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Saturday, June 7th, 2003

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    wow........the best night ever
    Last night was Jon's birthday party even though his birthday was on the 4th......I think lol

    But anyways I'm going to write what happened at our school yesterday...... I was out in the parking lot (me and my bro are the first upperclass people to get to the school that drive) and I look out at the school(bc the parking lot is a mile away) and I'm thinking yay! They finished the senior wall and there are more colors to it now. So I walk up to it and I'm like holy fuck! Someone sprayed painted all over the senior wall and all over the school. They drew a penis on the sidewalk that said JF loves cock. and they drew a penis on a tree. and fuck JF and all this other bullshit on the wall. Anyways I felt so bad for Ashley bc she stayed at JF until 10:30 last night just so the seniors could see their wall on the last day of school but we repainted most of it except for the names.

    Anyways afterschool me and Heather went shopping for Jon's b-day present and I got three shirts from PacSun. I got Jon's preesent from Spencers bc I was going to get him the Garfield thing that you put in your car that sticks to the windows but they didn't have anymore. :( So I got him this Garfield stand thing that has a motorcycle that said "It's good to be bad." I was actually going to pay $20 dollars for the bitch but I found out it was half off at the registar. :)

    But a lot happened last night.......and I have to call Heather and talk to her about it so I will finish this later.
    Marry Me Today yes I'm wishing my life away
    Well here is what happened after me and Heather got to Jons

    Rich let us in and we talked to Kip and Jon went somewhere to get stuff so it was just me, Heather, Kip, Rich and Katie(Rich's gf) and then Nik gets there and we all talk and Rich breaks out his acoustic guitar and he asks me if I like Avril Lavigne and I was like who doesn't? Even though nobody likes her or they're not going to admit it. So she sings Things I'll Never Say which is my favorite Avril Lavigne song and I was about to cry bc it was so pretty and the way Rich was looking at her while he was playing guitar.

    Then everbody gets there and we do karyoke(sp?) and I go upstairs with Kip and make him start cooking bc I'm hungry lol and then everybody comes up there and we eat and stuff and then me and Jacob go into the living room and talk and I was sitting on his lap and then Jon comes in and hides behind the chair bc people are tickling him and then he sits on me lol and then we are all wrestling each other and we decide to go on a walk with Ashley, Sara, Jon, Carrie and Nathan and we go through some field and there is a hidden lake behind it. It was so cool. Carrie, Nathan and Ashley leave so it's just Sara, Jon, Jacob, and me but Sara's in her own little world. I'm leaning against Jacob and he has his arms around me (we're both facing forward) and so I don't why but Jon comes over there and he's facing me and Jacob and he starts hugging me. I was like o-kay! Bc Jon's not really the type of person to do that.

    But Jacob kisses me :) And then Jacob tries to get down my pants but I wouldn't let him bc I'm not even dating him and so JON tries to do something. lol but I'm gonna go now and I will finish THIS later lol

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