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Lalee's Journal

6th September, 2003. 11:00 pm. Aren't they just great!

Well...I'm just lovin' my family right now! Mom's being stupid about who my friends are. Kirsten won't quit stealing my things and messing w/my computer. Jordan's just plain annoying. And well, the boys are still cute. We went to Jordan's soccer jamboree in Rainier almost all day. How boring! I was in charge of Levi all day and he was a wild man! Then I got some pictures developed at Walmart. But it took me 45 minutes cause i was using the little Kodak picture machine to get the photos of a disc, and the printer takes forever! and you could only do 1 picuture at a time. Oh well, they turned out good.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. We convinced my parent's best friends to come to church w/us in the morning. Then I have to go home for a few hours and babysit. I think i'll try to do some pages in my scrapbook from Mexico. Then there's dance class, youth group, and dinner. I actually got the whole night off!
We had fun at the football game last night. I couldn't tell ya a thing about it except the score at the end...but oh well. We just kinda wandered around and talked. I was disappointed that Luke had to work...but there's always next time. I kinda feel bad that Sam wasn't around, but at the same time, I'm SO relieved! I don't know, it's more like I feel guilty because I really am happier when she's not around then when she is. Which isn't very nice. Mom and Dad are starting to notice it too. But they're like, "You need to keep being around Sam or she'll feel bad that you're always other people" They just don't get it. It was so funny when we went to Fultano's after the game. Jessica spit an icecube right at Luke, totally out of the blue! I just about died of laughter!
Can't wait for our games this week! We have to drive to Gaston and Nestucka though. Oh well...lot's of sleep time!
I better go to bed, church in the morning....

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