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Leah Vanatta Fisher's Journal

24th March, 2012. 2:56 pm. Of Judgements And Days

To have been judged on the Amish' minds for having been the woman who had sex under intoxication given by injection by Ho Chi Min was one worst tragedy I decided wouldn't affect me. So, instead or in the steadbox where the deliberations to employ Becky to make a deal to have my skin taken so I could reincarnate into their next best idea to create a president for the Chinese were the plaintiff and defendent. Never did I get to sit there and have my freedoms met. I could only use the hope in my beliefs as I do now. It was said it didn't matter anyway, the way I threw my mind off of it, they had killed me in the first place and they would get to what the matter was. Meaning making me the next "first lady" to one of the men (who had been Ricky Nelson) sent to them of the newcomers from China. As I was reading in the Holy Bible today I noticed the words speaking to me in the Book of Revelation saying in Rev. 21:5 He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everthing new!" I know he is soon healing me in my teeth and my whole body. Jesus will soon heal me. I'll never go back to a dentist again. I can see without doubt they use Potapher's Weapons and ankhmen to enhance the weapon that dentristry is on the people of this country and it is designed to kill, maim and destroy Jews and Gentiles alike. I am one of God's people and one of the apple of His eye. Happy on the Sabbath day today as the rain has made the ground and air damp and much cooler than it had been this whole week. So beautiful! The Spring! The whole meaning behind all the tangly wording in my last journalization was Robert who had been named Jacob was one of those men from what the Amish had created in their personal judgements on my life and lives in a simultaneous life as the Elizabeth who had been named Michael that married Moses. That same Robert by way of Micheal (the lover of Jeff Goldblum) and the son of Potapher had been believed to have used Robert's body from its death in and away from Iran when Robert ran there to be a Muslim onlooker to the Koran. And Meggy ran for after him because she thought it a chance to sing for all to hear. My opinion is reincarnation makes a mess of troubles.

Current mood: joy.
Current music: no music; birds chirping and people outside.

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