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Thursday, May 15th, 2003

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    Bloody Valentine
    WOW! I actually guessed my password and username. LOL I don't know what Brent's name is on here but oh well. He'll either leave me a comment or write me back. The bitch better LOL jk

    Today was a okay day. It was kind of depressing bc it's rainy and stuff and GUESS WHAT???!!!

    My mom is being a total butt! I was watching tv when I got home and we had gotten into an arguement like ten minutes before and I was watching tv and someone did something stupid and I muttered dumbass and now I'm grounded so I can't go to Justine's this weekend.

    And now Hunter won't give my cd back to Justine bc he wants to do it in person. Now I really don't care if I get the cd back or not bc I really don't want to see him. Does he not get the hint that I hate him?

    Anyways I got the first Good Charlotte cd today and I have been listening to the second one and I have bloody valentine stuck in my head. :( But it's an awesome cd though. Well both of them are. I think I'm gonna go now so later!


    Current Mood: irritated
    Current Music: Good Charlotte

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