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Wednesday, March 5, 2003



I'm just going to let you all know about me... if you guys care...

I'm Britney. You can call me Brit, Britters, or B. I'm 21. I'm bisexual. I've lived in L.A. all my life. I work at a family owned cafe called "On The Go..." *Nods slowly* I would love to become a singer or an actress though. Thats my true passion... but for now, I'm stuck here.

AIM: baby its britney. I'm usually online all the time.

Current mood: accomplished
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4:51PM - New member

Britney Spears
baby it's britrney

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Please remove:

la_brittanym Inactivity

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Please remove:


All for inactivity.

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Sunday, March 2, 2003


11:21PM - ooc:

Alright. So Josh is organizing a client bday party for March 15th. I'm kinda doing it to get everyone able to meet again. :) Joshy needs friends, damn it! Ha!

Anyway, so yeah. I'm thinking he'll need like... caterers and things. He's having the party at the club. Who all does what around here? O.o

Hehehe. Comment me here or something. :-D Laters ;)

~JC-Shaped... otherwise known as the Sexy Co-Mod ;)

Current mood: chipper
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11:41AM - Guess who's back...

[[OK i lied. I'm back. I just was in too many damn RPs. YOu know that saying you can never have too much fun, well YEA ya can. It's like RP was becoming a job for me. HELP!!! IT WAS DRIVING ME INSANE!!! So as i killed th eother 927432392874928374928743 characters I seemed to have, I went along and killed this one, which I really could have kept. So I'm back. Eep. Sorry I know I'm a pain in the ass. But ok, I"m back.]]

Current mood: amused
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Saturday, March 1, 2003


4:45PM - OOC

I have really been thinking this past week, and I came to realize that I'm just not into this anymore.

Sorry to the Ashley.

Please take me off your lists.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


12:16PM - Member Warning

The following members have until tomorrow midnight meaning 36 hours from now to update or be removed from the game.


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Tuesday, February 18, 2003



[[Leaving. Sorry, please take me off your friends lists.]]

Monday, February 17, 2003


7:40PM - Leaving - OOC

[[Sorry guys..this place is pretty much dead for me, delete me :\ ]]

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Friday, February 14, 2003


6:31PM - Member update

Please remove


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1:06AM - New member

Eliza Dushku

eliza xx la

Add her! Love her!

Just a reminder! Doing a journal check probably Saturday. Please update regularly.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003



Hello everyone. I just wanted to post here in the community real quick to introduce myself.

I'm Christina Aguilera. You can call me Christina or Chris or Chrissy or whatever.

I just recently turned 22 years old. I just started my "senior year" at UCLA. I put senior year in quotes because most seniors will be graduating in May, where as I won't graduate until December. My major is Music Business. I'll graduate with Bachelor of Science in Recording Industry degree. I wanna be a record producer, basically.

When I'm not in class, I'm modeling.

So yeah, thats basically it. I'll write a more in-depth introduction of myself in my journal later. Right now I'm hungry and I'm going to eat something and watch a little TV.

Feel free to IM me.. my screenname is sexxxy chrissy x.

Current mood: drained
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5:35PM - New member

Christina Aguilera

SN:sexxxy chrissy x

Add her! Love her!

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3:03PM - Member updates

Please remove the following for being inactive and not posting within the 48 warning period.


I'll do another clean out this weekend with another 48 hour posting window, so please keep your journals updated. I want this game kept active. We have a good bunch of people and I want to see this game around for a very long time.

All roles are open except for Britney.

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Sunday, February 9, 2003


1:39PM - Member update

Please remove


When you leave please tell me you are doing so. Don't let me find out by reading my friends page.

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1:36PM - ADMIN -- posting warning

The following need to post by tomorrow night at midnight or be removed from the game.
Christopher Kirkpatrick, Updated 1 week ago
Ryan [Paul], Updated 1 week ago
Brittany Murphy, Updated 1 week ago
Howie, Updated 1 week ago
Joel Madden, Updated 1 week ago
Nick Lachey, Updated 1 week ago
Jeff Timmons, Updated 1 week ago
Chelle, Updated 1 week ago
Willa, Updated 1 week ago
Jennifer, Updated 1 week ago
Lance, Updated 1 week ago
Ashton Kutcher, Updated 1 week ago
Alecia Moore aka Pink, Updated 1 week ago
Britney Spears Updated 1 week ago
Evan Taubenfeld, Updated 1 week ago
Christina Aguilera, Updated 2 weeks ago
Orlando, Updated Never.
Tony, Updated Never.

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Friday, February 7, 2003


2:10PM - Reminder & Member Updates

First off ... please remove the following players from the game:


Secondly ... please add someone to your list. I thought I posted about her arrival to everyone when she joined but I didn't. I am so sorry. I was having problems earlier in the week but things are better now.

So please add and love

Jennifer Lopez
J to tha HELLO

Lastly .. a little reminder to please update your journal reguarly. To those that do so I truly thank you. I know I have not been enforcing the weekly post rule as of yet, but I will if I have to. Please post so I don't have to become bitchy mod and start being more tough on the rules. It doesn't take long to make a short post to let us know you are still in the game. Some players haven't posted in awhile and they are major players that we could open the roles for someone else to come in that will be active and play and update regularly.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2003


6:51PM - Member update

Please remove:
Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Monday, February 3, 2003


12:14AM - New member

Ryan Phillippe

delirious ryan

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