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Friday, February 3rd, 2012

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    armature production line description

    armature production line description

    First appeared with chocolate, Starter Machine the traditional Indians in Mexico originated from a cocoa-containing foods, it tastes bitter and spicy. Later, throughout the 16th century, the Spaniards let chocolate "sweet" together, they should be mixing cocoa powder and spices juice, to end up being sweet drinks. For mass manufacture of chocolate, chocolate molds to become shipped out. Organic chocolate mold mold mold and hand-DIY.

    Carbon Brush person's name: Pressure Swing Adsorption, in Chinese means: PSA.PSA Nitrogen Generator is actually a new gas separation technology, while the late 1960s early 1970s in foreign countries is normally rapid development, the key may be the are molecular sieves of countless gas molecules 'adsorption' performance differences separate the gas mixture, generally dependant on air as raw material, finding a high-performance, solid sorbent selected for your selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen around us the performance of your separation of nitrogen and oxygen.

    Mold in a malleable: armature production line a lower deformation resistance of hot forging, plastic, forging temperature range, forging crack cold crack properly low propensity network carbide precipitation.With this annealing procedure of the Progressive Die: the ball on this annealing temperature range, low hardness and annealing small fluctuation range, the ball high.Machining of those mold with: large cutting tool, low loss, low surface roughness.

    Mold with oxidation, stator winding machine decarburization sensitivity: high-temperature oxidation resistance when heated pregnant may good, decarburization slow, not sensitive to the heating medium, contributing to pitting tendency of small.

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