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    Thursday, May 17th, 2012
    12:52 pm
    definition of Foam Machine

    definition of Foam Machine

    EPP Machine is based on PSA technology design and manufacture of nitrogen occurred equipment. Usually use two parallel adsorption tower, by the automatic control system strictly controlled by specific programmable sequence, alternating pressure adsorption and regeneration extract the complete separation of nitrogen and oxygen, to obtain the necessary high purity nitrogen.Nitrogen effect: the air as raw material, l the use of physical methods, which will be obtained oxygen and nitrogen separation. There are three industries, namely, cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA) and membrane air separation method.

    Micro Foam Machine with small diesel or gasoline powered, light weight, small size, simple structure and so on. Tiller widely used in the plains, mountains, hills, dry land, paddy fields and orchards. Can be coupled with appropriate pumping equipment, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also for short-distance transport towing trailers, tillers can be freely exercised in the field, and store user-friendly, eliminating the need for large-scale agricultural machinery can not enter mountain terraces of the trouble, is the alternative to cattle farming, the majority of farmers to consumers the best choice.

    Lamps, EPS Machine ceiling fan installation quality management, based on "Construction Quality Acceptance of uniform standards" GB50300-2001, "Building Electrical Construction Quality Acceptance" GB50303-2002 standard, suitable for indoor and outdoor electric lighting, Single Tube Light Fixture and ceiling fan installation. Does not apply to special places such as mines, ships and other places of electrical lighting and ceiling fan installation.This process is applicable to indoor and outdoor electric lighting, lamps and ceiling fan installation. Does not apply to special places such as mines, ships and other places of electrical lighting and stamping mold installation.

    Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
    11:47 am
    The basic Powder coating gun

    The basic Powder coating gun

    Mechanical (machine), Powder Coating System derived from the Greek of the mechine and Latin mecina, originally referred to the "clever design", as a general mechanical concept, dating back to Roman times, mainly to differences with water disinfection generator. Modern Chinese of "mechanical" in the institutions of English (mechanism) and machine (machine) in general.Clever hoax; ingenuity. "Huai Nan Zi Yuan Dao training": "Therefore, mechanical heart, hidden in the chest, the white is not pure, divine moral failure." "Mechanical, clever hoax also." Shao Yong Song "whirlwind Yin" one: "On a Pacific were uneven, is without dispute at the heart level.

    Qi in the Automatic Powder Coating Equipment do not want to see, like listening to the piano in the language. "" history of the Ming Yang Xun Biography ":" and its mechanical single deep, evil friends on the public, the future of the disaster, more difficult the speaker. "Qing Ji Yun Yang Luan Yue Wei Cao Tang notes recorded in a Summer": "and then choosing the loss of self-serving people, all kinds of machinery, because it is born, all kinds of injustice transgression, because it is built to."

    Powder coating gun principles using a variety of devices. Various machines,Industrial Chiller, gears, machine guns, etc are. "Zhuangzi Heaven and Earth": "Wu Wen Love, choosing the organic with mechanical things." 'Debate on the death, "as follows:" Xi Shu beginning of death, different courtiers seek, or want the stone to risk their flow, or for mechanical changes to its imperial. "" "forward, steel army": "they are workers and peasants, the soldiers came, once won from the enemy machine,Powder spraying machine able to skillfully to master. "

    Monday, May 14th, 2012
    11:39 am
    Foam Machine trials and hardships

    Foam Machine trials and hardships

    In the 21st century, Central Vacuum System is of global trade was today, competition is no longer a competition between the domestic industry, competition between nations is a Packing Machinery business can be the most important prerequisite for long-term development, to seize the international market, access to global consumer were recognized, in order to obtain production and development of overall strength. In the face of domestic packaging machine is inadequate in many situation, we should speed up the pace to go out, first of all to expand the domestic market, only up firm foothold in the domestic market, in order to have the strength and the relative competitiveness of foreign companies.

    China is a populous country, EPS Machinery huge space for development, has attracted many companies settled, the era of free trade while also making foreign companies have joined the Chinese market, China packing machine in order to be able to occupy more market opportunities. Compared with foreign technology, China's manufacturing enterprises in all aspects of the emergence of many deficiencies, the lack of high-tech pillow type food packing machine, high-precision, high-quality accessory products, and low performance, stability and reliability is poor, the most important is the packaging machine manufacturer though up to six thousand, but the lack of leading enterprises, close to several strong manufacturers of packaging machines is not enough.

    Overall, Foam Machine domestic ordinary pressure filling machine manufacturers should continue to innovate, to change the thinking behind the philosophy and development, improve the efficiency of packaging machines and equipment for production diversification in key technologies and key equipment to be able to fully meet the market demand. Packaging machinery company in the twenty years of trials and hardships, the packaging machine industry entirely on imports from the initial to complete the packaging line to the current independent R & D and production, the growth of a bit in the EPP Machine industry the greatest wealth.

    Friday, May 11th, 2012
    2:07 pm
    ICF Molding Machine Introduction

    ICF Molding Machine Introduction

    Foam Machine in many areas of the national economy, especially in food industry and beverage industry, packaging industry is dependent on advances in technology, support services, so we can not ignore the backward state of the packaging machine overall development of China's packaging industry, the negative impact.

    In the past, China's Pre-made Pouch ICF Molding Machine industry of over-reliance on foreign high-technology, packaging industry in China has restricted the sustained and stable development of the shell. We all know that most of the technical content of packaged products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, the process is the core equipment is the key, and packaging equipment in the packaging process in a dominant position.

    EPS Foam Machine the continuous development of science and technology, all kinds of food, aquatic products of the emergence of food Packaging Machine technology and equipment have made new demands. Currently, the increasingly competitive food packaging machinery, filling machinery will be the future of food with the industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment EPS Machinery.

    Thursday, May 10th, 2012
    1:15 pm
    The introduction Carbon Molecular Sieve

    The introduction Carbon Molecular Sieve

    Air Dryers is to convert the flow of energy to mechanical energy of rotating power machinery, it belongs to the fluid machinery in turbomachinery. As early as 100 years BC, the Chinese appeared in the prototype turbine - Turbine, drive for lift irrigation and food processing equipment. Most modern turbines are installed inside the station, used to drive generators. In the station, the upstream reservoir water pipe in water from the turbine to lead and promote the rotating turbine wheel to drive generators. For successful completion of the water through the discharge pipe to the downstream end of the water.

    Cone differential gear: wheel cross-section for the imaginary rack tooth profile, PSA Oxygen Generator scroll to the right parts, using the first grinding wheel on the right side of the right side of the alveolar surface, from the root to the top of the ground; then scroll left to the workpiece, the grinding wheel on the left side of the left side of the alveolar surface of the l, from the roots to the top of the ground, when all sides of the l alveolar grinding is completed, the wheel automatically back away from the workpiece, the workpiece for sub-degree turn, and then again scroll right, grinding 2 alveolar, so that repeated cycles, until the Ministry of grinding teeth completely.

    Carbon Molecular Sieve (washing machine / washer) is the use of electrical energy to produce mechanical action of washing clothes, cleaning appliances. Washing their rated capacity is divided into two types of household and collective use. 6kg washing capacity in China provides the following part of household washing machines: washing machines mainly by the box home, washing dehydration barrels (some separate washing and dehydration barrel), transmission and control system components, and some also equipped with heating devices. Specifically ordered water washing as a major general cleaning liquid, unlike the use of special cleaning solution,Nitrogen Purifier and usually the person responsible for dry cleaning.

    Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
    1:49 pm
    Manual Powder Coating System description

    Manual Powder Coating System description

    Powder Coating Machine is not about out of nothing bubbles on the way to output, it happens to be blowing air into uniformly dispersed in aqueous solution, to obtain the greatest possible liquid-gas contact surface, so as that the surfactant foaming agent within the liquid film surface bombarded by electric double layer and his awesome formation associated with the air, forming a bubble. The key body of foam concrete foam, foam bubble machine thus this is just about the key equipment manufacturing of foam concrete effectively host.

    Powder Painting Equipment could possibly be the utilization of high-pressure water cutting machine, water jet cutting machine relates to the world's highest capacity in just a machine, appear than other processing techniques for example , flame cutting, plasma processing, laser processing, EDM, milling plane processing. Meanwhile, this particular cut won't produce harmful gases or liquids, cannot generate heat into the surface, it is actually truly versatile, efficient, cold cutting.

    Main highlights of electrostatic Powder Coating Gun: coating method are manual, automatic or manual + automatic. Spray material is 100% solid powder, the powder are easily recycled free, paint recycling rates as much as 98%. Suspension transport system, Manual Powder Coating System high quantity of automation. Less porous coating, good corrosion resistance, your decide one for thick film coating.

    The space over the a higher standard specialization. For a general plumbing Ball Valve, are traditionally associated with fields, including water utilities, distribution network, petroleum, petrochemical, water treatment, certainly many industries. As different industries, different conditions into the project, media, along with other aspects of the countless sealing conditions, variety valve equipment, materials, pressure rating, etc. are not the same technical requirements,glass machine standard winch . caused a valve device for many different industries further market segmentation.

    Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
    1:40 pm
    Powder Spraying Equipment new level

    Powder Spraying Equipment new level

    Over the increasingly fierce market competition, Powder Coating System packing is just about the market competition. Therefore, the web template packaging is mainly responsible for the business' attention. Using some specializing in Pillow Type Packing Machine production enterprises came into being. The equipment, mainly from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany and China, might have been able to produce plastics, rubber, aluminum foil, loose paper and packaging materials, better product quality, array of styles.

    Powder Coating Gun are already from the creation of web, 3 to 5 on this drum. Nylon packaging materials: PE, PP, HDPE, PE agricultural film, plastic cooper rope, all sorts of composite plastic packaging materials, all sorts of fruit and vegetable cans, juice cans, fish cans, milk cans, coffee or sorts of food cans, etc. capabilities. Packaging Machine will also be developed. The packaging in the domestic enterprises have a diverse range of packaging services, include things like food, food, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, marine products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, beverages, laundry detergent, bath liquid, and.

    Rapid economic development, Powder Spraying Equipment desire to increase high-speed packaging of items so the rapid growth and development of exports, high-quality packaging demand is also rapidly expanding constantly. This Packing Machine and packaging materials toward a good business opportunity. China's packaging industry pointed in the late 1970s, when merely takes a simple hundred models of products. The quantity of your meal industry by 11% to any annual average growth rate of 20% and stable development, higher rrn comparison to the same period facebook has become rate of one's national economy. Quite a few packaging products, promote products, liquid filling machine level to a different level, it started scale, complete, automation trend, driving complex, high-tech Automatic Powder Coating System also rush with your market.

    Monday, May 7th, 2012
    1:02 pm
    Powder Spraying Equipment market industry

    Powder Spraying Equipment market industry

    A special package for many people to much temptation, Powder Coating Gun a ravishing package giving a sturdy visual impact. What number people can subdue the longing to do. Our Packing Machine are busy the start packing the rich. The regularity of replacement of modern package to hurry up gradually, gradually diversified packaging. Now prior to the original introduction of the manual packaging machine bring packaging. The packaging industry have entered the era of mechanization.

    Now we are upgrading the packaging machine frequency, Powder Coating Spare Parts always maintain lets start work on equipment replacement frequency. Many customers may not be changed to buy device even on a package. Multi-function devices a greater demand. Now compare producing packaging Peanut/Groundnut Machine and handle. Satisfy the different shapes, different rules package objects. We produce packaging machine also can to suit the packaging of objects of materials. Can be applied with plastic, paper bags, PE steamed, nicely products diverse packaging materials.

    Allow it to even be works with different sizes of the labels, Powder Spraying Equipment these devices only needs a little adjustment the mold. It really is also implemented a unit function. Device seems to have a fine-tuning. Packaging because of fine natural products, to ensure that our packaging effect. Production equipment as well as also into the future upgrading associated with the foundation. Greatly get considerably more added equity the computer. Received well by customers. Granule Packing Machine so charming of our own products, packaging products perfectly generous, to generate our products more competitive. To customers won't subdue the longing. For this third package, the sum of seven times. Packaging machine to build color towards the package,Automatic Powder Coating System which means levels of competition are a lot of powerful.

    Saturday, May 5th, 2012
    1:13 pm
    the volume Washer Extractor

    the volume Washer Extractor

    Determine alternatives Flatwork Ironer units and spare rate: the ordinary operation inside pump, usually there is only one, because one large pump with two small pumps employed in parallel rather, (debating the actual top, the exact same flow rate), large pumps more potent than small pump therefore, within the energy impression rather optional one big pump, choice two small pumps,

    However, as soon as the event, consider two pumps in parallel cooperation: high traffic, a pump flow rate less expensive this. For 50% to the required reserve ratio of large pumps, the commercial Tumble Dryer can turn employment of two smaller, two spare (of three). Many large pumps, a choice of 70% around the traffic requirements within the pump parallel operation, you shouldn't spare pump into a pump repair, pump still take another 70% that belong to the creation of transportation.

    Non-stop every day and night of continuous operation turn out to be the pump, the pump being back three, one run, a backup, a maintenance. Under normal circumstances, Washer Extractor customers may choose to submit their basic conditions during the Water cooled low temperature chiller, due to the Division I selection or recommend a more suitable pump. Should institute within the way of plant equipment, upon pump previously identified, based on institute required configuration.

    In order to meet the requirements of enhancing industrial production, automatic packaging machine equipment in the the style process, or materials deployed in equipment are making on your higher requirements. Automatic Packing Machine to go to boost independent innovation, creativity and innovative action to create more flexibility and practicality of automatic packing machine, Nordson Gun Parts industry of China's growing strength.

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
    4:06 pm
    Wary of the Extruding Machine

    Wary of the Extruding Machine

    Delicious live without packaging products, Slitting Machine with social development, packaging machinery needs for this community that needs to be the principle same, like for example, the stringent requirements with this food industry, also led to the advances in packaging machinery, packaging machinery attention , in packaging machinery, made great achievements, in regard to the history and robust development packaging machinery in the process, assure a greater idea of the historical past of that progress of packaging machinery.

    There are plenty of emergence of merchandise after it definitely doomed on the information on the Extruding Machine industry, the sector certainly an industry stuffed opportunities, is actually cross-age a sense a. Modern production doomed without modern packaging, packaging machine packaging industry to become popular collection of mechanical industry, its shocking pace of development, the on-going technological standard of domestic Granule Packing Machine will and international standards, which is designed to increase China's packaging machinery industry contained in the international market competitiveness. Over few years experience with packaging machinery company who, by means of years theirselves R & D ability, on the domestic packaging machinery industry, made a great deal of miracles, after a long time as we strive day, equipment does not just sell well in domestic market in general , but even exported to a number of European and American countries. Into the future advance of the actual, on your path of Hot Melt Adhesive machine y are definitely calm facing any shock.

    Opportunity is right for sufferers prepared, throughout social environment of carpet life, a time full, "low-carbon economy", "low-carbon society", "low-carbon city", "low-carbon property", "low-carbon life "and a cutting edge term, high-profile appearance with a new attitude, into everyone's life, but the key to low-carbon living does it come with? Within the mechanized creation of today, people living alone from a low-carbon environment, under no circumstances protect society in general, organization is the biggest target of low-carbon environment, the Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machinery, in cutting waste, while protecting all sorts, in an effort to better Hot Melt Machine by the times to align with international standards.

    Friday, April 20th, 2012
    2:50 pm
    Advantages of Corrugated Box Machine

    Advantages of Corrugated Box Machine

    Sheeting Machine is able to complete all or part of the process of product and pillow type food packing machine. Packaging process, including filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes, as well as before and after the associated processes, such as cleaning, stacking, and demolition. In addition, the package also includes the measurement or in the processes of stamping on the package. Mechanical packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and to adapt to the needs of large-scale production and meet hygiene requirements.

    Packaging machinery as a special type of special machinery, and other mechanical characteristics compared with their major are as follows:

    1, a wide range. Corrugated Box Machine the wrapper object, the diversity of packaging technology, packaging machinery in the principles and structure are very different, even if the function is the ability to accomplish the same packaging machinery, may also have different working principle and structure.

    2, replacement fast. As high-speed Pillow Type Packing Machine to keep the development of mechanical components fatigue easily, and with social progress, the requirements of packaging machinery are becoming increasingly stringent, in order to meet market needs, packaging machinery should be timely replacement.

    3, control requirements high. As the complex structure of packaging machinery, Printing Machine packaging technology for high action with its automatic control has a direct impact on the structure of packaging machinery, operational reliability, packaging, product quality, production efficiency, energy consumption and operating environment. Therefore, the control requirements of packaging machinery and rapid high.

    Given these characteristics, and packaging machinery packaging machinery development,Film blowing machine should be designed to achieve multi-functional modular design, multi-purpose, and the integrated use of mechanical, electrical, optical and pneumatic technology to increase automation, ensure its reliability. Machine should be easy to adjust, with the flexibility and agility. In addition, the use of ergonomic design should be thinking, "people-oriented." At the same time the use of standardized, serialized,blister machine such as green design methods to optimize the design of packaging machinery to meet the design requirements.

    Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
    2:02 pm
    Ice Machine market peak of achievement

    Ice Machine market peak of achievement

    From the present form, China's Granule Packing Machine industry has been to seize the foreign companies, we are a populous country, Pure Ice Machine with the last two years our country the prevalence of the packaging industry, so many well-known foreign companies have started sprouting up in China market, a time China has become the largest grain packaging machinery used countries.

    We made ??particles packaging machinery to break the foreign monopoly completely, we must do the following these points: First Quality is a business based on the book, we must continue to adhere to grasp the quality of products, only the quality well, will have other. Ice Tube Machine Our quality control to achieve excellence, state of the packaging industry is now strictly controlled, the quality of our packing machine should do our best not to particle pollution in our Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machinery packaging.

    Two products are innovative, our country and foreign particles packaging machinery is lacking compared to now the most innovative, creative situation, including a variety of mechanical design innovation, service innovation. Let us compare the new equipment, our service can be more popular. Increase investment in product innovation, increase the technological competitiveness, Ice Machine completely let off of domestic packaging machinery particles.

    Enhance the quality of particle Packing Machine management, strengthen its management, so that our country's grain packaging machinery manufacturing country by the use of power to shift completely to break our packaging machinery by foreign particles monopoly, so that our country particles superb packaging machinery to the early world,Container Mixer the pinnacle of achievement throughout the industry.

    Friday, April 13th, 2012
    2:56 pm
    PSA Nitrogen Generator introduced

    PSA Nitrogen Generator introduced

    Pneumatic marking machine price: mid-range (6,000 or less), useful to operate; Screw Air Compressor Applicable Material: any metal or non-metallic (having certain hardness while using the material is definitely); marking effect: some depth with laser-like direct hit by computer standard output. Electrochemical Flat Marking Machine: Price: relatively low (800 and perhaps); Applicable Material: any surface conductive metal; marking effect: there than by using laser effects, are only able to play in white and black. Metal marking machine: Price: relatively low (a thousand roughly); Applicable Material: several aluminum, copper, s / s, plastic properly materials of signs; marking effect: you will find theres certain depth.

    Nitrogen Purifier Air Plasma Cutter (Plasma Cutting Machine) should be the by using plasma cutting technology of metal materials processing machinery. Plasma cutting is the way of using warm plasma arc to heat the metal sections of the workpiece incision or partial melting (and evaporation), in fact the high-speed plasma momentum to rule out the molten metal to form a processing method incision.

    PSA Nitrogen Generator Into flame Cut to Length Machine cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting. The efficiency of laser cutting machine could be the fastest, most accurate cutting, cutting thickness is often times small. Plasma cutting machine cutting speed quickly, cutting the outer lining using certain slope. Flame cutting machine for thick carbon steel on steel Stalk Chopping Machine.

    Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
    4:49 pm
    Washer Extractor classification

    Washer Extractor classification

    Within Utility Press Machine , oxygen is required frequently top carbon molecular sieve and zeolite. Molecular sieve for our separation of the classic role of oxygen and nitrogen is because of two gas diffusion rate of the zeolite surface differs from both carbon molecular sieve , a type of activated carbon and molecular sieve properties of some carbon-based adsorbent. Microporous carbon molecular sieve which included a small composition, pore size distribution in between your 0.3nm ~ 1nm. Smaller diameter associated with an gas (oxygen) spread faster, more directly into zeolite phase, when getting the gas phase composition of nitrogen enrichment.

    The Tumble Dryer molding material among the different metal Transfer Moulding nicely mold might possibly be divided into non-metallic molds. Metal mold is split into: casting mold (non-ferrous metal casting, steel casting), and forging dies, etc.; non-metallic mold also happens to be broken into: inorganic non-metallic plastic mold and mold. The mold itself writer different materials, the mold might possibly be separated into: sand molds, metal molds, vacuum molds, wax molds, etc .. Which, of your rapid reduce polymer plastic, plastic mold is closely related to people's lives. Plastic mold could possibly be separated into: injection mold, extrusion mold, gas assisted injection molding mold, and so on.

    Washer Extractor For the chocolate molds, the brightness is really important, and consequently containment. To 1876, a Swiss named Peter, ingenuity, and thereafter included the drink some milk, complete incredibly fun chocolate created this whole process. Upon, experienced thought, this would definately be dewatering the liquid chocolate into pieces and preserved truffles very portable.With your extent of the deepening passion for chocolate, the chocolate market, alot more types, chocolate companies may also grow.powder coat gun

    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
    11:28 am
    Foam Extrusion Line operation problems

    Foam Extrusion Line operation problems

    Solution: Extruders on the material at the seal layer heat-sealing properties, the right gifts appropriate processing temperature, pressure and also heat sealing time; reduce state upper surface of sealing knife, smooth the top seal; with Teflon-coated fabric in fine shape; selection suitable hardness silicone rubber pad. Automatic high-speed Air Bubble Film Machine for HDPE, LDPE film as raw material to set-up the printing cylinder, true color, vest bag, PLC control, double servo (step) motor fixed length, real-time LCD touch-screen display, from feeding, back cover, block, washed port, transport best complete high penetration of automation, good economic returns.

    PE Pipe Extruder Below two points may be to bag machine operation problems. Incomplete sealing very fast blister packing machine leaks or deterioration due to the valuables in you'll be able to do? Reasons: poor heat sealing film anti-pollution, mainly applied in the resin sealing layer inappropriate. Solution: having access to anti-pollution and good sealing film. In the main, LDPE heat sealing with moderate anti-pollution, EVA, when a VA content greater good sealing inside anti-pollution, LDPE has got the perfect sealing of these anti-pollution, ionic metallocene polymer resin and be able to with excellent sealing of fouling.

    Foam Extrusion Line Seal Non woven bag making machine how brittle and brittle execute? Reasons: (1) heat sealing climate is beyond their budget; (2) the pressure incorrect large; (3) sealing to much time; (4) the sting with their upper sealing system is too sharp or must also be reported the Teflon-coated; (5 ) at the bottom of that silicone rubber sealing excellent; (6) inside of the composite additionally, the telltale signs of aging, in the adhesive into thin film. Substrate as a result of penetration of adhesive effect, toughness (impact resistance) decreased, increased brittleness; (7) cooling and set plastic, the heating seal strength has increased, in addition to usually have brittle.Sheet Extrusion Line

    Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
    11:26 am
    Ac Brake Motors description

    Ac Brake Motors description

    PSA individual's name: Pressure Swing Adsorption, in Chinese means: Three Phase Brake Motor Generator is known as a new gas separation technology, because of the late 1960s early 1970s in foreign countries is considered rapid development, the key is known as a are molecular sieves several gas molecules 'adsorption' performance differences separate the gas mixture, that is definitely reported by air as raw material, getting a high-performance, solid sorbent selected considering the selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen via a flight the performance with all the separation of nitrogen and oxygen.

    Induction Motor by having a malleable: a reduced deformation resistance of hot forging, plastic, forging temperature range, forging crack cold crack and too a low propensity network carbide precipitation.All of the annealing technique of the Progressive Die: the ball that belong to the annealing temperature range, low hardness and annealing small fluctuation range, the ball high.Machining for the mold with: large cutting tool, low loss, low surface roughness.Mold with oxidation, decarburization sensitivity: high-temperature oxidation resistance when heated pregnant may just be good, decarburization slow, not responsive to the heating medium, Single Phase Electric Motor ensuing a pitting tendency of small.

    First appeared included in the chocolate, the ancient Indians in Mexico came from a cocoa-containing foods, it tastes bitter and spicy. Later, inside 16th century, the Spaniards let chocolate "sweet" together, they would be mixing hot chocolate mix and spices within a juice, as sweet drinks. For mass production of chocolate, chocolate molds grow to be shipped out. Organic chocolate Ac Brake Motors mold mold mold and hand-DIY.

    Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
    10:32 am
    Extractor Fan like to do their

    Extractor Fan like to do their

    "At present, China's manufacturing industry from the 'Made in China' upgrade to 'Created in China', Single Phase Motors the process is inseparable from the promotion of technological innovation, the only continuous innovation, competition could be sustained control of the right to speak." In recent years, with the "tea Yefu Nong" policy of promotion, and has made great progress, and the simultaneous increase in tea there is an important part of tea machinery industry. Tea Packing Machinery in the domestic competition intense, Yu Sheng company always adhere to the "courage to do themselves," From its inception, will adhere to the independent R & D line.

    Its innovative products full automatic vacuum pillow type food Y3 Motors bags, greatly promoted the China tea machinery industry by the "scale speed" to "quality and efficiency" of the transformation of development. "So far, the development of the packaging machine after two revolutions. Now is the tea machinery from a product operation to brand operation critical period of change", has nearly twenty years experience in the mechanical production of food machinery Co., Ltd. for the future of tea machinery to have a unique perspective.

    The first revolution occurred in the early 1990s, around 2008, which we call "product operational phase", Extractor Fan at this stage as the initial stage of development of the industry, the manufacturers are not very different, basically in the "Who products , on whom to buy "market atmosphere; second revolution began in 2008, which we call" brand management "stage. The global financial crisis hit, to accelerate the packaging machine fields shuffle pattern. With the market maturing, quality and service consumers become increasingly demanding. At the same time, "the original missing" capacity for independent innovation is weak, fake imitation is serious, the brand and less discordant notes, Cutter Grinders but also seriously hindered the healthy development of tea ordinary pressure filling machine of the road.

    Monday, March 5th, 2012
    11:59 am
    Introduction of Asynchronous Motor

    Introduction of Asynchronous Motor

    Induction Motor used in plastic processing machinery mold cooling, can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, plastic products to reduce the surface pattern marks and internal stress, so that products do not shrink, without distortion, to facilitate the stripping of plastic products, accelerate product type, which most plastic molding machines to improve land productivity.

    Little Vibration Motor used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring, grinding, machining centers, machine tools and a variety of sophisticated combination of lubrication and hydraulic spindle drive system cooling media, to precisely control the oil, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of machine tools, machine tools to improve machining accuracy. Industrial chillers typically come as complete packaged closed-loop system, including chiller unit, condenser pumps and circulating pumps, expansion valve, no flow shutdown, internal cold water tank, the temperature controller.

    Asynchronous Motor (also known as vortex pump) is a vane pump. Mainly by the impeller, pump body and pump cover composition. The impeller is a disc, radially on the circumference of the blade evenly. Pump body and impeller flow channel formed between the ring, inlet and outlet are at the outer circumference of the impeller. Inlet and outlet partition between, which inlet and outlet to isolate.

    For example, in metal cutting, various processing methods exist, including knives, laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), EDM, wire cutting, water cutting and other processing methods. A variety of cutting tools have their own advantages, but there are some limitations, each occupied part of the market. However, in many cutting tools, Ac Motors only cold waterjet cutting machine is cut, plus the direct use of the kinetic energy of abrasive water jet cutting of metals cut to achieve the purpose.

    Friday, March 2nd, 2012
    2:09 pm
    Tube Sealing Machine during the past

    Tube Sealing Machine during the past

    Till the 1950s, Filling Machine traditional letterpress printing process as part of his printing industry dominance, development of the Printing Machine to letterpress printing press based. However, there is certainly certainly lead alloy letterpress printing process labor-intensive, long production cycle along with shortcomings of polluting the. At a 1960s onwards, possessing short cycle, high productivity characteristics on the offset printing process did start to rise and robust development lead alloy letterpress printing was gradually replaced by offset printing. Soft letterpress printing, hole printing, electrostatic printing, inkjet printing, packaging printing, advertising printing is developed.

    Flying Capping Machine blades over rectangular, the blade is V-shaped. Fixed close to the blade, the blade with adjustable blade knife on seat installed in the next, by adjusting the seat position to rotate the cutting blade clearance. Blade Material: Cr12MoV.AC servo motor drive spindle motor (55 kw, 500rpm), in addition the shaft through the entire conical connector connection, frequent and reliable to face up to the impact.

    Coating Ink Printing Machine for BOPP sealing tape coating production. Rolls from your substrate coated utilizing layer of specific choices that come with plastic, paint or ink, etc., and after drying winding. It works on the dedicated high-speed coating head, can effectively reduce the formation of air bubbles, roll coating machine include full automatic retractable access film agencies, closed-loop tension control. Coated body that come with each side of your respective vertical support arm coating machine by belt, chain or cable transmission, positive coating the top of and minimize body movements, Tube Sealing Machine with the wire surface coating.

    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
    11:30 am
    types of Medicine Tube Filler

    types of Medicine Tube Filler

    Screw Plastic Pipe Filling Machine based mostly on their number is often separated into single-screw, twin screw and multi-screw extruder. Currently a single one screw extruder is most desired general materials appropriate for extrusion processing. Just like the twin-screw extruder with less heat generated by friction, materials, depending upon uniform shear, many transmission capacity screw extrusion volume relatively stable, long maintain the slicer barrel materials, mix well.

    Medicine Tube Filler Plastic extruder is split into twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder, plus rarely seen and non-screw extruder screw extruder. Single screw and twin screw machines machines: the first a screw, a screw is two. Are being used in your motor-driven. Power varies due to the screw double cone of power equals .50 20KW, 65 approximately 37KW. screw production and materials with producing about 50 conical twin 100-150KG / H, 65 double cone is dependant on 200-280KG / H. yields a little single screw half.

    Labelling Machine Pneumatic Marking Machine: computer-controlled printing pin in X, Y two-dimensional plane dependant on any particular trajectory, while the role of print in compressed air utilizing the needle to perform high impact exercise, contains use during the workpiece which have a certain depth of a mark. Pneumatic marking machine - marked characteristics: the depth, marking output directly up the computer. Numerous different fonts, neat and clearly labeled. Pneumatic marking machine - marking material: any metal or nonmetal. Pneumatic marking machine - typical application: auto parts, Cartoning Machine nameplates, signs and so.

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