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Lemke posting... [10 Dec 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I am here to inform you that our good friend Mackenzie is now in the Story County jail in LA, Nevada. The reason for this is her "friend" Jamal stole a vehicle and I guess they were heading to Florida but was stopped and arrested. I don't know when Kenzie will be released but when I do I'll keep you updated.
That's all for now, any more information will be released when I receive it!

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i have moved [24 Nov 2003|09:29am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | hotel califoria eagles ]

well as you can tell i have a new journal it is blackshadows (make shure you add the "s" other wise you get atotally diff journal nnot mine) this will be the journal me and lemke share when we cant get to our other respective journals so i bid fare well to this journal but i will come back every now and them but this is good bye unlees me and lemke have a few adventures together and then i will post but i bid fond fare well

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time for more of these..... [22 Nov 2003|02:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Quiz Me
kenzie black spins tunes as
DJ Quiet Belly

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I hate you so bad
you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
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not ashamed of it.

which happy bunny are you?
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hahahahahah that is so cute its true
You are Fresh Mint.
You are caring and friendly. You have a nurturing
personality and always help out a friend in
need. You are fairly outgoing, and always show
a friendly face. You truly care for other
people, and you show it. However, you may
neglect your own responsibilites or become over
involved in your friends' personal affairs.
Most Compatible With: Orange

Which Tic-Tac Flavor Are You?
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As if you were born into a world of tears, you
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What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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You are Daria from Daria. You are full of sadness
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you seem cool to others. You get mad at others
quickly, but you only show it in your face. You
are very anti-social, but you do have a couple
of friends one or two. You are pretty
depressed. You have very little happiness in
you. You are very different from others. You
make the school seem much better because you
are not the exact same as the other girls. You
are not very religious, however. Actually, you
are not religious at all. Most likely, you are
going to die of cancer - sorry for that. Good
luck desperate person!

brought to you by Quizilla
as you can see yet again i am bored on line yiou can steal some quizes go ahead i dare ya well later

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just one word annoying [22 Nov 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | evenescence going under, walk this way areosmiht and many m ]

ok me and katy as you have seen if you read my journal and her comments have been fighting is that so obvious...??? hmmm i think so well ok shantel is down there with katy and now katy brings her in to a fight she does not belong in gah shantel does not even know how to spell know gah it is agravating and annoying i am going to 2o2 with lemke and we are getting drunk and plastered tonight i will see princess be fore she moves for the last time

i am back playing my rpg gah i missed the computer while i was stranded in co the company could have been better but other wise it was cool the views were awsome the kitten was cute and playful kept me from going crazy ohhh the simple things you miss well i lost a friend but is it really a big loss no i dont thinks so alot of things have been building up to this point for the last couple of months actually since the last semister of senior year ohh well court looms near i hope tonight is a drag show and not a dance dances get very boring real fast for some reasion to me at least

well i talked to lemke not that long ago i love dsl you can talk to some one on the phone and be on the comp at the same time wel i updated my stats with neon a record keeper in my rpg lemke is hopfully picking me up for 2o2 *crosses fingers* well i am not shure on what to wear gah thats sounds so petty while i am there i am going to see if trouble is home so i can get my coat from her *listens to random music from yahoos launch cast radio thingus it is custumized to me i love it

me and steven are doing well i told him about what happend in co he is fine with it and are realtionship could not be any more stronger and for the better i taked to julie *his mom* we are going to thanksgiving dinner at her house
steven ias selling his fire bird for a newer fire bird me personally i like the 87 firebird ok enough about cars

there is not a whole lot more to write about just every day things after 2 weeks with out running water i am obseivly flushing the toilet in awe i have had showers while i was out there but they were not as good as the one where i live well my feet are going to sleep and my hands are almost numb so i think i will go for now since i see this is a farely long journal entry i bid you all a good day

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me again [20 Nov 2003|10:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | random music ]

well i forgot to mention to all of you that i saw princess's husband mathew shepard the boy that got killed for being gay i went to the spot he he was killed at also on my way to didt 202 at 1st ave there were goths freaks every where it was fun and i went to in to 2o2 and talked to roachey his hair cut is cute * geep i got poked* well i am bored and now i am remmbering everything now that i am bored i missed steven so much it hurt lemke i now knbow how you feel about roachey damn it princess i still need you you cant die on me now mathew said to me when i went to the place where he died that everything will work out just give it some time and you should already know this but he sends you all his love well i am going to glomp my boy toy and just be with him well im going to get drunk have some sort of amusement and try and get through to lemke when he gets of the comp well what kind of work is drunk
ok me and steven are talking about holidays and stuff well i guess we have to make a bunch of cookies for cookie day on his moms side of the fam well ok now i am out

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Dear Die-Ary, It's Lemke posting in here now. [17 Nov 2003|02:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | ozzy osbourne - the whole world's falling down ]

Kenzie is recently in Colorado with "gazingretard" or whatever his fucked up name is. She wants to come home, and I don't blame her. She belongs here, with me. But in any other event, I got my parental controls put on me, so I can't fucking read my own journal! It sucks, but I'll just update this in the mean time, while Kenzie is away.

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can we say lost??? on raod trip [05 Nov 2003|06:30pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

well yet again me and katy will be going on a road trip this time we are going to colorado i hear from alot of people that the state is really beautiful and i pray to whatever god is watching my ass so i dont get introuble that i dont get are asses lost katy said she will be picking me up some time tonight after she eats and packs and we are leaving early tommrow morning again this road trip is for katy to see here family that she has not seen in a long ass time i am mearly there so she does not have to go alone and it will be safer with 2 people in the car instead of one well i anm so energetic i cant really sit down for long well i am going to go later

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wow got into an rp fight [05 Nov 2003|03:23am]
[ mood | bushed ]

well i qam to tired to copy/past the whole rp fight on here and it was thrown away anyways i deleted the emails well let us just say it woke me up *rubes eyes tiredly* for a lil bit at least well imed with toney/lushen some more man am i bushed i am staying up basicly to see how the elders decide what are punishment will be i just hope that none of us get zeroed *hopes gd will get kicked out of the sc and brutaly mugged and murdered* well i hope i can get some sort of sleep before my interview tommrow for the movie theater hey maybe adam works there still man pizza rolls are a life saver ok really dont get me on half the stuff i am very tired and half conshious right now well i am off to see what the results were and then off to bed with my sorry arse

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talking talking talking [05 Nov 2003|01:33am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | metalica unforgiven ]

well this is what i have been talking about some things qwill remain not posted

starie_eyed2003 (1:55:29 PM): hey whats up?
starie_eyed2003 (2:14:35 PM): i would like to meet and talk with you about some stuff im me when you get this it is kenzie
thoryn19 (2:34:32 PM): hey got ya added but I can't stay I'm sorry. I'm always up for a good talk tho lols . I'll be back in a couple hours feel free to offline me or e-mail or just whatever grinz.
thoryn19 (2:34:43 PM): this is Lushen derrra@me lols
starie_eyed2003 (3:17:22 PM): lol cute *blush*
starie_eyed2003 (3:29:10 PM): would you like to join me and jodee for some bloo/bloodwine>? in the library let me know
thoryn19 (6:16:15 PM): I am sorry to have missed you in the library perhaps I shall see you soon enough.
starie_eyed2003 (8:27:41 PM): hiya
thoryn19 (8:27:46 PM): hiyas
starie_eyed2003 (8:28:27 PM): i am just now replying to to your email
thoryn19 (8:28:36 PM): my e-mail?
starie_eyed2003 (8:28:40 PM): i went to look for you
thoryn19 (8:28:45 PM): smiles
thoryn19 (8:28:48 PM): awwww
starie_eyed2003 (8:29:06 PM): *blush*
starie_eyed2003 (8:29:13 PM): m i know aint i sweet
thoryn19 (8:29:17 PM): lols
thoryn19 (8:29:49 PM): so how are ya ?
starie_eyed2003 (8:29:56 PM): good and you
thoryn19 (8:30:03 PM): doing well thanks
starie_eyed2003 (8:30:27 PM): i take it no more bloodwine for a while? jkjk
thoryn19 (8:30:33 PM): rofll
starie_eyed2003 (8:30:48 PM): huh?
thoryn19 (8:30:48 PM): alas no I love my bloodwine
starie_eyed2003 (8:31:08 PM): yep i know a bunch of people can atest to that
thoryn19 (8:31:10 PM): rofl
thoryn19 (8:31:21 PM): rollin on the floor laffing lol
starie_eyed2003 (8:31:38 PM): cute what a picture
starie_eyed2003 (8:31:42 PM):
thoryn19 (8:31:44 PM): smiles
thoryn19 (8:33:32 PM): sorry just woke up from some much needed sleep still a little foggy
starie_eyed2003 (8:33:48 PM): hey i have been up a week straight i am doing
starie_eyed2003 (8:33:51 PM): fine
thoryn19 (8:34:15 PM): lols
thoryn19 (8:34:19 PM): must be nice
starie_eyed2003 (8:34:51 PM): meh it get boring with really nothing to do but go on your journal write read and watch alot of anime
starie_eyed2003 (8:35:04 PM): and look for a job
thoryn19 (8:35:06 PM): laffs ....
thoryn19 (8:35:14 PM): I so know the feeling there....
thoryn19 (8:35:30 PM): what do you write if I can ask?...cuz I write too
starie_eyed2003 (8:35:57 PM): i write poems and just random every day things
starie_eyed2003 (8:36:32 PM): if you want i can get some off my journal
thoryn19 (8:36:36 PM): awesome I write poetry too
starie_eyed2003 (8:36:45 PM): nice
thoryn19 (8:36:47 PM): sure I'd love to read some sometime...
thoryn19 (8:37:01 PM): it's a great way to just let it all out ya know
starie_eyed2003 (8:37:15 PM): yea i scared my mom when she read my first poem she said it was very morbid
thoryn19 (8:37:28 PM): huge smiles
thoryn19 (8:37:30 PM): yes
thoryn19 (8:37:37 PM): I never show mother my work ne more
starie_eyed2003 (8:37:44 PM):
thoryn19 (8:37:53 PM): I rarely show anyone but anymore I am getting over that
starie_eyed2003 (8:38:22 PM): well she asks me every once in a while she will just to be nice
thoryn19 (8:38:44 PM): lols well thats good then I think
thoryn19 (8:38:53 PM): so how old are you?
starie_eyed2003 (8:39:24 PM): not really she reads it and it finaly hits her what it is about she starts going ff and saying im uts
starie_eyed2003 (8:39:27 PM): 18
starie_eyed2003 (8:39:44 PM): and you
thoryn19 (8:39:44 PM): lmfao...sounds just like my mother
thoryn19 (8:39:51 PM): omg I am an old man deary
thoryn19 (8:39:54 PM): I'm 30
thoryn19 (8:39:56 PM): lmfao
starie_eyed2003 (8:39:57 PM): meh
starie_eyed2003 (8:40:03 PM): ohh well
thoryn19 (8:40:20 PM): lols
starie_eyed2003 (8:40:21 PM): sala vee
thoryn19 (8:40:30 PM): well hey now lols
thoryn19 (8:40:38 PM): never said I acted old just am old
thoryn19 (8:40:44 PM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (8:40:49 PM): i did not mean it like that
thoryn19 (8:40:56 PM): its okies lols
starie_eyed2003 (8:40:58 PM): jkjk
thoryn19 (8:41:04 PM): no worries here
starie_eyed2003 (8:41:14 PM): **
thoryn19 (8:41:18 PM): I think I am a 12 yr old stuck in an old mans body tho
starie_eyed2003 (8:41:48 PM): cute * i think*
thoryn19 (8:42:03 PM): tyty
thoryn19 (8:42:05 PM): lols
starie_eyed2003 (8:42:12 PM): k later
thoryn19 (8:42:17 PM): g bye
starie_eyed2003 (9:14:55 PM): here is one of my poems i think you may like
thoryn19 (9:15:03 PM): ok hun ty
starie_eyed2003 (9:16:07 PM): my thoughts run deep in this mind of mine every way i turn i see things from which happier day has gone bye on what wings of glitter and hope for what do i muse in this battered head of mine when all else has failed do you come to save my wandering feet....? from the edge of my doom shall i ever be on that of mournful path in with sice i have meet you has been ill-fated from the start now let me forgett in blissful release of death and let thy wandering feet lie......with these last parting words of the night i will stay out of sight and remain your shadow of ever more lasting grief with it may all your waking moments be spared of this ever pressing despare and lonleyness fore that is my job to bear lonleynes, decite and this ever ready despare and desperation i fear all my days wi
starie_eyed2003 (9:17:03 PM): *will be dark and lonley
thoryn19 (9:17:15 PM): applauds
thoryn19 (9:17:19 PM): that was very deep
starie_eyed2003 (9:17:24 PM): yee thanks
thoryn19 (9:17:58 PM): most welx
starie_eyed2003 (9:18:09 PM): soo ... would i be able to see one of your poems??
starie_eyed2003 (9:18:21 PM): that is from my journal
thoryn19 (9:18:34 PM): sure lemme dig up a shorty
starie_eyed2003 (9:18:49 PM): i have a questin do you like linken park>??
thoryn19 (9:18:56 PM): yep
thoryn19 (9:19:02 PM): but Korns my favorite
starie_eyed2003 (9:20:14 PM): i have some thing that i made when i got really bored and was listening to linken park do you want to read?
thoryn19 (9:20:41 PM): sure but one sec I am sendin ya this k
starie_eyed2003 (9:20:45 PM): ok
thoryn19 (9:20:52 PM): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
thoryn19 (9:20:54 PM): Everyday I look in the mirror I see their images staring back at me. Those seven horrid faces are the only things I see. I slam my fist against the polished glass. I tell this world to just kiss my ass. No one knows the darkness lurking in my heart. Nobody knows how my soul is ripped wide apart. I hear you babble about your sorrows. I listen to you whine about tomorrow. You think you are so better than me. Come bring it fucker and we shall see. Emotional wreck is what I am inside. But from everyone I must forever hide. You did this to me the night that you died. You said you loved me but maybe you lied. Cause everyday I look in the mirror and seven faces staring back is what I see. The thing that terrifies my soul is all seven look a lot like me.
thoryn19 (9:20:57 PM): ~~~~End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Poetry Cafe Reader v2.0
starie_eyed2003 (9:21:52 PM): nice
thoryn19 (9:21:56 PM): heh ty
starie_eyed2003 (9:22:32 PM): i cannot take this any more saying everything i said before all these words make no sence i find bliss in ignorance i find the answers aren't so clear i wish i could find a way to dissappere . it's trouble the way i feel whats promised by your face the sound of your voice is painted on my memerory.. just get away from me.... you love the way i look at you while takeing pleasure in the things you put me throu you take away if i give in ..... you love the things i say i do just to get back at you.....these wounds they will not heal confusing what is real.... CONTROLING.... i can't seem to find myself again it's haunting to know i felt this way before..... under a sky of dust i just want to run away and know the truth.... another wave of tension more than fills me up i wanna know the answe
starie_eyed2003 (9:22:52 PM): somthing is not going right when it copy/past
thoryn19 (9:23:32 PM): is ok
thoryn19 (9:23:38 PM): I still like it a lot
starie_eyed2003 (9:23:45 PM): *no more lies.... do i follow my instinks blindly? i just end up getting hurt again... BY MYSELF.... it starts with one thing it don't even matter how hard ya try..... i tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesent even matter... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
thoryn19 (9:23:51 PM): yer work is very Raw and I love that so much
starie_eyed2003 (9:24:01 PM): thank you
thoryn19 (9:24:31 PM): most welcome
starie_eyed2003 (9:24:52 PM): you can see more of them if you would like on my journal on i must warn you there are alot of quizes there
thoryn19 (9:25:23 PM): lols okies ty
starie_eyed2003 (9:25:48 PM): my sn is lemke_kenzie
thoryn19 (9:26:02 PM): OOooOO okies
thoryn19 (9:27:27 PM): You have guts I could never post any of my work like that
thoryn19 (9:28:00 PM): if you go to photos however in the Dojo I have one folder Lushen2 with a Wallpaper I made last nite
starie_eyed2003 (9:28:02 PM): ohh by the way there are some x rated pic in here some where it is from a quiz
starie_eyed2003 (9:28:13 PM): fun
thoryn19 (9:29:32 PM): lmao
thoryn19 (9:29:36 PM): x rated huh
starie_eyed2003 (9:29:44 PM): what what.....................???? umm
starie_eyed2003 (9:29:51 PM): lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:30:04 PM):
thoryn19 (9:30:18 PM): hahahhaa
starie_eyed2003 (9:30:36 PM): i was talking about pictures
thoryn19 (9:30:55 PM): yes
starie_eyed2003 (9:31:07 PM): those are not me
thoryn19 (9:31:08 PM): u said x rated pics I laffed lols
thoryn19 (9:31:16 PM): I kinda figured that lols
starie_eyed2003 (9:31:25 PM): well...... um.....
starie_eyed2003 (9:31:30 PM): ok
thoryn19 (9:32:30 PM): lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:32:53 PM): soo where are you on my journal
thoryn19 (9:33:09 PM): lookin for it still lols
starie_eyed2003 (9:33:16 PM): the poems are about 2-3 pages back
starie_eyed2003 (9:33:49 PM): there is also along listing of graveyards and there listing in mn
thoryn19 (9:33:53 PM):
thoryn19 (9:33:56 PM): kk
starie_eyed2003 (9:34:01 PM): hahah cute
starie_eyed2003 (9:34:07 PM):
thoryn19 (9:34:22 PM): tyty
starie_eyed2003 (9:34:26 PM): k
thoryn19 (9:34:35 PM): ok I am at blurty where am I going lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:34:58 PM): go to users lemke_kenzie
starie_eyed2003 (9:35:27 PM): and click on my sn to see my journal
thoryn19 (9:36:27 PM): okies its movin slowly but movin lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:36:36 PM): okies
starie_eyed2003 (9:37:06 PM): there are about 60-70 entrys in here so um yyeah
thoryn19 (9:37:26 PM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (9:37:46 PM):
thoryn19 (9:44:28 PM): I'm still here just reading
starie_eyed2003 (9:44:41 PM): hahaha long aint it
starie_eyed2003 (9:44:50 PM): i know
thoryn19 (9:44:54 PM): just a tad lols
starie_eyed2003 (9:45:14 PM): take your time you dont have to read it all in one sitting
thoryn19 (9:45:35 PM): smiles
thoryn19 (9:47:02 PM): I am just touched and kinda of not sure what to say.....ya know
starie_eyed2003 (9:47:33 PM): blushes
thoryn19 (9:47:46 PM): smiles.....
starie_eyed2003 (9:48:10 PM): well i am happy
starie_eyed2003 (9:48:20 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (9:48:25 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (9:48:29 PM):
thoryn19 (9:48:54 PM): I am glad to hear your happy....
thoryn19 (9:49:08 PM): I thought earlier I had angered or scared u off
starie_eyed2003 (9:49:26 PM): what no how would you have angered me?
thoryn19 (9:49:56 PM): don't know
thoryn19 (9:50:07 PM): I told you my age and you poofed lmao
thoryn19 (9:50:10 PM): is ok tho
starie_eyed2003 (9:50:32 PM): no nothing like that
starie_eyed2003 (9:50:47 PM): just doing emails
starie_eyed2003 (9:50:55 PM): sorry i poofered
thoryn19 (9:51:01 PM): smiles do u get yer posts mailed?
thoryn19 (9:51:11 PM): no worries here very rare if that happens lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:51:18 PM): yep
starie_eyed2003 (9:52:03 PM): had a long convo with neonlilya tho
thoryn19 (9:52:18 PM): sheesh what a doofus....yeah he was totally hitting on you about beef jerky,,,lmao
starie_eyed2003 (9:52:21 PM): about the game and lots of other stuff to
thoryn19 (9:52:30 PM): thats kewl she is a real sweety
starie_eyed2003 (9:52:59 PM): i know she posted all the info about how you get powers and donating just for me
thoryn19 (9:53:23 PM): thats awesome
starie_eyed2003 (9:53:27 PM): meh he was creepy in a bad bad way
thoryn19 (9:53:34 PM): I think I just got to that part lols
thoryn19 (9:53:38 PM): sounds like it
thoryn19 (9:54:04 PM): and well I know this sounds so typical guy so plz just overlook it but sorry to hear yer B/F just wants sex....\
thoryn19 (9:54:20 PM): I hate to say it but men are just assholes hun
thoryn19 (9:54:32 PM): sigghss I wish I was a lesbian lmao
starie_eyed2003 (9:54:40 PM): meh dont worrie about it some of them
starie_eyed2003 (9:55:09 PM): well not that this might sound weird but i am bisexual
thoryn19 (9:55:23 PM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (9:55:39 PM): hahaha rofl
thoryn19 (9:56:00 PM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (9:56:23 PM): i stole your your action thingus
thoryn19 (9:56:36 PM): ????
thoryn19 (9:56:47 PM): say whaaaa lmao
starie_eyed2003 (9:56:58 PM): the rofl
thoryn19 (9:57:09 PM): O lol thats okies
starie_eyed2003 (9:57:18 PM): ok cool
thoryn19 (9:57:26 PM): I used to *coughs and gags* hang out in excite chat so
thoryn19 (9:57:40 PM): I still use a ton of the lingo yanno lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:57:48 PM): ahhh i see
starie_eyed2003 (9:58:04 PM): i want the turtle from finding nemo
thoryn19 (9:58:18 PM): hehe everyone does I think....
starie_eyed2003 (9:58:31 PM): i think his name is crush
thoryn19 (9:58:51 PM): the baby?
thoryn19 (9:58:56 PM): I think so too not sure
starie_eyed2003 (9:59:00 PM): no the big one
thoryn19 (9:59:26 PM): hmmm
thoryn19 (9:59:40 PM): I have cruddy memory lol
starie_eyed2003 (9:59:59 PM): that say you were like woa and i was like woa and then you were like woooa yea i watched it one to many times
thoryn19 (10:00:35 PM): omg hahahahaaaaaaaaaa
starie_eyed2003 (10:00:46 PM): what what
starie_eyed2003 (10:01:06 PM): yes i am a dorkus
starie_eyed2003 (10:01:25 PM):
thoryn19 (10:01:28 PM): its all good I am too
thoryn19 (10:01:31 PM): jinx
thoryn19 (10:01:36 PM): u owe me a MD
starie_eyed2003 (10:01:36 PM): gah no
starie_eyed2003 (10:01:51 PM): i love and cherish my mds
starie_eyed2003 (10:02:22 PM): email work?
thoryn19 (10:02:24 PM): wooooooooooot
thoryn19 (10:02:28 PM): mine? lols
starie_eyed2003 (10:02:30 PM): lols
thoryn19 (10:02:31 PM): I think so
thoryn19 (10:02:36 PM): I dunno why?
starie_eyed2003 (10:02:49 PM): yeas it will be a virtual md
thoryn19 (10:02:59 PM): awesome lols
starie_eyed2003 (10:03:05 PM): i know
starie_eyed2003 (10:03:12 PM):
thoryn19 (10:03:33 PM): heh
thoryn19 (10:03:44 PM): I am workin on Lushens return lol
starie_eyed2003 (10:03:54 PM): to where?
thoryn19 (10:04:12 PM): the Dojo lmao
thoryn19 (10:04:15 PM): remember
thoryn19 (10:04:21 PM): I left earlier to go out
thoryn19 (10:04:27 PM): well now I am coming back hehe
thoryn19 (10:04:32 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:04:56 PM): ahhh well i am sitting up on the roof of the dojo with nemisis
thoryn19 (10:05:16 PM): awwwwwww
thoryn19 (10:05:20 PM): I know lol
starie_eyed2003 (10:05:26 PM): yeee
thoryn19 (10:06:17 PM): lols....
thoryn19 (10:06:24 PM): I tell ya I love this game lmaooo
starie_eyed2003 (10:06:33 PM): me 3
starie_eyed2003 (10:06:38 PM):
thoryn19 (10:06:46 PM): sometime Imma learn what the hell ya all are doin to get that BP up so fast tho
thoryn19 (10:06:51 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:07:01 PM): i dunno
thoryn19 (10:07:15 PM): lmfao me either someday tho
starie_eyed2003 (10:07:22 PM): wait for the ap's to get up there and then go on a hunting spree
thoryn19 (10:07:32 PM): hell yeah
starie_eyed2003 (10:07:35 PM):
thoryn19 (10:07:45 PM): I donated last nite so I got celerity one ....
starie_eyed2003 (10:07:48 PM): i love chococat
thoryn19 (10:07:55 PM): but I want to get the others on my own fer now ....
thoryn19 (10:08:05 PM): rofl@chococat he is cute
thoryn19 (10:08:16 PM): have u ever been to happytreefriends?
starie_eyed2003 (10:08:20 PM): no
thoryn19 (10:08:35 PM): is violent and childish but somewhat amusing
starie_eyed2003 (10:08:58 PM): is it like jthm?
thoryn19 (10:09:42 PM): whats that?
starie_eyed2003 (10:12:34 PM): a comic johny the homocidal manic you have never herd of him he gah he is uber
thoryn19 (10:12:58 PM): no
starie_eyed2003 (10:12:58 PM): like squee and invaderzim
thoryn19 (10:13:01 PM): I suck
thoryn19 (10:13:05 PM): what can I say
starie_eyed2003 (10:13:17 PM): well have you heard of them at least?
starie_eyed2003 (10:13:43 PM): no you dont unless you are secreatly a whore????
thoryn19 (10:13:50 PM): LMAO
thoryn19 (10:14:04 PM): no no I am open about that lols.............j/k
thoryn19 (10:14:11 PM): no I don't think I have heard of them
starie_eyed2003 (10:14:36 PM): ok umm............. sit in corner and contemplates this new info
thoryn19 (10:14:50 PM): omg lol
thoryn19 (10:15:02 PM): I tried warnin ya
thoryn19 (10:15:08 PM): I told ya I sucked but noooo
starie_eyed2003 (10:15:08 PM): brb
thoryn19 (10:15:11 PM): kk
starie_eyed2003 (10:30:54 PM): ok back
thoryn19 (10:30:59 PM): wb
starie_eyed2003 (10:31:06 PM): ok
thoryn19 (10:31:13 PM): ok?
starie_eyed2003 (10:31:23 PM): ok what?
thoryn19 (10:31:37 PM): u said ok when I said wb lol
starie_eyed2003 (10:32:16 PM): gah it is starting to affect me my not sleeping for about a week
starie_eyed2003 (10:32:27 PM):
thoryn19 (10:32:30 PM): uh ya think lolssss
starie_eyed2003 (10:32:47 PM): hahaha
thoryn19 (10:33:37 PM): rofl
thoryn19 (10:33:43 PM): so whats happening?
starie_eyed2003 (10:34:03 PM): nothing much just some really really old ppl making out
starie_eyed2003 (10:34:25 PM): they are like 50 -60 gah mental image not good gah
thoryn19 (10:34:27 PM): lmfao
thoryn19 (10:34:29 PM): omfggg
thoryn19 (10:34:40 PM): so why are ya watchin??? lols
starie_eyed2003 (10:35:02 PM): yells at self in japaness baca bacca bacca
starie_eyed2003 (10:35:18 PM): no no they are in the next room and i can hear them
starie_eyed2003 (10:35:28 PM):
thoryn19 (10:35:36 PM): omg hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
thoryn19 (10:35:43 PM): g fun huh ?
starie_eyed2003 (10:36:07 PM): no not really the mentals are enough to wake any one up
starie_eyed2003 (10:36:19 PM): *blink *blink*
thoryn19 (10:37:25 PM): yeah I think Imma all green
thoryn19 (10:37:30 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:37:39 PM): hahaha dont puke now
starie_eyed2003 (10:37:53 PM):
thoryn19 (10:37:57 PM): rofl
thoryn19 (10:38:07 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:38:13 PM): you will have that ukie tast now
starie_eyed2003 (10:38:20 PM):
thoryn19 (10:38:35 PM): I know ugghhh
starie_eyed2003 (10:38:40 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:38:42 PM): hahahah
thoryn19 (10:38:54 PM):
thoryn19 (10:39:04 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:39:07 PM):
thoryn19 (10:39:15 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:39:27 PM): i like my kittys
starie_eyed2003 (10:39:36 PM):
thoryn19 (10:39:41 PM): awwwwww lolsss
thoryn19 (10:39:43 PM): too cute
starie_eyed2003 (10:39:53 PM): yesh i now
starie_eyed2003 (10:40:09 PM): sipping some tripple black
starie_eyed2003 (10:40:33 PM): ponders what kind of word is drunk???
thoryn19 (10:40:53 PM): wooot
thoryn19 (10:40:58 PM): hmmm
starie_eyed2003 (10:41:07 PM): lolol
thoryn19 (10:41:12 PM): thats a good question....
thoryn19 (10:41:26 PM): drunk drank drink....I prefer trashed lols
starie_eyed2003 (10:41:38 PM): or thrashed
thoryn19 (10:42:00 PM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (10:42:09 PM):
thoryn19 (10:42:40 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (10:43:04 PM): heard the meow mix song in head
starie_eyed2003 (10:43:09 PM): hears*
thoryn19 (10:43:11 PM): lols
thoryn19 (10:43:14 PM): awesome
starie_eyed2003 (10:43:41 PM): yea there is an amv where cell sings the meow mix song it is cute
starie_eyed2003 (10:43:54 PM): *anime music video*
thoryn19 (10:44:13 PM): o hell no thats awesome lol
starie_eyed2003 (10:46:26 PM): i know there is a parody of barbie girl
starie_eyed2003 (10:46:39 PM): it is called the ugly girl
thoryn19 (10:46:42 PM): lolsss
starie_eyed2003 (10:48:29 PM): it goes like this...... i ma realtion to freinkensteins creation your so ugly you discust me ohh ahh repeatx2
thoryn19 (10:48:44 PM): rofl
starie_eyed2003 (10:49:13 PM): i know then there is this menchi song omg it will make you piss your pants it is that funny
starie_eyed2003 (10:49:31 PM): i wish i had i mic so you could hear it
thoryn19 (10:49:33 PM): acckkk
thoryn19 (10:49:40 PM): not sure I wanna hear that
starie_eyed2003 (10:49:41 PM): what?
thoryn19 (10:49:50 PM): pissin muh pants hmm not fun lafffffffs
starie_eyed2003 (10:50:29 PM): but you gotta hear it tyou wont piss your pants
starie_eyed2003 (10:50:41 PM): blees me
starie_eyed2003 (10:50:48 PM): *achoo*
thoryn19 (10:50:50 PM): okies lols
thoryn19 (10:50:52 PM): awww
thoryn19 (10:51:17 PM): bless ya (says it in German tho ya know guzen something lmao)
starie_eyed2003 (10:51:37 PM): hahah guzen himer
starie_eyed2003 (10:52:06 PM): is that what your trying to say?
thoryn19 (10:52:25 PM): guzen tight lmao is spelled wrong I knwo
thoryn19 (10:52:29 PM): know even
starie_eyed2003 (10:58:02 PM): lalala
thoryn19 (10:58:11 PM): laffin
thoryn19 (10:58:17 PM): are ya bored ???
starie_eyed2003 (10:58:21 PM): yee i get ten mor pints of blood
starie_eyed2003 (10:58:26 PM): no
thoryn19 (10:59:32 PM): someone else signed up eh?
thoryn19 (10:59:40 PM): lol must be nice ta have friends rofl
starie_eyed2003 (10:59:40 PM): yeppers
thoryn19 (10:59:46 PM): I only sired 8 so far
thoryn19 (10:59:52 PM): told ya I suck lols
starie_eyed2003 (11:00:30 PM): no i was like hey play this youll love it and gave hm my biter well i only have 3-4
thoryn19 (11:01:09 PM): awwww hehe
thoryn19 (11:01:14 PM): thats what I did
starie_eyed2003 (11:01:21 PM): what...........
starie_eyed2003 (11:01:29 PM): it is also on my journal
thoryn19 (11:01:31 PM): I said hey if ya hate it all it cost ya was a few seconds of yer time
thoryn19 (11:01:38 PM): yes I know heh
thoryn19 (11:01:46 PM): mines on my yahoo profile lols
starie_eyed2003 (11:01:47 PM): yep i know this game is uber
starie_eyed2003 (11:01:53 PM): i saw
thoryn19 (11:03:41 PM): lols
thoryn19 (11:03:46 PM): ya saw huh
thoryn19 (11:03:52 PM): not much to see but lol thats cool
starie_eyed2003 (11:03:53 PM): yep
starie_eyed2003 (11:03:59 PM): i like the pic
thoryn19 (11:04:12 PM): tyvm
starie_eyed2003 (11:04:20 PM): ???
thoryn19 (11:04:26 PM): I have a few of chucky heh
thoryn19 (11:04:29 PM): thank you very much
thoryn19 (11:04:36 PM): chat lingo bad mmmmmkay
starie_eyed2003 (11:04:53 PM): ahh ok not very litterate in chat lingo
thoryn19 (11:05:07 PM): is ok thats a good thing
thoryn19 (11:05:16 PM): I will break the habit I am sure lol
starie_eyed2003 (11:05:19 PM): hahah bacca
starie_eyed2003 (11:09:14 PM): hehee cute
thoryn19 (11:09:21 PM): what?
starie_eyed2003 (11:09:51 PM): nothing just thinking to my self
starie_eyed2003 (11:09:54 PM): thats all
thoryn19 (11:10:11 PM): O lols
starie_eyed2003 (11:10:15 PM): brbr i have to wake some one up so they can get ready for work
thoryn19 (11:10:21 PM): not a thing wrong with that
thoryn19 (11:10:23 PM): okies
starie_eyed2003 (11:12:37 PM): gah i had to grab a blanket to they dont belive in heat in this house gah toesies are numb
thoryn19 (11:13:18 PM): acckkk
thoryn19 (11:13:20 PM): lols
starie_eyed2003 (11:13:26 PM): cute
thoryn19 (11:13:34 PM): lol
thoryn19 (11:13:43 PM): want to share?
starie_eyed2003 (11:14:05 PM): share what??? looks inocentas
starie_eyed2003 (11:14:09 PM):
thoryn19 (11:14:34 PM): hahaha
thoryn19 (11:14:37 PM): cute
starie_eyed2003 (11:14:42 PM): i know brbr
thoryn19 (11:14:51 PM): okies
starie_eyed2003 (11:18:28 PM): dum dee dum full off that ten pints
starie_eyed2003 (11:18:33 PM):
thoryn19 (11:18:47 PM): lolsssssss
starie_eyed2003 (11:25:37 PM): nener nener nener
starie_eyed2003 (11:25:43 PM):
thoryn19 (11:25:45 PM): hahahha
thoryn19 (11:25:54 PM): sorry just laffin at the RBB
starie_eyed2003 (11:26:02 PM): ahh
thoryn19 (11:26:32 PM): these ppl here are a riot and the Dojo is quiet....
starie_eyed2003 (11:26:41 PM): i know
thoryn19 (11:26:44 PM): plus I am letting my aps build lolssssss
starie_eyed2003 (11:26:53 PM): me 3
thoryn19 (11:27:08 PM): grinz
starie_eyed2003 (11:28:19 PM): hey i just found a ancient book in here
thoryn19 (11:28:43 PM): where and what is it ?
starie_eyed2003 (11:29:04 PM): in a really dusty part of the library
starie_eyed2003 (11:29:15 PM): i think it is are history not shure yet
thoryn19 (11:29:38 PM): hmmm
starie_eyed2003 (11:29:39 PM): it is about mara the queen of darkness
thoryn19 (11:29:46 PM): O
starie_eyed2003 (11:29:56 PM): this is a big find i think
thoryn19 (11:30:07 PM): I think so too do keep me informed
starie_eyed2003 (11:30:16 PM): i will
starie_eyed2003 (11:30:24 PM): i tells of the long night
thoryn19 (11:30:32 PM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (11:30:50 PM): and how raven black city came to be here
starie_eyed2003 (11:30:57 PM): wowsers
starie_eyed2003 (11:31:02 PM): brbr
thoryn19 (11:31:15 PM): kk
starie_eyed2003 (11:37:28 PM): k back person did not want to get up
starie_eyed2003 (11:37:42 PM): so i started jumping on them
starie_eyed2003 (11:37:49 PM): till they got
starie_eyed2003 (11:37:54 PM):
thoryn19 (11:38:26 PM): omg hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
thoryn19 (11:38:36 PM): so mean yet so funny
starie_eyed2003 (11:38:38 PM): i am mean huh?
starie_eyed2003 (11:38:58 PM): i know i know but in a cute way
thoryn19 (11:39:29 PM): awwwwwww lol but of course
starie_eyed2003 (11:39:36 PM): yee
thoryn19 (11:40:08 PM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (11:40:17 PM):
thoryn19 (11:40:52 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (11:41:53 PM): i just got glomped
thoryn19 (11:42:00 PM): how so?
starie_eyed2003 (11:42:12 PM): he came and attacted me
starie_eyed2003 (11:42:17 PM): that what
thoryn19 (11:42:39 PM): awwww heh
starie_eyed2003 (11:42:54 PM): gah he bit me
thoryn19 (11:43:11 PM): lmao so?
starie_eyed2003 (11:43:22 PM): gah big no no
starie_eyed2003 (11:43:33 PM):
thoryn19 (11:43:45 PM): hmmm
starie_eyed2003 (11:44:32 PM): gah your dirtty dirty jkjk
thoryn19 (11:44:53 PM): me??? laffin
thoryn19 (11:45:01 PM): nope not I
starie_eyed2003 (11:45:01 PM): ya you
thoryn19 (11:45:11 PM):
starie_eyed2003 (11:51:31 PM): good book raven balck has made
thoryn19 (11:51:54 PM): where did you find it? (is way nosey)
starie_eyed2003 (11:53:03 PM): well i ahvent donated yet so yeah that 120 thing is inplace so it says read my book or make some slogans or something like that
thoryn19 (11:53:19 PM): O thatttt
starie_eyed2003 (11:53:27 PM): yeah
starie_eyed2003 (11:53:29 PM): that
thoryn19 (11:53:37 PM): yes Isee that pop up sometimes and I mean to check it but always forget
thoryn19 (11:54:38 PM): do u happen to have the address handy? I donated and no longer get ads
starie_eyed2003 (11:55:14 PM): ahh um here..........
starie_eyed2003 (11:55:39 PM): copy and paste are my best friends
starie_eyed2003 (11:55:43 PM): handy too
thoryn19 (11:56:14 PM): thank you thank you lol
starie_eyed2003 (11:56:24 PM): yea no big
thoryn19 (11:56:35 PM): well to u maybe to me it is so neeener
starie_eyed2003 (11:56:57 PM): gah
thoryn19 (11:57:10 PM): lols
starie_eyed2003 (12:01:26 AM): good book huh?
thoryn19 (12:01:50 AM): umm don't know just yet lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:02:00 AM): i think it is ok
thoryn19 (12:02:15 AM): I am sure it is
starie_eyed2003 (12:04:52 AM): i gotta do this "flipping bloody sodding bugger i like that
thoryn19 (12:05:16 AM): lols I'm almost ready to start reading lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:05:35 AM): i know it s cute and funny at the same time yyye
thoryn19 (12:05:49 AM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (12:10:59 AM): omg it is weird bit mildly funny no ass ole
thoryn19 (12:11:14 AM): lmfao
thoryn19 (12:11:21 AM): just started reading
starie_eyed2003 (12:14:16 AM): "Is flashing people that way normal around here?"
thoryn19 (12:14:32 AM): rofl I am not sure
thoryn19 (12:14:43 AM): almost anything here is normal lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:14:52 AM): rofl
starie_eyed2003 (12:20:57 AM): wow were in a big freaking game inside of a game and god is a computer
thoryn19 (12:21:09 AM): awesome
starie_eyed2003 (12:21:15 AM): i know
starie_eyed2003 (12:21:23 AM):
thoryn19 (12:21:29 AM): sounds like the vampire matrix heh
starie_eyed2003 (12:21:37 AM): yep
starie_eyed2003 (12:22:07 AM): *wraps in blanket to keep toes from faaling off*
thoryn19 (12:22:46 AM): I know..I just went and got one too lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:23:12 AM): we really do think alike great minds
thoryn19 (12:23:24 AM): heh
thoryn19 (12:23:32 AM): works for me lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:23:48 AM):
thoryn19 (12:24:07 AM):
starie_eyed2003 (12:24:16 AM): heheh cute
thoryn19 (12:24:42 AM): *bows*
starie_eyed2003 (12:25:04 AM): gah i am getting bombarded by ims
thoryn19 (12:25:25 AM): o happy happy joy joy lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:25:30 AM): i am popular *like the one show that got canned off the wb*
thoryn19 (12:25:44 AM): lols
starie_eyed2003 (12:29:36 AM):
starie_eyed2003 (12:29:51 AM): i got filled with blood blood kitty
thoryn19 (12:29:59 AM): hahaha
starie_eyed2003 (12:30:14 AM):
thoryn19 (12:30:29 AM): awwwww
thoryn19 (12:30:31 AM): cute
starie_eyed2003 (12:30:39 AM):
thoryn19 (12:31:03 AM): heh heh
thoryn19 (12:31:07 AM): too cute
starie_eyed2003 (12:31:16 AM): i know
thoryn19 (12:31:28 AM): grinz
starie_eyed2003 (12:31:40 AM): now you know why i love this imvirpment
thoryn19 (12:32:20 AM): yes its sickiningly adorable lol.....j/k
starie_eyed2003 (12:32:31 AM): gah
thoryn19 (12:32:45 AM): rofl
starie_eyed2003 (12:35:52 AM): Mike cocked his head in thought for a moment, then ran hard, face first into a wall, falling backwards to the floor.
thoryn19 (12:36:07 AM): I love it lols
thoryn19 (12:36:56 AM): She stepped forward and punched Mike hard in the face, knocking him flat.
starie_eyed2003 (12:37:06 AM): haahaha
thoryn19 (12:37:29 AM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (12:37:40 AM):
thoryn19 (12:37:58 AM):
starie_eyed2003 (12:38:35 AM): moew
thoryn19 (12:38:56 AM): grinz
starie_eyed2003 (12:39:04 AM): newbies gatta love them
thoryn19 (12:39:11 AM):
starie_eyed2003 (12:39:48 AM): hey do you have the link for the dojo
starie_eyed2003 (12:40:17 AM): my friend wants to join?
thoryn19 (12:40:17 AM): one sec hun
thoryn19 (12:40:37 AM):
thoryn19 (12:40:42 AM): arrgghhh
thoryn19 (12:40:52 AM): I so have to buy this book tomorrow now lol
thoryn19 (12:41:08 AM): this is pretty good and tell your friend good luck
starie_eyed2003 (12:41:34 AM): i will he can be kinda anyoing tho
thoryn19 (12:41:46 AM): smiles...good
thoryn19 (12:41:58 AM): tell him to join the RBB then lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:42:01 AM): why is that good
thoryn19 (12:42:06 AM): more to pick on
thoryn19 (12:42:14 AM): smiling
starie_eyed2003 (12:42:16 AM): umm k but i already sent himt he link
thoryn19 (12:42:26 AM): I was merely joking hun
thoryn19 (12:42:41 AM): they will eat him alive there if he is a noob
thoryn19 (12:42:57 AM): tell him to join the Dojo...
starie_eyed2003 (12:43:07 AM): i know gah well wait till he hears about us
starie_eyed2003 (12:43:13 AM): he will flip
thoryn19 (12:43:15 AM): just warn him of what he is getting into lol
thoryn19 (12:43:21 AM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (12:43:23 AM): he is my stalker ex
thoryn19 (12:43:28 AM): ahaaa lol
thoryn19 (12:43:31 AM): BTW
starie_eyed2003 (12:43:41 AM): umm forgets to mention that peice of info to him
thoryn19 (12:43:52 AM): I am totally confused are you Kenzie or Star IC ?
thoryn19 (12:43:55 AM): smiles
thoryn19 (12:44:09 AM): we shall see wether he is a follower or a leecher then
starie_eyed2003 (12:44:28 AM): i know gah
thoryn19 (12:44:33 AM): heh
starie_eyed2003 (12:44:41 AM): ehh
thoryn19 (12:44:46 AM): I am totally confused are you Kenzie or Star IC ?
starie_eyed2003 (12:44:54 AM): ic???
thoryn19 (12:44:54 AM): tell me tell me plz lol
thoryn19 (12:44:59 AM): in character
starie_eyed2003 (12:45:04 AM): kenzie
thoryn19 (12:45:05 AM): hmm
thoryn19 (12:45:19 AM): someones not been reading the FAQ heh
starie_eyed2003 (12:45:19 AM): both
thoryn19 (12:45:28 AM): aha ok then
starie_eyed2003 (12:45:29 AM): gah
thoryn19 (12:46:00 AM): I was confused at yer last post u signed it Star so .........
starie_eyed2003 (12:46:27 AM): ohh sorry
thoryn19 (12:46:43 AM): no worries
starie_eyed2003 (12:47:02 AM): that is an old habit nick name and all
thoryn19 (12:47:12 AM): I totally understand
starie_eyed2003 (12:50:47 AM): gah i can i kill him yet?
thoryn19 (12:51:04 AM): ummm
thoryn19 (12:51:19 AM): they may frown on it but hey it is still fun
starie_eyed2003 (12:52:02 AM): gah he just called me a bitch
thoryn19 (12:52:14 AM): omg
thoryn19 (12:52:31 AM): so quit talking to him but kick him in the balls first lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:52:32 AM): and then ......gah ass muncher
thoryn19 (12:52:37 AM): lol
starie_eyed2003 (12:53:25 AM): he is not here in person if he was i would grab one of the many swords that are lying around here and wack his head off
thoryn19 (12:53:40 AM): roflllll
starie_eyed2003 (12:58:18 AM): Mike's motion, because he hadn't been expecting the stop at all, resembled a pickaxe being swung at the ground, pivoting around the raised line. His face struck solidly with a sound like a gunshot, then his feet flipped over him, then he tumbled twice more full circle before it became more of a sideways roll, and he scraped to a standstill. He stood up, grinning ruefully as Ruth fell to the ground with laughter. "Indestructibility does wonders for the world of practical jokes, eh?"
thoryn19 (12:58:38 AM): laffs
starie_eyed2003 (1:02:09 AM): good book full of lil humorus qoutes
thoryn19 (1:02:25 AM): indeed
thoryn19 (1:11:13 AM): so far though you are RPing fantastically in my eyes
thoryn19 (1:11:20 AM): lols yes that he is
starie_eyed2003 (1:11:32 AM): ahhaha cute
starie_eyed2003 (1:11:57 AM): well if not for him tho i would have never found the shadow court
thoryn19 (1:12:13 AM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (1:12:21 AM): and never would have meet the many other wonderfull vamps/people here
thoryn19 (1:14:03 AM): well don't get me wrong. If the time comes Lushen will proudly stand at his side. But that does not mean I have to like him....I say however in matters such as these one must always put principles before personalities...
starie_eyed2003 (1:14:21 AM): true
thoryn19 (1:14:51 AM): but as far as cannibalism?...thats just retarded and unheard of. Only zombies and Lycans eat flesh. Vampires drink they eat nothing....
starie_eyed2003 (1:15:19 AM): he does not know his vampire lore or history for that
starie_eyed2003 (1:15:34 AM): matter
thoryn19 (1:15:50 AM): true....
thoryn19 (1:16:29 AM): but then many may argue that point but in any folklore I have ever read have I seen a canibalistic vampire
starie_eyed2003 (1:17:18 AM): well some are so old you dont know.....
starie_eyed2003 (1:18:28 AM): then there are vamps like gazingdarkness who do it mearly for fun and sport
thoryn19 (1:19:14 AM): yes I agree with much of that. But then I will never attempt to tell anyone how to RP.
starie_eyed2003 (1:19:47 AM): true there but some one has to tell them sooner or later
starie_eyed2003 (1:19:56 AM): but i will not be me
thoryn19 (1:20:08 AM): But if they bring in a spectacle of that sort where I witness it I shall speak my thoughts and let him/them know that they are not animals and should show some dignity in the Hall.
thoryn19 (1:20:25 AM): Nor I. That is for the Officers and the Sages...
starie_eyed2003 (1:20:25 AM): very true
starie_eyed2003 (1:21:21 AM): the person behind kenzie looks around for somthing to do
thoryn19 (1:21:41 AM): lolssss
thoryn19 (1:22:05 AM): the human behind kenzie signed starbreeze again lol
thoryn19 (1:22:21 AM): Poor Lushen will have a nervous breakdown
starie_eyed2003 (1:22:26 AM): hey click on the lil animalthingys
starie_eyed2003 (1:22:34 AM): hahaha
starie_eyed2003 (1:22:54 AM): why is that?
thoryn19 (1:23:06 AM): cute
starie_eyed2003 (1:23:21 AM): you throw things at them
thoryn19 (1:23:26 AM): well sometimes kenzie signs and sometimes star signs
starie_eyed2003 (1:23:46 AM): i ahh they are on certain days one and the same
thoryn19 (1:24:22 AM): smiles
starie_eyed2003 (1:24:36 AM): dont you have those days to?
thoryn19 (1:24:55 AM): no I only control Lushen
starie_eyed2003 (1:25:16 AM): ahh i see
thoryn19 (1:25:33 AM): for now anyway lol
starie_eyed2003 (1:26:32 AM): i cee i cee
starie_eyed2003 (1:26:46 AM): says the blind man to his wife
thoryn19 (1:26:48 AM): lols
thoryn19 (1:26:50 AM): omg lmao
starie_eyed2003 (1:26:57 AM):
thoryn19 (1:27:11 AM): I am replyin to this nasty post now heh I so hope I don't get in trouble.
starie_eyed2003 (1:27:25 AM): as he runs down stairs
starie_eyed2003 (1:27:38 AM): ok and what is the post
thoryn19 (1:28:13 AM): GD's post
thoryn19 (1:28:14 AM): lol
starie_eyed2003 (1:28:25 AM): ahhh

i am still talking to him and i really do like him well i think i might turn in for the night maybe grab some munchie or something along those lines

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[04 Nov 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | aqua pariody ugly girl ]

Miyu -- Now that you know which anime vampire you
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Here to become one!

If you were an anime vampire, who would you be?
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yee now i have 47 quizes heheheh well i am going to find tony lelelele

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note [04 Nov 2003|12:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well i decided that iwas going to count hopw many quizes i have on my journal and have at this point in time 46 quizes in my journal all in about the past 3-4 months

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poems from the dark tower [04 Nov 2003|11:52am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | wait and bleed slip knot ]

beneath ancient catacombs she lies within the realm of shadows dim as sunlight fades from crinson skys the dark queen conjures nightmares grim

a cruel smile twistes upon her face as she unfolds her ebon wings to wrap the world in her embrace unleashing all that darkness brings

foul things rise from the abyss to bow before her reverently born of her imortal kiss they worship her dark majesty

and rising high a talond hand she setsnher horde upon the night to seize and swarm the ravaged land sowing sorrow death and blight
i wish i could show you all the great pictures but you can find them at my favoirte one is born of the night
ever since i have joined in the shadow court i have has contact with lushen a blonde haired one eyed vampire *the human be hind him is tony* i dont know why but i have these feeling for him and i am pretty shure he has the same for me but i am going to tell him that i do fell something for him whether it turns good or bad i just hope all goes well
as for me and steven it is getting worse and worse every day i like him yeas but do i really love him is the thing i think it is just lust on both parts all he want from me is sex and all i really want is a a realtion ship were we can talk and not think of sex *yeas sex is good but not when you constantly talk about it* every single moment you are with that person and thinking that is when the realtionship really starts gah he thinks i have to no feelings whatso ever and i hate it he thinks i have nothing to write about in my journal what that i sleept and woke up and other mundan things no i journal about what i am feeling what is going on in are realtionship and other things like that i think we are both useing eachother for something i using him for a place to live (and he when he he gets it) sex well i have to go move some stuff to another room gah i hate this well i am going to go later
i feel the air rising up in me
i wander around were you can't see i
n side this shell i wait and bleed

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bordoom hits yet aga!n [03 Nov 2003|02:56pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | evenescence ]

Self - Destruction

Which Life Stage Are You?
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Which Life Stage Are You?
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well all i am doing is wasting my time more and more of my life slips away day by day minute by minute hour by hour week by week i am nothing but an empty shell of the once vibrant person i used to be now there is nothing but a hollow shell just barly surviving in the world

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boobs and anime [02 Nov 2003|10:21am]
[ mood | content ]


The ULTIMATE personality test
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u wanna girl in a corsets boobs!

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u want a girl in chains boobs!

wat picture of boobs do u want?
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VICIOUS. One of the few plot threads that runs
through Cowboy Bebop is Spike's relationship
with the man called Vicious - a badass villain
who is out to get Spike for personal reasons.
On his shoulder sits this huge bird that he
takes everywhere. In a fight, Spike and Vicious
seem to be pretty evenly matched. Perhaps this
is because they share a past together.
Apparently he and Spike were both once members
of the Red Dragon Mafia group. They were
partners and took care of Red Dragon Business
together. But then a mysterious woman named
Julia came on the scene and things between
Spike and Vicious changed. There seems to have
been some rivalry over Julia which made their
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well me here again they finally turned on the heat it is soo nice in here now there is not a whole lot going on here bobbi jo did not spend the night *sorry but i am glad she did not spend the night* katy never got a hold of her so they could not go to 2o2 well lemke seems like he had fun at 2o2 *wishes she had a ride there ~-~* meh oh well sarah took over the computer yesterday she is trying to get me to joing in her rpg i don't really like it she is going on and on about all this shit that i really dont like well meh i dunno but she got out of the house and that is a good thing big acomplishment huh??? well she watched blood lust yet again so steven was like here have this and threw the cd at her with the movie on it he said she is worse than me at being a computer addict well i think i am going to read my book it is just that good and it gives me something better to do then sit here not that i dont want to or anything it is just that it is kinda getting monotomus *or how ever you spell it * i love ya all and i am going to get theivery 1 even if i have to steal some money or go spanging *robs bank* well i think i better leave the cops are coming

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halloween....... i got sarah out of the house!!!!!!!!!!! [01 Nov 2003|11:18am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

ok so this is how my halloween goes i think i remmber it right well ok lemke you saw how is was dressed right my costume well i had this shirt on it was kinda seethrough and i had it tyed under my boobs and i had my fishnet shirt on under that with my long skirt and some random heels and some cat ears with eather my cape or my leather trench coat on well me and steven (my pirate well more of and old english type person) went to the movie theater and we were going to go with andrew so we could go toting with his daughter erika well the ass fuck he was driving with was trying to or i am not shure but he was ditching us and well we lost him and we were like wel screw it lets go to lemkes house and see what he is up to spend a coupla hours there his family showed up and took him with them toting well he ias come back in an hour well he never was there again so we went to katys house and with katy we went to sarahs house well she had company when we were there so her mom said come back in an hour we had to wait for a bit well i asked if sarah could dpend the night be fore i asked sarah her self i wanted to clear it with joan first well then i asked sarah and she said yes i am glad she is out of the house well on the way back from lemkes *note we did not have katy in the van with us at the time sarah was in the van* we stoped at the gas station by the mcdonalds well she draged me in * i did not have shoes on and it would not have mattered anyways* as we walk through the door one clerk says man your big and i think he was looking at my boobs of course and was totaly hitting on me it was creepy well the whole time i was in there he was stareing at me well we finaly go to pay for the stuff sarah got and he was like i need to see some id you have to be over 17 to buy that beef jerkey he was talking to me and were all like um no no we dont needt to and he was like your right i am jokeing well i left first and well sarah i guess said she is never going there for some sobe and he said good you are ugly dont come back *poor sarah* well we went back to stevens house he left for work and so we watched vampire hunter D blood lust and sarah was just drooling over it it was cute *but then again we were both drooling over D* well we went to make some ramen and steven came back at one bedause he puked alover isle 7 so they sent him home poor thing lack of sleep will do that to you well then me and sarah went to the computer room where she took over the computer so she could see who was all on in here rpg and well she is trying to get me on there to play so she woud have some on she knows on here to talk to is what she said and it does not seem that fun well i like mine ehh besides hers cost about 30 bucks a month to run mine is alot cheaper well then we watched some gall force and we went to bed and she is stil sleeping downstairs on the couch it is sooo cute she is well you can only see this hand and her face her mom is coming to pick her up later in the after noon when she is done with the movie joan and andrew *her little brother* are going to well i think that is about it later starbreeze

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we went "shoping" and lemke needs to pee [30 Oct 2003|08:18pm]
[ mood | gothic cleptioes ]
[ music | yeeeeeeeeeeee vampires ]

ok this is all that went down since i last posted i decides to fell more like my old self so i got on my long black flowey skirt fish net shirt off the shoulder kinda seethrough black shirt and my velvit cape pale make up black eye liner blueish greyish eye shadow watched 2 episodes of cbb steven came home and we play fought for a lil bit around 3 something i called lemke and wanted to know if he wanted to get together with me and steven and go to ridgedale he said yeas and i told him to be *goth* or what not on the way back we listen to a sound track with menchi (he is from some anime) and it was funny as hell it was about how he was about to get eaten or something like that and we all laughed are asses off andi almost pissed my self as kelly once said on the osbourns well we ere all dressed up old ppl said that we did not scare them some fat girls kept looking at us and they looked away when we looked back lemke got his make up done it was cute lemkena is comeing out more and more went to hottopic and stole a bunch of stuff i got these really cool thigh highs with black bows on them cat ears and a bow a book called tales from the dark tower also some red and black arm warmers with black lacing lemke got a neckless of a pentigram a jthm book a wig*that was the only thing baught besides pop* nail polish and lip stick and steven did not get much that i am awear of i think he got 2 things but i have not seen them so i cant tell you what they were i can not wait for the midnight hour on friday i will most likely be with my friends in a cemitary haning out with some old friends of are's well me and lemke are remmbering what happend over the summer when we got high in the cemitery and some bird flew out of the bush he would not let go of me it was cute he screamed like lemkena well we laugh lol hahahahaha well i am going to go read my book it has some awsom poetry in it i maybe will post some of it later
starbreeze and nightshadow

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thinking [30 Oct 2003|11:34am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | dbc screaming infadelitys ]

well here i am again i found another person who plays raven black she gave me alot of info about the game and helped me it is more than it seems she helped me find the shadow court they just sent me an email and i hope i can get in and start my trianing other wise i am on my own and to get my powers i have to pay for them (real money) and right now i think i will hold off on those until i am shure i am getting this job i am talking to katy right now well actually i was i think she had to go i know she has class so umm yeah well basicly katy i was wondering if when you were comming up katy i talked to my friend lisa she abouluty loves vampires a dark alley (thats what i found out the name was oops my bad) katy is down so many pints it is sad but ohh well i am going to frink my pint back from this bitch Alexandriana gah she better not move!!!! well i think i am doing better after my last journal entry it just feels like it happend yesterday and thats how i remmber it too well i am going numb here cuz it iss soo cold in this house i think i am going to go watch some anime horrer and some vampire hunter d yee he is the coolest welllater

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the night my brother died [29 Oct 2003|12:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | sarah mgloughlyn mysterie ]

[my name is]: starbreeze
[in the morning I am]: sleeping
[all I need is]: knife and alcholol
[love is]: tounting
[I'm afraid of]: nothing
[I dream about]: dieing
-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[coke or pepsi]: niether
[flowers or candy]: both
[tall or short]:tall
-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: eyes.
[1st person u slow danced with]: my brother
[worst question to ask]: why do you wear all black?
-W H O-
[makes you laugh the most?]: lemke
[makes you smile]: seeing the small wonders of this earth
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: steven
[has a crush on you?]: none that i know of
[easiest to talk to]: my friends
-D O. Y O U .E V E R-
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone]: when i get that desperate
[special to I.M. you?]: grammar check please
[save aol/aim conversations]: nope
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: kinda not really
-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: lemke
[hugged]: steven
[you instant messaged]: katy
[you laughed with]: friends
-D O .Y O U-
[color your hair]: yep *black*
[ever get off the damn computer]: not that i realize
[habla espanol]: a few words here and there
-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[smoke cigarettes]: every now and then *when stressed*
[obsessive]: i don't think i am
[could you live without the computer?]: no
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: about 5-10
[what's your favorite food?]: chinese
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: don't know
[drink alchohol?]: yes please
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: sunsets
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: both
[trust others way too easily?]: no
-N U M B E R-
[of times I have had my heart broken? ]: to many to count
[of hearts I have broken?] : 2
[of boys I have kissed?] : 4
[of continents I have lived in?] : 1
[of drugs taken illegally?] : 3
[of tight friends?] : i would say between 5-10
[of cd's that i own?] : about 70
[of scars on my body?] : which ones?
[of things in my past that i regret?] : not being there for my brother

(of times you've gone skinny dipping) 3

I KNOW: all that i want to know

I WANT: death

I HAVE: no future

I WISH: for nothing

I HATE: stupid people

I FEAR: nothing

I HEAR: voices in my head

I SEARCH: for my death

I WONDER: what is reality

I REGRET: no saving my brother

I LOVE: pain

I ACHE: in my heart

I CARE: too little

I ALWAYS: fuck it up.

I AM NOT: special

I DANCE: alone

I SING: never

I CRY: more then i'd like to admit


I WRITE: always

I WIN: nothing

I LOSE: everything

I CONFUSE: every one

I LISTEN: more than you think

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: in front of the computer


I SHOULD: be happier

i found this in myceasers journal it is quite interesting because it makes you think about you your friends and what you think about in your life i don't know all i know is i want to die is that a crime?? when i am only 18 my brother died young to only his death was by his own hands *suicide* and i was not there to help him through it i should have realized what was going to happen and i did...... just to late you the feeling you get in your stomach when you know something bad is going to happen?*sniffel* well i got that feeling and it felt like the world dropped out from under me well now i am going to tell you what happend the night my world died.......
it was april 29 my mom runs a daycare and we had one of her kids stay the night every thing seemed fine up until 5 pm thats when my brother *josh* wanted to talk to me he talked about what i would do if he died and who he would give his stuff out to * he tryed to run away in dec to go get killed in a gang war in cali* what would happen to the family those types of questions and i said i would be devistated if he died we were that close yeah shure we fought like cats and dogs but we loved eachother we were there for each other..........*crying hard can't see what i am typing* well we hung out in his room in the basement played some games and watched some tv and alot of movies well i had that weird feeling some thing is not right well my mom wanted me to go to kmart with her for some god knows what fucking reasion she made me go even tho i did not want to go so she threatend me if i did not go so i went with her and kalie *lil girls name* got done shoping and she said were going to the park and we stayed there until around 8 and i got home i thought josh was asleep so i took a shower went down too the basement to get some sweats i did not notice at first that he was hanging there and as i turned around it looked like a really bad dummie hanging there so i went over and told him the joke isent working and i pushed him and all he did was just swing ..................... i tryed to get him down but i could not get the boyscout knots undone so i raced upstairs and screamed that he was dead to my mom she said he cant be and started wailing my baby a coupla times and we raced up and down the stairs god knows how many times * my mom never was the same after that night* her yelling at me to get dressed me calling kalies mom to come get her kid calling the cops and calling the family we had the whole police station out at are house that night * we are good friends of most of the police from when my mom worked at taco bell* i asked if i could look at him one more time as they were bringing his body up the steps they set him down i put his head on my lap and looked at him one last time and his eyes opened as if waking from sleep * nerve spazems* and he had the most wonder full brown eyes they caught your soul there is no words for me really to describe those eyes to you they were just breath taking.............. well they took him away and then the whole family came over and we sat in the drive way that night and just looked at the stars i said mars is his planet and every one thought so too that night we saw as two plains looked like they were going to crash make a cross i was there for every one comforting them but no one was really there for me thay all said i needed to cry and that i was just like him too tough to let any one see me cry my mom went crazy the day my brother died she started smoking weed to "cope" with the loss of my brother she blamed it all on me that she could not get over that loss with all my problems and bullshit when i have had them all along i knew that night how much i lost and how much more i will lose in the the next few months and years my mom never really cared much for me *youngest of 3* this is how it goes there is my sister perfect sam never could do anything wrong was always right no matter what then there was josh golden goy every ones favrite could always make someone laugh then there was me labled "problem child" by all even when i did not do any thing i got blamed for it all after that day i knew my whole life was about to change i started more and more depressed * note i already had depression before my brother died and was on meds* my mom made me do things she did not feel like doing she never made anything to eat more than 4 times a week and that was just one meal i had to fend for myself and so i was never home i did not want to be there with her and knowing some how my brother was there watching over me we moved 3 months later just 5 houses down the block and that is were we have been living the past five years this all happend when i was in 8th grade begining of 9th

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[29 Oct 2003|07:24am]
[ mood | drained ]

well anyways i hope you liked those long ass journal entys i spent alot of time on those well steven is going to joshes and he said he will be back later um katy about bobbi jo she might be able to stay the night but i am not shure i talked to steven before he left he did not give me a clear answer well i am in love with the game *points at the link above* but you run out of ap points very fast bah bacca bacca *stupid stupid* well i am on the last book in the dragonlance series it is very good lalala well i am going to go back to reading or maybe i will moap around the house pineing for my love to come back bah nah i wont do that i am going to go read and take my mind off ofdepressing matters as the lack of blood in my system well maybe i will go bite some random person in the neighboorhood later *bite bite or start a fight*

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[29 Oct 2003|01:35am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | wait and bleed slipknot and unforgiven mettalica ]

wow i think went over board on this but hey it is me planning for what will eventually happen to us all i want to be prepared when i die so i don't put my friends and family through all the hasstle of aranging my funerall when me and my friends die it wil be declared a national holiday
i am just getting a bit to morbid for you???? if you dont like it don't read it for this is the new kenzie this is starbreeze floting on the wind cold alone and impersonal and some times cruel my friends have seen her once or twice and no i have not become scitsofrinic i am me and me is me drinking is my way to ease the pain i have come to suffer as lemke cuts to end the pain we do are own things to ease the same pain as he said we are in the same boat
and i say we are the outcasts no one ever wanted but were forced to put up with i know this may sound a bit weird but it is true weather you want to admit it or not you dont really like us but you want to be a good boy/girl and play nice for your parents and help us out when we really know you don't like us and don't even want help us you just want to look good for your own sake
gah i am getting pissedn now so i think i am going to go later starbreeze

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