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Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

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    HP Pavilion DV5000 AC Adapter

                               HP Pavilion DV5000 AC Adapter

    “I am having a strange problem with my HP Compaq Business Notebook NX7000 AC Adapter charging light is doing a series of 3 or 4 orange blinks then green, regardless of it being on laptop battery or HP Compaq Business Notebook nx8420 AC Adapter.
    I have tried recalibrating, popping the HP Compaq Business Notebooks NX6120 AC Adapter out, and nothing seems to be fixing it.
    Does anyone know what is causing this? Surely, not my 9-cell going bad after only 6 months I hope?”
    “I have a Dell Studio 1535 and it is doing the same thing. The battery light was working normally until the battery ran completely out. Now the battery charges (to full power), and the computer works on both HP Compaq Business Notebooks Nx9000 AC Adapter and outlet power – BUT the red warning light flashes when ever the computer is turned on – and even when it is turned off IF the power cord is plugged in. We ran a diagnostic test on the battery and it said everything was normal. We ran the HP EliteBook 6930p AC Adapter down again and also recharged it. Still the red warning light flashes incessantly. ”

    I had the 4 orange/red flash and 1 green flash dashboard HP Mini 1100 AC Adapter  indicator light dilemma and fixed the problem!! – By unplugging the AC power cord and allowing the battery to completely drain out. I even restarted the computer to drain out any residual energy the battery might have contained to ensure the beast was dead. After doing so I plugged the AC power cord back in, started the laptop and the light no longer flashed like a banshee. It is now recharging and doing fine. ”

    I also had this problem. notice i said had. This is what i did to fix it.
    1. Let the battery run completely dead. (Make sure all your work is saved)
    2. Fully charge battery (You may still have flashing lights but if you turn your computer on and enter BIOS you can see the charge level)
    3. Once again run battery dead.
    4. Remove laptop battery and wait 5-10 minutes.
    5. Replace battery and use in normal operation.

    This worked for me. Also a note on why it sometimes does not fix even with a new HP Pavilion DV5000 AC Adapter. It seems that the battery is holding a charge but the level indicator is not properly communicating with the computer, therefore getting an error code. If you purchased a new battery, this process should clear the error. Hope all works out for everyone.”

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