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its alright i dont care you just tore my heart up and ruined my life [20 Sep 2003|01:11am]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | rocket summer - shes my baby ]

a new school year and i havented updated since august?! whats wrong with say uh..a whole lot lol. Well school started on september 8th went in got my books well theres a huge story to that..but lets not get into it. On Sept 11th Aydin came over and we watched my big fat greek wedding, i cant watch that movie anymore without thinking about him were friends yes, but what we did ( made out, feel each other up,etc) isnt what i would call friend material lol hes a great guy, but why did you do this to me? ugh breathe in and out lauren! nothing much is new in my life except, tonight i went to dock street for the first time, i was glad i went cause i didnt i would of regreted not going i hung out with danielle, her 2 cousins, angela, nicole h, kayla, shan and whoever else went. not alot of them stayed i left around 11:25? not sure.. but alot of bands played i like air x cause there different not only cause beks in it ( danielles lover) but cause they had a different vibe instead of the rock punk kind of music, i mean it was still rock just different.. ill try and update more and more whenever i can..just whenever im on i cant take the reloading of sites and things.. oh and im the grandma ( hehe lol) so peace out! toodles loves!

Where_is_ the_thunder.

how long has it been? [11 Aug 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Maroon 5 - The Sun ]

Id say its been so long since ive sat down and written here. to you..the where should i begin..time speeds by like a train and still you dont know which track it will go forth is treating me well i should agree with all the happiness in life, in the life of others..
im no longer with james..yeah sad boo hoo..i loved him or liked him alot choose or pick whichever you was different..he stole my heart and i havent heard from him since..the day...before my birthday..we didnt even break up just seemed to happen like we were never together..but it feels just like yesterday that he held me tight and told me he loved me..and my smile..*sigh* those are the good times id like to treasure.
summer has began and feels asthough its ending so rapidly..i really dont know what to think anymore whether it be something good or something terribly wrong lol..
well on a happy note i wanted to see jason mraz in concert but then again its sad cause it would of interfered with global review classes..damn the global! i would choose to see mraz in concert over everything and anything else there is..hes soo talented and the notes he sings..mmm hehe i love it he could put me to sleep thats how soothing his voice is..and how cute he is to dream about ;)

well i must not sure when i can write again!! its been forever..

Where_is_ the_thunder.

Friends Only! [25 Apr 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Jason Mraz + You and I Both ]

Hi, From now on my blurty journal is gonna be
Just because i want to know who's reading it.
So, If you wanna be added then comment,
and i will be more than happy to add you..
just add me back =]


1Made_It_Thunder - Where_is_ the_thunder.

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