went running....   
07:30pm 23/06/2004
mood: lonely
music: the von bondies-c'mon c'mon
yeah so i just got back from running with jessica. shannon didnt go because idk...her back hurt or something. kenny calls me a half an hour before we go and says that susie, her entire family and the rest of the cross country team is coming to practice too, including taylor "ABE", but he told me not to tell jessica. so then i went back online, didnt say anything but then i guess susie told her, and i called kenny back and told him that susie ruined it. so i just told her the rest...idk why it was a secret anyway.

so we got there and they were all there standing around waiting for people...kenny wasnt there yet, but we parked on the other side of lawnwood because apparently....last night kenny broke up with taylor...so that meant that him and jessica were going out. and then right before she came to pick me up, he went to her house and said "i just cant do this anymore...u and me, i just cant. im going to go out with taylor again". so idk what the fuck is up with them. but the whole time we were trying to avoid them. kenny drove by while we started to run, but that was the last we saw of him. i wanted to say hi to him too. but jessica kept saying she was going to become a lesbian or throw herself in front of a semi because she hated him and boys so much. so.... tonight shes blocking him and never talking to him again. (so she says) but anyway.....yeah. such drama.

im happy with my little relationship. very happy. ecstatic. except i miss him....:( and he was talking to some girl named esther when i called. WHATS UP WITH THE NAMES?!?!?!? lol seriously. edith and esther? wtf?! he said he set her up with one of his friends from camp though. and he said he sees all these guys with their girls and he misses me and he just wants his girlfriend all to himself. :( i miss him!!!

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long time no see   
11:26pm 21/06/2004
mood: nostalgic
music: the von bondies- lack of communication
its been a while since ive updated on this journal. i have a new one at livejournal.com. my username is 6punkerup9 in case you wanna check it out.

everyone is gone. amanda is in NY, giancarlo is in NC, sara is doing god knows what. i talked to her online a couple times and she never answers me. shannon is always working...and well, jessica, i just dont really...hang out with. but anyway..... i miss you all!

i realized something today. i realized that i am unique, i am one of a kind and i am me and there is no one else in the world like me. my name is even unique. krista. its not insanely unique like...hmm...well for instance sapna, but there is no one else in school that i know, named krista. no one at work....no one in my summer YL class...no one but me. and i am an awesome person...and im going to change myself. im going to be more positive, and i think that this summer i have made progress towards that. and i have a lot more confidence too. nothing too obvious, but just a little. and i hope it will increase... i need to be more outgoing. and i will be. or at least ill try my hardest.

giancarlo is in raleigh, North carolina at engineering camp. lmao... sounds dorky i know.. but its good for him to be exposed to that cuz thats what he wants to do for his career. he called me the first night he got there, and he said everyone was playing chess... lmao. i laughed at him so bad. apparently there are a couple girls there...i told him not to talk to any of them. and they dont have to be in their rooms until 1 at night, which is a hell of a lot better than at my house lol. my mom makes me go to bed at 10:30...but i never do cuz she never knows lol. anyway, so he called me today and hes like, "i cant call u everynight this week, its long distance, my mom told me. so i can only talk for 2 minutes unless i pay for it, but i dont have any money." so yeah.. that really sucks. i miss him a lot. lol. idk, he just makes me so happy, and i love him so much and he's such a big part of me...and we just have this connection...idk. i just feel like without him i cant be me to the fullest. im just not as happy or as animated. and i definately dont feel as confortable as i am with him. :( i want my boyfriend!

last night at work ashley oconnells cousin was walking by me and tara and tara was like, hey, whats that on your neck angela? and she started laughing and shes like, its a HUGE hickey. ive got like 5 of them, u cant see the other ones though. and i was standing there like wow... a whore just like her cousin. and tara was like omg, u've had 1 every time i work with you. geez. and shes like yeah, well your boyfriend isnt an asshole like mine. so..yeah that was interesting.

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Mom is retarded   
01:19pm 16/06/2004
  so...yesterday, mom DIDNT call ford...so now idk if im elligible for that contest or not...and if im not, i only have 3 days left to practice parking and get my license..which probably wont happen. i swear shes holding me back on purpose! ugh! anyway...so today class was boring again. a bunch of government representatives from the county came in.....the mayor was supposed to come, he didnt even show up! and sheriff mascara was supposed to come (he was the only one i was looking foward to seeing cuz i know him personally) but he had to cancel cuz he was going to pennsylvania today. anyway, i had no clue what they were talking about...nor did i really care cuz most of it was talk about Fcat which doesnt even effect me and never will so.... yeah. waste of my time AS USUAL! anyway..after that me and shannon went to JC to drop off envelopes...I LICKED YOUR ENVELOPE AMANDA AND SARA! yeah baby, i put extra saliva on those.. lol. oh, and sara, if youre reading this, did u know alexis mcknight lives on your street? huh?!? huh!?!? yeah.

shannon had to talk to the athletic trainer about...becoming an athletic trainer... (....) and she wasnt there so we went to talk to paschal who was having his summer pe class...saw lisa randall...(yay?) and brittany mascara, talked to her for a little while, debated on whether or not to take her home later. then on the way home shannon was making a turn and like...idk what the hell happened....but...she completely missed the turn and ran up onto the curb and almost took out the lamp post. idk....sometimes i get really scared driving with her. and on the way to JC she just started running off the road, almost went into a ditch. and she always tailgates people, which after the accident makes me really nervous...and she doesnt slow down until the last minute. ...yeah

i just got salt in my eye from these damn pringles im eating. and my mouth is stinging because of the MILLIONS OF ENVELOPES I LICKED YESTERDAY THAT GAVE ME PAPERCUTS! yes! your (amanda) and your (sara) envelopes contributed to the attacking of my mouth with sharp slices of paper. IM COMING TO GET YOU!

well....other than that, everything is fine and dandy in the world of krista. ttyl!

oh! btw, apparently im invited to marcela's birthday party....? even though i havent talked to the girl for anything relating to actual "social interaction" since probably first grade. emily said it was on her journal...and i was like oh, u know all she wants it more presents. lol. cuz emily said she invited giancarlo too..and i was like whhhy....? she doesnt talk to him either...but then later on i realized its because his family and her family are good friends. and i told emily and shes like oh, well shes probably inviting you cuz youre his gf. ....thanks. i feel loved.

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im sueing mike wetzel!   
03:12pm 15/06/2004
mood: giggly
music: viva las vegas- elvis presley
so, yesterday me and my mom dropped off my report card at the ford dealership. we go in there and i was all excited because i thought i would have the most entries since i had 6 A's and 1 B (so i had 19 entries altogether, the most you could get was 21) so i fill out the form and everything, and sign the sheet....and i see julie lindsay's name on there....and she had 19 entries...and Nick scotto was on there too with only 10. but the guy said there were about 40 people who had entered (which is pretty good, better chances of winning than the lottery) and then while im signing my entries he asks my mom if i have my license. and shes like no, she still has her permit, but she's elligible to get it, i just want her to have more practice before she actually gets it. and then the guy says, oh well....in order to enter this contest you have to have a legal florida driver's license. and i was sitting there almost about to cry. (THIS IS WHY MY MOTHER IS DUMB!) and my moms like what? and he was like yeah, im pretty sure thats what the rules are...but im not exactly sure. you could call tomorrow and ask for mike, and see what he says but im pretty sure thats what it says. (which is INCREDIBLY GAY considering that there were no rules stated in the 2 newspaper articles about the contest. all it said was "one lucky st lucie county highschool student could drive home in a new ford focus!" and it told all about the grades and the report card...but NOTHING about having a drivers license.) so i was really upset, but my mom said that if thats the case, that she's going to have a "crash course in parking" so that i can get my license before the contest this saturday and be elligible for it. (which if thats the case, either way i win...that is if i pass. because then even if i dont get the car, ill still have my license. but im hoping it doesnt come to that. i cant learn to park in only 4 days!) so shes going to call them today and see. cross your fingers!

after that fiasco we went to walgreens to get my prescriptions filled and get some band-aids for my mommy. we were standing in the band-aid aisle, and i looked up at the mirrors in the back of the store that show everyone in each aisle and on the aisle next to us i saw this guy walking towards the front door, his back turned toward the mirror. and i was like wow, he looks REALLY familiar. and then it hit me, i was like omg, thats bryan. and i looked at him more but he never turned around and i was hoping that it wasnt him because i was afraid he would come and talk to me and my mom would really think he was a stalker then. but then i was kind of freaked out because that was like, the 4th time in 3 days that i'd seen him, and its not like i was looking for him....it was just a little bit freaky. and then i was thinking, omg, maybe he really is stalking me. maybe giancarlo has been right this whole time. but i walked down another aisle to see if it really was him cuz i wasnt positive, but he was gone before i could see.

then when i got home i called him (cuz he was leaving for south carolina today and i wanted to say goodbye really quick) and hes like hey, i saw you in walgreens. and i was like what?!?! omg that was you! what the hell were you doing there? are you sure you arent stalking me?! and he started laughing and hes like no, i completely forgot u were going there. my grandpa was going there to get his prescription filled and i had to go pick up my pay check, so i went with him cuz i didnt feel like walking. and i was like oh...

and then i called giancarlo and told him and he was like SEE! omg, he IS a stalker! and idk why but i couldnt stop laughing. and i kept giggling on and on and hes like what? u do like him dont you. omg u do. fine just go have sex with him, i dont care, you obviously like him more than me, just go ahead, ill go hang out with jessica. and i was like giancarlo... THERE IS NO JESSICA! if i were to do that youd be all alone. and i would never do that anyway. i love you too much. i love you, youre everything to me. and he was all happy again.

the world is a happier place because of people like you. hug someone today. tell them you love them.
>self help counselor voice<"work inside your circle of influence."- gay ass teacher from youth leadership. lmao.

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bwahhh! bryan likes/ed me!   
03:05pm 15/06/2004
mood: sympathetic
music: beck- the new pollution
Fullyman2508 [5:48 PM]: when did you get a boyfriend any way?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:49 PM]: like around the beginning of the yr...
Fullyman2508 [5:49 PM]: really?
Fullyman2508 [5:50 PM]: wow
Fullyman2508 [5:50 PM]: I didnt know that
Shoogbabee1213 [5:50 PM]: i told u that didnt i ?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:50 PM]: i swear i told u
Fullyman2508 [5:50 PM]: no
Fullyman2508 [5:50 PM]: dont worry about it
Fullyman2508 [5:50 PM]: its none of my buisness
Shoogbabee1213 [5:50 PM]: i feel bad though..
Fullyman2508 [5:51 PM]: dont
Shoogbabee1213 [5:51 PM]: i feel like... idk... like i sort of led u on....
Fullyman2508 [5:51 PM]: no you didnt
Shoogbabee1213 [5:51 PM]: we're still friends tho right?
Fullyman2508 [5:52 PM]: yea
Shoogbabee1213 [5:52 PM]: okay
Fullyman2508 [5:52 PM]: we never would have hooked up anyway, thats all weve ever been
Fullyman2508 [5:52 PM]: were just friends
Shoogbabee1213 [5:52 PM]: okay
Shoogbabee1213 [5:52 PM]: well i did used to like u
Fullyman2508 [5:53 PM]: before we actually met?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:53 PM]: yea, when we talked on the phone a lot
Fullyman2508 [5:53 PM]: maybe we just shouldnt have met
Shoogbabee1213 [5:54 PM]: why?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:54 PM]: u dont wanna be friends anymore......?
Fullyman2508 [5:54 PM]: yea, im not complaining
Fullyman2508 [5:54 PM]: we just seemed better friends before we met
Shoogbabee1213 [5:55 PM]: oh...
Shoogbabee1213 [5:55 PM]: well, i thought we were still good friends..better friends actually..but i guess not
Fullyman2508 [5:56 PM]: I dont know
Fullyman2508 [5:57 PM]: the whole boyfriend thing kinda made me stop
Shoogbabee1213 [5:57 PM]: oh...
Fullyman2508 [5:58 PM]: oh well, ill get over it
Shoogbabee1213 [5:58 PM]: so, what your saying is it wouldnt have been a problem if i didnt have a bf
Fullyman2508 [5:58 PM]: no
Fullyman2508 [5:59 PM]: thats not what im saying
Fullyman2508 [5:59 PM]: just forget about it
Shoogbabee1213 [5:59 PM]: i just dont want this to ruin anything... i mean i thought we were friends..
Fullyman2508 [5:59 PM]: we are
Shoogbabee1213 [5:59 PM]: i dont see why anything should change if thats all u were intending it to be
Fullyman2508 [6:00 PM]: maybe its not
Shoogbabee1213 [6:00 PM]: what do u mean?
Fullyman2508 [6:00 PM]: you know how I used to like you?
Shoogbabee1213 [6:00 PM]: ...no
Fullyman2508 [6:00 PM]: oh
Fullyman2508 [6:00 PM]: lol
Fullyman2508 [6:01 PM]: well I did
Shoogbabee1213 [6:01 PM]: yea.. lol u never told me that part
Fullyman2508 [6:01 PM]: well when I saw you at Frank and Als, it kinda came up again
Shoogbabee1213 [6:01 PM]: lmao, in my greasy and smelly clothes
Fullyman2508 [6:02 PM]: lol
Fullyman2508 [6:02 PM]: yea
Fullyman2508 [6:01 PM]: then at Baskin Robbins
Fullyman2508 [6:01 PM]: then I saw you with your boyfriend
Shoogbabee1213 [6:02 PM]: y didnt u say anything
Fullyman2508 [6:02 PM]: about the boyfriend?
Shoogbabee1213 [6:02 PM]: no about u liking me
Fullyman2508 [6:03 PM]: I dont know
Fullyman2508 [6:03 PM]: im shy around girls that I like
Shoogbabee1213 [6:03 PM]: :( i feel really bad now
Fullyman2508 [6:03 PM]: dont worry about it
Shoogbabee1213 [6:05 PM]: we're still friends though...for sure right?
Fullyman2508 [6:05 PM]: yea
Shoogbabee1213 [6:05 PM]: i dont want anything to change.. u have to promise me that
Fullyman2508 [6:05 PM]: I told you that in the beginning
Fullyman2508 [6:05 PM]: I promise
Shoogbabee1213 [6:05 PM]: i know but.. idk, i always tend to lose friends, and i dont want to lose anymore
Shoogbabee1213 [6:06 PM]: especially you. i think we have a lot in common and youre an awesome person to talk to
Fullyman2508 [6:06 PM]: I like talking to you too
Shoogbabee1213 [6:07 PM]: :)

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im incredibly stupiddddddd   
02:47pm 15/06/2004
  okay so:
giancarlo hates bryan.
bryan hates giancarlo.
giancarlo wants to beat up bryan because he likes me.
bryan wants to beat up giancarlo because he was staring at him like he had no right to talk to me.

so i was talking to bryan yesterday online cuz i hadnt talked to him since the movies. he aked who the guy with me was, and i told him...and i found out that he likes/ed me. i know i told him i had a bf though. he claims that i didnt.
Shoogbabee1213 [5:36 PM]: hey you
Fullyman2508 [5:37 PM]: hey
Fullyman2508 [5:38 PM]: whats up?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:38 PM]: nothin
Shoogbabee1213 [5:38 PM]: me and my mommy are going to walgreens soon
Fullyman2508 [5:39 PM]: have fun
Fullyman2508 [5:39 PM]: who was the guy you were with Saturday night?
Fullyman2508 [5:40 PM]: huh?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:41 PM]: my boyfriend
Fullyman2508 [5:41 PM]: oh, because, I dont know if you noticed, but he was staring me down
Shoogbabee1213 [5:42 PM]: he was?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:42 PM]: lmao
Shoogbabee1213 [5:42 PM]: he doesnt like any of my guy friends
Shoogbabee1213 [5:43 PM]: he thinks they all just wanna fuck me and steal me away from him
Fullyman2508 [5:43 PM]: I dont care
Shoogbabee1213 [5:43 PM]: which...for the most part is true..
Fullyman2508 [5:43 PM]: you dont think that about me, do you?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:43 PM]: no, but all the other guys im friends with usually thats the case
Shoogbabee1213 [5:43 PM]: youre the only one who really tries to get to know me.
Fullyman2508 [5:44 PM]: well, next time you think hes going to see me, tell him not to stare too hard, it might get him hurt
Shoogbabee1213 [5:44 PM]: :(
Shoogbabee1213 [5:44 PM]: okay
Fullyman2508 [5:44 PM]: he was just really pissing me off, like I had no right to talk to you
Shoogbabee1213 [5:44 PM]: would u really do that?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:44 PM]: if i was there..
Shoogbabee1213 [5:45 PM]: and he was staring, u would just..
Fullyman2508 [5:45 PM]: not in front of you
Shoogbabee1213 [5:45 PM]: oh
Shoogbabee1213 [5:45 PM]: well he lives in palm city so i dont think youll have a problem
Fullyman2508 [5:46 PM]: im just saying
Shoogbabee1213 [5:46 PM]: ...ok
Shoogbabee1213 [5:46 PM]: lol, u know why he doesnt like u tho
Fullyman2508 [5:47 PM]: why?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:47 PM]: is because i told him i thought u were cute
Shoogbabee1213 [5:47 PM]: so hes all jealous and stuff lol
Fullyman2508 [5:47 PM]: because im a stalker?
Shoogbabee1213 [5:47 PM]: lol that too
Fullyman2508 [5:47 PM]: lol
Fullyman2508 [5:47 PM]: im sorry, its just that I didnt like the staring thing
Shoogbabee1213 [5:47 PM]: yea.. lol ill tell him to knock it off
Fullyman2508 [5:48 PM]: thanks

then giancarlo came on and was mad because i was "ignoring him to talk to bryan". so giancarlo was all annoyed with me, and for some reason when gc said he had to go and he'd call me later, i was like oh, i wont be home (which was true cuz me and my mom were going to go to walgreens and the ford dealership to drop off my grades.) but i told him i was going to bryan's house for dinner, as a joke and he FREAKED OUT! he started yelling at me and cussing and saying that i didnt really love him and that i didnt give a damn about what he thought. and i was going to just say, "hehe kidding" but after he blew up on me and freaked out i was like ....okay..i cant fix this. so i just went along with it cuz he was pissing me off, saying that he didnt want any guy to look at me or touch me or even be friends with me and that he wanted to put me in a plastic bubble and all that crap. and i was like well if thats the case then this relationship is not going to work out. i have a bunch of guy friends...and thats all they are, just friends and if you have a problem with that, then i have a problem with you. and he was all pissy and saying that maybe we were never meant to be and that he would call me later and i said what time and he said maybe in 2 weeks if youre lucky. but of course he called me back like 10 minutes later. and i told him it was all supposed to be a joke but that i didnt like the way he acted when i told him that. and he got really upset and bla bla bla....all that mushy stuff. then he was like oh yeah, guess who just called me? you remember that girl from RJ gators? jessica? well she called and invited me over. she has a jacuzzi. and i was like big deal, i have one too. lmao. and i knew he was lying to me....bla. it was so funny though cuz i was changing into my pj's, and i was talking to myself and i was like wheres my shirt? and giancarlo was like who are you talking to? what do u mean wheres your shirt? and i was like "bryan, hand me my shirt!!" and i started to fake giggle and stuff and hes like WHAT?!?!?! and i was like im just kidding lmao. and he started laughing. but we're good now. he thinks i have a crush on bryan though. and he said thats fine just as long as i dont leave him for bryan and i dont persue a relationship with him, because it would kill giancarlo. lol.

i do have a tiny crush on him though....but hes just so cute! he has a sexy voice too lmao.

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la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (mozart)   
01:50pm 14/06/2004
mood: cheerful
music: chewin mah chips bitch
went to work last night. it was okay.... i started talking to my fellow employees a little bit more. found out tara is 16, not 18, and chris is 16 too but he will be a senior cuz he was born early or something. i thought he was a high school drop out or i thought he graduated already....but i thought he looked really young... so.. idk. whatever, but yeah...so im not the youngest one there, i feel better now. except now i know that im just socially incapable. oh well, i really need to work on that. i think chris and tara are going out...i cant tell though, cuz theyre always making fun of each other and calling each other assholes and stuff, and they act like they hate each other, but it could be an act. and when jayme was working one day shes like ohhh chris, your girlfriend TARA is working next saturdayyyyy! (i thought she was joking) and then last night stephanya was saying something to tara about chris taking the ring back...? and tara was like nahhh its sewn onto my finger. so im assuming...they are..but they dont act like it at all. i should ask bryan, he would know.

went to baskin robbins last night with mommy after work. GET THE CAPPUCCINO BLASTS! with caramel on top! omg, its soooo good. anyway, went to class today, it was boring. some police dude came in telling us about his job...he was insane. he was like OBSESSED with being a cop and hes like its the best job out there, its the only profession i reccomend, its the only career where u can help people and bla bla bla. and then he went into graphic detail about how he saw a little 11 yr old boy die. hes like, i saw the car hit him, and his leg was twisted and broken, laying next to his head, and i looked into his eyes, saw him take his last breath, and i WATCHED his eyes glaze over and his heart stop. and all that, and we're all like OMG! thats awful! and hes like, you get used to it. WHATEVER PSYCHO!

so came home.....called giancarlo......cuz i wub him, called brandon cuz i was talking to him online and then my comp froze. he was telling me how hard his job is and he could do mine with his hands ties behind his back. yeah yeah. and he kept making fun of me for how much i get payed....and hes like, u think u have it so hard, u complain all the time.....thats easy shit. (and i have never complained to him about it...only the pay and maybe once when i burned myself) but i hate it how he ALWAYS puts words in my mouth. he exaggerates everything.....and he makes it sound like i say all this stuff...when i never really did! ugh, thats the only thing i hate about him.

when i came home i got the paper...and GUESS who was on the front page?!?! our little friend from gay world, FRANCO BODEN! hes been a boy scout for like...12 years people lmao. ir was talking about how he was performing a ceremony for retired flags for flag day today. yeah......u know hes gonna be bragging about that forever.

TODAY IS LEDDY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss him. i miss colin too.

last nite on the phone with gc, i was telling him how colin liked me freshman year and i liked him but he pretended to hate me, but we could have gone out if we told each other how we felt. lmao. and gc was like well, im glad u didnt or else we would have never met and we wouldnt be together now....

and later on...he asked me to marry him. idk why but i said yes. lol. i really really do love him though. but its way too far into the future to think about that now. i still have to finish HS and college and establish a good career and all that. then, if we're still together and still feel the same way.....maybe. but right now, who knows.

anyway, love you all! good-ay mates!

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4 and a half miles we will go.   
12:42pm 13/06/2004
mood: busy
music: church songs stuck in my head! AHHH!
yea. so yesterday giancarlo came over. his dad brought the porsche again and showed my mom, she thought it was cool. we hung out for a while just messing around on the computer, and eating food and stuff. then for some stupid reason i had the urge to ride bikes all the way down to river place....which i didnt think was that far away..but its REALLY REALLY far! it was so hot outside too, we were dying. giancarlo was sweating profusely and i had back sweat, which is really weird cuz i never get back sweat. it ruined my cute outfit for the day too, oh well. giancarlo kept trying to hug me and kiss me, but it was so gross cuz we were both so sweaty and i wouldnt let him.. lol. but the whole time we were out there he kept trying. i wub him.

we rode all the way to river place from my house, past the publix and further south.....finally we got there, lmao. giancarlo tried to do a trick and hop over a curb while on the bike but he uh....landed in a hole once he got over the curb, his bike flipped foward and he hit his nuts and flipped over onto the ground. lol, it was so funny but i felt bad for him. then we went to the playground, looked around and decided to go on the nature trail. it was really hard to peddle cuz we were so tired and plus there were little hills we had to go up over. we decided to take a detour and go to the kyak/canoe dock. we hung out there for a little bit and rested, and we even saw a baby aligator. it was really pretty there, except for the fact that it was around 95 degrees outside. my mom called and said the mutters wanted me to babysit for them for an hour or two, and she said the kids could come to our house and i could watch them with giancarlo (IS SHE NUTS?! why on earth would i want to do that!) so i told her we wouldnt be home in time cuz we were still on the nature trail and shes like oh okay. then on the way home we stopped at subway and got a cookie and iced tea. went home.....and at 7 we went to Rave to see shrek 2 with my mom.

while we were getting popcorn, guess who we just happened to see!?!?! take a wild guess?! bryan. lmao. i was like wtf? what are u doing here? and hes like seein chronicles of riddick. and i 4got to introduce giancarlo...but bryan was like ill ttyl, see ya. and i told giancarlo it was him and hes like oh i could so take him. lol. so we saw shrek, it was funny, i liked the first one alot better though. then we went to mcalisters to eat, got our food, and when we walked out to get into the car we saw the mutters sitting at a table. (isnt that weird?) so we went and talked to them for a little bit.....and while i was talking to them who did i see?!?! bryan. lmao. i waved at him and he waved back and looked away. then while we were walking away to go home, bryan comes running after us and i was like um...hi. and i was like uhh mom this is bryan. dont worry hes not stalking me! lol and he was like no, no im not, it was just a coincidence. i saw her in the movies and then i came to friendlys for ice cream. im not a stalker lol. and we were all laughing. then he was talking to us for a little bit....and giancarlo just kind of stood there. i felt bad... i didnt introduce him to bryan or the mutters...im not good with introducing people. anyway, so then we took giancarlo home.....and then i drove home. ALL THE WAY FROM PALM CITY BIOTCH. mom is trusting me more with driving i think.

today we went to church because the priest is trying to charge us for noncatholic tuition next year just because we dont go to church that much. wendy was there singing her guts out...a little baby was baptized...yea yea all that spiritual stuff. then.......we went to dennys for breakfast. it was really gross, the service was really bad. they got our orders wrong like 3 times. i didnt want to go there but my mom insisted. oh well. a waste of money. but i drove all day today, my mom hasnt driven since yesterday. biotches n hoezzles.

i have to work tonight. bleh. and i have homework for that gay ass class. ill ttyl later. i love you, bye!

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nature trail of doom   
01:11pm 11/06/2004
  yea. so went to class. the classroom was locked no one was there so we all stood outside for about 20 minutes. finally someone came....this old lady came and spoke about an alligator...then we got on the bus and went to the oxbow center.....went on a trail that took about 2 hours......it was VERY hot. very stupid. we didnt see any animals, only plants...wow, plants. it was so dumb. then we got back on the bus, and went to our cars. there was a paper on jessicas car and we thought it was a ticket for a parking violation so we were all laughing. then she picked it up and it said I LOVE YOU and she started laughing and got all embarrassed. apparently it was from kenny...who told her he was going to put something on her car while we were in class. and then i was like what? he has a girlfriend. (and! she went to dinner last night with him and his parents...i dont get this) taylor is going to come back from tennessee and get a big surprise....god, being dumped 2 times for the same bitch...that must really suck. i feel bad for abe. so then we were supposed to go to rj gators for lunch with jessica and emily but it was jessicas brothers bday and she couldnt go....so we decided not to go. but shannon wanted to get a sandwhich so we went.....yeah..then i came home and here i am. incredibly bored and with a headache. so ill ttyl love you bye!  

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the return   
05:14pm 10/06/2004
  mitchell called me last night while i was at work my mom said. i didnt call him back, and then he called me again today. ugh. such an....idiot.  

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trip to la ciudad de palma   
01:25pm 10/06/2004
mood: busy
music: bush- glycerine
yesterday me and shannon went to palm city after the YL class. (which was INCREDIBLY dumb!we had to hit beach balls back and forth to each other for about an hour and a half...idk. that lady is.....a freak) anyway, we came home to pick up the poatao soup i'd made for giancarlo and then we went to max's bagels to say hi to shannons dad. its kind of odd though....cuz like...shannon goes to see him...and both of them stand there and dont talk......and im like..k... lol. but she got money for lunch and then we went to quiznos. it was REALLY good. we both got mesquite chicken. AND, brian prossic was there...lmao. along with guess who, MY DERMATOLOGIST who i'd just seen the day before! lmao. she didnt recognize me though...i think..idk. whatever. but i called giancarlo and asked what he was doing to make sure he was home, and he said he was just on the computer and he missed me and all that stuff. i told him i just wanted to call cuz i had to work and i didnt think i would have time to call him later. (it was to throw him off) but then i got suspicious because he was like okay, ill see you in a bit. and i was like what? and hes like i mean...ill talk to you online in a little bit. and i was like um.......okay....

then......we went to his house...and i was all nervous..idk why..i guess cuz i didnt want him to know and i thought he did. and u have to go by the gate in the front, tell them your name and theyre supposed to buzz them and ask and stuff...but we got to the gate and this old man who could barely walk was there. hes like..hi, who are u here to see? and we're like espinosa, and hes like okay..and what do you do? and we're like what? and hes like....what do you do? and we're like..u mean job wise...or what? lol. idk....hes been 'smokin tha weed'. lmao. jk. so then hes like they know youre coming right? and we're like uhh....well its a surprise...but...uh...yea. (cuz his mom was supposed to call me the night before and tell me whether or not to still come but she never did so i didnt know if i was still supposed to come) so we get to his house...walk to the door and theres this sign that says "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB! DO NOT KNOCKOR RING DOOR BELL! call 834-5211 is its an emergency! thanks!" and i was like what?!? and i thought it was a joke at first..... but then i didnt know if something happened or what...so i called his cell phone (which now that i think about it i should have just went around back to his glass windows and banged on them to surprise him lol) but i called him and im like uhhh where are u, what are u doing? and hes like im on the computer why? and i was like oh, come outside. and he came out and hes like OMG! i hate you! and he gave me a big hug and he looked really happy. his cheeks were all swollen and at first i thought he'd gained weight but then i remembered about the surgery lol. and his hair was all frizzy and it looked like he had an afro cuz he had no idea we were coming. lol. so the surprise worked out well.

i gave him the soup, asked about the sign then his mom came down and she said she thought i wasnt coming cuz i guess the night before she asked if i was coming (cuz he wanted me to but we didnt set anything up) and hes like no she has to work. so she thought i wasnt coming and she forgot that i told her it was a surprise and stuff lol... idk whatever. he was really happy though. so then they gave us some cheesecake....and it was really good, but idk if i ate it too fast or it was too rich or what..but right afterwards i felt really sick...like i was going to puke. so i sat down and just...didnt talk for a while and gc was trying to comfort me and make me feel better but nothing worked. so i went to the bathroom and almost puked.. i just sort of gagged but it still felt sick. (which ruined the whole visit) but after i felt a little better we just sat on the couch and kind of talked and he put his arm around me and held my hand and stuff :) i wub him. then i called my mom because we werent going to be home at 3 since i got sick....and i asked if i had to go to work cuz i felt really bad....but she thought i just wanted to get out of it to hang out with gc more. so shes like no u have to go. so i kissed gc, we got in the car and went home. then i did half of my homework assignment for stupid YL even though i felt sick...and then i went to work.

tara (this girl that bryan has known since 3rd grade) was there. i answered phones and took orders a lot more than usual. oh, and tina made me go to winn-dixie to buy lemons... lol that was fun. it was like a feild trip for work. woody was there. i love woody hes so funny. hes 23, he was helping me with the phones while tara was talking to her sister who came in to eat. but frank (mean elton john guy) always listens to an 80s radio station (the one stanton listens too lol) and there was this one song on called youre my only one. and woody was singing it in this high pitched feminine voice and hes like youre my only one krista!!!! lol. he reminds me a lot of leddy. hes really cool, likes rock and punk stuff. hes so funny too. and then chris, friggin flung sausage on my red suede converse shoes and the grease wont come out now. and bobby/frank whatever the fuck his name is, made me stay late to get acquainted with the phones...but no one called so i had to wipe down all the nasty greasy walls lol. but i didnt have to do the bathrooms which was good...but i think i would have preferred to do those instead. then they paid me... i got 87 bucks. my mom says they paid me too much...and i should tell them and bring the money back. SCREW THAT! lol. no but i think they did pay me right cuz they included sunday thats all...which they dont normally do...but whatever.

anyway! today went to YL class....talked about all these college credits and dual enrollment and shit. for once it was interesting..confusing though. i think im going to take a dual enrollment class on my own if i have time. (yes, we're allowed to do that) oh and jessica is apparently going to eat dinner with kenny and his parents tonight.... i dont know why since he has a girlfriend....but whatever. i guess his parents told him to invite her....but i dont see the logistics of that. anyway. tomorrow we dont have normal class, we're going on a feild trip..yay!! but its pretty boring.. i hope they give us lunch or something.... anyway, must go do homework, ttyl later! love you

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bryan is a flirt   
01:04pm 10/06/2004
  mmk, i know hes flirting...but that doesnt necessarily mean that he likes me. but does he? idk, i cant tell. nothing is going to happen anyway, im perfectly happy with giancarlo, im ecstatic with giancarlo. hes the only person i can be happy with and i actually feel comfortable being myself around him. bryan is really cute though i have to admit. anyone who wants me to hook u up, gimme a call! lol.

Fullyman2508 [11:11 PM]: you know what?
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: what?
Fullyman2508 [11:11 PM]: youre really tall
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: lol...shhhhhh!
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: i hate it when people say that!
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: i hate being tall
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: but i did have like... 2 inch shoes on..
Fullyman2508 [11:11 PM]: you are
Fullyman2508 [11:11 PM]: youre like as tall as me
Shoogbabee1213 [11:11 PM]: lol.. is that good or bad
Fullyman2508 [11:11 PM]: good
Fullyman2508 [11:12 PM]: I love tall girls
Shoogbabee1213 [11:12 PM]: oh, it sounds like your complaining
Shoogbabee1213 [11:12 PM]: lol y?
Fullyman2508 [11:12 PM]: no
Fullyman2508 [11:12 PM]: I dont know
Fullyman2508 [11:12 PM]: I just do
Shoogbabee1213 [11:12 PM]: just one of those fetishes huh?
Shoogbabee1213 [11:12 PM]: what else do u like?
Fullyman2508 [11:13 PM]: do me a favor
Fullyman2508 [11:13 PM]: go look in the mirror
Fullyman2508 [11:13 PM]: thats exactly what I like
Shoogbabee1213 [11:13 PM]: ..thanks...
Fullyman2508 [11:13 PM]: lol

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a revelation! (omg, this sounds dumb but idk how to spell that!)   
10:37pm 08/06/2004
  giancarlo called me...he kept begging me to come over... (i think he knows im coming and he just wanted to see if i would tell him i was or not.... i really hope he doesnt know) anyway, so i told him i couldnt and i was like i wish i could come visit you but i cant...im sorry. and he was all upset. then hes like do u know what tomorrow is? and i was like what? and hes like its the 9th! and i was like omg... youre right!!! (cuz thats our anniversary) it will have been 7 months tomorrow. and im going to visit him!! and its a surprise..if he doesnt already know. idk i just think thats so cool lol. hell be so happy... i hope anyway. but the only thing is, he says it hurts when he smiles. and he smiles a lot when hes with me sooo... lol i hope that doesnt hurt him. anyway, must go read.. bye!  

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revelation (omg this sounds dumb, but idk how to spell that)   
10:22pm 08/06/2004
  giancarlo called me...he kept begging me to come over... (i think he knows im coming and he just wanted to see if i would tell him i was or not.... i really hope he doesnt know) anyway, so i told him i couldnt and i was like i wish i could come visit you but i cant...im sorry. and he was all upset. then hes like do u know what tomorrow is? and i was like what? and hes like its the 9th! and i was like omg... youre right!!! (cuz thats our anniversary) it will have been 7 months tomorrow. and im going to visit him!! and its a surprise..if he doesnt already know. idk i just think thats so cool lol. hell be so happy... i hope anyway. but the only thing is, he says it hurts when he smiles. and he smiles a lot when hes with me sooo... lol i hope that doesnt hurt him. anyway, must go read.. bye!  

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bryan bought me ice cream.....hehehe   
08:01pm 08/06/2004
  lalala, so i went to class today...boring as ever. we had to get into groups and discuss problems in our community and how we can change them. this of course is not my thing..... so i sat there and didnt talk to anyone....except when nicky and matt were talking about how crazy hillary for taking 3 AP classes. and i told them about how she wanted to be "queen of academic crap" and stuff... yea. that was it. the whole time tho everyone looked at me and was like..u dont talk very much do u. and i was like...nah.. i dont really like to talk. yeah...so im sure they all dont like me now. im just not one to discuss economics and politics and crap. then we got into this huge debate and crap...yeah. then we had another huge assignment for tonight AND we have to read. at least we got free pens. oh, and we found out that the teachers grandson's name is 'thaddeus'. YES! thaddeus! who the hell names their kid that?

anyway..so i went home...mom picked me up, went to the dermatologist......said i have a huge cancerous mole and if its not removed immediately i could die. JUST KIDDING lol. no, i had the option of taking an antibiotic for my rash thing....or changing to a different skin wash thing....and my mom said i should avoid antibiotics cuz u can get addicted to them or something...idk. whatever. but if the wash doesnt work im taking the antibiotics...which can cure it. i wanted to take that in the first place but my mom has to be ms. cautious.

then i came home, made potato soup for gc tomorrow and worked on hw. bryan came online and asked what i was doing, i told him i was doing hw, he said cant u take a break? and i was like uhh...i could..but i dont feel like it. and hes like c'mon, ill buy u ice cream. and i was like lmao, what? are u serious? and hes like yeah. meet me at baskin robbins. and i was like are u kidding me...my mom would kill me, she thinks youre stalking me, shell never let me go plus i cant drive and i dont have a ride there. and hes like well..ill meet u somewhere and we can walk there together. and i was like what?! are u nuts. and hes like im kidding... lol. and he was like meet me there if u can... bla bla bla.

so then i was talking to shannon and she was like my parents went out to dinner again without me. im hungry.... so i was like hey, u can eat dinner here and then i remembered my dad was sleeping so there was no food (hes the one who cooks) and my mom wasnt going to make anything..... so i was like maybe we can go get something to eat.... taco bell? lol (WE LOVE TACO BELL!) and i asked mom what she wanted...so we went. and shannon said we could go to baskin robins too. we pulled up and looked in the window and saw him... (he said he was gonna be there with his friends... so i was like alright.. and so we get there and hes with 2 girls.... lmao. i was like omg..hes gay like guy shannon! so he kept looking through the window into the car at us.. i thought the car windows were tinted so i didnt think he could see us..but he could obviously... lmao, i was pointing at him and crap.... im such an idiot. and then he came out to the car while i was trying to eat my taco. he opened the door and was like sooo are u coming in or what? lol. so i went in there, shannon stayed in the car and ate her tacos and watched me through the window. lol. his friends kept staring at us....and the lady in there was really nice, she was funny too. i guess he goes there a lot.....and all the people know him or..something lol idk, whatever. but i guess he told her that he was meeting someone here cuz i got the same thing he got (cappucino shake or whatever its called....REALLY GOOD btw) and i got caramel on top instead of cinnamon and hes like what, i didnt get that and shes like hey man, u said someone was comming to meet u here so i figured id give her best pick. lol. idk.. its was kind of weird.. he was really nice though....very cute..... shannon said he was realy cute, i told her i'd hook them up lmao. so then i go back out to the car, gave him a hug and when i was going to get in guy comes from behind shannons car, sits in my seat and takes my tacos. lol. i was ilke wtf, whered u come from!?!? and hes like... we're eating at the restaraunt over there, and i was like nah ah.. lol how random is that. so then guy left and we went home. i got free ice cream though...thats all i care about. IT WAS REALLY GOOD TOO. lmao.

then i came home...mom told me to get the mail, i went out there, my neighbor was showing his house to people and i waved at them (they were all outside) and i went to the mailbox, looked at the envelopes, saw the one from john carroll, threw all the other mail on the ground, ripped it open and found out that i got an 88 on the geometry test. 88 PEOPLE! 80 friggin 8! and my final grade was an 84 thank god. i screamed and jumped and ran to the house lol, my dad and all my neighbors and the people looking at the house thought i was insane. i was so happy though lol. i just hope i dont ruin the sale for the sindones. but i got As in everything else...all the exams were As except chemistry which was an 88 also but my final grade was an a. my mom was happy, so she took 50 bucks off my debt that ive owed her for about 3 yrs now lol.

then giancarlo called me...and now i must go. ill ttyl! Love you all!!! bye!!!!

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:( my baby is muy sick   
07:50pm 07/06/2004
  awww, giancarlos mommy called me and said that he's been sleeping all day and only got up once to wash his mouth out and he almost passed out and like...he fell into the wall and she helped him over to the bed and he sat there for a little bit to regain consciousness and then he layed down and has been sleeping there ever since. she said he was really groggy and he doesnt really feel well at all...and hes so drugged up and everything and... :( i wish i could be there!


anyhoot, i must go finish that damn book. shall blurt later. bye bye.

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Im almost done!! yayyyyy!!   
06:53pm 07/06/2004
  hahahahahaaaaaaaaa, only 28 more pages for tonight in that stupid book...man its so boring too. i cant believe i read like...64 pages already...its only been like..an hour and a half...lol usually it would take me forever. AND i finished the essay and got research and shit! im awesome... lol. anyhoot, ttyl bye!  

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youth leadership for dummies   
02:48pm 07/06/2004
mood: sick
music: beck- the new pollution
ja, so i went to the class. shannon picked me up....jessica was lost so we walked in together, there were like 23 kids there in all. a lot from LPA and centinnial and...like 1 or 2 from westwood. we had to "find 5 people from other schools who had something in common with us" and shannon, jessica and emily just stood there.... and i tried to make the best of it, even though i didnt feel to good cuz my PERIOD came last night while i was at work which sucked. my tummy hurts so bad :( anyhoot, there were these 2 girls, hermoni and sharnecia and they were really nice. we all played clarinet and had a favorite color orange....we ran...and...like music, liked to read. anyhoot, so then a guest speaker came in...we did this activity which told us our type of leadership personality. i'm an analyzer...which completely fit me when he was describing it. he said analyzers are very meticulous and cautious and everything has a place and everything must be organized and planned out and done right. which is exactly me. then jessica got entertainer and he was talking about them and how fickle they are and how much they LOVE gossip and one minute theyll be your best friend and the next they wont be. and they love attention and appreciation. i thought it was funny. lol. i couldnt stop laughing...but i had to cuz thats what shannon got too..but i dont think that really fit her. after class we got our ID's, mine looks really good, except my hair is kinda all..weird and stuff, but the lady said i could be a model. thank you lady! lol. then jessica was hungry so we went to dales..the line was HUGE. jessica was in front of us in the drive in and she called shannons cell and said that her ex BF robert was behind us....hes really ugly. and he was with his grandmother...SMOKING! shannon said he dropped out of school and smoked pot all the time...(cuz i was shocked about him smoking in the presence of his gma) and she said that was normal.....i think he screwed jessica up a lot. she never used to be like she is now. not since she went out with him.

anywho....everyone seems pretty nice...amber allen and matt walters are in the class too....jessie swords, this girl who was kinda weird who went to St As was there..so shes trying to be friends with everyone from st As. shes okay...just acts like shes 50. its like...jake magoon but a girl.

the only thing is....its really kind of boring...all we do is sit in a classroom and "discuss politics" and crap about the community. i thought we were gonna be going on feild trips everyday..but no, only 2 whole days out of the 2 weeks. and they arent even that exciting....we're going to like.. the food bank..and a bank or something. AND on top of that, we have homework. we have to read 90 some pages tonight... AND do a 3-4 paragraph summary on an article that we have to find dealing with leadership. i still have yet to do it. u dont have to do it ALL if something doesnt permit u to....for instance work... lol. which i dont have to work tonight but uh...theres no way im friggin reading 90 pages. i just wanna sleep.

last night daddy found the RAT in our couch, dragged it outside and now our couch is going to be disowned. its sitting on our lawn right now. its all ripped up and nasty. stupid rodent.

giancarlo also got his wisdom teeth pulled today, at 8:00. im so scared for him lol, i was thinking about him all day, still am. he said hed call me tonight, but i know hell be in too much pain and wont be able to talk or even be awake for that matter. but he promised no matter what that he would. i think ill let him slide this time. if shannon doesnt have to work this wed. we're going to visit him after class and im going to bring him some soup and a balloon or something. i called his mom and asked if it was okay to come today but she said he would be so drugged up, he wouldnt even remember or even know if i was there or not and she said to come tues. but i have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow so i cant do that. i gots to call her back...btw. memo to self: call espinosa.

well, i must be off and look for a dumb ass article. you all are lucky u dont have this CRAP to do. its good for college though. so... yea. anyhoot, ttyl love you, bye!

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theres something living in our couch   
09:33pm 05/06/2004
mood: drained
music: dashboard confessional- vindicated
shannon called this morning while i was sleeping and asked my mom if i wanted to go to the mall with her to get polo shirts for that stupid youth leadership thing. my mom woke me up, i went. on the way there we stopped at pierce this and shannon showed me she got her bellybutton pierced. (NOT FAIR!) they had to get some cleaning stuff for it, then we went to the mall. got shirts for 7.49 each, and they were regularly 15.99. saw sierra, sister helen, mrs. anthony and some other teachers from st As. then we went to this british food store in stuart close to giancarlo's house. it was kinda cool. they had all this packaged food, and it looked like similar packages here in america, except with different names (like toffee crisps, looked like reeses pieces) we got sasauge rolls (which were good except they were cold) and a curly wurly (chocolate covering caramel) which was REALLY good. on the way out of the parking lot, i saw a black porshe go past us on the highway with a new license plate (one of the temps) and im pretty sure it was giancarlos dad because it was only aobut 5 minutes away from where he works and lives. then we went home and i slept.

my mom said bryan (kid from PSL) called and asked if i was working tonight and she got suspicious and said that i would call him back later. then she interrogated me about it and asked if he came to see me all the time or how i knew him and all this crap.

then i got ready for work, felt sick to my stomach partly because i was nervous about work (as usual) and because the only thing to eat was fetuccini alfredo...which is too rich and creamy for me....kind of sickening, and plus i didnt feel well in the first place. i think it was all that british food. lol.

went to work, everyone was nice to me and talking to me and stuff. it was nice. i actually felt like i belonged there for once. even frank/bobby/elton john wannabe was nice. then about a half hour after i was there, frank/bobby/elton john wannabe calls me and says someones here to see me. and i was like what? no, that cant be. and hes like, someones here, u wanna talk to em or not? so i peeped my head out there and saw this really tan, pretty tall kid standing there and he waved at me and i was like what? who is this kid, how does he know my name! (he was pretty cute too) and i gave him the finger (u know, as if saying 1 minute) cuz we were REALLY busy at the time and i was swamped with tickets. then i was finishing a salad i was making and frank/bobby/elton john wannabe was like, are u gonna talk to him or not? lol. so i went back out there (i thought i was gonna get in trouble) and i was like uhh...hi. what are you doing here? lol. and hes like well, i just wanted to stop by and say hi, and finally meet you for the first time. youre a lot taller than i thought you were. and i was like yep, lol and i stepped on my tip toes and he laughed. and hes like, yea me and my friend are going to the movies, and it was on the way so... i just figured id stop in. and i was like oh thats cool....what movie are you guys going to see? and hes like well, he wants to see harry potter, but i think its gay. and then (i probably sounded like an idiot) i was like ohhh no it was good. lol and hes like really? hmm...maybe well go. and i was like okay...well, we're really busy so i should probably go. and hes like yea, you guys look busy. ill talk to you later though, it was nice seeing you, i mean, meeting you. and he came toward me and gave me a hug and i was like whoa.. lol. i almost slipped on the floor.... but dude... hes hot. lol. i probably looked like crap though..with my hair up and i was really tired so i didnt really care too much about make up. oh well. hes cute. a lot cuter than his pictures. it was just shocking though.

and then jayme was like, is that your boyfriend? and i was like well, ive never met him before, but we talk on the phone and stuff. and she started laughing and shes like youve never met him? lol, and i was like no, and shes like so u had no idea who he was when bobby called u out there? and i was like no. lol. and shes like haha thats funny. and shes like yea, i know that kid, he works at winn dixie, hes a big flirt. and bobby was like shut up jayme, what do you know about him? and shes like i used to work with him. i know him. (so im assuming she used to work at winn dixie) it was funny though.

anyhoot. so, i have to work tomorrow, which really kind of sucks. i STILL havent gotten my period, hopefully i wont get it tomorrow.....but the only thing is ill have it for youth leadership most likely which REALLY SUCKS! and i have to wear khaki pants..which is even worse. lol. greaaaaat.

mom said on the way home that there is something living in our couch on the porch. supposedly a mouse, maybe a mole or quite possibly even a opposum. lol. last week we were out there making sure my dad hadnt smoked, and on all the chairs by the table. there were like 3 little um.....well, feces. it was like, something just hopped on each chair, and decided to leave some um....waste. lol. and my mom thought it was something under the bookcase out there that she was sanding earlier. but tonight it appears that the culprit has invaded our couch and ate parts of it. so.....lol, we're not allowed on the porch anymore according to mom.

giancarlo has to get his wisdom teeth pulled on monday. im so scared for him. hes going to be so... :( helpless. awwwwwwwww!! i told him i wanted to go visit him.......and make him soup or something. and maybe if shannon has to go to her dads or something i can get her to give me a ride down there for a few minutes. but anyway, thats my story, and .......i spent all my money today. lol except like 2 dollars. but i needed those polo shirts. mom owes me 17 bucks though.......ive already spent 2 friggin pay checks. is that crazy or what?

(i'm bleeding black)

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban   
10:27pm 04/06/2004
  la la la. so, giancarlo was 2 hours late picking me up....although it was raining severly but they stopped to go shopping. when they got here though, his mom said it was raining so hard everywhere else, but right over my house it was barely raining lol, and at one brief minute (when i walked out to the car) it even stopped. lmao. thats because im special. i felt bad leaving brandi here all alone though because she hates thunder and she has to have someone there when its thundering or else she totally freaks out.

anyway, so we went to dunkin donuts where i got an iced latte and a brevarian cream donut while his mom was in walgreens getting chocolate (she had a craving). then we walked baby and i squished my donut all over his face lmao...it was so funny, the powder was all over his face like he was unshaven and then the cream was hanging off of his chin like a little beard. then i ran onto the golf course and fed the big cranes little pieces of the donut. (dont worry, i had some too, it didnt go to waste) we got some water at the little rest stop areas on the golf course and we went inside and watched most of american beauty again, (we didnt finish it the first time) and then his dad came home and said we had to go right away. and there were only 10 minutes left! but anyway, so we picked up gaby from his play audition, they played the music for the play in the car (soooo loud and sooooo annoying) and we went to rave to see harry potter. it was pretty good. i think i liked the other ones better though.....although im not really sure. the dementors were cool looking though. and when they went back in time..that was cool. then we went to chilis for dinner. they were handing out mardi gras beads if you ordered a presidente margarita, and i told giancarlo i wanted beads, and his dad kept egging him on saying "giancarlo, your girlfriend wants beads, get her beads!" so he was too chicken and his dad asked our waiter and she gave me one of hers. she asked what color i wanted (pink) and put it aroudn my neck. lol. she was really nice. after that they brought me home and here i am.

i need to go shopping for polo shirts for that stupid youth leadership thing. its so dumb that we have to "dress up" i have to buy shirts...for this stupid class. its retarded! shannon and jessica went to the mall today and asked if i wanted to go with them but id already made plans with giancarlo, so idk when im going to have time to get any shirts. or where ill get the money from.

anyway, im stuffed and can barely move. so i think ill go to bed. i have to work tomorrow... and memorize all the prices and shit... (she said if i dont start answering phones tomorrow, im fired) but she wants me to answer like...A LOT. i havent even been working there 3 weeks people! 3 weeks! ugh. im not good with people, im really not. i think thats why id be good at forensics...all the people you work with would be dead. lol. i know its very morbid of me but its true. anyhoot, im going...now. ttyl, love you all!

(i'm bleeding black)