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Xox`s [28 Dec 2005|02:19am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Go Stuuuuuuuuuuupid ]

Yeah merry christmas to you too playa Im high as hell and bored as f-k right so you wanna update riiiiiight.So me and renee moved to these new apartments right behind the mall yippie lmao anyhow she broke up with alex who got his a-s beat by my brother john even thought he didn't have a mark on him but he did deserve to have his a-s kicked not by him or that it was right but because of the stupid sh-t he did do it's like come on now how you gunna do that right under my nose bitch So randy say's he sent my christmas present I have no idea what to think aww tho I do think he's really sweet I need to make up my mind about what to send. Still not talkin to felicia boohoo yea I know I hurd her and matt had to move out of their place because matt wasn't workin lmao which is why he didn't wanna be alex's friend in the first place he couldn't have respect for someone who didn't work even tho he ride around with his mama bank card oh no BUT he's ghetto lmao okay Ima go lay down now btw nick got me a present how sweet. I paid thirty dollas to get my dam nail's done Im doin my hair tomorrow and cynthia's gunna do my hair and eye brow's lmao they too bushy you'd agree if you could see llllllllllllllol

When we pull up to the light's the people all stare
Fo nigga's in the benze with the DredLock hair
SmOke EveryWhere.......
I Luhv Him <3 !!

Here we gO [21 Nov 2005|01:31am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | bullsh-t ]

Hmmm eventful past week.We're Movin Near the mall yippie.<-Sarcasm.Uhm them dudes alex be kickin it with Beat the shit out this Other dude an f-kd his car up some bad.Durin this they homie johnny gunna run up to my room n watch out the window with ME lol.Pussy a-s Folk's now day's.Oh yeah an home girl Cynthia Got f-kd up drunk the other night an freak'd out so We stayed up till 5am in the dam morin to calm her a-s down In the end it was alex she listend too but whatever renee say's she's not allowed over here for a while which is so understandable lol.Ohhhhhhhhh But this dude will Tryna holla atcha girl like nobody's business but he's madd old and Im not even into lookin for some kinda relationship right now basically It doesn't matter how madd I get at randy he's alway's gunna have my heart and be able to do with me as he want's I mean I know I can stop talkin to him at anypoint but the same I can't not not talk to him that would be like Taco bell not sellin taco's like wtf lol.so Michell sent me some pic's of her an her man she say's she's pregnante but to be honest with you I really couldn't believe anything she said even if she show'd me the stick she pee'd on lol.I mean she's still home girl but she lost a lotta respect and Trust doin the shit she did and lyin about every thing that came out her mouth . but Felicia moved all her shit out like a dumb ho. Who's suprised?. Not me she didn't even say nothing she just came over while we we're at our mom's house moved her shit out and said nobody was home or else we we're all sleepin even tho renee's car wasn't there hmm... SkandaLas Shit if you ask me if she didn't wanna live here then she shouldn't have said anything about it in the first place you feel me. Bitches is shiesty and you can't trust ne body not even your own blood. Lately everything I been feelin been happenin n shit Im kinda scared about that cause I don't know if I really wanna be knowin how everything's gunna turn out you dig but Ima go Lay dOwn hoLLer

You can call me " JoLLy RaNchEr " Cause I stay so Hard you can [[ suck ]] me for a long time

Oh my God
I Luhv Him <3 !!

Im Movin!! [17 Nov 2005|02:40am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | zro-Num 7 ]

Yep It's True Folk's Your's Truely is moving . They're Nice apartment's Cheaper then Our Current Rent And The Other place He had said we could take. We Won't Pay For Water Or Garbage . And we're Gunna Get our House Phone Turned Off And Just Get a Family Plan. So I Heard That My Mom Might be Givin us 200$ For Christmas Oh Joy More Money I'll Just use it to buy stuff for my new rOom. Hopefully I can Get into school sometime soon and start doing something with the money they'll Give me for going 80o$ a Month Could come in very handy when livin with my sister.Who already makes more then most of the people her Own age.Which She love's to point out. So Last Night I got so Drunk of those Little Smirnoff Drink's I couldn't believe it only 7 too But I ended up going to look for my sister and I walked in on alex's friend Johnny Goin to the bathroom and The door was open with the light's out Im like : You need to Lurn to Close the door : He was hella laughing and shit but whatever Just hella weird But Im sOooo..[[ High [[ Right Now ]] My Mouth is Dry Im so Thirsty WATER JUICE SODA Anything!!! Ima go Get something to drink and I`ll be back Later When I can Remember Everything Pz.

I Luhv Him <3 !!

Not sure [11 Nov 2005|12:01am]
L o V e L y
I Luhv Him <3 !!

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