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    Thursday, December 11th, 2003
    2:14 pm
    **almost done**
    Omg...i did good on speech exam...i ended up with a 90 in that class...**girl got dem' skills**haha...sorry yes i went there Erica...Erica's hungry so she kinda gets a little irritated...yet she wont get food...please get food...lol...im joking babes!! yeah so two finals down two to go! yaya!!! then im done with this semester...thats enough for now...

    Current Mood: weird
    Current Music: **ruben** sorry for 2004
    8:50 am
    they are soo stressful!! you study study study...and then when you get your exam your professor has decided to throw you for a loop, stuff that wasnt even anywhere close to that study guide was on the test...but the stuff on the study guide outweighed the stuff not on the study guide so i think i did good! hopefully...i really needed to make a good grade...so i can have a good grade in that class!

    Faiths uncle died this morning...IM SOOO SOOO SORRY!!!!!~ Thats really all i can say...I also think its hilarious...that you caught the "firecrackers" hehehehe...Zac Mayfield i hope you rot!! that was dirty!! but yeah back to me

    i have speech at 12:45...so im here until then...ALONE!!! in the library...ALONE!!! this really sux...i should be studying but i decided to write in my journal...my stomach keeps making these loud growling noises and people look...oh well im hungry...i didnt have any breakfast b/c i was consoling faith! its all good though...

    omg only like 14 days until Christmas!! yay!!! i cant wait! i love Christmas its like the best time of the year, no not b/c of all the presents but b/c everyone just has a great spirit about them, except for the people who come into the credit union at Roebuck...omg they have like the worst attitudes...GRINCHES!! SERIOUSLY!!

    WELL im running to sonic to get a Breakfast Burrito...yummy in my tummy!!! be back later...dont knock it until you have tried it...seriousy!

    Current Mood: giggly
    Current Music: **elevator music they play in libraries**UGH!
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    8:51 pm
    **message to clay aiken**
    you were not the freaking winner...please get that through your freaking head!! omg he gets on my nerves...GO RUBEN!! Go big boy what you gone do? hehehe...

    ANd to jessica simpson...omg get over the dumb-blonde thing already you make us all look bad!! seriously!!

    to beyonce' never ever wear anything like that again!!

    14--love you!! hehe...

    oh yeah michael and johanna and joseph are coming home soon...yay@!! cant wait to see you all!!!

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: **dru hill** i love you!
    7:02 pm
    Erica youre the best--every morning that i wake up...i realize how lucky i am to have you as such a major part of my life...just hearing your voice...can make like the worst day turn into the best!!! I LOVE YOU!!!---

    okay sorry got mushy for a minute--

    back to me now!

    Work was long-as usual! im not even going to address the bull shit thats going on...b/c i dont think it is necessary...so anyway! my history final is tomorrow...grrr...i will be soo glad to get out of school for the holidays!! seriously!!! im about to go freaking crazy!!! no joke!! then it starts all over next semester...maybe i will be rich and successful one day...and then all this stress will have been worth while!! then i can buy my baby...a denali...i think thats it...if i remember correctly...thats after i buy my range rover!! and they are tight!! stop hatin!! yeah i think i'm ramblin' so ima go...i ll probably write later..depending on what all happens...


    Current Mood: peaceful
    Current Music: **outkast** whatever that song's called!
    7:59 am
    whoa...very tired!!! I'm sorry that you couldnt get to sleep last night..I really am!! However, I am also very proud of you for doing all those d*mn drawings...I soooo couldnt have done it...Last night was great...lol...sorry you couldnt join!!! next time next time...I have my history final tomorrow...yeah sux! which means i will be studying a great deal today and tonight...i know...it sux!! thats really all i have to say right now....if i dont leave soon i will be late...and Lord knows we dont want to be late now do we? Well actually i dont think the people would care where im at now! but hey whatever right? anywayz...more later...


    Current Mood: drained
    Current Music: **i melt** rascal flatts
    Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
    7:49 pm
    *all about me*
    -Name: LeAnn--baby...hehe i love that one!
    -Birthdate: 07-07-85
    -Birthplace: um...Carraway Hospital-Birmingham
    -Current Location: the lips of my lover...hehe...
    -Eye Color: green
    -Hair Color: brown/blonde
    -Height: shorter than my g/f...so like 5'6 or something.
    -Righty or Lefty: Righty
    -Zodiac Sign: Cancer...horoscopes are real Erica!
    -Your heritage: um...rednecks...unfortunately...but now im black so its all good!
    -The shoes you wore today: New Balance's
    -Your weakness: her lips...and the moans...oh gotta love the moans!
    -Your fears: what happens when i die
    -Your perfect pizza: Cheese
    -Goal you'd like to achieve: Be Successful
    -Your most overused phrase on MSN/AIM: LOL
    -Your thoughts first waking up: already???
    -Physical feature: teeth..and hair..i have good hair..
    -Your bedtime: um...she answered that already?!
    -Your most missed memory: My Paw-Paw..and Tina
    -Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi
    -McDonald's or Burger King: Golden Arches
    -Single or group dates: I love alone time!! so theres the answer!:-)
    -Adidas or Nike: Nike
    -Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither
    -Chocolate or vanilla: Choclate...obviously...lol
    -Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino (French vanilla mocha with extra cream)

    LAYER FIVE (do you..)
    -Cuss: yeah but i always get in trouble...gah!
    -Sing: all the time..it really gets on 14's nerves...
    -Take a shower everyday: yes!
    -Have a crush(es): i dont crush anymore..im in love
    -Do you think you've been in love- i thought i was b4 but i wasnt..so only once and im still with that person
    -Want to go to college: I do...next year Auburn...War Da*n Eagle
    -Like high school: lol..yea had some wild times..gotta love the locker rooms and the back steps...and the class rooms...LOL Crazy times!!
    -Want to get married: yea
    -Believe in yourself: aah...sometimes..
    -Get motion sickness: not to my knowledge
    -Do you think you're attractive: no...but my g/f says she doesnt date ugly people...so...
    -Think you're a health freak: thats a negative
    -Get along with your parents: if my mom took her meds we do!:-)
    -Like thunderstorms: thats the best sleep!
    -Play an instrument:h* no!

    In the past month...
    -Drank alcohol: Yes!
    -Done a drug: nope
    -Gone on a date: yes..had a great time with my baby
    -Gone to the mall: yes
    -Eaten an entire box of Oreos: ! no !
    -Eaten sushi: nope
    -Been on stage: no, unfortunately...gah i miss theatre...
    -Gone skating: no
    -Made homemade cookies: yes...and they were very good...said everyone!
    -Gone skinny dipping: no,baby we should try that...
    -Dyed your hair: yes..had a horrible experience...earlier this year...omg...it was retched!
    -Stolen anything: um...nah...

    -Played a game that required removal of clothing: not yet..theres another good idea...
    -If so, was it mixed company: no
    -Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes..senior trip..you only live once!
    -Been called a tease: lol..too many times
    -Gotten beaten up: negative
    -Changed who you were to fit in: omg soo bad when i was younger...but now i really dont care!

    -Age you hope to be married: who knows
    -Numbers and Names of Children: NO KIDS SO NO NAMES BWAHAAAAHAAA
    -Describe your dream wedding: Hawaii
    -How do you want to die: quickly!
    -Where do you want to go to college: IM already in college i thought i said that already
    -What do you want to be when you grow up:Majoring in Liberal Arts
    -What country would you most like to visit: Paris

    -Best eye color? Blue...
    -Best hair color? mine...before i f*d it up!
    -Short or long hair: short
    -Height: anything shorter than me
    -Best weight: not much over 125
    -Best articles of clothing: whenever she takes it off!
    -Best first date location: not sure...
    -Best first kiss location: Erica's bed...

    -Number of people I could trust with my life: not counting family..maybe 2
    -Number of CDs that I own:like maybe 10
    -Number of piercings: 2
    -Number of tattoos: 1 (lower back)
    -Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: um...a bunch...for softball and i used to race go-karts...man that was fun!
    -Number of scars on my body: does rough sex scars count? if so i dont know..
    -Number of things in my past that I regret: Maria, BJ..and meeting Cushen!
    1:34 pm
    omg..okay so youre in a relationship...with someone whom you love with all your heart!!! ALL OF IT!!! and like there is this person who wont get the hint..that you dont like them...i mean really love has to be mutual!! if its not then you must move away from it!! we are together...always will be!! NOTHINGS GOING TO CHANGE THAT!!! not you, not anyone!! i doubt that you will even read this...but if by some snowflake's chance in hell you do...then know that nothing and i repeat nothing will ever cause us to be together!!!

    Current Mood: complacent
    Current Music: *alecia keys* you dont know my name
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