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Saturday, May 29, 2004

4:05PM - what a crazy night

this was written yesterday, or earlier this morning to be excat at 1:51am in my Xanga journal:

oh wow... where 2 begin...

as you can see its like 1:45am.... and i pretty much just got home, lol.... i had so much fun 2night. i went to see Jerry Signfield with nick and his brother, and they were front row seats... it was insane. after that we went to bartuchi's... idk if that is how you spell it, but anyway, we had pizza and salda, nicks brother is so funny and a really cool guy.

it was funny cuz the other day me and sarah were staring at his car, and then i started staring him cuz i thought that he was nicks brother, and it turned out 2 be, but anyway he new it was me, lol, it was a lil akward lol, but it was cool lol.

we ended up going back to nicks dads house, and we watched Signfield and did our thing lol... haha Vitale knows what that means hehe...

my dad was a lil upset that i got home so late... but it was worth it...

oh what a night... i feel so great, and idk... i hope nicks bro likes me... its kinda important to me in a way.

ok im going to bed... night all


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4:07PM - feeling good

things are really starting to look up.

I think that i am really starting to fall for jeph. he is a really sweet guy and he always makes me feel better when i am down. i always talk 2 him from the time i get home till the time we go to bed, which is 10pm. and its funny cuz we get up around the same time. hehe. he went away to a frisbee tornament this weekend and im so jelious. i wish he was home now though cuz i wanna talk 2 him. he told me on fri before he left that he would call me... but he hasn't called yet. i'm also becoming good friends with ethan which is also great cuz i sorta like him also. but idk, not as much as i thought I did.

me and nick seem to be getting back in to the swing of things. i think that we are so ment for each other, it's just that when we are around people at school and stuff, things get all messy any stuff. last night was great and even though i got grilled by my dad, it was so worth it.
I've decided to hang on to this journal for more personal entrys, alot of people have Xanga journals at my school, so i decided that i might as well keep this one seeing that this was my first journal... and i really dont think anyone reads it anyway.. but anyway, oh well.

alright, i have to go finnish my chores. ill write more later

Miss you JB
thinking of you Ethan

Current mood: tired
Current music: Postal service- "nothing better"
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10:51PM - So very alone

I cant help feel alone and used... I know that i shouldn't feel this way, and i am over reacting, but, idk, i cant help it... i wish Jeph was here to give me a hug.

Current mood: depressed
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