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[Friday, May 21st, 2004 @ 12:24pm]
*today i get my hair cut n some new highlights*yEs*..i'll add pictures ;)!

~i get to see Brian Wed*! yeS!...but my dad wants to have a "talk" with him b4 we see each other again*...so i hope brian dont get pissed about stuff my dad is gonna say to em *n* just ruin it all~but i dun think he will!. I miss him so much!~..

Today is Ben's 21st birthday so i am goin over there with my sister *n* her husband...but No aLcOhOL *4* mE!! i am turning good for a while bc my parents already know WAY too much stuff *&* i dun wanna get even more grounded!! *((lol))* besides i dun think my sister would let me anyways~...

Hope er'1s day goes gOoD!!


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[Monday, May 17th, 2004 @ 11:34am]
Well~Brians not cheating on me..so he says* i guess i just gotta ignore what ppl say *&* trust him more*i just love him so much ~n~ i dont want to be hurt by him :( Tha school year is almost over ((n)) that means NO MORE GROUNDATION!!! yES!!...

i went and visited family this weekend..sorda fun i guess...n i went 2 tha relay for life w/ katy and brandon!...i watched SCary Movie 3 -Tha Perfect Storm- and Bring it on again!...that shit was dumb, but tha other two were tizzite!!*

Jen ((n)) Kel got to see Brian this weekend...-grrr- so not fair!!!..that makes me mad!!!


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[Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 @ 11:35am]
*~* i hate being grounded!!! it sucks!!...i miss brian so much!!..*im me if u want details b/c i dont want my parents to find this and read it *b/c when i had an xanga site they found it and read it :/!! *((grr))*..so just im me!!... *~*

*i g2g to summer school!!* it sucks!!! but its only gonna be one class -~hOpeFuLly~- :] i am so glad that i am back *!@!* blurty!!..awesomeness

but i g2g b/c i am in 4th period *n* tha asst. principal ((sp)) is in here askin ?'s bc matt and shaun got in a fight!! xOx


((*edit*))...does anyone know if u can put music on blurty*and if so...HOW?!

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[Monday, May 10th, 2004 @ 11:32am]
hey guys!..*i took a break from blurty,b/c i had alot going on -n- i didnt have time to update or vote in tha community's!..but i am back now *n* i hope yall still go time for me~ i will have to fill yall in on sooo much!!


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