i love you so much it makes me sick...   
11:39pm 10/04/2004
mood: angry
music: Aneurysm -Nirvana
so, 99X ALL NIRVANA WEEKEND!!! thats so fucking awesome! but i got pissed off because i was listening to it, and they played courtney love singing PennyRoyal Tea. she fucking killed Kurt's words!!!i started crying, i couldn't stand to hear his work being ruined by that cunt so i turned the radio off and then i threw some damn plate and broke it. needless to say, that pissed my mom off. but you know what, i don't care because that pissed me the fuck off. she killed my ears with her shitty ass singing. yea, i'm such a pleasant person. yea, well, i'm going to go.

-Already Drained-