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Friday, January 30th, 2004

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    Last night Nicky and I sort of had the big talk. We talked about he and Hannah, and we also talked about where we stand right now, which is pretty much nowhere. It seems he is going through a lot of changes and is experiencing a need to understand his psyche better (which I applaud), and while he definitely wants to spend time with me it will be in a friendship capacity. He wants to be alone.

    I guess I'll have more to say about all this later as well as the skinny on how he feels about Hannah and where they are at right now, later on. Right now I have to get ready because he and I are going to go see the matrix revolutions at the IMAX theater at the Seattle Center. I guess in a way I kinda don't know why were hanging out. I enjoyed my time spent with them but right now it feels like it's just so much dead air being jettisoned out into space limitless and bottomless, and, I don't know, maybe even a little pointless.

    But, maybe not.

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