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    Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
    9:58 pm
    very tantric.

    haha. i am really super duper happy. this is my very 1st entry of my very 1st journal and i am way happy. i guess i could start off telling you about my day.

    i did attend school today. it was rad... i guess. Travis, Joe, Jennan, and Trek all decided to gain up on me for the millionth time. they are my best buds... YOU GUYS ROCK MY FUCKING WORLD!! much muahz to all of you. they are my punk rocking show boys. i couldnt live w/out them. anyways, they trash canned me today!! ahaha. thats okay though because you now that Sage and i got em back. we had water balloons and punded them after school. it was flat out hilarious. im sure they will get their revenge tomorrow. haha.

    ohh, last night i went to the Upside and Blue October show. it was so awesome. they are so great... i love them with a passion. Sid and i were' hooking' up... right Sid? i love that kid too. anyways... that was what i like to call a rockin time. tonight i didnt do much. i went over to Trek's and us and a bunch of people just hung out, watching movies, and things such as that. they also had band practice so that was cool. um, idont feel like typing anymore so im going to leave you kids now. bye bye!!


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