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Friday, November 7th, 2003
5:04 pm
hmmm....this sucks...well i'm still going to the party, but my grandpa is in the hospital and he has to get heart surgery tomorrow nd he might not make it.... i was so happy earlier nd now life sucks again... if he dont make it i'll be reall yupset, i haven't lost a family member since i was like 4. well at least me nd johnnie are ok... well i gotta go visit him i nthe hospital so ttfn...

current mood: and confused
current music: none, surprisingly

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3:33 pm
yea this is the first entry. Well, i woke up nd went to school, which was pretty gay except for drama cuz we got to do our makeup like old poeple. Yea tonight is probably gunna be gay, because i'm going to this party nd i'm going w. brooke, jackie, kathy nd od\f course sasha because we always hang out, but they only want me to go so they have some where to crash after, but i was gunna go any ways. it's like, i know they're using me, but i dont care becuz i know i'm the better person. sasha nd dave are so gay, dave needs to get over her nd she needs to get over him. they suck each others asses until they bleed. they both just need to go on banging spree's and have sex with everyone. except for johnnie, because he's mine to bang. yesterday i teased him so bad before he went to basketball, it was so funny seeing him leave with his friends in basketball shorts...with a boner. Well i'll get back to yah in like a week er something when ever i can get on to a computer.adios muther fauker.

current mood: satisfied
current music: There Is -BCR

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