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OOC MOD POST. [22 Jul 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | X Japan - Endless Rain (Classic Guitar Instrumental) ]

NEW RULE. Every single journal that joins this RPG MUST have a disclaimer stating that they are not really the person their journal portrays, along with the fact that they don't claim to be, either. I will be making a page for everyone to put in their info. Until then, you WILL have a disclaimer, or you will be booted. I will not put the entire RPG in danger because someone is too lazy to put up a disclaimer.

ALSO: Kirito, hide, and Aya are in danger of being booted if they don't show some signs of life VERY soon.

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Another Mod post from your ever loving MOD! [22 Jul 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | regadgdfg ]
[ music | egfdgsfdgsfdg ]

Two more new rules. ._.

1. This one will be enforced from now on. With your J-Rocker's journal, you will join this RPG and this RPG ONLY. I cannot stress this enough! It puts too much confusion and strain on the other roleplayers to see someone else as the same J-Rocker replying to your journal.

2. ANOTHER. YOU WILL NOT MIX ROLEPLAYS. That is just RIDICULOUS. Say, if you're...Kyo. If in another roleplay, Kyo is with...Toshiya. Do NOT automatically assume that Kyo is with Toshiya here as well, because hey, Kyo's with Toshiya in that other place, isn't he? If I hear any reports of this, you will get one warning. Also. To AIM chats, do NOT invite people from another RPG unless they are planning to join and want to scope out the territory!

Oh yes. Tama and hide are the only ones without disclaimers. Everyone else, good show. Also, certain people need to decide what roleplay to stay in.

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