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Still here [12 Mar 2004|04:21pm]
I'm still here… I'm still alive.

I'm waiting to go out with some friends but they sort of ditched me... not really, but Megan's not answering her cell phone and she's not at home or online! Ugh.
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School [11 Sep 2003|09:31pm]
School started last Wednesday; the first full week will come to a close tomorrow. So far it's been pretty good, but I know that things are going to get tough in my two AP classes—Lang and Spanish.

I don't really have much to say, except that I'm trying to write an essay for Lang and it's not easy. I'm a good writer (or so I think) but it's hard to think about the topic, What is your talisman? I don't really have a good luck charm or anything that gets me through the day. :( Whatever.
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[07 Jul 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Blurty entry

I love Blurty... (and uJournal...) but no one writes here. I join communities, make posts, try to meet people but it's quite hard. I have very few uJ friends, and most of them I know in real life and they have LJs to keep up with. I write in my LiveJournal pretty much every day, if anyone's interested I'm ugly_boy. I'm also putting this entry in my LiveJournal, I'll see what kind of response I get here.

My week:

  • Monday (Today) Today was a day of first: first day of Summer school and first day of my new (and first!) job. Neither were as bas as I thought. Marissa was in my Summer school class and the whole thing is on computers and it's designed so you learn what you don't know. I'm doing math but other kids were doing History, English, and other classes. Work wasn't really a real work day, it was a job training day so I don't get paid. But I did learn the rope, sign my confidentiality agreement, and fill out a job application. A lot of people are asking me What is your job? so I'll explain: I'm doing medical filing at the community health clinic where my mom works. It's a little hot in the room and I can imagine it being a little stressful, but it wasn't as boring as I thought and the woman who trained me, Lacey, is really nice. There's also a Russian woman named Lina who offered to teach me Russian!
  • Tuesday More Summer school and then I'm volunteering at my mom's office. This isn't connected to the job, by the way. I expect it to be a little boring but volunteer hours look good on a college application. Also, (hopefully) it will further convince people at the clinic that I'd be a good worker. And they might not need me, actually (*crosses fingers*).
  • Wednesday Pretty much more of the same; there's a good chance this will be MY FIRST EVER PAID DAY OF WORK!
  • Thursday I'm going to Vancouver with Nicola to pick up her grandma at the airport. The same grandma who's house I stayed at in Wales! It'll be fun to see her again.
  • Friday No Summer school, but more volunteering :( PLUS I'M HOPING TO GO GET MY LICENSE!1!1!!!1! WEEE.

So that's my week!
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Still Here [04 Jul 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | ear-splitting noise with little visual reward ]

Happy Fourth... I guess, though mine hasn't been very interesting. I'm sitting here surfing the Web while my family celebrates, but don't feel bad for me I wanted to stay home. The fourth isn't a fun holiday for me... I suppose it could be, and indeed has been known to be, but I'm not a huge fireworks fan nor do I like socializing with my parent's friends all evening at a get-together. I'm not a big fan of fireworks, either. I like the big, beautiful ones that are shot out over the bay every year but hte litthe shitty ones that people purchase solely for the purpose of creating ear-splitting noise often with little visual reward can cease to exist as far as I'm concerned.

I like Blurty, or at least feel as though I would if I used it more and were more active. Je dois être...

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Life [18 May 2003|10:01pm]
Life's been odd lately. It's been grand, actually, but it feels like something is missing; there's an emptiness.
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Hi, I´m In Mexico! [29 Jan 2003|09:39pm]
I´m in Mexico, which I realize that my few Blurty and uJ readers may not have known. The LJ server is being annoying, so I´ll post here.

Oh how I love it here. Today we went to an outdoor market, which I didn´t like that much, but oh well. There´s a really nice one that we´ve been to twice. They have silver rings and necklaces for under US$10 and other nice stuff. My mom bought a scarf/shall thing that´s really pretty.

There are these little kids in the neighborhood that stand outside and shoutl "HELLO" and sort of taunt us. I decided to go stand out there and call back at them "¡Hola!" and them my mom said that I should say something else to them, so that they wouldn´t think we´re just a bunch of stupid gringos who don´t speak the language. So I started talking with the kids, they were a little shy and were sort of hiding behind this car about one apartment over. Slowly they came over, at one point they were all sitting in a line on the lawn asking us the English words for things. It reminded me of when I was younger and I would play school and make my sister sit and learn things. Hahaha. It was really cool. They only knew a few words in Spanish. The oldest one, who was 11, kept shouting "What time is eet (it)?" and they would pepper there sentences with random inglés. We would hear things like ¿Es ella tu seestare? with their thick accents. They counted from one to ten in English. It was cool.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach, a little "mini-vacation". That may seem a bit decadent, but, honestly, we´re at home and being in Morelia, while obviously a nice escape from home(it´s no coincidence that I haven´t been on AIM express...yet...) we all still bicker and we need to be able to get away from each other. I take a shower every night almost religously; after a full day with la familia it´s a little bit trying.

But, honestly, I can hardly complain!
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Run Away [20 Jan 2003|12:52am]
I’m going to Mexico from January 23rd-March 11th. Aside from the fun of a vacation and improving my Spanish, I also get to get away from it all.

It’s not really personal to any one person [though there is someone…] but just in general. Life is so boring. I feel like I live between fights, break-ups, failures. Going to Mexico will give me a chance to put things into perspective. Living for seven weeks withough my favorite café, my friends, my teachers, and the things that make my life what it is will give me a chance to discover myself as a person. Living in the same town all my life, I feel like I’ve basically become what everyone thinks of me, if I’m well-liked at the time then I’m a fun loving guy, and if I’m the current scapegoat then I’m a brooding, depressed asshole. That’s really not a fun way to be.

Sometimes I think it’s a cowardly way to do things, but I don’t really care. I’m bad about standing up to friends who treat me badly and getting myself out of situations that I know are bad. If I’m forced away from it, dropped in the middle of a foreign country, I’ll be able to think more cleary. When I went to Wales, and that was only for two weeks, it was such a nice escape and when I came back I was able to face the dramas head on and got through them quickly.
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Hello, First Timer [14 Jan 2003|12:10am]
This is my first post, it’s main function is to help me get the feel for different color schemes as I set up my style and modify the look of my journal. Perhaps a more detailed introduction will follow. Anyone dropping in is welcome to say “hi” (or 안녕, bonjour, salut, hola, bonjorno, hej, hei, 你好, こんにちわ, or whatever).
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