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Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
1:19 am - Such a Loss. So young.
It was too late, Lutetium had passed out. She slipped into the land of Shadows again.

The shadows are closing in. She can feel it. She shudders. She screams but no sound is heard. A flash of light appears. Calming, soothing.

'Calm down my child,' says a friendly voice.

'You again...but who are you?'

'A friend.'

The shadow returns. The fires of Mount Doom are spurting in the background. A hand reaches out. A hand. A human hand? An elven hand? A hand.

It touches her shoulder she turns and smiles.

'My lord.'

The same scene yet different...time has passed...and the smile has vanished.

'My lord...the voices...the pain. '

She collapses. The scene moves on. The calm is back...light...trees...singing. Laments? Who for?

'Who do you sing for,' she asks to no one.

'We sing for you,' a voice replies.

'For me,' she gasps. Disbelieve is evident.

'Such a loss. So young...Such a loss so young...such a loss, so young...'

The words are repeated over and over again.

Lutetium woke up. 'Such a loss. So young.'

She was still here...a strange elf was standing over her...what was going on...deep breathes. Relax. Cursed visions! Now she was in hobbit form again! And she was trembling.

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
10:19 pm - Another test
I keep finding these tests lying around. I did this one as well.

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive 15.8%
Humps fire hydrants when nobody's looking
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 0%
Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Fucking Sick42.5%
Don't look in the basement
You are 25.32% pure
Average Score: 67.2%

This is a better score than the last one. I am demurely pleased. Although, I must ask, what is a fire hydrant? And who is this Dr. Frank-n-Furter?

current mood: pleased

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
5:08 pm - Shadows
In the Land of Mordor where Shadows Lie...

A figure ahead lets her long hair blow in the wind, as her head is trapped in her hands...

'Stop..stop...I can hear them...I can see them..I feel it all...'

The scene swirls into another...a forest. Soft hands placing cloths on, so hot. Now cool. No pain. more shadows.

'Where are the Shadows? Where is my Lord? Where am I?'

'Quiet now. You must not speak,' a gentle voice. A familiar voice.

'Who are you?'

Before a response comes the scene changes yet again. The road of the previous visions appears again. Which way to coose. A voice is screaming in pain in the direction of the shire. Blessed silence is in the other.

'Who is screaming,' asks a voice against the blowing wind.

The wind throws the words back, twisting them around to form an answer, 'You are screaming, you are screaming!'

With this I awoke. I looked around. I was sweating most un-demurely. I surely would never scream in such a unbecoming fashion. It must be someone else that I had dreamed of. Yes, that has to be it. But that other voice. It sounded so familiar. Caressing. Curse my blasted memory! What would I possibly have to do with Mordor?

What does it matter now? I fancy a bit of something...*licks lips*

current mood: distressed

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
2:04 pm - Sentimental Tripe and more!
My Darling boy, tristan_thor is hurting. So is the absolutely exquisite shinyshinyooh. I have already decided to take matters into my demure hands. That along with several other things...*smiles wickedly demurely*

Oooh, I am feeling exceptionally dizzy...must good I am in my room for once....*falls in a faint*

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
11:33 pm - The audacity!
I heard him yell it. I paused and was about to storm back in there and set him straight (as if that would happen) but thought better of it.

He will come when I'm ready...oh, yes he will...

*ahem* Just bear in mind that I am not evil, just demurely intelligent. And now I have another twist in the plot, the little vampire has also proven to be quite enterprising. I alway like a evil little enterprising vampire. He is giving away free pictures of me, naked. He is using low quality photos though. He would surely know that a high quality pictures of me lying demurely in the buff would fetch a pretty penny as I am almost every young male's wet dream.

My little Dibdab minion has informed me that frotthy_latte has been made aware of the absence of one of her possessions. As always, I am a few steps ahead of everyone else. The evidence cannot be traced back to me. It never can. Who would suspect demure little me?

All this evil plotting demure thinking was going to make me have another flashback...something I can't afford to happen at this crucial moment...

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
11:15 am - All the powers above...
I had to come back to my room after the incident in the Great Hall. What could have possesed the boy to experiment with the Malfoy blood? That was just wrong. Now I am drained in every since of the word, and it is not very demure. I must eat. I shall call upon my little dibdab minion to bring me some food, since I obviously did not get any in the hall.

Ahh, here it is now. Lots and lots of yummy, yummy food. The hobbit in me likes it. Mmmm, so good.

I was afraid in my drained state I might have another blast form the past, and then would not have been demure of me.

The dibdab is still in my room. Oh, yes...payment for the evil work I have them perform.

Excuse me...payment done.

Back to food. It is ever so yummy (must try to eat in more demure fashion)...

current mood: drained

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Monday, April 21st, 2003
1:34 am - Mind blowing
Lutetium's head was swimming. She had had a night of wild passion...(or was it an incident?) of wild passion with Alexander. Amazingly the world had not come to an end. They had worked around it, although there had been several tremors...

She had wandered back to her room with a demure smile plastered across her face. Life was good. Very, very, very good.

Well, there was the incident with Brian. She had gone to apologise. He had thrown her out of his room. Her eyes narrowed thinking about it. She had a feeling that she would be apologised to very shortly. What kind of punishment could she use?

Her little Dibdab minion had reported to her before she went to see Alexander and had told her some very interesting things. She would have to use them for her advantage.

She wasn't evil, just intelligent.

current mood: giddy

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Saturday, April 19th, 2003
8:42 pm - Apologies
Lutetium was starting to feel slightly guilty at leaving Brian explanationless after her spell in her room the other day. On of the Dibdabs had told her that the poor boy had been quite upset.

She hadn't meant to make him upset, she just rather not explain her visions to people who wouldn't understand, as she herself did not understand was going on either. She felt too vunerable directly after the visions or memories, or whatever they were.

She was going to apologise to the dear boy...

In other news, her night of passion with Alexander had fallen flat, but things were looking up again, although the poor darling had been molested by the Malfoy Twins. She sneered, she had recalled being followed around by that annoying set of twins. It had been when she was as a hobbit. The little twits had almost suffocated her!

She smiled demurely, wiping the sneer from her face, and went to look for Brian...and if that failed, maybe another bit of crumpet...

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
8:18 pm - all geared up
Lady Lutetium Magnolia was feeling quite excited (as she usually is). She had gotten over her fit of earlier and was going to meet Alexander later.

She did feel slightly bad at leaving darling Brian without an explanation, but it was not something that she felt like divulging. She felt awkward enough as was. She would never want that dear child to look at her in a way that would suggest that she was freakish...that would be unbearable. Rather, she would go and talk to him at a later time and attempt to explain, or maybe just shag him and hope that he would forget any questions he might have...

She had trudged back to her room in Aurasuin in her hobbit form. She noticed a rather mad woman running through the corridors, trying to be incoscpicuos. she was tempted to laugh out loud and the woman and tell the poor crazy girl that there was no way that she was passing unknown. However she wasn't quite up to do it then...

She had gone back to her room and laid town for a little while, pondering the bit of crumpet was still around. She had no trouble getting him to bed. Maybe she would treat herself soon...

secret )

Until then she went to her wardrobe and put on her lovely black leather corset and suspenders. She put a silken emerald green robe on top of it. She glanced in the mirror and properly tousled her hair. She grabbed her whip and handcuffs and went off to Alexander's closet

current mood: ecstatic

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
3:26 pm - a stroll down the lane...
The voice this time was saying, 'In the land of Mordor, where shadows lie...'

Over and over again around in her head. It kept repeating. She was surrounded by blackness.

She opened her eyes. She was on the same lane as last time. This time it was not the shire. She looked behind her. In the distance she could see little hobbit holes. She gulped and faced the direction of the voice. It was in front of her. She saw a fiery sky in front of her. The darkeness strecthed out its hand and beckoned her come. She followed the hand. Or rather the hand pushed here along. The voice was growing louder.

Her ears were ringing with the voice. 'In the land of Mordor, where shadows lie...'

The voice was mocking her. Teasing and caressing, but altogether, terrifying.

The scene in front of her changed. She was at the edge of a battle. A great battle. The fiery sky was all around her. She saw many elves and men in front of her. She proceeded through the battlefield which was stationary. Everything was paused, as if to allow her to pass through the scene. The voice was growing softer, and now it was laughing at her. She approached the foot of Mount Doom. Before she could reach out to touch the base of the mount, everything changed again. The scene swirled into a riot of fiery colours.

She was now in a tall tower. She noticed a woman in front of her. The woman had a small smile of triumph on her face. Lutetium's eyes widened as she recognised the person it was...her!

Lutetium saw no more, she had felt a pressure on her person.

She awoke on a bed with lips enclosed around hers. What was going on? She realised that her size had changed back to that of a hobbit as it happened when the visions came. Her eyes widened in shock. What was going on? Where was she? This wasn't her room...

'Where was I,' she asked in a whisper.

current mood: scared

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Monday, April 14th, 2003
3:42 pm - purity...
Ahh, purity! I found this lovely test lying around and decided to do it. I have to say it has given me some ideas...
test )

Although, my score is higher than I thought it should be. It must be my demureness. Oh well. I must dash, I want to go and speak with that delightful queen and see how my lovely Tristan is...

current mood: creative

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Sunday, April 13th, 2003
6:27 pm - partners and such
Lutetium had glanced at a list made out by wizardprincess. In this list she had listed all the people that she had slept with. Lutetium had left a comment claiming that she had slept with at least half of that list, which was very true. She thinks. The memory comes in bursts sometimes. Sometimes everything seems so clear, and other times so fuzzy. If she dwells to long on the past she just hears that voice yelling at her, placing the blame upon her shoulders. She shudders thinking about it.

She is fairly certain that she had done Legolas, and Glorfindel. She wasn't too sure about the twins. There was something that told her 'no' about that. She couldn't remember exactly what, but there was something. Although maybe she had...

She believes that she had done something with Arwen and perhaps Aragorn, a threesome of sorts... but that was awfully fuzzy. It was something she couldn't tell Tristan. He had a crush on Arwen. It was quite sweet, in an odd way.

Ah, Tristan. He had finally asked her if she knew. No doubt he was up in his room right now dancing for joy. She had yet to talk to shinyshinyooh about Tristan. She just didn't want to see her wee pet hurt... Of course she vaguely recalled a trip to Rivendell. It to was fuzzy in her mind but it had involved Elrond and Glorfindel dressing in these ridiculous robes and...well, singing she thinks.

Back to middle earth. She thought of Lothlorien. She recalled three march of them was Haldir. He so obviously had a think for...Celeborn. Celeborn. The name seemed so familiar. What was her connection to it? Had she done him? No, she didn't think so.

She moved her attention to Rivendell again, to Figwit. And Glorfindel. Was it at the same time? On one occassion she believed so... The fellowship had left from Rivendell. She recalled the orgy where she was the only female...was that right? Ahh, the hobbits...they had been good. And Gimli, took her breathe away. Boromir, Boromir, he was quite nice although his brother had proved to be a much more sensitive lover. She had not gone near Gandalf. He was not interested in matters of a sexual nature, only some ring of sorts...

She fingered the necklace she wore. Who had given her this object? She scanned her memories and couldn't think...the image was clouded over with black.

She thought of potential partners now. So many beautiful people. She would love a bit of Alexander, but it wasn't going to happen. There is zurvan_palazzo, evilpiratequeen, stefanswanne, eternally tristan_thor, and various other students and professors she would like to shag senseless become familiar with.

She sighed and decided she would endure sqeeing of first years and took on her hobbit form for the next time she entered the Great Hall. Besides she didn't mind the embraces of strangers...

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1:56 am - outside
Lutetium was pissed off. Her eyes were flashing violet and her hair was going slightly fuzzy! The audacity of that...that...little queen!

She had stormed out of the great hall and out to the stables. She needed something. She needed something badly. Maybe the school had hired a new stable lad that would be nice...but she highly doubted it after incidents of last year.

Oh, her Tristan, her Tristan was completely smitten with the queen. Lutetium was growing more and more angry. Perhaps because she to was smitten with the sexy little bitch. The same passion didn't flare up as when she saw Alexander, but lord how she wanted that queen! Mainly because she had never done one before...

She found Dandy and hoisted herself demurely unto the horse. She felt the horse shudder beneath her. The horse could sense her anger. She tried to calm down as she gently patted the horse and caressed its rump. Its rump was so smooth...okay, she was practically gagging for it but she drew the line at shagging her horse.

She enjoyed the rhythmic motion of the gallop of the horse. She lolled her head back and slowly began to regain her demureness. A small smile began to play on her lips. She would have Aura, make no mistake about that. She would retain her poise. She couldn't fall to pieces every time made a comment that was so true like that was made.

It was already decided. She would let comment slide. It was forgotten.

Her eyes returned to their emerald shade. Her horse stopped trembling as she felt the tension leave her body. She pushed foward at a gallop through the grounds, letting her hair tumble behind her. She truly was an exquisite sight herself.

She began to develope a mental shagging list of every potential canidate she could think of. It soothed her. She realised that she had already done many people on the list, but would willingly do them again...

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current music: the sound of horse hoofs

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Saturday, April 12th, 2003
1:18 pm - The morning after
Lady Mags awoke refreshed the next morning. She strethed her lithe body gracefully in her bed and smiled cheekily, to no one. She had had the most pleasant dreams. They involved darling Tristan. She had re-enacted there passionate moments. It was most excellent.

She arose from her bed and realised that she was back in her elven maid form. The ran her hands along the length of her body and then grasped the edges of the now too short cotton shift she had slept in and gently removed in. She walked over to her waredrobe and removed a gown of the darkest green. It complimented her eyes the best.

She was going to go riding this morning. Dandy had not been ridden in awhile, besides she needed the excercise. First she would grace the Great Hall with her presence for some breakfast. She wondered if the sorting cermony had finished but it wouldn't vex her if it hadn't. She would simply go into the hall and ingest some of the lovely food that would certainly be set out and be on her way.

She slipped her body into the elven gown, it had been a gift...but from whom? She furrowed her brow, her eyes slowly clouded over with a violet glaze. She pondered for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders and fingered the chain and ring around her neck. She walked over to her mirror to tousle her hair in the way she desired it to hang. She walked over to her bureau and removed a golden yellow cord that she would wear as a belt. She slipped her whip on it before knotting it in a most becoming way.

She made her way out of Aurasuin house grabbing her favourite play, A Midsummer's Night Dream by a William Shakespeare. She had been introduced to the writings of the earthly being several years ago by a companion of hers. although the prose was no where as enchanting as elvish ballads, it was bearable for a mortal.

She smiled demurely as she exited the tower and made her way to the great hall.

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12:56 am - Memory Lane
She was walking down a little lane through the Shire. She didn't know that it was the Shire but something inside her told her that it was. she heard sobbing as she moved along. Who was crying? Why were such tears being shed? The were tears of mourning. She longed to wrap her arms around the source of the anguish and wish all the pain away.

Suddenly she was surrounded by darkness and she heard a maniacal laugh. She saw an elegant finger pointing at her. A disembodied voice was shouting at her.

'It is all your fault! All your fault! My wee poppet! Gone! For you! You monstrosity! Get out! Get out!'

The screaming echoed in her ears. She began to run from the voice. But she was surrounded by it. It kept whispering in her ears, sounds of blame travelled through her head. She could take it no more, with a sob she dropped to the ground and wept on the brown earth.

She woke up suddenly. She was on the floor at the base of the staircase leading up to Aurasuin. Her eyes were filled with tears. She noticed how the elven garments drooped on her now hobbit frame. With a sniff she gathered up her robes and preceded up the staircase. She hoped no one had seen her in this state. She had a reputation to uphold.

She walked up the staircase with the voice still echoing in her head, the accusing words confronting her around every turn of the stair. She pushed the words out of her mind as she made it to her bed. She removed her long dress and slid into a cotton shift before slipping between her satin sheets.

She huddled in the corner of the bed, longing to forget the events that had just happened. Longing for strong arms to wrap around her and never let go. At times she longed to rememer, but when that happened, the pain and hurt, she always wanted to forget again. She slowly unravelled her thoughts and began to wind them up again, twisting the events of the sorting ceremony around to cover the incident down the stairs.

'Remain demure,' she said to herself. With that thought she drifted into a soundless sleep.

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Friday, April 11th, 2003
9:42 pm - the night falls
Lutetium left the great hall that evening with very peculiar thoughts running through her head. There was so much beauty aroung the hall. It was overwhelming. There was also the footsy that she was playing with Alexander. Oh, God. The passion, the power. She had almost lost control there and then. And it was only the first night back! She would have to curb her emotions.

Suddenly she was overcome by a violent tremor. She grasped her head in her palms and screamed in anguish. A blinding pain seared through her eyes. She saw a white flash and collapsed into a dead faint.

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4:56 pm - enter lady lutetium
Lady Lutetium floated into the Sorting ceremoiny slightly late. Her eyes were shining. She had decided that elven was the way to look for this ceremony. She was rewarded by several looks from both sexes in the surrounding hall.

Lady Lutetium was in her sixth year here at Suewarts. She was almost through with her time here. Thankfully. She was ready to graduate into canon, plus their was a complete lack of elegible bachelors...not that she minded married lovers...anything goes.

She glanced around the hall scanning the faces for any new possible prey. Lady Mags was a man-eater, but she wasn't limiting herself to just the men. Her eyes passed over Alexander sitting at the Hadesium table. She winked at him. Her sexual energy was only matched by his, she respected him for this. She glanced at the professors and caught the eye of Professor Palazzo and wondered where Professor Swanne could be, recalling his finely sculpted body and penchant for domineering women...

She decided that she would attempt to be sorted again this year. She and the hat had an ongoing relationship. She had been working on ways to entice it changing its mind. It is hard offering a sorting hat sexual favours though. Over her years at Suewarts, Lutetium had been sorted into all the houses at least once. She prefered Aurasuin out of them all. This is where she wanted the hat to place her this year.

She walked up to the hat and placed it demurely on her head.

'Oh. It is you, again, Lady Lutey,' said the hat.

Lutetium despised being addressed by this and tried to curb her anger.

'Of course it is me. Who else do you know has as a head as screwed up and yet ever so demure as this,' she whispered caressingly to the hat.

'You are back at your tricks again, Lutey? Are you trying to get into Aurasuin?'

Lutetium clenched her teeth as her eyes flashed violet signaling a temper that was about to erupt. She tried to cover her anger.

'Attempting to be demure, eh Lutey? Well I'm not going to let you slide. I am going to put you in Aqumortum. You still are so angsty aren't you? Maybe I should put you in Hadesian, although you aren't evil enough fo that house. What was that? Remember, Lutey I can hear your thoughts,' the hat cackled in her ear.

Lutetium had been thinking of how good Alexander was looking at the moment at the mention of Hadesian. Then her eyes wandered over to Tristan. He may prefer to be called Thor but he was always Tristan to her. In her head they had re-enacted the great romance of Tristan and Isolde many times...although in reality it was only that one time, she thinks, she has trouble remembering...

'Best keep you away from Alexander,' the hat said deviously into her ear, 'and from Thor as well. I think I will place you in Aurasuin.'

She whipped off the hat as soon as it said that. She had got it to say what she desired. The hat began to sputter saying it wasn't done yet as Lutetium went to join her fellow demure and intelligent Sues. She wandered why there were so many bloody butterflies around...

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