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[30 May 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | sore ]

stuff... i got this in an email... manda luvs surveys!

[ x ] full name: amanda jane _______ (HA, NOT TELLING YOU, INTERNET STALKER!)
[ x ] birthday: 2-13-__ (rejected AGAIN, my internet sweetheart)
[ x ] what color pants do you have on right now: ok, this may sound weird, but i'm not wearing pants... its hot, ok?!
[ x ] what is the last thing you said?: "hahahahahaha!" <~ does laughing count?
[ x ] last 4 digits of phone #: 2907
[ x ] last thing you ate: i'm eating Lil Caesar's breadsticks, mmmmmm
[ x ] weirdest name you've ever heard: Scotti Scott (used to be my best friend... why am i so unlikable? :× No WaiT, she switched schools...) or that name Neil sent me as a message one time... hahah
[ x ] if you were a crayon what color would you be?: probably that blue green color thats kick face
[ x ] last movie you saw?: push mama from the train, though i didn't watch it much, wonder why... O: ) *can you say NEIL?*
[ x ] have you ever really been in love?: i am now. but at the same time, it depends on the whole arguement of love. BUT I SAY I AM, AND WE'RE GONNA GET MARRIED AND LIVE IN A PINK CASTLE LIKE BARBIE!!! * throws frozen water ballon*
[ x ] who would you want to marry right now?: i am happy like it is... but Neil
[ x ] name backwards: do it yourself... nah, JP :enaj adnama
[ x ] hair up or down: up, but i wear it down to look pretty
[ x ] kids or no: eh, dunno, probably
[ x ] dog or cat: strays
[ x ] sandals or sneakers: my converses are the only way to go
[ x ] braces: NOT NO MO'! braceless free and happy to be!
[ x ] right or left: right handed
[ x ] if you could change name what would it be?: Shaniqua
[ x ] bf/gf: i don't hafta explain
[ x ] length of time in shower: wouldn't you want to know?
[ x ] religion: Christianity
[ x ] dance or wallflower: i have been known to bust a move, or randomly happy dance
[ x ] bad habits: paranoia, jealousy, nose picking... KIDDIN'!
[ x ] worst fear: dying by drowning or burning {{shudder}} that and those midget gnomes under by bed
[ x ] what color would you dye your hair?: PINK! gwen, pink, and even Rockstar Barbie know where its at
[ x ] drive: .... YOU CRAZY ....
[ x ] do you know the Muffin Man?: um, hes in my closet, so duhh
**favorites/ least favorites**
+car+ Moses/ Neons
+movie+ Edward Scissorhands or Breakfast Club/ i dunno, never really thought about it
+actor+ JOHNNY DEPP (scissorhands had me wrapped around his sharp *cut, OwiE* pinky) / Josh Harnett
+actress+ winona ryder/ JLo
+TV show+ Gilmore Girls for a while/ The Man Show \\\GaG///
+singer+ dashboard confessional/ brittney spears
+band+ juliana theory OR modest mouse/ dixie chicks
+number+ 7/ 365
+song+ for now its, Going the Distance, Cake (((HAVE TO DO IT IN A CHAIR song)))/ Glycerine, Bush OR The Amanda Show Theme Song
+book+ A Good Man is Hard to Find: Collection of Short Stories by Flannery O' Connor/ Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
+color+ bluegreen/ black ::being a depressed person, black doesn't help::
+drink+ DiteRite/ not sure
+magazine+ ALLuRe/ Playboy
+city+ Charlotte/ mount holly
+sport+ soccer/ cheerleading
--X-- nose?: maybe
--X-- tongue?: no way
--X-- lip?: nopes
--X-- bellybutton?: i have a 'tard bellybutton, so its not possible if i wanted it done.. ask me to tell you the story sometime
--X-- nipple?: NO, i luv my boobs the way they are
--X-- eyebrow?: YES, mos def, the eyebrow turns the switch
--X-- cartlidge?: yes please
|?| pepsi or coke? coke
|?| vanilla or chocolate? chocolate!
|?| root beer or dr.pepper? root beer
|?| pop or country? ew...eh... pop
|?| laughing or crying? i'm a lil too emo to tell
|?| jumping or falling? JUMPING, falling sux!

Seven things you love~
[ 1 ] God
[ 2 ] writing
[ 3 ] family
[ 4 ] music
[ 5 ] holding Neil
[ 6 ] reading
[ 7 ] NEIL, duHh :*

Seven things you dislike~
[ 1 ] math
[ 2 ] stuck up people
[ 3 ] pop music
[ 4 ] country music
[ 5 ] lustful people
[ 6 ] my mom's annoying side
[ 7 ] jonathan (sorry)

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