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Halloween [02 Nov 2003|03:30pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday~ Ghost Man on 3rd ]

this really was a great halloween. i actually did something! w33t! what an awesome change of routine. anyway! i went over to Patrick's house at 7:00. i would've gone over to Sean's from 5:30 till 7:00 but last time i had checked his party wasn't going to start till 8:30. If someone had told me that it was starting earlier... *cough cough sean*. haha. i'm just playing my friend. you know i love you. besides, i wasn't even really home till around 5:30 i think. i was at Troy High from after school till then. (TH=Pat. see friend's only and comment. *smiles*)

So i went to Patrick's house and we went trick or treating till, oh, 8:30-ish. we actually weren't trick or treating that whole time. We stopped at the park around 8:00. I got plenty of candy. Even a good amount of full size. It was pretty cool. I was dressed up as... well... i'm not really sure. It was this sorceress's dress... i guess that's the best way to describe it. It was pretty cool though.

and then when we got to the park we had some fun. kuz parks are always incredi-awesome. always. Pretty soon i got bored with being constrained by my dress though so i just sorta took it off.

i forgot to mention that i was wearing jeans and a tank top underneath. lol. and then i ran around like a madman kuz i looooove parks and night and the combination of the two was perfect.

Then we went back to Patrick's house and played some DDR, euchre, and ate foood. yummy. Then we sat down and watched the movie "They" which was incredibly scary in an awesome way but had a wretched ending that sorta blew it. But we had lotsa fun anyway.

We turned on clone high too! greatest show ever. But i was exhausted kuz 11:30 is way past my bedtime (haha... i only wish i went to sleep at 11:30 on a regular basis), so i actually ended up falling asleep in a chair. It was rather amusing though. I woke up to Patrick, Megan, and Kyle hovering and leaning over me with Kyle's knife pointed at me. haha. it was great. so yus, halloween was a good night indeed. lots o' fun.

Yesterday, not much happened. I actually spent all day on the computer writing my story for Clinton and talking to people online. Oh what a lazy doof am i.

-I'm holding on to that ghost of a chance-

~< mary >~
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Bright Eyes [17 Oct 2003|09:45pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Catch 22~ Guilty Pleasures ]

yes so, things have been allll over the place. Heartbroken one day, Vengeful the next, then perfectly normal and happy kuz i realize that not only is he stupid, but i am too, so why not just be stupid as friends. that worked out pleasantly well.

tuesday is the best day in the world to miss. really, it is. it makes the week seem unbelievable short. i'd go into detail on why, but i'd, yet again, confuse all of you terribly much.

Tomorrow i am going to this girl i know, jeanette's, birthday party. We're going to go to A Realm of Darkness and Urban Legends as our haunted houses after cake and presents and all that stuff. I thought that'd be all fine good and fun and then i'm told that Ryan (the guy from livonia), my homecoming date, is going to be there too. Now, i all thought that, considering he's going into the army in november, homecoming would be the last time i see him. but it's not gonna be. this is very nervewracking. i am completely unprepared. but whichever. i don't really care either way.

-he calls me princess kuz he knows it makes me weak-

~< mary >~
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[13 Oct 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | what mood? ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday~ Bike Scene ]

Linda the Beast (quick apology to anyone that offends, but no one would really be offended except for one, sry) is better than me.

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[11 Oct 2003|12:29am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | The Starting Line~ Cheek to Cheek ]

hmm well things are getting confusing.

we're gonna do the whole vague/specific thing that tends to get annoying kuz the stuff you're saying sounds important but isn't really totally able to be figured out because you're sorta vague.

anyway, that paragraph was confusing in itself. so here we go, the basis of my confusion follows.

for a while i've given up on guys at our school. there were a few that things just weren't mutual with, but for the most part, they just chose not to express interest. so it appeared to me that no 'love' was to be found at athens high so i searched elsewhere. this summer i found a couple people, one of westland and one of livonia. well, all those relationships left me with was an aching to have those people back in my life or, as is the case for one, for them to not go away in the first place (damn army).

So here i am, missing them, and it has occured to me of late that there are actually guys at my school who are worth going through all the indecision and second-guessing that happens before a relationship occurs, than i had previously thought/realized. One in particular. Very particular. Now what i haven't found out yet, is what to do with this newfound realization. Whether to act upon it, or go completely against my own nature, the nature of mary, and not skip any of the steps but take all that confusion, indecision, and second-guessing as it comes.

But really, i'm not that type of person. as i've said, i don't like playing theoretical games like that. My only problem is that if the other person plays the game, than i go along with it instead of taking the initiative. So i get all the confusion whether i want it or not.... which actually sorta blows...

on the positive, completely unconfusing side, daria was on tonight! My long lost daria! i was babysitting tonight and it was on at 9, 9:30, 11, and 11:30. so i got in 4 episodes of the best show on tv. wow that was great. i used to be such a daria, i really did.

alright then, it's late. too late for me. i like my sleep.

goodnight my friends,

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[03 Oct 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Eric Clapton~ Wonderful Tonight ]

The Powderpuff Game sucked. Terribly.
Today was our homecoming game. It was good fun. Well, actually the rain and wind sorta made it blow majorly... But the Speedo Run was amusing. And after the game was awesome. Me, Meghan, Alena, Elise, Mike, Xin, Cory, Eric, etc. were having tons o' fun. What were we doing you ask? It involved two things, mud wrestling and the school's pool.
Now do this for me, knowing these two facts and looking at the first 3 people on the list of who was there, use your imagination as to what we did from 9:15-10:20.
Alright, keep whatever you are imagining in your head.
Now if you are a guy, whatever you hold in your head is exaggerated, tone it down a bit. A small bit.
And if you're a girl, you probably are prefering not to imagine it but are anyway so whatever you're imagining, you'll probably have to kick up a notch.
Have fun with this and feel free to give me your guesses. Chances are i might not answer though.
Homecoming is tomorrow... i may have to escape to my friends earlier than i imagined considering how many turns and tumbles my stomach is making right now.
I love you. Enjoy your evening.


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[30 Sep 2003|08:48pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Vaughan Williams~ Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis ]

Hmm... well this was rather odd... this guy named Brad who i hung out with a little bit this summer im'ed me. a rare occurance. i haven't talked to him in a great while. then he signed off abruptly without really saying anything. what was he testing me or some crap like that? typical.

Well, homecoming plans are all set. Except... since i'm staying the night at Amanda's, i need to get a substitute for my sunday school class. Otherwise, things are all good.

Em, yes. Today blew. Royally. I effed up my chair test terribly. I was... let us just say... distraught... kuz i know i can do so much better. So incredibly much better. But i was late, hurried, shaking, and my fingers were numb. You can't imagine how terrible it sounded... unless you're a cellist. Which i am supposing you are not...

By the way, i think that anyone reading this owes me one of their school pictures. I expect them by friday. And i'll beat you over the head with a stick if i don't get one. *smiles an incredibly innocent smile*

i looooove you,

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The O.S. [28 Sep 2003|02:23pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Bowling for Soup~ Greatest Day!! ]

haha... yes, i've never seen The O.C. but i decided to put a rip off as the title anyway. OH WELL!

alias premieres today!!!!!

i am excited.

So.... today i got up at 5:50 to go driving. I finally got my "completion of segment 1" certificate, so i am happy. I can go get my permit whenever. My mom is the worst person to drive with in the world. I don't know how i'll be able to stand these next... 7 months.

Then i went to go teach my 2nd and 3rd grade sunday school class. And who visits me in the end of "class" but eric endlich, steve, and joel! My Our Shephard (O.S.) Boys! I would miss my our shephard connections terribly... if i didn't have them... yeah. I have the ones i get to see every day, fisher, winton, and endlich. And then the ones i can only see on sunday. steve and joel. *sigh* they should go to athens. haha... that'd be interesting. i find it mind-boggling how such an awesome group of kids came to all end up going to such a crap of a school as Our Shephard.

lala. It's a nice day out. I think i will go rollerblading. maybe stop by a few houses. maybe justin will be home for once. maybe christina. maybe sean if he doesn't live to far away. maybe meghan. who knows. it's a mystery thrown up in the air. maybe i'll go nowhere at all. as long as i have my music and the wind in my face, i'm good. *sigh* i love rollerblading.

The sun is shining down and
There is no one else around now
Wish you were here to hear me say
This is gonna be my greatest day

How far would I go
How long would I stay
To see it all
To carry it all back with me again
How hard would I try
Just to hear everybody say
This is gonna be my greatest day

Standing here, looking out on the world
And for a second nobody is looking back at me
I never even notice where they go
-bowling for soup

i hope nothing ruins this,

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Homecoming [27 Sep 2003|05:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Bowling for Soup~ Star Song ]

Hmmm... finally got a dress. Except i made a rather large mistake too which is not good.

But anyway, i think i'm fairly set for next weekend. I have a dress, purse, and shoes. I'm fairly certain that we're
going to Picano's for dinner. Then we're going over to Tracy's house for pictures. My friend Sarah is doing my hair. I'm pretty sure that my friend Karen will make me a boutineer for Ryan. And i've made the master plan to escape from all of Amanda's friends and get quickly to my own. They'll live without me i'm sure. And Ryan shouldn't have any problem finding someone else to dance with... when i go back i'll probably have to pry him away with a crowbar. hmmmmmmm. serves me right for leaving. but how could i not see my friends! i can't spend the whole night with only semi friends. oh no that would not do. So yes. And then afterwards... i'm spending the night at amanda's. Probably with her, tracy, amber, and possibly molly. and all of our dates. but our dates will be in another room mind you. tammy would kill us if arrangements were otherwise... the only thing is that i need to find out if we're going into the hot tub kuz if so then i need to take my bathing suit over to amanda's when i go over there to get ready...

And i need to get a substitute for my sunday school class.

So i'm not completely ready... but i'm getting there. It's coming upon us so soon. Homecoming week flies what with everything going on. We have our spirit week and our pep rally and the homecoming game and the powderpuff game and alla that. Yay. this upcoming week is fun. And wow! I really wanna wear my tiara with red flashing lights that i got from troy days to homecoming... that'd be amusing. But i probably won't end up doing so. The people i'm going with can be like that. They'd probably tell me that i'm not "taking the dance seriously." and it's "supposed to be formal and my tiara is not formal." blahblahblah.

pizzatch my friends!!!

~< mary >~

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Title [26 Sep 2003|05:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

BTW... just for the sake of asking. Has anyone noticed the title of this page? It's rather amusing actually... look all the way up at the top of the box. No, not the page, the top of the box. You'll see the title.

There's a story behind it.

The story is not "i am a slut and so wanted a title to show off my whoriness."

The story is, christina asked what i wanted the title to be and i didn't know so i looked around her living room and said the first word i saw, "global." She put the rest in. And i don't care kuz it's an amusing memory. But just to get it straight, i don't give global head to every guy who walks by me.


Today has been a day.

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Castle on a Cloud [26 Sep 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Les Miserables~ On My Own ]

it is me.
yeah so... i've decided to try out for les mis. better than tech... maybe not better than pit... but oh well. I'm doingtech for the straight show but i don't have to be stage manager! yay! but i have to deal with chris troy... *grumbles*
I don't know what i'm going to do with that. But... yeah... there are tons of guy leads in les mis and so far very few guys. That are worth it anyway. I tried convincing sean zelda into it no. *sigh* manfredi doesn't really know what she's doing with andrew... he's no actor. He's a born and raised techie. Unlike me. But that is NOT a bad thing. Wow... theater would've been the best in the world if both sean and justin did it..... haha wow that would be fun... meh. baseball should be in the fall.
I would love to be Eponine... she has/is the best female part in the whole play.
Em what else... i bitched out my father yesterday... i've never done that before. It felt good. What was even better is that he knows that every single word i yelled at him was right. He knows he was wrong.
Winter's coming. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Good thing because i love winter. Bad thing because that means that i can go rollerblading every night or walk to school in the morning.
I don't have a dress for homecoming yet. I should probably get one... I'm running a bit short on time. I'm not sure if i'm going to have a good night... i don't think i'll be able to see much of my really good friends... i may be stuck with juniors the whole night. But i'll manage to steal away i'm sure... i hope. I doubt ryan'll and them'll miss me too much. Plus, what would homecoming be without christina and zack and meghan and absolutely everyone else. Alas, it would be nothing. yay. But i don't have to pay for a ticket this year! I'm excited.
This morning was the best morning i've had in an uber long time even though i didn't get to walk to school. It indeed turned out surprising well. w33t! (which, btw justin, is sorta like w00t. You've heard that right? It means the same thing, the only difference is that it's mine. I came up with it. So there you are. the meaning of w33t. now aren't you thrilled? learned something new today. yaaay.)
Now, I have a busy weekend ahead. May as well start now. Farewell all. Enjoy and comment.



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it's been a while. [22 Sep 2003|02:47pm]
[ mood | listless ]
[ music | Catch 22~ Guilty Pleasures ]

yeah, so i haven't updated for a while... things haven't been going too hot. I've been really confused lately. I really think that i see things in black and white. There's never much gray area. I need things to be defined and i don't always realize that they won't always be that way.

i guess it's just kuz i wish everything could be that simple... but it can't always. And i really do hate it. I wish everything could be easily solved. I wish i could label everything as something and carefully store away to emerge later when i meet someone else of the same criteria, so i can label them as a "definite" too. But i can't, it's impossible. Not everything can be labeled, that's where the gray area comes into play. But i'm not very good at realizing that the gray does exist. And when i talk about labelling things, i don't mean "she is a prep." "he is a punk." I just mean... well, for example... let's say i have a person labelled. All that means is that i have them figured out. I can understand them. I guess knowing these things gives me some sense of control over myself and what i think/ feel.

I'd rather remain in my safe little world where everything is how i perceive it... also known as unreality. I'm comfortable there... i know what's going on. I don't ever need to second guess myself or be uncertain about anything...

...if only...

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[13 Sep 2003|05:11pm]
[ mood | so distraught i'm mad ]
[ music | Yellowcard~ View From Heaven ]

And today blew. blew royal balls.

so far.

why? grrrr... that's why.

hopefully troy daze tonight will make it better and shove
it to the farthest corner of my mind.


grar. the last 10 minutes blew more than the whole week.

I loooooooooove you though!


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Crazy Shizzatttttttttttttttt [11 Sep 2003|09:51pm]
[ mood | elated ]
[ music | 50 Cent~ P.I.M.P. ]

lalala. today was a great day. for no particular reason. It sorta blew till 5th hour. From there on out i was a maniac till... oh... about 1/2 hour ago. It's been tons o' fun though. 5th hour i'm always a little wacko but this time is stayed with me the whole day and got steadily worse. *smiles* I swear someone must have slipped something into something i ate or drank. haha.

Then 6th hour of course i was having a great time. I sit right by nate berra and shaun winton. And brad beesley.
They're humourous. We all make each other laugh. And justin and eric visited our classroom too! Their class was in the lab and they were wandering around outside. I went to say hi. wow it was fun.

Then i hung around after school acting like a maniac. The walk home blew. I wasn't a crazy insane wacko again till i hit drivers ed. uh oh. *giggles*

We only have 11 ppl in our class. 4 from athens. Yesterday we had guys at one table and girls at the other. (Except for Eduardo-Troy High. Isn't that the coolest name ever? yes, yes it is.) I thought this to be incredibly
gay so i made sure that today wasn't the same. Sure enough it wasn't. And also, yesterday we (Meghan, Ashley, Sam, and I) sorta... maybe accidentaly insulted these 2 sophomores from Troy High named Patrick and... something weird. So today i started talking to them so that there was no animosity kuz animosity is bad. Yes, that's right. Today was official "get aquainted and friendly with all your drivers ed peeps" day. It was muy divertido. I think they all figured i'm insane though....

after drivers ed the "fearful foursome" (that's what mr. yeager calls meghan, ashley, sam, and I) waited outside. That's when we got aquainted with Shirley, an asian of troy high. We were all out there singing rap. Magic Stick, Get Low, Shake Ya Tailfeather, and P.I.M.P. PIMP's the last one we sang so it's stuck in my mind. hehe. Then we started talking about skanking which lead to different types of dance which led to shirley getting involved in our conversation. good stuff. so now we're all tight-knit eleven. w33t.

Meghan and I went from driver's ed to the water polo game. GREAT TIMES!!! we cheered them on like mad. but they lose. *sad* they won they're JV though... but we couldn't watch that one kuzza 'dupid driver's ed. grar. But we cheered our boyses on anyway. Megan Fisher joined us. We decided that we have water polo boyses now and we're gonna go to all their home games. yay. Yep, Mike, and Ross, and Corey, and Ian, and... Jeske (i think it is)... and Kyle (speaking of, Ross doesn't know what a MILF or 420 is! hehe. love him), and Andrew, and alla them.

And Meghan, Megan, and I started playing Charlie's Angels and Secret Agent Man! Best Ever...

ah yes. today rocked.

goodnight all.


PLUS! my hair was silky smooth all day kuz i used CONDITIONER. conditioner rocks the Hair Care World.

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Quizzes..... [10 Sep 2003|09:22pm]
Alright... allow me to put stupid stuff in my journal just once. This'll be the only place i put this
type of stuff. Today there's only one or two quizzes. More will be added later. Do you understand?
I am telling you that this entry will be constantly edited. Check it out every once in a while if
you're bored. Pizzatch:

you're sluttier than 36% of the world.
you're cleaner than 63% of the world.
~oh yus. that's sure me. :-?~

"You must remember this, a kiss is still a
kiss". Your romance is Casablanca. A
classic story of love in trying times, chock
full of both cynicism and hope. You obviously
believe in true love, but you're also
constantly aware of practicality and societal
expectations. That's not always fun, but at
least it's realistic. Try not to let the Nazis
get you down too much.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla
~Casablanca rocks this worlds socks like no one ever has before!!! (except christina) w33t!~

You are the Figher Femme

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
~intimidated? doubtful, very doubtful~

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
~haha. i must just be a good test taker~

kiss my ass2
congratulations. you are the kiss my ass happy
bunny. You don't care about anyone or anything.
You must be so proud

which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
~that seems somehow off...~

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
~eh... sounds emo-ish to me. :-l~
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Driver's Ed. and Assorted. [08 Sep 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessionals~ Hands Down ]

yep, that's right. i, mary brophy, finally started drivers ed. 'in't that just the funnest? Mr. Yeager (sp?) is my teacher... it's at the Troy Sports Center. He's... interesting... his daughter's a whacko. She comes storming in with a pacifier in her mouth... paraphernalia right there. I have a report for Clinton i have to write tonight and get mark the questions. eek! gotta do it quick! I have a cello lesson soon too.. in fact, i have a lot of stuff i'd like to do this year... Monday i have spanish club (every other and after school), driver's ed 5:30-7:30, and a cello lesson at 7:45. Wednesdays i have a bible study? Those are 7-8:30 and then Starbucks afterwards at 8:45-? Another bible study Thursdays, if all goes well, from 7-8:30. Thursday's are also Project LEAD. Then… Sunday’s I have The Road from 9:30am-10:45am, I teach 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday school at 11:00. Then at night I teach 8th grade conformation from 7-8:30. W33t. And this… is all weekly. Dodododo.

Yeah so, semi-homecoming plans were made with Ryan. But Patrick asked me today and would really rather go with him… grar. Must see what I can do to change this around… if Ryan weren’t my friend and soon to be leaving for 2 years… this’d be a hella-a-lot easier…

Till the end of time,

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My Friends [04 Sep 2003|05:59pm]
Yeah, random comment that i thought to let everyone know::

I have the greatest friends.

I love my friends.

I care greatly about my friends.

You hurt them and i will be pissed.

That's right. My friends are the best i could ever have.

I never question what they mean to me or what i mean to them.

Only one of my friends at this moment am i really uncertain about.

But all the rest of you... i know that you guys are the best.

The ones who i can talk to.

Who will stay by me and listen.

And hopefully trust me as well... but i try not to ask too much of people.

Christina, Mike, Meghan, Matt, Megan, Justin... there are more just none that really stick out right now...

you guys rock socks.
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Hate Every Beautiful Day [04 Sep 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | sorta hurt ]
[ music | The Hippos~ Wasting My Life ]

Grar. I'm so confused. I'm uncertain. Shaky. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to feel. I don't know what to think. I don't like how i'm feeling... i'm doubting myself. I feel as if i'm out of my own control. Like i have no control over my emotions or what i do. I'm worrying too much about what i shouldn't. You should never, ever worry about what a guy (or a girl if you ARE a guy) thinks about you. Just be yourself and don't worry about what they think about "yourself." Kuz if they don't like "yourself" then they're a piece of shiat anyway... not worth your time. That's my advice. But what am i doing? Not taking it. I'm trying to... trust me i'm trying to. But i can't help it... and i hate it.

I must go... i'll write more later.

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Escuela Hoy y Mañana *sigh* [26 Aug 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | a bit out of it ]
[ music | Reel Big Fish~ Cheer Up ]

School was today. It will be tomorrow. And the day after. Then a short break. Then more school... meh. So... school was today... yep... how was it? mind-numbing. I'm never wearing shoes to school again. Sandals all the way. My feet kill. lalala. Sry i can't update tons. I can't always be on. I'm on right now and not really supposed to be... that's not good. Anyway, i have magic first hour. Pointless class. Expensive too. I'm getting out of it. I'm replacing it either with Spanish or a science class. Anatomy, possibly GBE. Though it would be great to have Señora (Ramirez) again... Lang is my algebra 2 teacher. Flaky... has a very annoying voice. Don't know how i'm gonna make it through the year. Ha. Haha... I'm sorta out of it. Can't you tell? yes... so i don't have many classes with people. Though i am thrilled to have 2nd hour with meghan and 5th hour with sushma. It was great seeing Justin. I'm surprised he didn't comment when i was talking about his ring a few entries back...
This weekend was insane. A lot of firsts... i'm not sure if they were good for me though. Ever been torn between pleasure and what you personally deem wrong? Justin's ring helped on the way home. Don't know why. Maybe gave me something to think about. Got me away from 20 year old hormones. Heh... it's funny that so few people know what i'm talking about... sorry. Farewell. I'll hopefully see you all tomorrow. Enjoy the remainder of your day. And comment. Don't forget to comment...

Wandering Mind,

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[20 Aug 2003|08:51pm]
oh hey! i forgot to say earlier... so you know with all the 39 animals/ 35 reptiles that i have residing in my household? Well, my mother got a rabbit. That's right, a rabbit. So now, not only do we have most every type of reptile, a dog, cats, and a bird. We also have a rabbit... My mom has to get all the weird ones... (she got the bird and the bunny). Albeit it is a very cute rabbit... only 5 weeks old... but anyway, i must depart. farewell.


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ban the tube top tonight [20 Aug 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Reel Big Fish~ Dateless Loser <- Haha. oddly relevant. :-D ]

I have nothing even remotely interesting to write about... except to tell you all that you suck at commenting... lazies. I'm just kidding. You know you're the best. Unless you're an ass... i can never be too sure. :-)
School is starting soon. Woopedeedo. I'm sure we're all psyched. *sarcasm* Though it will be nice to see certain people... Did i mention that i wheedled my way out of american history AP? yay. i'm glad. but i lost my only class with sushma which sorta sucks. But hopefully my new classes will be with more people i know than just one. And now i may just get mr. k! oh what fun that would be. Albeit he's difficult... Ah school. I'll have to get up before noon. :-( how terribly sad. I'm not sure i'll be able to handle it. But today i got up at 10:00! wow. new summer record for me, unless i had an appointment or something but those times don't count.

Yeah, so i have this really cool ring. It's all silver and crap and it has a Superman symbol on it. Seriously, the kickass-est thing i've ever borrowed... for a long time... when the time comes for us to part it will indeed be a sad day. *tears*

Party on Wayne,

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