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    Monday, February 17th, 2003
    8:31 am
    sex and the spirit
    Not that I Am even sure if I am using this right but my constant battle of sex and the spirit is at it again.Perhaps, they are both the same for me. Is this perverse or is this the way it is meant to be...or maybe just for me? I am is always the same..this battle rules me As a child I was taken..against my will taken and told that my body was not mine.I was given a price and in times of despair I came to use this as my express on a dnlater as my vocation. Now I am out. No longer the games with the men but I is constant. Coming out was to be the end of the cure all. Yet, is it? I was going to be a martyr. A sacred whore and reclusive monk..I would raise my son and sit atop a mountain sending the world my extreme love. I would use this power the detructive one..the one i used to dance for them and take control of a room journeying back centuries hypnotizing them by my gaze. By this power I would save them all....I would be allowed to go home.