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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

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    black jack on a saturday night
    I am so bored. I'm listening to Sheryl Crow yet again. GOOD NEWS!!! I FOUND MY GOOD CHARLOTTE CD!!! well...I found one of them. :-/

    FOD isn't working right now which sucks but TOD is so that's weird because none of them were working last night so I figure that FOD will start to work soon since TOD is.

    Jon's mad at me yet again and he told me that and I finally told him that he was a hypcrit and I really don't give a shit if he's mad at me or not because he does the same stuff to me so he has no right to get mad at me. how hard is it for him to realize that people aren't perfect and they do make mistakes? even the 'perfect' Jon makes mistakes. what a jackass. I'm out


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    Current Music: Sheryl Corw

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