01:41pm 24/06/2004
mood: energetic
You are Chii!  Adoreable, Sweet, Loving
You are Chii!

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Pink Chii

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it's been a while   
01:27pm 03/06/2004
mood: indifferent
hahaha it's been a while since i've posted but that happens. here's a little thing so you people can know more about me

First best friend: Ana Saliwanchik
First car: haha i don't have a car
First real kiss: came from an emo kid...yuck
First break-up: freshman
First screen name: LEASWIM10
First funeral: pop pop's (my grandfather)
First pets: a fish
First piercing: my ears when i was a little kid
First credit card:i don't have one
First true love: Justin
First musicians you remember hearing in your house: Classic Rock

Last cigarette: i don't smoke
Last car ride: way home from my lesson
Last kiss: tuesday
Last good cry: monday night1
Last library book checked out: a book about Big Bands
Last movie seen: Someone Like You
Last phone call: my mom
Last time showered: last night
Last shoes worn: flip flops
Last song played: a sublime song
Last item bought: underware
Last annoyance: dunno
Last disappointment: not getting to see my love when we had plans
Last time wanting to die: the day after i had mouth surgery
Last shirt worn: an aqua tank top
Last thing you said: bye
Last song you sang: prolly a sublime song

What is in your cd player?: rancid
what color socks are you wearing: i'm bare foot right now
What Color underwear are you wearing?: yellow
What's under your bed?: a lot of stuff
What time did you wake up today?: 10 o'clock in the AM

Current mood: indifferent
Current music: none
Current hair: just kinda thrown up in a pony tail thing
Current clothes: pink shirt and comfy shorts
Current annoyance(s): nothing
Current desktop picture: Justin :)
Current book(s): a book about big bands
Current color of toenails: RED
Current time-wasting wish: to be with friends
Current hate: emo kids

One or the Other:
1. Black or white?: Black
2. Boxers or briefs: Boxer-briefs
3. Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
4. Salt or pepper?: Salt
5. Sweet or sour?: Sweet
6. Vanilla or chocolate?: Chocolate
7. Short or long?: i dunno
8. Cheap or expensive?: Whatever works
9. Firm or soft? Soft
10. Hot or cold?: Hot

My favorite...

1. Color is: Red
2. Song is: Who Would've Thought (Rancid)
3. Scent is: my boyfriends scent
4. Alcoholic beverage is: don't drink
5. Food is: denny's
5 Things you are wearing right now: glasse, pink shirt, comfy shorts

5 things you did so far today : Cleaned, Watched TV, Talked to Justin, Been On-Line, Eat Food

5 things you can hear right now: tv, Keyborad Clicking, The AC, The Computer Running, My Nails Tapping

5 things you do when you're bored: Sleep, Watch TV, Listen To Music, Read, Sleep

5 things you can't live without: Sleep, Justin, Music, Justin, Food
03:27pm 03/03/2004
mood: happy
I'm happy again. I still need to talk to Cory but everything else is going great!
03:14pm 02/03/2004
mood: pissed off
There's a lot on my mind today. I made Justin upset last night because of my bad mood. I was being bitchy. It's all Cory's fault. Stupid boy and doing drugs. I'm so disappointed with him right now. I can't believe he has started this crap. I guess I should just let him fuck up his life, but I hate seeing my friends getting totally screwed up. I don't care if my friends smoke pot or drink...but once it goes beyond that, it disturbs me. I need to figure out what I'm going to do. Maybe I should just let go. But, I can't bring myself to do that. I hate to see friends hurt.
I hate it when I feel as if I've hurt Justin. I think my comments and attitude hurt him last night. I don't like to think about him hurting...Grrr...
I just don't know right now. So much is on my mind. I need to talk to Justin right now. I also need to find out what's going on with Cory...
05:57pm 24/02/2004
mood: calm
so it's been a while since i've updated my journal thingy. i've been busy. yay!
i was suppossed to have a lacrosse game tonight but it got rained out so it's been postponed until the 5th of march. whoop de freakin doo. haha it's been raining all freakin day. it sucks.
today is a special day!!! justin and i have been going out for 6 months today. it's seems like a long time. but really the time has been flying by. as they say time flys when you're having fun. it's been so good these last 6 months and i know it will only get better. yay! i'm so happy. i hope i get to see him today, but by the way things look, i won't be seeing him. oh well. i'll see him eventually. i'm babbling now so i'm gonna go. i'll write more later.

*Keep Skankin Kids, It's Good For Ya!*
Weekend Update   
03:40pm 08/02/2004
mood: happy
It's the weekend update with ME!!
Friday Night - Justin came to my house, then we went to his and hung out. We watched Daddy Day Care. It was pretty good.
Saturday Night - Went to Justin's, hung out there for awhile, went to the mall to eat, tried to find something to do, went to Gills, watched some of Super Troopers, became friends with Erin, found out exactaly why Sam hates me, left and went to Borders with Cory and Justin. looked at tatoo magazines, left and took Cory home, came back to my house and chilled with Justin for a while
Today - NOTHING as of yet, and I'll probably do NOTHING, but that's ok.
That's it for now kids. I'll write more at a later date in time. And remember:

*Keep on Skankin' Kids, It's Good for Ya!!!*
12:06pm 06/02/2004
  todays been good so far. i got into NHS. so i'm happy. i am planning on going to see justin tonight which will make everything so much better. woo  
04:06pm 08/01/2004
04:04pm 08/01/2004
mood: bored
so i went to justin's yesterday, it was fun. and that's about it...good times kids. i wonder if i should even bother to write in this thing anymore...i dunno...ok yea bye
hehehe i was bored so i went on free translation dot com   
04:47pm 06/01/2004
  so yea i was on free translation dot com suppossed to be doing my homework and i got sidetracked here is what i now know...

Spanish - Adoro Justin
French - J'aime Justin
German - Ich liebe Justin
Italian - Amo Justin
Dutch - Ik hou van Justin
Portuguese - Amo Justin
Norwegian - Jeg elsker Justin

7 different ways to say what i mean, and if you don't understand what i wrote, go on www.freetranslation.com :) muahahahaha
03:52pm 06/01/2004
mood: happy
My weekend was amazingly good. Except for the fact Justin was outta town kinda bummed me out. Wednesday thru Friday sucked but Saturday and SUnday rocked.

Saturday me and my mum went to the pund to look at puppies and we found one that we are adopting. He is 6 months old and he's a Jack Russel mixed with something else. He's bigger than a normal Jack and he's also calmer. He's about 20lbs and will grow to about twice that size. They brought him out so I could interact with him and he came and crawled in my lap and licked my face, then got up and played with me. :) He's sooooo awesome. His name is Bud. :)

Sunday I didn't do anything until late. I went to the Orlando Punk and Ska awards. It was sooooo much fun. It was just local bands but the people there kicked major ass. I was skankin' around and I was up on stage singing and dancing. The kids who are always there were cool and I was talking to a few of them. By the time the Spitvalves were done I had blood running down my leg from a nice cut on my knee but I don't really care. I got some scrapes and bruises but it was awesome and fun and yea...It would've been better if Justin was there but he was in New Orleans.

That was my weekend. Besides the fact Justin wasn't there to spend it with me it was good. But hey, not much can be done about that. For the record there are a bunch of great shows coming up. Some of which I plan on attending are:
-Jan. 17th Supervillains CD Release party @ Back Booth (All Ages)
-Feb. 16th (Monday, but no school the next day!!!) The Slackers @ Wills Pub (All Ages)
-Feb. 26th Ska Is Dead Tour @ ? (All Ages)

Alright kids I have some work to do. I'll write more later.

*Keep on Skankin It's good For Ya!!!!*
06:25pm 01/01/2004
mood: sad
har har   
01:54pm 31/12/2003
  Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

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You are a bunch of pirate monkeys.

Are you a bunch of pirate monkeys?
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01:26pm 29/12/2003
mood: tired
i'm bored. nothing to do, nowhere to go, i wanna be sedated. it's so weird not seeing justin two days in a row, after speniding almost everyday with him for over the last week. i have a week left of winter break, i don't know what i'm going to do with the time, justin leaves thursday night, so i don't know how much more time i'll get to spend with him before i go back to school. grrrrr... but, what can i do? i dunno. alright, i have nothing else to write for the moment. goodbye.

*Keep on skankin' kids, it's good for you*
Do I have to have a Subject? What's so important about a Subject?   
12:31am 27/12/2003
mood: cheerful
Hello again to all my friends, I'm glad you came to play... Wow...that's scary. I'll try to never do that again. So how is everyone this grand day/night? My past few days have been good. At approx. 12 o'clock in the am of christmas day, Justin brought me a dozen of the prettiest roses I have ever seen. They are sooooo pretty. He even brought my mom one. :) He's a good pirate at heart. I got home about an hour ago from his house. I've had a long day and that's about all I'm gonna write right now. I'm the only one in my house still awake, so I'm gonna stop typeing with the fear that it'll wake someone up. So farewell, I'll write more later. Goodbye.

*Keep on SKANKIN' kids, it's good for ya!!!*
12:57am 24/12/2003
  By the way, my boyfriend is a Pirate, so beware!!! :) i love you Justin  
hey guys   
12:40am 24/12/2003
mood: happy
Hello, hello, hello! Being on break has got to be the best thing in the world. I've gotten to see Justin almost everyday, it's been very good. :) We exchanged gifts yesterday. (It still feels like I should write Today because I haven't gone to sleep yet, and it still seems early to me. But, anyways) I got a Care Bear. It's fun :) I like it. It's called "Laugh-A-Lot" and it's orange. haha good times. I also found out that I will not be going to Michigan on the 27th. My friend whom I was suppossed to be going to see has been getting in a lot of trouble lately, and yea it's too much to go into detail about. SOOOO this means Justin has to put up with me until he goes out of town. :) hope he doesn't mind too much.

So today is Christmas Eve, which means I get to go eat dinner later with my father's family. Then I get to go sing out at Epcot in the candlelight processional. Lucky me, eh? Tomorrow I get to get up early and go to see my mom's family and have a "Redneck" Christmas. That should be interesting. haha. Alright kids, enough for now I'll write more later.

Keep on Skankin'
It's good for ya!
A Favorite Song Of Mine   
09:46pm 21/12/2003
mood: calm
Just felt the need to post a favorite song of mine. It's a song called "Fly Me to the Moon" by the one and only Frank Sinatra. He was a great man with an AMAZING voice. Anyways, if you've never heard him, go out and find some of his stuff and listen to it. If you don't like it, that's your problem. :)

*Fly me to the moon*
-->Frank Sinatra
->Writer(s): Howard

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you
no more school for me until January...yea!   
03:44pm 16/12/2003
mood: happy
music: tv is on kids...cause i'm chillin'
-->Oh yea, I'm good. I don't have anymore school until January. That means, while all the kids who aren't exepmt from exams, I'll be sleeping. It'll be sooooooooo nice. I'm gonna have 3 A's and 3 B's on my report card.<--
-->Been busy lately getting stuff squared away and ready for the break. Last week went out to Epcot to sing at the Candlelight Processional. I was out there last night, will be there wednesday for one show and the 24th for two shows. Wednesday Justin and I are gonna hang out. At least that's the plan for now. Ya!!! That makes me happy. My nose is running away from me and hopefully I can catch it soon. Oh Well. Hahahahahaha.<--
-->I leave for Michigan on the 27th, to freeze my bum off. That should be fun eh? Haha. But I get to see my second family. Well, I've always considered them my second family, seeing that I grew up with their kids. :) I'll get to see snow though, so that'll be cool.<--
-->Christmas is a whole week and 2 days away. This year has gone by soooo fast. It's been a good year though. Actually, these last few months have made this year amazing. :) What made these last few months great has been primarily dating Justin. It's been a lot of fun.<--
-->That's all I'm gonna babble about now. I'll post more as the events happen. Bye kids.<--

***Keep on Skankin' kids, it's good for ya.***
good day, though some might think its bad   
06:40pm 05/12/2003
mood: happy
music: watching the simpsons
I quit my band!! wooo!!! haha i'm happy actually. i'm back to my original happy ska self it's all good. thats all i have to say bye!!! no more stress for me! lalalalalalala

Pick it up, Pick it up!
Keep on Skankin' kids, it's good for ya.