bra. Then we just wanted to look for an earring for my moms top of her ear at Claires, but she left empty-handed and i found a pack of dangly earrings. I dunno why i love danglys, but i just do. :) So then we were leaving the mall, and my mom goes... who is up for Olive Garden?! Soo of course we were like, yeah! lol, So we stuffed overselves there.. and then my sister dropped me off at Billy's house for his party. That was actually fun. Everyone was getting thrown into the pool, everyone but me ..since i kinda sorta couldn't swim yesterday, for 'reasons'. lol Then one of Billys parents friends got a super soaker and filled it up with warm soapy water and was spraying everyone with it. Yeah then Rachelle was getting outta the pool, and she slips and falls right off the one step of the deck. OMG, it was hilarious! ahahahhaa, (sorry rachelle, i just had to add that!) :) Oh yeah, speaking of Rachelle, she is finally allowed to get her bellybutton pierced and i think she is going today with her friend Maria. So thats awesome. I already got mine months ago, so it doesn't matter to me! :) Uhm, yeah.. then i left Billys house and came home.. and then wasn't feeling too good, soo i was online for not even an hour and anyone who knows me knows that i stay online for hours on end here, so you could tell i wasn't feeling good. I just went right to bed at like 11:30, and that NEVER happens. Ok, i think i informed you about everything now. I'll just hafta update later. Bye!
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friday night   
11:18pm 11/07/2003
mood: pissed off
music: nonneeee
hey everyone. I'm just writing in here to tell you guys about how my friday night went. Yeah it was okk. Well first off, my mom and my brother wanted to go to Dino's & Francesco's tonight for dinner, so i said i didn't care where we ate as long as i got food. ahhaha :) We got there and this waitress showed us to a table and i (of course) ended up sitting by my brother. So i finally decided on what i wanted after like 5 minutes. I ordered 'Jumbo Stuffed Shells' ..the reason i say that is because when i got them there was only 3 of them on a lil plate, and i was like "wtf?" Soo when the friggen ho of a waitress gives me my meal, she hands it to me over my drink and spills it "by accident" all over me. I was like, omg! what the f did i ever do to her?! i mean i know i don't like many girls if i don't know them and all, but she goes and spills it all over my lap. and she didn't even freakin apologize. She was like.. ooh, want a few towels? here. STUPID HOES.. omg, ahhh! Yeah that was just the -HiGHLiGHT- of my night. So i had to walk outta there with friggen went jeans on. Yeahh soo let's just hope me and her never meet somewhere else, cuz its war baby!! >:[ Ok, enough about tonight... cuz i really don't care. ttyL<33*
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just got home a lil while ago..   
05:39pm 10/07/2003
mood: energetic
music: magic stick ~ LiL`Kim & 50cent
ook, i know i didn't write in here yesterday telling you about how my day went, so i'll just tell you what i did yesterday and soo far today.
-- OK, yesterday i had practice at 5 and Rachelle came over 'cause she wanted to go to practice with me so she can talk to mr.burdett about being a runner this year, so we just chilled here for a lil before i had practice. OOH, and lemme tell you this. We were playing playstation for some weird reason and we decided to play chef's love shack. LMAO, yeah it was interesting, considering I WON every game we played. ahahhahaa :-D Then we ate dinner, and went up the highschool for torture hours.. lol. Well it's not bad at all, but it gets soo boring doing the same thing over and over again. We had to practice outside since the "Hoe Train"(actually i shouldn't say that, cause i like a selected few of them)but anyway they stole the lobby, but hey if they want it that bad they'll just hafta put up with all of us walking thru there everytime and they'll put up with the AC never on. Besides, it was much nicer outside anyway. Ooh, yeah we fun yesterday. It seemed like we were taking nothing seriously, and it might have gotten Brian mad, but what do you expect? the old girls are sick of doing the boring stupid basic things, at least that's how i feel. OOh and at the end of practice, we were inside doing "fun" things.. and Cynthia, Alison, and I were making idiots outta ourselves. Cynthia put her hair all the way on top of her head, and i do mean ALL the way up.. and soo alison and I did it too, just to be 'cool'. LOL, Brian turns around and is like "What the.....?" lol It was hilarious yesterday. We just have soo much fun anymore.. but i hope i'm not shutting out my other best buds too, cuz it seems like it.. but i dunno? :\ Ok, then after practice, melissa and me were walking to my moms car, and kenny was parked near it, and he wasn't near his truck soo we get in, and put on 97.1, since we know he hates it and blast it! lol And he's like "yoo, wtf?" lol, then we grab his keys and run away from him. I knew he wouldn't come running after us, so we just walked up by the gym and waited for my mom to stop talking to all the band mommies. Then we go "yoo Kenny, you want ur keys back?!" and he's like yes, i would, sooo melissa throws them and makes him fetch. lol, fun times fun times. Then i got home and Kimie calls me and wanted to know if i wanted to sleep over, so i went over her house for the night. I got there and she's like Rich and Eric were supposed to be here too, but they never showed up, soo i'll just try and get Angelo over here. And yeahhh, i'm GLAD she did!!! MMMM HMMM :)~ Wow, for a 24 year old, he looked soo young. Too bad he wasn't. LOL :) But we stayed at her house and just watched "the Golden Girls" lmao, well Kim did, me and Angelo didn't cuz i don't think we were too interested in it. Kim walked outta the room for a second and he goes "hurry gimme that remote!" and i was like "yes, take it.. and turn this off!" lol We watched, i forget.. lol, but then her sister Johanna came home and wanted to know if we wanted to watch The Ring with her cause she doesn't like watching scary movies alone, soo we decided to watch it. I thought it was a good movie, even though i did see it like 1 million times, but yeah it still manages to put a chill down my back everytime i watch it. Johanna went to bed before it was over, since it was like 2am, and the 3 of us just layed down and stole her sisters spot. AND KIM WAS AFRAID OF SAMARA COMING OUTTA THE TV. LOL, soo she was laying on Angelo and hiding her face in his arm smelling him. lol, Yeah he did smell good, but i wasn't gunna go up to him and say "ooh can i smell u?!" lol Yeah it was like 3:15am by the time he left to go back to his dorm. Ok, that was last night.
Then today we were waken up by Johanna saying "Kimie, gimme the goddamn phone!.. u have ur own phone, don't take the one from out here!" Then they were fighting with each other and such, so i just sat there like, uhm.. i think i'll stay outta this. Then we were on Webcam with this ugly looking thing, but we were like "OoH, SeXyY. lmao! Yeah thats all we did today and then i had to go home, so she drove me back to this boring place. Yeah well enough typing for now, my hands are tired. I'll update more later!
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11:23pm 08/07/2003
mood: tired
music: michelle branch ~ are you happy now?
hey everyone! Yeah, i'm just a lil tired today, maybe it's because i woke up at 7am! I don't think i'll have trouble trying to fall asleep now, do you? lol :) oOo, Lisa is an Aunt now, CONGRATS! :) Uhh, lemme tell you about my tiring day.
-- Woke up at 7AM for the first practice of the marching band season. I felt like a Zombie this morning. lol, Yeah i didn't fall asleep last night (i should say this morning) til like 2:30 or 3AM, so that leaves me with 4 hrs - 4 and a half. Yeah thats not alot, since everyone knows i am LaZyy and love to sleep alot, like sleeping til 12 or later everyday. It was soo great! :) Tomorrow i get to do that since practice is at 5, ahhh thank god. Practice wasn't hard and all, but it was soo early and i'm not used to waking up like that, but i best get used to it now. Before you knew it, practice was over, and we all went home. I went home, made some Easymac, and then went online. I talked a lil on here, but i had to take a shower cuz practice makes me feel disgusting, so i took a shower and dried my hair and actually did it. I never do my hair in the summer, but today i was bored and felt like doing it. I dunno :\ Then i got a phone call from my mom saying that she is getting her Liberty, and i can't wait :) i LOVE them. Ok, then i was probably just sitting around, being lazy like always. OoOh, i played monopoly too and i WON! YESS, goo me! Woooooooo! Ok, i don't think i did anything else that interesting soo i won't bore you with what else i did.
Well, me and rachelle were trying to get her aol to work since it is being gay, and she called up AOL, and we got this spic or something and it was soo hard to understand what he was saying, so he's like do this, do that, and blahh and he goes "yeah it should work, call 438-3474-3487 or something if you need anything else" and hangs up right before rachelle says "but its still not working!@" lol, yeah i thought i'd tell you about that. OK, well enough typing now, since i can barely read what i'm typing.. so i guess i'll get back to you later! :) byeee!!!
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practice tomorrow..   
11:03pm 07/07/2003
mood: refreshed
music: breathe ~ sean paul and blu cantrell
heyy all! Yah tomorrow is the first day of a great new and exciting year of marching band practice. I just love losing like 5 hours of sleep cuz i hafta wake up at 7AM!! AHHH! i don't know how i am gunna do it. Tomorrow will probably be an easy day anyway cuz it's the first, but still.. you gotta wake up at 7am just to get there at 8am. I guess i'll get used to it and i'm gunna hafta. Yeah, me and my mom went to get her Jeep Liberty today, but she was just filling out the paperwork for it, so yeah.. she is probably getting it soo cool. Welp, i'm gunna make cut you short today, so ttyl!<3
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lonnnnggg survey, cuz i was bored   
01:07pm 07/07/2003
mood: bored
[ .001. ] first name: Lesley
[ .002. ] middle name: : Ann
[ .003. ] last name:Brown
[ .004. ] nickname(s): LeLz LesuhhLee LeL'c
[ .005. ] gender: female
[ .006. ] age: sweet sixteen
[ .007. ] birthday: o4.15.87
[ .008. ] height: 5'5
[ .009. ] hair color: dirty blonde
[ .010. ] eye color: brown
[ .011. ] race: uhh, white.. lol
[ .012. ] do you wear glasses or contacts: no
[ .013. ] do you have braces: unfortunately
[ .014. ] is your hair long or short: I guess short
[ .015. ] where were you born: scranton, pa
[ .016. ] current location: avoca, pa
[ .017. ] zodiac sign: aries
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: 1 and a half.. (some spanish)
[ .019. ] nationality: American
[ .020. ] bad habit: stayin online too long
[ .021. ] piercings you have: ears and bellybutton
[ .022. ] piercings you want: once more in ears
[ .023. ] tattoos you have: none
[ .024. ] tattoos you want: none
[ .025. ] today's date: July 7
[ .026. ] the time: 12:06pm
[ .027. ] ready for a bunch more questions: yup..got nothing else to do

. : Family : .
[ .028. ] mother's name:christine
[ .029. ] father's name: george
[ .030. ] step-parent's names, if any: none
[ .031. ] brother(s)'s name(s): nickolas
[ .032. ] sister(s)'s name(s): megan
[ .033. ] favorite aunt: dont have any
[ .034. ] favorite uncle: uncle wally
[ .035. ] favorite grandparent: my nana
[ .036. ] worst relative: uhh, my other uncle
[ .037. ] best relative: i dunno
[ .038. ] do you get along with your parents: most of the time
[ .039. ]does anyone in your family understand you?: ahahhahaa, nooo and no one ever will :)

. : Pets : .
[ .040. ] do you have any pets: yes
[ .041. ] what are their names:let's see, there's Simba, Roxy, Uggy, Jasper, Bitch, Chicken, Baby, Dad, Pickles, Peaches, Boris, Natasha, and Punk2
[ .042. ] what kind of animals are they: dogs, cats, birds, and fish

. : School : .
[ .043. ] are you still in school: unfortunately yes
[ .044. ] did you drop out: apparently not if im still here
[ .045. ] current gpa, or last gpa you got: hahahhaha, no comment
[ .046. ] favorite grade ?: Senior!!!
[ .047. ] least favorite grade: kindergarten
[ .048. ] favorite teacher: Mr.Rincavage Mr.Burns, or Mr.Serino
[ .049. ] least favorite teacher: hahha, MR.LAZEVNiCK(faggot)
[ .050. ] favorite subject: Math for some reason
[ .051. ] least favorite subject: Science Grr
[ .052. ] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: uhh, didn't have lunch today
[ .053. ] play any sports on the school's team: colorguard
[ .054. ] do/did you do any extracurricular activities: marching band
[ .055. ] are/were you popular: nope, and don't wanna be :)
[ .056. ] favorite dance: none
[ .057. ] favorite memory: 9th grade wednesday & friday 7th period studies and 10th grade monday tuesday wednesday thursday 8th period studies :) ahahahahaa
[ .058. ] least favorite dance: dont know
[ .059. ] least favorite memory: dk
[ .060. ] most humiliating moment /memory: dk

. : Favorites : .
[ .061. ] number: 19 and 16
[ .062. ] clothing brand: aeropostale
[ .063. ] shoes: adidas
[ .064. ] saying: uhhhh
[ .065. ] tv show: boy meets world
[ .066. ] sport: basketball
[ .067. ] vegetable: corn
[ .068. ] fruit: peaches
[ .069. ] movie: too many to name
[ .070. ] magazine: cosmo girl
[ .071. ] actor: PAUL WALKER
[ .072. ] actress: dont really care too much about them, so i guess Drew Barrymore
[ .073. ] candy: any kind
[ .074. ] gum: i cant have it, but it would hafta be cotton candy
[ .075. ] scent: So Pink by Gap
[ .076. ] candy bar: milky way
[ .077. ] ice cream flavor: sherbert
[ .078. ] color: pink
[ .079. ] season: summer& winter
[ .080. ] holiday: Christmas
[ .081. ] band: hm tuff one
[ .082. ] singer: dk
[ .083. ] group: dk
[ .084. ] rapper: 50 cent
[ .085. ] type of music: Rap,R&B, Rock, some Pop
[ .086. ] thing in your room: my wall of hott guys, lol
[ .087. ] place to be: florida
[ .088. ] radio station: 97.1 93.7 98.5
[ .089. ] tv channel: MTV Hits, MTV Jams, Disney
[ .090. ] junk food: pretzels
[ .091. ] overall food: mashed potatoes
[ .092. ] store: aeropostale
[ .093. ] shoe brand: adidas
[ .094. ] fast food: whatever has good chicken
[ .095. ] restaurant: ocb, olive garden, golden corral
[ .096. ] shape: heart
[ .097. ] time of day: 4pm and beyond
[ .098. ] country: US
[ .099. ] state: florida was nice
[ .100. ] boys name: didnt think about it
[ .101. ] girls name: shareena
[ .102. ] mall: steamtown
[ .103. ] video game: grand theft auto, vice city
[ .104. ] shampoo: pantene pro v
[ .105. ] board game: LoL monopoly right gussy
[ .106. ] computer game: spider solitaire and freecell and diamond mine
[ .107. ] car: used to want a mitsubishi eclipse, but i don't know anymore
[ .108. ] music video: too many
[ .109. ] swear word: it doesnt matter
[ .110. ] word: dk
[ .111. ] month: july
[ .112. ] cartoon character: uhhhh
[ .113. ] scary movie: the ring
[ .114. ] team: dk
[ .115. ] possession: ahhahahahaa, everyone who knows me, knows this answer

. : What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear : .
[ .116. ] eminem: wigger
[ .117. ] dog: roxy
[ .118. ] hot: cory
[ .119. ] britney spears: slut
[ .120. ] nsync: gay
[ .121. ] real world: mtv
[ .122. ] orange: fruit
[ .123. ] choice: decison
[ .124. ] fuck: sex
[ .125. ] bisexual: gross
[ .126. ] black: race
[ .127. ] icq: internet thingy
[ .128. ] insane clown posse: freaks
[ .129. ] linkin park: hate
[ .130. ] jack: zbrovian
[ .131. ] rainbow: dk
[ .132. ] cherry: red
[ .133. ] cucumber: green
[ .134. ] shark: ahhh
[ .135. ] lifehouse: coffee
[ .136. ] bat: hate
[ .137. ] leather: stupid
[ .138. ] whipped: cream
[ .139. ] american: red white n blue
[ .140. ] water: swimming
[ .141. ] volcano: hot

. : This or that : .
[ .142. ] rock or rap: both
[ .143. ] rock or pop: rock
[ .144. ] rock or r&b: r&b
[ .145. ] rock or metal: rock
[ .146. ] rap or pop: rap
[ .147. ] rap or r&b: rap
[ .148. ] rap or metal: rap..
[ .149. ] pop or r&b: r&b
[ .150. ] pop or metal: pop
[ .151. ] r&b or metal: r&b
[ .152. ] linkin park or limp bizkit: limp bizkit
[ .153. ] tool or korn: korn
[ .154. ] selena or jennifer lopez: j.lo
[ .155. ] hot or cold: hot
[ .156. ] winter or summer: summer
[ .157. ] spring or fall: fall
[ .158. ] shakira or britney: shakira
[ .159. ] icp or eminem: neither!
[ .160. ] marilyn manson or rob zombie: neither
[ .161. ] kittie or garbage: neither
[ .162. ] mtv or vh1: mtv
[ .163. ] buffy or angel: angel
[ .164. ] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: neither
[ .165. ] football or basketball: football
[ .166. ] summer olympics or winter olympics: summer
[ .167. ] skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
[ .168. ] rollarblading or skateboarding: rollerblading
[ .169. ] black or white: black
[ .170. ] orange or red: both
[ .171. ] yellow or green: none
[ .172. ] purple or pink: pink
[ .173. ] slipknot or mudvayne: neither..
[ .174. ] hot topic or pac sun: both
[ .175. ] inside or outside: both
[ .176. ] weed or alcohol: i'd rather alcohol
[ .177. ] cell phone or pager: cell phone
[ .178. ] pen or pencil: pen
[ .179. ] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: none
[ .180. ] scooby doo or dino: scooby doo
[ .181. ] dragon ball z or pokemon: none
[ .182. ] star wars or star trek: none
[ .183. ] tattoos or piercings: piercings
[ .184. ] prep or punk: not prep
[ .185. ] slut or whore: basically the same thing

. : Private life : .
[ .186. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nope
[ .187. ] do you have a crush:yep :)
[ .188. ] do you love anyone right now: not sure
[ .189. ] have you ever been in love: no
[ .190. ] how many people have you kissed: i'd hafta think
[ .191. ] who was your first kiss: ahhh, don't remind me
[ .192. ] how many hearts of have you broken: hahhahaha
[ .193. ] how many people broke your heart: uhh :\
[ .194. ] best quote to sum up love: SUCKS :)
[ .195. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: he's a complete idiot, dunno why i like him
[ .196. ] do you have a picture of him/her: manyyy
[ .197. ] please post it if you do: noo they're mine
[ .198. ] do you have a picture of yourself: yes
[ .199. ] please post it if you do: no, it's ugly
[ .200. ] do you go by looks or personality: i hate to say this but, i always seem to like looks.. even though i shouldn't
[ .201. ] ever kiss a friend: nope
[ .202. ] are you still friends: no
[ .203. ] so moving along..do you smoke: nope and never will
[ .204. ] do you smoke weed: nope ^
[ .205. ] ever trip on acid: ^
[ .206. ] how about a little x : ^
[ .207. ] crack, heroin, anything else: ^
[ .208. ] beer good or beer bad: beer is bad.. hahha
[ .209. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: yep you caught me
[ .210. ] do you like smirnoff ice: haven't tried it
[ .211. ] prefer beer or liquor: dk
[ .212. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: none
[ .213. ] are you a virgin: yep
[ .214. ] if no, when was the last time you got some: OOh, yeahh last nite!

. : Would you ever : .
[ .215. ] bungee jump: yes
[ .216. ] sky dive: yes
[ .217. ] swim with dolphins: yes
[ .218. ] scuba dive: yes
[ .219. ] go rock climbing: no
[ .220. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: lmao, ya never know with me
[ .221. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: no
[ .222. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: no
[ .223. ] cross-dress: no
[ .224. ] lie to the police: yeah to get me out of trouble
[ .225. ] run from the police: lol
[ .226. ] lie to your parents: to get me out of trouble
[ .227. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: uuhhh no
[ .228. ] be an exotic dancer: if times were tough, lmao!! noo not really though
[ .229. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: yes
[ .230. ] streak: dk

. : Your friends : .
[ .231. ] best friend: too many
[ .232. ] known longest: carissa (kindergarten)
[ .233. ] wish you talked to more: uhh Madilaine
[ .234. ] wish you saw more: madilaine
[ .235. ] how many friends do you think you have: many
[ .236. ] who drives you insane after a while: everyone lol
[ .237. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of only one friend: none, lol
[ .238. ] ever lose a good friend because you took it to the 'next level': noo
[ .239. ] craziest: LiSA
[ .240. ] loudest: LiSA
[ .241. ] shyest: dk
[ .242. ] best hair: not me
[ .243. ] can always make you laugh: most of them
[ .244. ] best eyes: anyone with blue
[ .245. ] best body: ; )
[ .246. ] most athletic: uhm,?? hmmm
[ .247. ] sex symbol: uhh
[ .248. ] hot tempered: welll....
[ .249. ] most impatient: me
[ .250. ] shortest: dk anymore
[ .251. ] tallest: i think melissa
[ .252. ] talented: everyone
[ .253. ] best singer: hahhaa, we are all just "great"
[ .254. ] skinniest: nicole
[ .255. ] nicest: chrissy cometa
[ .256. ] best personality: hmm..
[ .257. ] biggest drug user: uhm..

. : Have you ever : .
[ .258. ] flashed someone: no, well not intentionally
[ .259. ] told the person you liked how you felt: hahha, no i'm a wus
[ .260. ] been to michigan: no
[ .261. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: nope
[ .262. ] gone to jail or juvi: nope
[ .263. ] skateboarded: tried..haha
[ .264. ] skinny dipped and if so with who: nope
[ .265. ] stolen anything: yeah
[ .266. ] wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: ..i dont even know who made this up
[ .267. ] kicked someone's ass: lol nope
[ .268. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: hhaahha, yeah too many times
[ .269. ] broke a beer bottle: yes
[ .270. ] gotten into a bar, under-aged: on halloween
[ .271. ] kissed someone of the same sex: no
[ .273. ] gone on a road trip: yes
[ .274. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: no
[ .275. ] been to a concert: yes
[ .276. ] been to another country: no
[ .277. ] talked back to an adult: umm yeah of course lol
[ .278. ] got pulled over: nope..i dont drive yet even though i could if i wanted to
[ .279. ] got in a car accident: yeah once
[ .280. ] broke a law: yeahh
[ .281. ] given money to a homeless person: no
[ .282. ] tried to kill yourself: nah
[ .283. ] cried to get out of trouble: yehh...who hasnt lol
[ .284. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: no
[ .285. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: no
[ .286. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it: as a joke, yeah lol

. : Opinions : .
[ .287. ] what do you think...about pop music: its ok
[ .288. ] about boy bands: theyre gay anymore
[ .290. ] of the war on terrorists: not good
[ .291. ] about suicide: BAD choice
[ .292. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: bfdhf
[ .293. ] about abortion: wrong
[ .294. ] about rock/metal music: goood
[ .295. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: have a job as an interior designer...
[ .296. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: hopefully all my good friends

. : What did you do : .
[ .297. ] last birthday: had a surprise sweet 16 bday party
[ .298. ] yesterday: went out
[ .299. ] last weekend: 4th of july weekend
[ .300. ] christmas: opened presents
[ .301. ] thanksgiving: ate..
[ .302. ] new year's eve: melissa's house
[ .303. ] halloween: had practice
[ .304. ] easter:eat with family
[ .305. ] valentine's day: nothing, i was sick

. : the last : .
[ .306. ] thing you ate: strawberry krimpets
[ .307. ] thing you drank: uhh, i dotn remember from last nite
[ .308. ] thing you wore: pj's
[ .309. ] place you went: bed
[ .310. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: my bellybutton
[ .311. ] person you saw: my mom
[ .312. ] person you kissed: no comment
[ .313. ] person you fucked: no one
[ .314. ] person you talked to: dk
[ .315. ] song you heard: magic stick

. : Now : .
[ .316. ] what are you eating:nothing
[ .317. ] what are you drinking: nothing
[ .318. ] what are you wearing: pj's
[ .319. ] any shoes on: nope..
[ .320. ] hair: up and a mess
[ .321. ] listening to: nothing
[ .323. ] are you pissed i made this so long: im bored

. : Yes or no : .
[ .324. ] are you a vegetarian: no
[ .325. ] do you like cows: yes
[ .326. ] are you a bitch: sumtimes lol
[ .327. ] are you artistic: no
[ .328. ] do you write poetry: no
[ .329. ] are you a fast runner: kinda
[ .330. ] can you ski: no
[ .331. ] are you british: no..
[ .332. ] do you want to spear britney: no
[ .333. ] do the voices talk to you: oh yeah!
[ .334. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: yeahh
[ .335. ] would you eat mac &cheese with hot dogs in it: yeah probably
[ .336. ] do you think disney creators were on acid when they made alice in wonderland: no
[ .337. ] are you straight: yeah
[ .338. ] are you ½stupid, ¼insane, and another ¼physically handicapped: .. no lol
[ .339. ] are you fat: noo
[ .340. ] are you skinny: yep
[ .341. ] are you short: not really
[ .342. ] are you tall: not really
[ .343. ] do you own a hot pink shirt: yeah
[ .344. ] how about orange pants: nope
[ .345. ] can you see the flying monkeys: yeah
[ .346. ] are you evil: ..sumtimes
[ .347. ] did you ever know someone who had a mullet: yeah! hahhahha
[ .348. ] is Brittany a whore: yes
[ .349. ] are you a teenage zombie: no
[ .350. ] am i annoying you: getting there
[ .351. ] do you like Marilyn manson: nope
[ .352. ] are you secretly from another planet: yep
[ .353. ] did you ever touch someone else's private parts: no
[ .354. ] do you shop at preppy stores: sumtimes

. : Random questions : .
[ .355. ] if you could be any animal, what would you be: cat
[ .356. ] if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be: mashed potatoes
[ .357. ] do you remember any of your dreams: sometimes
[ .358. ] do you dream in color or black and white: color
[ .359. ] do you admit when you need help with a problem: sometimes
[ .360. ] can people read you like a book: yes
[ .361. ] what's your biggest fear: tractor trailers on highways
[ .362. ] do you talk a lot: sumtimes
[ .363. ] are you afraid of clowns: no
[ .364. ] do you like spiders: no
[ .365. ] how about grape kool-aid: eww
[ .366. ] can you drive: .. i could, but i don't
[ .367. ] are you spoiled: i wish
[ .368. ] are you anti-social: sumtimes
[ .369. ] do you see dumb people: yes
[ .370. ] do you see dead people: thank god no
[ .371. ] any last words: .. bye
[ .372. ] now that this is over, what are you going to do: post it in my journal
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too early   
11:17am 07/07/2003
mood: grumpy
ahhh, omg i'm up too friggen early all because someone outside cutting their stupid friggen grass. Why cut grass this early in the morning? i know it will be hot later and all, but hey too bad. This sucks soo much. But hey, maybe it will help me get up early tomorrow since practice starts at 8. Yeah i'll just shut up now, 'cause you're probably sick of hearing me complain. I'll write later.
» Lesley! «
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10:49pm 06/07/2003
mood: rushed
hey everyone, yeah i don't got alot of time to type this since my idiot brother just has to go on "right now" 'cause he's special. It's not my fault he's not home alot, too bad for him.. he shouldnt just get the computer whenever he wants, but i guess i have no say in this, so i best shut up. Ok, today was ok i guess. I went with my mom and rich to drop my moms paperwork off, and at this place right by there was a car place, and rich checked out a car for my sister. It was a pretty good deal, but i found some things wrong with it, but hey what do you expect? it's her first car, she doesn't hafta have a perfect car to start out with anyway. Then we went to Wal*mart and my mom bought a new fan for my room, since the one i had sucked and i hated it, so hopefully this one will be good. I gotta go in like 7 minutes, cuz i will be kicked off by "precious". Ok, then after Walmart, we went to Gerrity's to get dinner for the week, and then we went back to Riches to drop him off, and went home for a bit, and went to Subway for dinner. MmMm, i love that :) Well, my day wasn't that great, but hey at least i got out. Ok, i guess it's time for me to leave since it's almost 11. Now i gotta find something to watch since i -KNOW- i won't fall asleep at 11. Write in this tomorrow!
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heyy! it's soo f'n hot out, but it's niice :)   
06:11pm 06/07/2003
mood: dorky
music: none at all
hey everyone! Notice the different colors and style of this journal? Yeah i like it this way, and i think i'm gunna keep it like this for a lil while, i promise. If you know me, you know that i like to change things often, but i'll end this entry for now, cuz i'm going out for dinner. I'll ttyl!
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06:54pm 04/07/2003
mood: excited
music: beyonce knowles ~ crazy in love
yeah, i was bored soo i found an icon that i wanted to add on here so i just thought that i'd update this stupid thing. lol yeahh, these last 2 weeks were interesting. Well it all started last Tuesday..
-- i stayed over my friend Gussy's house that night, and we went for a real long walk all the way downtown Pittston, from Jenkins Twp. so that kinda took long, but it was fun. Then we played Monopoly, LOL.. yeah don't ask, but we felt the need to play it for some odd reason. We were up til like 3am making prank phone calls, and lemme tell you this, Gussy is the best at doing that! :) Then we finally were goin to sleep and watched like a lil bit of Final Destination and then passed out. We woke up, and had to watch her sister and brother all day. They were out in the sprinkler having fun and we locked them out 'cause they weren't coming in the house all dripping wet. Then they came in, we went upstairs to watch TV or something, so then her mom came home and started making supper, and then Gussy wanted to go to the Pittston Twp. Fair, but i wasn't allowed to go, so i came home. When i got home, there was a message on my answering machine from Rachelle, so i called her back to see what's up. Soo it turns out she wanted me to come over her house to go swimming with everyone, so i did and slept over. Ohh the swimming part was interesting. We were swimming 'til like 12:15am maybe and when we got in the house, we realized Chrissy's hair was green. LMAO, it was soo funny.. but obviously she didn't like it and didn't think it was funny. We watched Scary Movie 2 that night and woke up around 11:30(which was very early) Her cousin Nikki came over, and she wanted to swim for awhile, so Rachelle went in with her. Then we all went swimming and my hair turned green also, which i knew something had to be wrong with the pool. Soo i went in the house and chilled for a while and i had to call my mom to pick me up, and Rachelle wanted to sleep over the house so she allowed it and was gunna pick us up after work at 5. We were waiting in her TV room and Rachelle goes, "OMG, look Cory's here!" and i was like, yeah right cuz i thought she was joking like always. Soo i look out the window and see his truck parked across the street and i was like "AHHH, omg!" soo i couldn't think fast enough, and by the time i thought about running into her room, her dad already opened the door and was about to let him in, soo i just stood there and didn't look at him. The funny part is that, when he walked in, he saw that i was standing there and Rachelle said he smiled back at me. And i still don't think i could believe her, but why would she lie? soo i dunno :) lol Ok, soo after we went running around on Friday night, we just stayed at my house and did nothing other than sitting here on the computer. Soo the next day i had a party to go to and i had to get ready, so we got there at like 1:20, or something like that. Well her oldest son had a friend of his over, and he really reminded me of Dave Morreale, but he was much much more better than him. I had my eye on him like all day, and i overheard him saying something and Jeremy says "ooh there's ladies present" and he goes "oh it doesn't matter, i don't like any of them anyway" soo i was like, ook.. i don't need him anyway and i'll act like i didn't just hear that. Soo later on, i was sitting at the picnic table and my phone rings.. and he goes "Oh is that ur boyfriend?" and i was like, "uhh, no" and then when i was far away from him, he says to my mom.. "is that ur daughter?" and she was like "well yeah!" and he goes "you wouldn't mind if i hit on her now would ya?" and when i got back she told me what he said. So all day i was messing with his head and ooh was it fun! :) ahahhahaa.. He asked me out twice, and yah to this day i don't know why i said no! AHH! i'm soo stupid. I thought he was only kidding around, cuz yanno how guys are but he wasn't so now i wanna slap myself in the face. Ok, i'll finish what happened this week in another entry cuz this one is quite long. G2G play with fireworks now! :) Good - Bye!
-- lesLey
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