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Sunday, February 16th, 2003
11:56p - My weekend in a nut shell...
What an eventful weekend. Let's start with Valentine's day. Becca and Susan and I were supposed to go out so we didn't feel like losers cause we didn't have anything to do, but Susan was too tired and then Becca and I couldn't decide what we wanted to do, so we did nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. We watched a whole bunch of tv, including friends and this Sabrina the Teenage Witch-- that has severely gone down hill since I last watched it about 5 years ago. Then a whole bunch of us single people gathered in our hall and started talking about some random things, like weird people that live on our hall and how the adorable innocent boys upstairs (that were talking with us) were going to be corrupted over spring break. Then the drama started....

Celeste, a sweet girl who lives on our hall, came out of the bathroom looking severely disgusted and told us to go look in the sink. We walked in the bathroom and the first sink was entirely filled with vomit and the "chunks" had clogged the sink and the water was still running and was almost spilling over on the floor. It turns out that some guy who lives upstairs got his recruit drunk and was letting him just puke all over the place. So, all of us angry girls decided that this was not happening and Kaitlun (yes, that’s actually how she spells it) went to go find the guy to come and clean up after his recruit. Well, needless to say she couldn't find him, but she found his roommate who is such a sweetheart and he came down and was cleaning it up. Yay for Stuart!! Anyway, Becca and Danielle, and I helped him while the prissy girl (whom we call "high school" because all she talks about is her HS) sat out in the hall and told us to clean the mirror while we were at it. Man oh man did I want to punch her and throw the vomit filled trash can at her!!!

Saturday was a better day. Becca, Susan, and I went to breakfast and then afterwards Becca and I worked out...and Susan made sure that Becca actually did work out because she said she doesn't like to sweat because when she sweats it usually means she is in pain. Susan and I just looked at her and was like, ITS SUPPOSED TO HURT!!! lol. Poor little skinny, Becca, she has never worked out a day in her life. But now, since she has decided she wants a butt we are trying to help her accomplish that. haha. I love you, Becca! :-D

After our workout Becca and I came back to our room and did some homework so that we could really enjoy the concert we were going to that night. Becca and I went to the Norva to see Mae, an adorable awesome new band that I absolutely love! It was great. There were two other bands there-- red admiral and Keepsake. I really liked Red Admiral and I liked Keepsake until they started this screaming scary music. Anyway, after the concert Becca bought me a pin to put on my backpack....I am starting a pin collection and I am soooo excited. Then, we went to a great little diner called Dumar's where they invented the waffle cone. They were closing, but we made it just in time to place an order to go. After scarfing down our delicious sandwiches we decided that we should have gotten ice cream too, so we drove to Wendy's (because they were the only ones still open) to get frosties. Let's just say that this was an adventure! We waited in a line that was probably about 12 cars long, and finally when we got to the speaker, the lady said that they were out of frosties. I couldn't believe it. What kind of Wendy's runs out of frosties????? :-( So, Becca and I proceeded to the Wendy's closer to campus and got out frosties.

When we got back to the room, all of our power was out!! I swear if this happens again, I think my computer is going to quit on me! I am so mad!!!!! Our power goes out at least once a week. VWC really needs to re-wire all of the buildings because heaven forbid I have on my lights while I am trying to microwave something!!!

Today, Sunday, was just a nasty day. It was raining outside. Not just any old rain, no, this was the pouring down ice cold, almost snow, but its VA and it never snows here, raining sideways to hit you in the ear kind of rain!!!! It was nasty out, but Becca and I woke up late and the cafe was already closed. We didn't have any food in our room so we had to go to the grocery store. Then when we finally got back and situated it was 4 and we were starving. We spent the rest of the day watching tv and doing our homework. What else are Sundays for on a college campus? We thought we were in for the night, but Leah came knocking on our door begging us to go to the hall program so it would count towards her points. We wouldn't have gone, but Leah made a special trip back to campus, with pneumonia, just so this could count as one of our mandatory hall programs. Since we love Leah and we felt bad cause she has been sooo sick, we went. The program was a weight lifting instructional program in our gym which was so greatly and beautifully put on by gorgeous Dr. Dobrin. Once we were there we didn't mind too much because we got to see him show us how to lift and watch his bulging biceps at the same time! hehe.

Well, that was my weekend. Pretty eventful huh? It would have been perfect if it were snowing though. Why can't it snow 30 inches like it is back in PA? I want my classes to be cancelled tomorrow!!! Not fair!!! Anyway, I still have reading to do, so I must be on my way!

Nighty night all!

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