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We're in Canada [20 Nov 2003|03:45pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | Just angry music... ]

Well I don't know what to write...
I'm in Ottawa, Canada now... And we're gonna play tonight.
It's gonna be great.

I'm just not in the best mood at the moment, but when I get on stage it's all good again.

I feel like we all are falling apart, it sucks and I don't really know what to do about it.

Hoping to talk to you all


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[11 Nov 2003|09:47am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | None at the moment... ]

So... I have a day off today...
It's nice... But I don't really know what I want to do..
I just took a long walk with Chucky.
It's really lovely to have a dogg around!
Well I'm going to Denmark for christmas, cuz I have time off from Dec 12th to Feb 3rd.
I think my apartment in Copenhagen need to be used a bit more ;)
I haven't planned what I'm gonna do yet, I only know that I'm gonna spend christmas with my Danish family.
Talk to you all


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Sorry that I haven't updated... [07 Nov 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Mest... Don't ask me why... ]

Well I've just been hanging around and playing concerts...
The video for Red Hot Moon is out now... tjeck it out at tell me what you think:
I haven't don anything really, so I don't know what to update.
I could see that ppl had had some problems, and I just couldn't deal with it, I guess that that was why I haven't been here... I have had problems with other ppl's problems since all this shit. I hate when ppl are down...

Well this was it I guess...


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The Present that I gave Billy. [23 Oct 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | The Used ]

Well I thought that they would need a good car, and I have the money ;)
So I bought a BMW Z8 in silver:


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Man It's been some time... [18 Oct 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Finch-what it is to burn ]

Well I need to be in here some more...
It's going well accept that fucking Degenerative Dosc Disease!!
They wont me to stop smoking, but come one I'm a human smoke machine, I can admit that :$
I'm really looking forward to the wedding :D
I bought the prestent a little while ago... Hope that they like it!

Talk to ya all


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Right now [11 Oct 2003|02:37pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | Transplants-Diamonds and guns ]

I feel bad not telling you about my problems, I used to, and you would tell me about yours. So I'm gonna try.

This time Megan left me for good.
And I have no idea why she came back and told me that she wanted to give it a go. And said that I was the love of her life. I truly Believed that. And I really thought that she meant it (why shouldn't I) but I guess that she didn't.
The first days after she came back, were so great! we were so happy, for the first time I felt like we were a little family, with Chucky and all. We were so much in love, I was in heaven!
Well one day I stayed with Tim all day cuz he needed me there. (some personal problems, that I'm gonna keep to myself)
When I came back next day, all Megan's things were gone, and she was nowhere to be found. She didn't even leave a note! I tried to call her, but no one answered. Then I called Carol (her sis if you don't know) and asked her if she knew what was going one? She was silent for a long time, then she answerd that she had no idea. But I could tell that she was lying to me, so in my frustration I started to yell at her. I'm not sure what I said, but I know that it was a lot of crap! Then there was silence again. Finaly she answerd that Megan had been talking about that she didn't really love me anymore, and that she haden't for a long time. (she knew that I wasn't the one that she wanted to be the daddy of her children... Do you know how much that hurts to hear?) She didn't know why she came back, and Neither do I!
I can't believe that I was so stupid, I had absolutely no idea!
I don't know what to do, I feel so stupid and used! I gave her so much, and this is the way that she thanks me for it! She couldn't even leave me a note or tell me face to face!
I'm so heartbroken, and I know that I'd still be if she told me, but I would feel better if I knew that she could talk to me.

I feel so alone...
But I know that I aren't, I'm so thankfull for having you guys! It means so much to me... (you have no idea)


Ps. One thing that you need to know is that She stopt loving me a long time before that thing in Uk. (I just didn't know)

all that crap about me and Pink dating is a big lie!
We're friends and that's all...

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It's been a long time... [09 Oct 2003|11:19am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | nothing at all ]

Well things are all bad again :(
But right now I can't really write about it...
I would like to write to all of you, but I just can't :(


Ps. I'm so happy for everyone!!!
I can't believe that you're gonna be a dad Benj!! WOW :-O

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Megan came home!! [03 Oct 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Bowling for soup-Bitch song ]

Well I'm so HAPPY today, Megan came home and we talked about things...
We bouth wanna be together, so we're gonna give it a try.
I'm so happy...
But I'm not gonna tell you what we have been doing all day.

See ya


ps. Wanted to keep it short...

I got a dog :D [30 Sep 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Tim Christensen-Right next to the right one ]

Well last night I was out driving, and thinking about things... I talked to Megan's sister Carol, and she said that Megan was ok, and that she just needed a few more days before she was ready to talk to me.
Then I went to the mall and I saw a paper saying that this dog needed a home...
And I just couldn't help it, so I went to the house to get it...
But the boy in the house was a big Rancid fan, so I gave him an autograph and some merch... that was a cheap dog ;)
His a Chinese Shar-pei, and his called Chucky...
his really active, so I have a lot to do ;)
here's a pic of him:

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:-( [28 Sep 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well I did as Sarah told me to, went home, to tjeck if Megan were there, and she wasn't...
I think that I'm happy that she wasn't there, I can face her, my guilt and disguss of myslef is to big.
I need to talk about this, I just don't know who to talk with...


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Why did I do this shit :'-( [27 Sep 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Daniel Beddingfield-If you're not the one ]

I am sitting in the plain, on my way back to the Us, the show last night were great, a good ending on the Uk tour. But I ruined it all!!!
This is what happend.
The boys and I decided to go celebrate.. We knew that getting drunk was stupid, cuz we made so many mistakes when we were drunk, but we wanted to celebrate, and we wanted alcohol… after a few hours, and a lot of talking, alcohol and pool, we decided to go.. Go to another bar.. We need some new faces.. We found this awesome place, a little one though, but with some awesome music, and some fine woman.. 10 hours later I woke up in my hotel room, next to a naked woman. I just panicked.. What the hell did I do? I took my shirt, and some money, and ran out of the hotel room, and took a taxi to the nearest hotel. I rented a room, and when I sad on the bed, I cried.. What the hell just happened? Did I sleep with her? Was it a dream? Was this Gods way of punishment, cuz I did something bad?? I couldn’t other than cry.. I love Megan so much.. How could I?? Y did we go get drunk? Where was Tim? And Matt and Brett?? I couldn’t call them, cuz I knew I couldn’t talk with them.. I would freak out, and they would know what was wrong.. Sometimes I think they know me too good.. Well, I called Megan.. I wasn’t talking in 2 minutes, which felt like 10 hours. What was I gonna tell her? She knew something was wrong.. I could hear it in her voice.. I missed her voice.. I miss her.. I love her, and I was gonna tell her about that other woman.. I just said “I slept with another woman” that was all I could get out. She didn’t say anything.. She just hang up.. I called her a few times afterwards but she never answered.. She must have called Matt, cuz he came and yelled at me.. I couldn’t say anything, cuz he was right.. I was an idiot. Y risk what I have, cuz of a one-night-stand? Not normal ppl do that.. So I was just sitting there.. Matt was yelling.. I wasn’t really listing.. I was just thinking about me and Megan.. About out wedding.. I love her so much.. Y? Y would I do this? That “y” wouldn’t come out of my head.. I could never forgive myself for this.. It’s about 10 pm now.. And I haven’t heard from Megan yet.. And I don’t really blame her.. But I wanna talk about this.. I don’t wanna lose her, cuz of that.. I know it’s a big deal.. I know that.. But I also know deep deep inside, that we are gonna grow old together, and have the kids we have been talking about..
I’m lost without her... And now more than ever.
I’m gonna try to call her agian...

The biggest asshole in the world

Just so that It won't be all bad I want to thank Sarah (Madden) for making the new layout...

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hm.... [26 Sep 2003|09:12am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Switchfoot-Meant to live ]

Well the concert were great last night.
Right now we have to make everything ready for the concert tonight, so I don't have much time....
I can't wait to see you guys again :D

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only two concerts and then I'm home :D [25 Sep 2003|03:03pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | A danish band called Mew. ]

We'll were now in Glasgow, where we have a concert today and tomorrow.
And in 3 days I'll be home with my wife, friends and family!! Can't wait.
The fans here are really sweet, there are some teenies but most if them are normal.
We had a signing today, and a lot of people showed up, it was really cool!
There were also some very young fans!
A little boy who was arround 6 came up to me and said that I was his bigges idol,
and that he wanted to be like me when he grew up!
I was really flattered, but he doesn't know about all the shit I've been trough.
It's really cool to know that people look up to you, and like the thing that I'm doing,
but I don't want them to be like me... If you know what I mean?

Talk to you later.


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We have a day off!!! [24 Sep 2003|01:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 12 Stones-The way I feel ]

It's really cool, now I can just relaxe. sit on the internet and write with you guys,
just one problem, it's not the same time, so nobody is here :(
I have talked to Megan, she's doing fine. But she can't talk to me all the time :s
Tim, Matt and Brett went out meeting some old friends, but I wasn't in the moode for them. (they're special if you know what I mean)
we're playing in scotland tomorrow and the day after and then it's HOME again :D
I liked the shows here but I'm missing everything at home.

Somebody write to me, I'm borred :s


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Ireland is good [23 Sep 2003|11:37am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | MxPx-Lonesome town ]

Not much new, the Concert last night was great!!
I hope that tonight will be good too...
Missing home, Megan, the friends, but I'll be ok... ( I have too)

This is it for now.


I'm feeling F*cking homesick!! and I hate it :'(

This is how I feel:

It is yet to be determined,
but the air is thick,
& my hope is feeling worn.
I'm missing home,
& I'm glad you're not a part of this,
there are parts of me that will be missed.
And the phone is always dead to me,
so I can't tell you the temperature is dropping
& it feels like

it is colder than it ought to be in March
& I still have a day or two ahead of me
till I'll be heading home,
into your arms again.
And the people here are asking after you.
It doesn't make it easier.
It doeasn't make it easier to be away.

I'd like to hire a plane.
I'd see you in the morning,
when the day is fresh.
I'm coming home again.
It's warmer where you're waiting.
It feels more like July.
Ther's pillows in their cases
& one of those is mine.
And you wrote the words I love you,
& sprayed it with perfume.
It is better than the fire is
to heat this lonely room.
It is warmer where you're waiting
It feels more like July.

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In Ireland [22 Sep 2003|12:55pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Die Tying-Oxygen's gone ]

So were in Ireland... It's really cool!!
It's so green :O and beautiful!!
I wouldn't have any problems living here ;)
Getting ready for the concert, hope that it will be just as good as in Uk!
Missing Megan, but I talked to her on the phone and that helped alot...

bye for now.



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Touring [21 Sep 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Good Charlotte-Kylie ]

I've been busy in the Uk, the shows has been great!!
Can't wait till tomorrow in Ireland.
Haven't really got any news...



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going to UK [17 Sep 2003|04:10pm]
Today I'm going to UK, were going to preform at the Brixton Academy in Brixton.
so remember to see us tomorrow and the day after. It will be great!!
I'm a little bit closer to my other home country Denmark, can't wait till I can go there agian.

Just so that Everybody knows... Denmark rocks, and you should go there.
This is it for today.
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