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[06 Jun 2006|02:13pm]
Ok - Now I've really out done myself. It has been over a year since I've updated this journal. So for anybody looking I suggest you head over to my LJ -- that's the one I actually bother with these days.

Though it is nice to know I have still have this one, for things I want to put down for people to read, but not actually have people read it.

Hmmm... Slightly twisted reasonsing, but it works for me. I like it.

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Whoa - nearly a whole year [14 Apr 2005|10:14pm]
I'm so proud of myself. If only I could hold off for a week or so, it would have been a whole year since I had updated. *g* *preens* That's neglect for you. Though to be fair - I pretty much neglected all my 'net things over the last year. Livejournal, Blurty, GreatestJournal, VH... that is everything except for slash. But then slash is such an addiction.

Ok things that have happened in the last year:

I turned eighteen
I got 94.6 for my UAI
I got into the Australian National University
I'm going to the Australian National University
I smoke cigarettes
I have a tattoo
I have a casual job
My best friend left for England

But I'm coping alright. I suppose.

Uni isn't too bad. I don't like Anthropology or Biology much, but am loving Archaeology and liking History. Yeah I know - I'm doing a pretty broad range of subjects. Planning to major in archaeology and biological anthropology. Am sooo looking forward to the subjects I'll be able to do next year! ;-)
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[27 Apr 2004|10:18pm]
Gah! Sometimes I am totally retarted!

Once again (as this topic always comes up - especially when talking to older people) I talked to a person about what I wanted to do at Uni. I actually replied with a definite answer as well: Forensic Anthropology as a science/arts double degree.

Ok. No problem there. Except I'm not sure whether I actually want to do that.

In the last year I have seriously considered many different degrees and courses I want to do. All of these were influenced by things around me at the time. Here's a list of them in roughly the order 'I wanted to be...'

Historian: Because I loved doing history in highschool and got the best grades in the year (though that still didn't earn me the History prize at the end. I so deserved that more than Anneka. <--- Still holding a grudge)

Forensic Anthropologist: Started reading Kathy Reich's series of books where the heroine is an forensic anthropologist who helps to solve cases in Montreal and Charlotte. My enthusiasm for this wanned a lot when at the college open night I was told I'd have to do chemistry (or it would be good if I did) to do that at Uni. I didn't mind chemistry during highschool, but I didn't want to study it at college.

Journalist: I was doing journalism as my media course and had so much fun interviewing people and researching. I also good grades doing it. :-) Hurrah!

Lawyer/historian: Wouldn't it be cool if I could make all of those historic sites stay around forever somehow?

Archeologist: My enthusiasm about history and digging started up again. Probably from reading a historical fiction novel.

Journalist/Secret Agent: I can totally blame this one on Helen Feilding's latest book Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination. As of yet I haven't mentioned this one to anybody else - I know that Nick would roll his eyes, Mum would laugh, and my friends would say I could totally do it (which I could! They don't know how much I actually lie to them when they think I'm telling the truth. Hee!) while meaning 'as if!'. Oh - and I always want to expose huge international secrets that the people have a right to know.

Forensic Anthropologist: Yes again. This time it's been bought on by an authobiography titled The Bone Woman written by Clea Koff. Totally awesome book. I haven't finished reading it since I only started last night (about this time actually) but am already over half way through it.

Hrmm... I really need to start thinking properly and seriously about stuff like this. And what I'm going to do next year.

Mum and Dad tossed an idea to me for next year. If Dad took a contract at a Third World sorta place where it's not a nice family job place - I could go across as an Volunteer worker and help the people there. I would love to do that. Missionary work sort of - but not religious. Or I mean if they wanted me to, I could, I definitely have enough understanding of the Catholic religion to... But anyway - This would fuel my need to do something useful as well helping people that really need it. And I wouldn't be there by myself. Dad would be close by (maybe Mum as well).

Hrmm... I do wonder if they meant it seriously or as a joke - because I was really enthusiastic about the idea. It's better than working full time here or starting to study: which in the end would be useless to all, since I'd probably change courses in the end anyway.

I would really like to do that. Give me time away - but helping people that really need it.

That's something I think my occupation would have to do in some way.
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[20 Apr 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Hit me Baby one more time - the non Britany Spears version ]

I have emails still in my Inbox dating from over a year ago. Why do I keep them? Especially when I have such limited space. I know why I keep all of DT's - because she's my Alex and I adore her and want to be able to read over everything she has said for the past year. :-)

But I have emails from people I don't even see and hardly talk to anymore. Except on those rare occassions where we all make an effort and get together. Which happens about once every four to six months.

I suppose I keep these emails because it reminds me of them. So at least I can go "I should give him a call... Or perhaps I should email her..." and not entirely forget about them. It's also so I remember what we used to have.

Memories are important things to me. I keep everything. I date everything. Photo's especially. Place, date, who's in the photo, what's it about. Everything. I have all my personal photo's seperated into categories, then into the different years. The majority of them are from highschool. I have hardly any of college. I really should get more. I need some. For the documentation and history of it all.

I also keep letters. Dating back literally years ago. Ones from my cousin in Newcastle when we were twelve or so, short messages from Nanna Monice which came with unique and different gifts, postcards sent by Dad from Rwanda and Cambodia - not only mine but Adam and Nick's as well.

Mum and I were in my room the other night just sitting and talking on my room. She was fascinated by the amount of things I have in there. She would ask me what something was and I could reply with how, who or where I got it from. *L* My room is made of memories. The purple fan above my bed I've had since I was around six - Dad bought it back from Cambodia. Same with the beautiful, but now slightly broken jewellry box.

The crystal hanging off my window I got given by Yasmin for a birthday, as with the saggo charm I have tied to a leather band around my wrist. Also on that leather band is a chinese (?) coin that Jerome gave me while we were 'dating'. I still have the piece of metal that held a rose quartz Adrian gave me for my fourteenth birthday, as well as the ribbon I used as a necklace for it.

I also have all of the Christmas cards and letters send by Vher's on my wall - and I have fun pointing out each one and telling people about the person who sent it when they ask. I also have the dream-catcher that DT made me hanging above my bed suspened by a piece of ribbon attached to my purple mozzie net. There are also purple sparkly stars hanging off the same net, tied there by Amanda and Laura when they decorated my room for my seventeenth birthday.

My chest of drawers and bedside table I will remember as having still been drunk when I went shopping the day after Matt's Party and The Car Incidient for them with Mumsy.

I could keep on going - nearly everything has some significance and emotional attachment to me that is in that room. It's terrific being able to remember - the good and the bad. It's all important.

Anyhow - I think that's why I keep those emails. They have an important significance to me. When I feel that it's time I'm sure that I'll delete them, but at the moment I still need them to be there.

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[13 Apr 2004|03:57pm]
Hrmm... Since this journal has turned in to my "Teenage Angst Journal" I'm going to keep it that way. :-)

Joe and I are all cool. Actually we spent last night driving round in my car together trying to find something interesting to do. Of course we didn't! Oh well...

They've all gone off to the coast today till Thursday. And the ones that didn't are going down tomorrow. How sad. I'm stuck here all by myself. *sigh* At least it gives me time to do that stupid Bio research I need to do. It's actually not boring, but I just don't feel like doing it. How annoying.
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[22 Mar 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I promised myself to never say "I love you" to a person except if I was sure. I can say it to friends and family - because it's alright in that context, but never to a person that I'm attracted to. Why? Because it gives the wrong impressions totally and it doesn't really mean anything. When I say it - I want to mean it. That's why I refuse to use it so willy-nilly as some do.

I have never gone against that thing (I could call it a rule - but that sounds so restircting) of mine...

Except for on Saturday night.

More stuff happened in that car then I remembered - or I do remember in flashes. I think I mainly remembered the ear-nibbling and neck biting because I was doing that constantly to him. Hrmm... I was wondering what my hands were doing during that time - and today I found out. I also found out how I ended sprawled on the seat - something which I did wonder about yesterday.

That's sounds very misleading. Ok - as I've said in my GL that didn't happen. Mainly because Joe stopped me. I was putting my hands into his pockets and that's when he was saying stuff like "But Alyce, we're friends...etc, etc, etc". He stopped that pretty quickly by just making me hold his hands. Hrmm... Apparently we sat like that for about ten minutes then Jake came and tried to make Amanda hop into the car. But I wouldn't let the door be opened so Joe had to lean across me to do it for Jake and I went "So you like it like that hrmm..." to him. That's when he pretty much jumped out of the car.

Gee - it feels good to write it down. I only found out about this incident this afternoon. Actually when Matt asked me what I remembered from sitting there with Joe in the car and I just said ear and neck nibbling and he went "You should talk to Joe". It was actually by luck that I meet them at Gloria Jeans - which turned out really good because I was dying of curiosity by then! Joe and I walked on ahead and he told me everything that I did.

I hope he's alright with it though... I really don't know. I can't tell. I'm terrible at stuff like this.

I even turned to spending nearly an hour outside at the basketball hoop with Jack Johnson playing to try and figure it out. Too bad it didn't work.

All this wouldn't really worry me because usually I would just laugh it off. But since I am attracted to Joe it makes it all the more "what the feck do I do now?" thing. Then again we haven't actually talked-talked about it. Maybe we'll do that tomorrow or something, and I can find out how he feels about it all.

The main thing about this really choppy and probably incomprehensive entry is:

While I feel sorry for putting Joe in that position, I don't regret one thing of what I said or did.

I think he was shocked when I said I didn't regret or wasn't ashamed of anything I did - only about not remembering it. Hrmm... Oh well. Just have to see what happens like usual.

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[14 Mar 2004|01:45am]
Does life seem fair at times? No - not really.

Do people leave you alone when you need them? Yes - they do.

Do these people think that you actually need them? No - they don't

Do you need them? Yes - I do at the moment.

I don't like being alone in this house. It's alright if you can sleep, or you know when another person who lives there is coming home - that's alright. They'll be there when you wake up and everything will be alright. But if you don't know - if you need somebody with you - and they all turn you away - then what do you do? Cry? Go on the net and try to replace their presence? Yes - you do - because you are totally scared.

It's not your fault your house makes strange noises that your still not used to - or has a resident possum that sounds like a witch crackling outside your window - or just has dark corners and rooms. Damn it all! At least one could have stayed. At least them I wouldn't be crying. And it's not the alcohol since it doesn't do this to me. Depression does - being by myself at this time at night - with all the big windows and next to the mountain does.

It is really scary. Despite what they might think. It is!
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[13 Mar 2004|08:51am]
Hrmm... I'm becoming much better friends with Yo Yo. I'm not sure whether it's because we were both the only girls at Blake's place last night for the majority of the night and we were drinking quite a bit so we *bonded* or just... *shrug*

Anyhow - she called me special. And actually meant it as well, which makes it just terrific. I felt so good about myself (and still do). And she kept on kissing me on the cheek as well. *g* That was nice as well - I never get kissed on the cheek by friends and stuff - so twas nice.

We've made an 'appointment' to go for a walk Wednesday lunchtime. She said this is what she does with people who she considers special. *yays* Should be fun - because it's just so easy to talk to her.
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[08 Mar 2004|05:50pm]
Ok... Wonderful thing with one of best mates did soooo not work out.

But at least we've gotten rid of the 'What if?' factor of it - so now we know for sure.

That's the best thing I think - or so I've been saying since last Saturday. At least I have friends who don't totally understand my feelings about it. :-)
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[10 Feb 2004|08:18am]
Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.

That is just so damn true!
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[13 Jan 2004|02:07am]
I never update here anymore. Oh well - what a better time to do it now then. :-)

I didn't end up having been fallen for that guy. Chris was his name. I realised all he can bloody well talk about is his stupid hair (which looks ridiculous), dance music, and him. Boring!

Now I'm back 'together' with Adrian. Strange eh? We were 'going-out' way back about two/three years ago. End of year nine, or was it year eight. Erg... Can't remember. One of them. Year eight. Yes. I think that was when we 'went out'. Well ever since we broke up I had regretted it. Yes even to this very year - I'd been saying "why did I do that?"

Things have changed now. I've changed. For the better I like to think. The biggest change in my life was something that just happened so gradually though. Best friends. And then it moved onto something else. I don't really like the word boyfriend. It seems to juvenile - but I suppose that's what we now are.

Am I happy? Yes

Am I following my heart? Yes

What I truely feel, not what I think I feel? Yes

Is it right? How the heck would I know.

Hrmm... I might sound fickle by writing this, but... It feels normal.
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Confused with no one to turn to... [24 Sep 2003|07:19pm]
Oh yes... Confused indeed. I've fallen. Again. This feels like when I fell for Adrian - good or bad news? I really don't know. What's even worse is that I don't know if he 'likes' me that way as well. Typical teenager stuff right? Sort of, I suppose.

What do you do? I don't have experience with stuff like this. Except from what I've read out of novels. And I don't think pushing him away is going to help.

Grah - I don't like not knowing what to do. I really really really don't.
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Will it ever be the same [22 Aug 2003|11:32pm]
I went out to the movies with a bunch of people from my old school. To say the least it was strange. I think that Adrian only really invited me since I rang him up to say happy birthday and asked what he was doing tonight. Hmm... Anyhow - It was fun, but strange.

Like in highschool we used to have these segregated groups, but now that we're all in college (and I've gone away to a different one than them) it's changed. For the better I think. It seems as if three groups have merged. And I was being all friendly to people who last year I wouldn't have been. I felt like I had grown up. But at the same time, moved on as well. Like I know that I can't ever really be a part of their group and be perfectly comfortable with them. With Adrian and the guys I can be, but the girls, *shrug*, it's always been like that anyway.

Since everybody got there, it actually felt like Adrian was staying close to me, as if to make me feel included. This actually made me feel pretty bad because it was his birthday and I wanted him to enjoy it. Silly boy - he should know by now that I can look after myself. And I did only go to school with these people for four years. It was sweet of him though. :-) I don't know if the others noticed. I think that they did - and that maybe they think 'something' is up between us. Hardly. I let the oportunity go ages ago. Of my own free will as well.

Though I'm not sure about anything anymore. I flatly lied to my best girl friends tonight, saying I was staying at home to study when in truth I went to a movie instead. Bad. Yes. I felt bad for a split second. But it was Adrian's Birthday, and I did want to see him. Especially after asking for his help with my e.m.a*. I'm picking him up on my way back from work tomorrow night, then we'll come back here. It will just be us since the rest of my family has lives and are all going out. I wonder if it will be uncomfortable? Maybe? I hope not. I really do want to keep up my friendship with him.

I can stand to loose Yasmin. Hell - I already have considering the way that she's treated me recently. And Dom. But not Adrian or Amanda. Definitely not Amanda. Who else can understand exactly what I'm saying without actually saying it. Not Claire - not Laura (at least not yet).

Hmmm... I'll report back tomorrow night or Sunday on how it all goes. Hopefully good. And hopefully I'll get lots of help with my e.m.a ! I really do need it!

Note: e.m.a stands for evil maths assignment
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The Adrian Asking...? [21 Aug 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Once again I'm having trouble with a maths assignment. Won't I ever get one where I can do it all by myself? *sigh* So far - no.

Mum thinks that I should ask Adrian to help me. He doesn't go to my school and he does do AME math on two lines and got the top grades for last semester in it out of Year Eleven. 99.5 and 99.4!

But then if I ask for help I'll feel bad. Like I'm using him or something. Because he doesn't really have any trouble with any of his other subjects - except maybe getting me to proof read an essay or something englishly or religioiusly. And even then - ....

*sigh* I really need help. And my friends at my school are all really competetive. Not to mention moral. And I don't won't to seem stupid to them - whereas Adrian knows that math isn't my greatest subject, especially assignments in it. Mum thinks that he won't mind. I don't think that he would. He wouldn't have minded last year. But it's been half a year since then, and honestly I have no clue.

Should I?

On top of that - it's his birthday tomorrow. And that's when I'll have to ring and ask for help, since I'm now working all weekend (I was only meant to be on Saturday, but Aiden came down with galangila fever (sp?) so now I have to work Sunday as well), and it's due in on Monday.

I don't know what to do. I really don't. Could something happen between us if he helps. It's always been a sort of dream of mine to be like study buddies with him. Gee that sounds lame. And I know I gave up the oportunity of having a relationship with him - but now we're both older (and hopefully wiser) than what we were in 2000 - 2001. It's been three years this September.


Undecided. Will sleep on it, and see if Matt will help me during our free periods. If he can't/won't/isn't there/don't get through everything then I shall ring him.

I was going to ring him anyway - because it's his birthday and to have a chat, maybe I could just slip in it - sneaky like - but then since he knows me (and I'm not that sneaky around people I know) he would just guess, or I'd state it outright bluntly.

Let's just see what tomorrow brings, Hmm....

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*pondering* [16 Aug 2003|09:50am]
Sometimes I get this feeling of being left out. Okay then - not sometimes - most times. Is it because I delierately exclude myself? Or make myself unapproachable? I can be a bit like that, but usually I'm just being quiet. Especially in RL. Or I feel like I could add nothing important - that hasn't already been said - or that what I say won't be intelligent enough. Oh yes, I think about that, and it does make me shut my mouth a lot of the time.

I want to be approachable. I would like for people to come up and start talking to me. Not in RL. But on the net. In RL I prefer sticking with my mates and people I know - less chance of a) being humiliated as it so often happens b) not having to put up with more idiots and c) most of the time my mates get me even if I make no sense.

But on the net it's different. I don't have to say things straight off the top of my head. I can think. And think. And think. Then answer if I wish to do so. Or lurk. What ever suits my fancy. There's no preconcieved ideas of me. I'm not 'that girl who's always reading in class', 'the strange one who hangs out with those people.' It's just me. Little, boring me.

I realised recently that I don't really have many close friends on the net. My first was probably Vera, who I've gotten back in touch with after nearly (maybe over) half a year. She had contacted me from where I had left my email details on a Tamora Pierce penpal list. It was terrific talking to her - but then we sort of ran out of things to talk about.
After that I started to attempt to mingle more at Vh. This was mainly during VHX. I don't know why I did. Probably because I was bored and lonely in RL. When Vh went down for that time in January, I even started to post some comments in peoples journals. Looking back I wonder where I got the courage to do that from. I don't think that I could actually convey how happy and joyful I was when I wasn't ridiculed or mocked for doing so. To put it lightly I was ecstatic.
Then Vh came back up and I found that I was a Prefect. Scarily enough. At that time I couldn't even access Vh at home since my computer was broken. That was one time when I felt like I belonged. Like I was part of a larger thing - important somewhere, somehow. The people in RL who saw me, and had to put up with my Vh-talk could easily state how much it meant to me, to even just be considered.

I felt liked. Like by real friends. I don't even know any of you all that well though. As much as I would like to anyhow.

Heh, I just thought about that slashers competition - one good thing did come out of that christmas competition that I tried to start up - I met DT. I had seen her name round on the board and such, but we got talking through email, and I'm happy to say - still am. Actually all of the emails are saved somewhere in my folder. *g*

I've gone off track. Way way off track. But that doesn't matter. It never would.
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Downfall on the good stuff [26 Jun 2003|09:52pm]
[ music | Ti-Pi-Tin - The Andrew Sisters ]

Pop's sick. He needs a blood transfusion. I'm thinking of going up there for a visit. This week would be ideal since I haven't been roastered on work and won't need swap any shifts - unfortunetly Mum has to be at work, so I'd be going up by myself somehow (bus or train) and I'll have to be back before Saturday. Before Friday night even.

I've never thought about losing any of my family. It's always been a worry in the back of my mind. Especially with Dad. Doing peacekeeping and stuff, army, and now UN. I've always felt for Mumsy. Though now -- things are happening, and I don't want them to. Oh... I could be childish and cry and stamp my feet and lament over how I don't want any of this to happen, but I'm not going to.

They're not to sure what's wrong with Pop. All that we know so far, is that his red blood cells are decreasing while his white (I presume) are staying the same. Mum used the termonology "the red blood cells are eating eachother" when telling me. She says that it could be lukemia (sp?).

Then, everybody is worried about Nan because of her memory. And it is getting worse. Like I could have a conversation with her and we talk about Nick at the beginning of the conversation, then only about fifteen, twenty minutes later, she asking me again. Even Adam picked up on it all when he rang last week.

I want to go up and visit -- but I don't know if I'll be strong enough to do it. I want to help. Somehow. I've always wanted to write a family history of sorts. Like I started researching my family history ages ago, but then school (even though it was only highschool) at the time became to busy, and I kept on putting it off. I want to record everything. They're lives. Memories. Family history.

I don't want to lose them. I really don't.

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Hoping for the better things to come [06 Jun 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | crying ]
[ music | Electric Blue - Icehouse ]

I got told some pretty distressing news last night from Mumsy Dearest. I'm not sure as to whether to write it down here. I know that not many nearly none actually read - or for that fact know about it. I suppose that I will write it, since I need to put it down somewhere, and putting it on paper isn't the same. I know. I tried last night after I heard the news.

Mum told Nicholas and myself last night that Pop went for some tests with the doctor, and he hasn't gotten the results yet, but the doctor thinks that they might be bad. Bad, as in cancer bad. Of course - the results aren't back so we don't actually know anything definent yet - and for the love of all the gods I hope that it's not going to be so.

Pop's always been there in my life. We've never lived in the same town as any of relatives, but we always go up to Newcastle to visit them. I love listening to Pop talk about his youth and adventures. Just about randomness thats happened. Interesting little facts. I remember the year all of us went up there for Christmas. *L* I was about five and caught the chickenpox then straight afterwards got the German Measles. Hee... I also remember the huge earthquake that happened.

I had a fascination with drawing the front of my Nan and Pop's house at one stage. I used to try to draw every single detail, then colour it in. *g*

The sudden news that something may be wrong (hopefully not), has caused me to think more philosophically then usual. Pop's Catholic. I was divided last night by a decision to pray to his God or to my Gods. I choose mine. But in honour for his (the rest of my mother's side of the family) I'm now wearing my gold cross. I wasn't sure whether to put it on this morning. I've always had strong viewpoints that go against the Catholic church and felt that I'd be betraying my beliefs by doing so.

But I did it. I placed on the gold cross that I wore during all of my Catholic religious sacraments. Come to think of it - Nan and Pop were there for the majority of them. All of them maybe. I always tell myself that I'm going to wear it unless specifically asked to by Mum - yet I put it on, and went to school with it on. Though, to stop at least some of my guilt over it, I also placed a symbol of my own beliefs around my wrist.

In a way - I was representing both sides of me today. The past - the future.

It may sound so stupid to you all that I was having a moral dilemna over wearing a cross - but for me, it signifys the length of what I would go to not to lose my Pop. It is my way of praying.

One day I'll write in here what I believe, and go into great detail. But to understand that you would have to know me. Like properly know me. And at this moment - nobody does. Not in RL or Vh.

Dear Gods I hope that Pop doesn't have cancer. I don't think that Mum or Nan could cope without him now. I really don't.

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Bler to them both [23 May 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | Blerd ]
[ music | Love Man - Otis Redding - Dirty Dancing Soundtrack ]

If there's one thing that bothers me the most it would have to be when Mum gets angry at Nick and starts stomping round the house getting all angry. Then she starts complaining to me when blantly I don't care. But it's not like I can actually say that to her, right? Because then she'll probably get stropy with me and birth kittens about it. Gah...

I love Mum and everything, but times like this - she just gets way to overbearing. Yeah, sure Nick shouldn't have left the house in a mess, been drinking beer all day, while shagging a girl he meet a month ago. Ok - the shagging part *shrug* who could care less. She seems like a nice girl. Drinking beer all day long after being out all night - Maybe he should have given it a rest, slept off what he drank last night - not called in sick for work and actually gone to Uni.

*sigh* It's time's like this I wish I had somewhere else outside the house that I could retreat to. Gah...

I've holed myself up in the computer room. And am not going out till I desperately need food, drink, or to sleep. Or I get really really bored. But I doubt that since I've decided to actually do some much needed school work for media. Which will be fun.

I feel like talking to someone about nothing and everything.

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Aiden's Story [21 May 2003|11:08pm]
Ok, Aiden has sent me the Prologue and first little bit of his novel. He wants me to read over it for him. I said that I would. Haven't started it yet. Am saving it for tomorrow's english lesson. I figure I may as well do something englishly in english - the gods know it will be more than what I usually do. ;)

Anyhow - I hope that he realises that I'm just going to be honest and blunt about what I think. He should. And I'll try to let him down - but for some reason I think he can tell when I'm lying. Gah... Stupid big eyes.
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Friends [18 May 2003|04:45pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I don't like it when my friends are sad. It makes me sad. And want to cry for their pain. I want to reach over to them and give them a hug. I want to say something but I don't know what to say. I'm not a good friend.

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