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Starts TODAY!! [18 Jun 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Sean Paul- Like Glue ]

Well, throwing up is bad. So I'm gonna lose weight the healthy way: dieting, excercising, and not eating junk. Starting NOW, I am going to write down every thing I eat, every sit-up I do, and every mile I run.

I'm 5'4. Right now I weigh.. I don't even know. I tell everyone 115, but it might be closer to 120. Eek! Goal: 112.

Limit? We'll start at 1000 cals.

Starting tomorrow, I will eat:

Breakfast: Smoothie (200)
Lunch: Tuna Sandwich (150), Apple (50)
Snack: Grapes (50)
Dinner: Pasta or Lean Cuisine or Shrimp or Boca Burger(300)

Total: 800... that gives me a margin of 200. Good.

Every day I will run a mile and a half and do 300 sit-ups and do toning. (which I've been doing anyway).

Wish me luck.

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