September 30, 2003 6:36pm
69 BABY.

um. i'm gone, loves. i'll miss you all terribly. keep in touch. dead serious.

much love to kate, lisi, gina, tee, bygone, bea, sheryl, sara, sarah, erica and everyone i was lame enough to forget. there are a lot of memories here.

NEEDLESS PANIC: catastrophe. lovelovelove lisi. <333
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August 12, 2003 10:46pm
f-a-g-h-a-g )

OKAY. So MV and Christopher renewed my Sims obsession. ANNNND all my fondness for killing them off has returned. I love MV's house.

I'm semi-watching Queer Eye right now. And tomorrow I'm finishing my Fab 5 Sims. I'm so twisted.

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July 23, 2003 2:06pm
i realized something very important about me today. i mean, just now. while i was washing dishes and listening to Wham!

i cannot keep solid relationships. they just...never work. or they never live themselves out. ever since i was little.

relationship #1: when i was one year old i had a best friend. josh. we were inseperable. it was crazy. he was my first kiss at 7. i would tell people he was my brother. i loved him. and he loved me. we'd play at each others houses and spend the night, then one day, i think i was 10. he moved away to arizona. my whole world was rocked. the next year, my dad had a business trip to las vegas. and we were supposed to stay with them for a week. we never did. they came to visit us on our way home from the airport. i sobbed as we left them. it was the last time i saw him. or talked to him. they sent us pictures last christmas. he's so big now.

relationship #2: my other best friend i met in kindergarten. i said she was my twin. her name was nicole too. we'd hold car washes and lemonade stands all the time at her house. and everyday we'd visit this old woman who'd give us candy. then she moved away too. she visited when i was in third grade. i haven't seen her since.

relationship #3: i was in second grade. my best friend was kelly. we were best friends for life. we were best friend until the day she moved away in 5th grade to michigan. god. i was heartbroken. me and my other friend threw her the biggest going away party. we made t-shirts and pictureframes and went out to dinner. her mom came to pick us up and i hugged her for the longest time. and we cried. we just stood there with our arms around each other and cried. she visited twice. once in sixth grade and then in eighth. i haven't talked to her since then.

relationship #4 my first "serious" boyfriend. alex. i hate him now. he is the prime example on how best friends shouldn't date. it changes everything. we were best friends. i'd help him out with his relationships and he'd help me with mine (or lack thereof) and we'd talk about anything and everything every night. then at a dance one night (i was dating someone at the time) he admitted that he'd always liked me. so. being the stupid mean person i am, i dumped my other boyfriend for him. so we dated for six months. and he told me he loved me everytime he saw me. then it started to stop. then he stopped calling. i went on a trip to europe with my chorus and he went to north carolina without telling me. so i called him and asked him what was wrong. he told me i shouldn't have gone on my trip to europe because it changed things. so we broke up. i don't talk to him. i hate him.

relationship(s) #5: in eighth grade i had three best friends. kim, jessica, and teressa. graduation was so hard because we were all going to different high schools. in eighth grade, we were inseperable. we were together all the time. it got quite annoying. and now. now, we haven't spoken in awhile. kim doesn't call. i called jessica to congratulate her on her new baby brother, and i occasionally see teressa at church and we smile at each other. both of us seem to have a sad sort of smile whenever we see each other. i miss them so much.

why do all of my friends end up...leaving?

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April 23, 2003 10:49am


ready set go.

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