pretty girls beat down bite your tongue...   
02:29am 29/07/2004
mood: worried
music: Girls Not Grey -AFI
davis IMed me...he was acting wierd...really wierd...didnt talk much...he's upset about's the convo:
CloudsBrnBlack [1:41 AM]: hey
Broken Wings6794 [1:41 AM]: hey

Broken Wings6794 [1:41 AM]: whats up?
CloudsBrnBlack [1:41 AM]: nothing really, you?
Broken Wings6794 [1:41 AM]: not much..just got off the phone heh
CloudsBrnBlack [1:42 AM]: coool , with who?
Broken Wings6794 [1:42 AM]: umm..meg and hannah was on for a while but her phone died ='(
Broken Wings6794 [1:42 AM]: and meg's rents made her get off
CloudsBrnBlack [1:43 AM]: mm cool
CloudsBrnBlack [1:43 AM]: Hey how come you guys make fun of me for hanging out with other people but its lkike the exact same thing with megan....
CloudsBrnBlack [1:43 AM]: I mean you guys have other friends too
Broken Wings6794 [1:44 AM]: we're just kidding with're too touchy davis..we mess with meg about it too and hannah messes with me about being friends with hilary and stuff
CloudsBrnBlack [1:44 AM]: >.<
CloudsBrnBlack [1:45 AM]: Nvm
Broken Wings6794 [1:45 AM]: =\ ok....we wont mess with you anymore about it
CloudsBrnBlack [1:46 AM]: I don't care
CloudsBrnBlack [1:46 AM]: Its something else
CloudsBrnBlack [1:46 AM]: just don't worry about it
Broken Wings6794 [1:47 AM]: =\ are you ok?
CloudsBrnBlack [1:48 AM]: I'm alright
Broken Wings6794 [1:48 AM]: you're lying...

Broken Wings6794 [1:48 AM]: whats the something else?
Broken Wings6794 [1:52 AM]: sorry...its ok if you dont want to talk about it
CloudsBrnBlack [1:53 AM]: Don't worry about it,
Broken Wings6794 [1:53 AM]: =\ you always say that...and i always still worry about it
Broken Wings6794 [1:53 AM]: heh
CloudsBrnBlack [1:54 AM]: Heh I know
Broken Wings6794 [1:54 AM]: heh..sorry..i worry too much...
CloudsBrnBlack [1:55 AM]: Trust me its not something you should worr about it
Broken Wings6794 [1:56 AM]: mhmmm...but i still will lol
Broken Wings6794 [1:56 AM]: i shouldnt worry about alot of things
Broken Wings6794 [1:56 AM]: but i always do
Broken Wings6794 [1:56 AM]: i care too much about stuff i guess i dont know
Broken Wings6794 [2:01 AM]: hm..are you excited about school? heh
Broken Wings6794 [2:09 AM]: brb
CloudsBrnBlack [2:10 AM]: I don't really care
Auto response from Broken Wings6794 [2:10 AM]: They know how to break all the girls like you And they rob the souls of the girls like you and the break the hearts of the girls...swing low cherry cherry yea its awful, he's drunk, he tastes Like candy, he’s so beautiful He’s so deep like dirty water God, he’s awful You’re lost, oh, where’s your daddy - it’s so awful...
Broken Wings6794 [2:11 AM]: back
Broken Wings6794 [2:11 AM]: you dont care about school or you dont care that i'll brb?
CloudsBrnBlack [2:19 AM]: I don't care about school
CloudsBrnBlack [2:19 AM]: >.<
Broken Wings6794 [2:19 AM]: heh ok..
CloudsBrnBlack signed off at 2:19 AM

he kind of just...logged off...i dont know...somethings wrong...i wish he'd tell me...=(
lets just stare at the stars tonight and forget that we exist...   
02:48am 29/07/2004
mood: all the stars look like tears.
music: lets cry baby, lets die...
davis is back on...i'm talking to him now. um..yea..i guess i better update and tell whats been going on heh. um...dyed my hair bright orange heh. went to six flags tuesday (the 27th) um..alot of people told me they liked it and asked how to do it heh. and then some guy came up and asked if he could shake my hand because i was the first person he'd ever seen with orange hair..and some guys wanted their picture taken with me, and another guy wanted a picture of was cool. this one guy told me he was going to dye his hair just like mine lol. i usually dont like attention..but you know...i kind of liked having that attention me an attention whore heh. davis signed off again...must be having trouble with AIM. i saw him the other made me introduce him to my cousins...he seemed fucking high..but i guess it always seems like he's high. i'm such a fucking bitch. i havent gotten my schedule for school yet..i have to go to school and get it. i fucking hope that i get a class with davis...i'll die if i dont..i love him so much and i dont want to lose him =( i'm going crazy. =( please let me get a class with him..i feel sick just thinking about not getting a class with him. i dont want to drift away from him. i'd rather die. i know i'm a bitch to him sometimes and that i "hated" him after he broke his promise...but hell...i seriously NEED a class with him...

Davis, i love you, lets just stare at the stars tonight and forget that we exist...