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12:26am 12/08/2004
mood: worried
music: Hello -C.L.
i'm worrying about davis again =\ i think he might be anorexic...or starting to be...maybe i'm just paranoid..i just care about him so much and he scares the hell out of me.
here's our conversation...

Broken Wings6794 [11:36 PM]: hey
CloudsBrnBlack [11:37 PM]: hello
Broken Wings6794 [11:37 PM]: took you a while heh....
CloudsBrnBlack [11:37 PM]: sorry
Broken Wings6794 [11:37 PM]: i thought you were gone or something
Broken Wings6794 [11:37 PM]: its ok
CloudsBrnBlack [11:37 PM]: I was waching something
Broken Wings6794 [11:38 PM]: heh cool...what are you watching?
CloudsBrnBlack [11:38 PM]: Tough Crowd
Broken Wings6794 [11:38 PM]: cool
CloudsBrnBlack [11:38 PM]: Iw as watching a movie or something before it
Broken Wings6794 [11:38 PM]: heh cool...what movie?
CloudsBrnBlack [11:38 PM]: I don;t remember
Broken Wings6794 [11:39 PM]: lol

Broken Wings6794 [11:39 PM]: ok ryan
CloudsBrnBlack [11:39 PM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:39 PM]: =P
CloudsBrnBlack [11:39 PM]: >.<
Broken Wings6794 [11:39 PM]: everytime i asked him something today he was like :"i dont remember"
CloudsBrnBlack [11:39 PM]: llol
CloudsBrnBlack [11:39 PM]: Yeah I noticed that too
Broken Wings6794 [11:40 PM]: hm...must've had something on his mind or something
CloudsBrnBlack [11:40 PM]: maybe
Broken Wings6794 [11:41 PM]: how was drama? have fun? meet any hot chicks...or guys? =P j/k j/k
CloudsBrnBlack [11:41 PM]: lol Naw, Its alright though
Broken Wings6794 [11:41 PM]: cool...anyone in there with you (that you hang out with or talk to or something)
CloudsBrnBlack [11:41 PM]: Yeah
CloudsBrnBlack [11:41 PM]: Greg
CloudsBrnBlack [11:41 PM]: Thomas
CloudsBrnBlack [11:41 PM]: Katie A
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: KAtie M
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: Amanda
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: Erin
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: um
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: A few more people
Broken Wings6794 [11:42 PM]:
CloudsBrnBlack [11:42 PM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:43 PM]: my mom thinks i'm schitzophrenic...its really funny lol
CloudsBrnBlack [11:43 PM]: >.
CloudsBrnBlack [11:43 PM]: How did you manage to do that lol >.<
Broken Wings6794 [11:44 PM]: lol...i was on the phone with mattt and my mom is convinced i was talking to myself..and then some other stuff heh
CloudsBrnBlack [11:44 PM]: >.< lol...right
Broken Wings6794 [11:46 PM]: lol..well.....last year she thought i was talking to bleach all night because i said i was listening to the CD bleach and she misunderstood and thought i was talking to the bleach used for laundry...
CloudsBrnBlack [11:46 PM]: hha >.<
Broken Wings6794 [11:48 PM]: she got really pissed at me yesterday because my brother went and told her that i was wearing a sign that said "kiss me i have STDs" so she was yelling about that for like an hour heh
CloudsBrnBlack [11:48 PM]: >.<
CloudsBrnBlack [11:48 PM]: You need to stop getting in trouble lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:48 PM]: lol....i get in trouble for everything

CloudsBrnBlack [11:49 PM]: lol Yea your like Ian
CloudsBrnBlack [11:49 PM]: He always gets in trouble
Broken Wings6794 [11:49 PM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:50 PM]: x.0 ....meagan thinks i'm cutting again or something
Broken Wings6794 [11:51 PM]: hmm....wierd
Broken Wings6794 [11:52 PM]: so...what have you been up to
Broken Wings6794 [11:52 PM]: ?
CloudsBrnBlack [11:52 PM]: I'm really hungry : (
CloudsBrnBlack [11:52 PM]: Um, Well I havem't been eating much.
Broken Wings6794 [11:52 PM]: why?
CloudsBrnBlack [11:53 PM]: Just dont' have an appetite I geuss
Broken Wings6794 [11:53 PM]: =\
CloudsBrnBlack [11:53 PM]: =|
Broken Wings6794 [11:53 PM]: you need to eat something
CloudsBrnBlack [11:53 PM]: I know\
Broken Wings6794 [11:54 PM]: you're not becoming anorexic or something are you?? =(
CloudsBrnBlack [11:55 PM]: Not purposely
CloudsBrnBlack [11:55 PM]: I don't think I am
Broken Wings6794 [11:55 PM]: please dont =(
CloudsBrnBlack [11:55 PM]: I'll trty not too
Broken Wings6794 [11:56 PM]: =(
Broken Wings6794 [11:56 PM]: dont try...just dont do it ok?
CloudsBrnBlack [11:56 PM]: I'm going to go make waffles in a sex
CloudsBrnBlack [11:56 PM]: sec*
Broken Wings6794 [11:56 PM]: you dont need to fuk yourself up or anything
CloudsBrnBlack [11:56 PM]: dxon't worry
CloudsBrnBlack [11:56 PM]: calm down
CloudsBrnBlack [11:57 PM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:57 PM]: heh..good...make sure you eat them!!!
CloudsBrnBlack [11:57 PM]: lol I will
Broken Wings6794 [11:57 PM]: lol..sorry...i'm paranoid i guess
Broken Wings6794 [11:57 PM]: and you've been looking sort of sick lately...
CloudsBrnBlack [11:57 PM]: Naw don't worry about
CloudsBrnBlack [11:57 PM]: it*
CloudsBrnBlack [11:58 PM]: heh...
Broken Wings6794 [11:58 PM]: =\
Broken Wings6794 [11:58 PM]: i think i might just be paranoid or something sorry
CloudsBrnBlack [11:58 PM]: Its ok
Broken Wings6794 [11:59 PM]: you probably think i'm crazy because i worry alot lol
CloudsBrnBlack [11:59 PM]: But Yea I haen't really eaten much in the past few days
Broken Wings6794 [11:59 PM]: if you dont start eating, i'll start force feeding you
CloudsBrnBlack [11:59 PM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [11:59 PM]: =)
CloudsBrnBlack [11:59 PM]: :]
Broken Wings6794 [12:00 AM]: my mom thinks everyone looks like a mop lately..
Broken Wings6794 [12:01 AM]: its sort of wierd
Broken Wings6794 [12:01 AM]: i think she's finally lost it and is seeing mops everywhere
CloudsBrnBlack [12:03 AM]: >.<
Broken Wings6794 [12:05 AM]: i'm wearing fishnets and ripped up jeans...its kind of funny
Broken Wings6794 [12:06 AM]: i was trying to figure out why you looked so different today

Broken Wings6794 [12:06 AM]: and i still cant figure it out
Broken Wings6794 [12:06 AM]: so maybe i'm going crazy
Broken Wings6794 [12:06 AM]: and think you look different
Broken Wings6794 [12:06 AM]: but you dont
CloudsBrnBlack [12:08 AM]: I ate a waffle and some toast
Broken Wings6794 [12:09 AM]: good
Broken Wings6794 [12:09 AM]: are you full???
CloudsBrnBlack [12:09 AM]: not reallyu
Broken Wings6794 [12:10 AM]: then eat more!!
CloudsBrnBlack [12:10 AM]: I will in a little bit'
Broken Wings6794 [12:10 AM]: lol ok
CloudsBrnBlack [12:10 AM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [12:10 AM]: i just told someone else to eat more by they think i'm crazy
Broken Wings6794 [12:11 AM]: lol
CloudsBrnBlack [12:11 AM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [12:11 AM]: they were like "what??? eat more? why???"
CloudsBrnBlack [12:12 AM]: fuynnn
Broken Wings6794 [12:13 AM]: heh yeah......
Broken Wings6794 [12:13 AM]: i think corey long likes me....0.x
CloudsBrnBlack [12:14 AM]: lol
CloudsBrnBlack [12:15 AM]: Well he is a horny bastard
Broken Wings6794 [12:15 AM]: lol..good to know he's probably trying to get into my pantd
Broken Wings6794 [12:15 AM]: *pants
CloudsBrnBlack [12:15 AM]: lol
Broken Wings6794 [12:17 AM]: why dont you ever sit in the office and hang out with us in the mornings?
CloudsBrnBlack [12:17 AM]: I like to walk around
Broken Wings6794 [12:18 AM]: oooooh ok. cool
Broken Wings6794 [12:18 AM]: who do you walk around with? elan? or just by yourself?
CloudsBrnBlack [12:18 AM]: mostly myself but with elan and casey sometimes
Broken Wings6794 [12:18 AM]: cool.
Broken Wings6794 [12:19 AM]: where do you walk to? just random places around the school?
CloudsBrnBlack [12:19 AM]: home
Broken Wings6794 [12:20 AM]: you walk home before school starts???
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: Nooo Afterr schoool
Broken Wings6794 [12:21 AM]: lol ok
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: I get a ride with Elans dadt to school
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: oh
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: wait
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: sorry
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: I gfot totally lost
Broken Wings6794 [12:21 AM]: ooooooooh ok. lol. i was talking about before school starts and you were talking about after
Broken Wings6794 [12:21 AM]: kik
Broken Wings6794 [12:21 AM]: *lol
Broken Wings6794 [12:21 AM]: its ok
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: now I get it
CloudsBrnBlack [12:21 AM]: um, just around
Broken Wings6794 [12:22 AM]: heh...ok
CloudsBrnBlack [12:22 AM]: I'm gonna go to sleep
CloudsBrnBlack [12:22 AM]: I'll talk to you tommaorw or something'
Broken Wings6794 [12:22 AM]: alright, goodnight, sweetdreams

CloudsBrnBlack [12:22 AM]: maybe later if I get back on
CloudsBrnBlack [12:22 AM]: Night you too
CloudsBrnBlack is away at 12:23 AM