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    Thursday, April 1st, 2004
    7:12 pm
    I never write in this thing due to lack of server speed.. so if u wanna check up on me my Blog addy is


    Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
    11:26 am
    Hey, i havent been posting because i dont have online at my new house yet, however i AM going to hightstown High, and to sypek to finish of my last year at skool with everyone, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
    7:48 pm
    hey.. look i posted something new, yay!
    well alot of shit has been happening lets see....

    We are moving... no more question about that, and we are moving within the next 15-20 days, not that it matters, i dont hang with anyone around here at all due to work and votech stuff... Brians house was very hard to clean.. its like, one of those houses u know is out there, but u nvr want to see. ComPletely packed with junk. Ohh well. So much shit has been happening that i dont even want to type it all...

    My 15 year old cuz just had recently lost her verginity to some 20 year old.. she wanted to i hear, but her parents made her goto the cops and get a complete search done, and they are tryin to get to press charges... well when her parents found out she blamed most of it on this other girl, well, this is what i hear, too much too much...

    Lots of wierd shit has been happening around her... my mom thinks rudy found out that she has a new Boyfriend already and he is trying to scare him off... we came home and my moms car was messed with, the seat put all the way back, dash open, shit under the seat broken, the next day MY car was fucked with, my dash was open and my fuckin keys were in the ignition.. i dont have plates on my car yet, and the engine is loud as hell, plus our town is 1 squar mile and it has 20 cops... so i figured "who'd be dumb enough to try and steal my car" so i left my keys under the seat.... well in the ignition they were... nothing was stolen in the car... so it looks like a msg from my EX step dad.... kinda fucked up... here 8 years... now he is like.. trying to fuck with us... bah..

    Well the way i see it, if theres a "shadowy figure" in my drive way he's eating a dozen ninja stars, then im shank him up with my 14 inch dull blade dagger, lol...

    my new rooms gona kick ass, i took at 300 of my CDs and put them in CD books, then i broke all the cases and took the covers and backs out, ima use them to make a collage accross my ceiling(which is angeled downward), then ima get fish net material to go across my ceiling and ima have tares through some parts. im make it look distorted.. then ima use the same material and make hammics in the corner for shelves. the room is gona be covered in all kinds of shit... a ouija board and the piece for it, and the box next to it, all the fan art the my GF and bro draw will be collaged on one entire wall, the wall that my comps gona be on im have 2 bars nailed into the wall making a big X and then im gona have 4 chains come down from then and at the end of the chains ima have little twisted cages and my 4 computer speakers will go there. under the chains the wall is gona be painted with chalk board paint, so i can write notes on the wall behind my comp (Ip adresses and such) ima have a futon, my TV my VCR and DVD player hooked up my a 32 inch TV, a kick ass chill room wit everything in it... on the wall witht the chains, im have harnasses hooked up to the wall so i can hang my guitars up..... and ALSO, my room is an addon to the garage... so im like 100 ft away from the house and all the people in it, FREEEEE~DOMMMMM. muhahahaa... my own lil shack ^^

    Also Thanks to ~Andrew~ Grant~ Rhi~ Brian~ and Linda~ for all working there asses off with me in that house to make it livable, u guys kick royal ass! :)

    Amin mela lle rhi :)

    Current Mood: artistic
    Current Music: Metallica - Nothing else matters
    Sunday, July 13th, 2003
    1:23 pm
    That concert was amazing.... 0.0

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: METALLICA
    Saturday, July 12th, 2003
    10:36 am
    July 12th... CONCERT!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! I WOKE UP THIS MORNING WITH A RUSH OF ENERGY. MUAHAHAA. i get to take a vacation from my fucked up life, lol... :::throws on favorite metallica shirt::: well i have nothing more to say that... cya world....

    Current Mood: pleased
    Current Music:
    Friday, July 11th, 2003
    6:59 pm
    Lil UpDate
    New shit: Alrighty... LeTz see whats new....my phones out for next 5 days... FUCK... ohh well i can live without it just go all out net... 2marow the grand metallica Concert... to bad all those other shitty bands have to be there... I fucking got a new fire wall... 30 hackers..... FUCKin 30... well 17 of them tasted a lil subseven, ^_^ , they shouldny be fucking with me anymore... 13 more to go... what a lucky fucking number...

    Moving Status: We might not be moving yet agian... brians brother found out we were moving in with em and stole 3000$ worth of tools out of his garage... he was being helped by brians best friend and brians mom... BETRAyed... holy fuck... well we might not be moving after all.... i dont know whats up yet.. ill keep posting further about it..

    Blurty shit: Alright... got into a retarded internet fight with some people.. im glad its over.. tho one of them did say some fucked up shit... dont matter overall its only online BS for me.. i feel bad for who the verbal attacks were being aimed at...

    BLAH: yeah and thats about it...

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: SoulFly- FIRE
    Thursday, July 10th, 2003
    12:12 am
    WEll turns out we are hoping to be moved out before july ends.... sooo yay! its choas....

    its freaking !!!!

    well this should be fun... ill have a map posted showin where ill be.... yay.... cya world...
    Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
    11:45 pm
    onE Fine Day
    Well today was interesting... wake up... gamed an hour or so... went to my new house to work on a few things... installed a new stove.... cleaned shit... my broter went to the hospital and got 10 stiches cuz some 15 year old punk hit em with a ring on... now the cops are in it... yay... And today is rudy's fucking birthday... happy birthday fuck head, hope ya got everything u wanted... well cya world... im off to get some Mcdonalds and hopefully a root beer |,,|, ~_~ ,|,,|

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: Rammstien - links 2 3 4
    1:45 am
    Scum bags
    Fate deals the cards.... heh.... what ever u do comes back 3 fold.... what fun life is.... doing something to hurt someone else..... paying back for it..... haha..... he will remember what he did..... when is looking at a corpse of a loved one.... or blood of his GF on his hands..... or when he is getting raped in prison..... hahahahaa.... what fun fate can be... when u know the rules.... good luck little fuck.... good fucking luck.. hahaaa..... good night world.... world of justice by fate.....

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: All within my hands - metallica
    Monday, July 7th, 2003
    5:23 pm
    Little fucks...
    What the fuck.... I have to move away from everyone i know and love..... this is really fucking gay.... i almost started hacking agian today.... people just piss me off..... there should be hacking rehab..... ohh well maybe if i relax a pit i wont have to fight off another urge to blow up someones motheboard.... blah!

    Current Mood: angry
    Current Music: Slipknot - "Eyeless"
    5:22 pm
    Little fucks.....
    Let's talk about dead body disposal
    My proposal take the corpse to the bathtub
    And drain the blood out of the bastard
    Strip ya self new first so you don't get blood on ya new shirt
    And cut the fuckin' corpse up like a butcher to meat kid
    And put the pieces inside trash bags
    So she'll be wreaking like a fags ass
    With flesh covered in leeches
    And throw the bags away
    In various trash bins in different areas
    This shit's hilarious
    Nobody notices some asshole taking out the garbage
    Who would know it's a carcass?
    Even if they were focusing 'cause the plastic bag is dark kid
    And even the nosy bitch wouldn't open it, it make no sense
    And if you do it just before a trash pick up
    The bodies hauled away before it decays and stinks up
    It won't be noticed but literally turns up other shit
    And ya bag is in the middle buried right under it
    Especially if you double-bagged it
    Ya victim'll stay a faggot in fragments forever stagnet

    Bodies begin to stink within an hour of death
    And if it's warm outside then it's quicker for the sour stench to leak out
    the flesh
    So think about the steps
    You taking killing and be willing to consider the best
    Be extra careful and grab an aerosol can of pepper spray
    to coat the pieces the smell is unbearable
    Hold the first layer of bag beautifully
    that'll keep animals from tearing open the bag to get to the meat
    Squirrels, dogs, and birds
    Officers with dogs that smell won't find shit when they thrown off the scent
    You could hang a fuck upside down in ya tub
    And slit his throat from ear to ear to remove a large amount of blood
    Most of it'll gush out on a tunnel once
    But to get that last couple of pints drained work his arms like pumps
    For dismemberment gentlemen I recommend
    heavy duty brawn saws that cut through gendleums like pendulums
    But if you want to take your time don't rush it
    either cut each piece off like Pizza Hut pizza with a rusty cleaver
    Then put each piece up in a freezer
    Take out the trash in a couple of days the stench of decomposition's meager
    And make sure there's no incriminating papers in the bag
    Letters, receipts, anything with ya name they'll trace ya

    I know it's obvious but you'd be amazed at how easy it is
    to be sloppy with this even the Mafia slips

    There's more choices to choose kid
    Bury the corpse in the ground, bury it at sea or the pieces get distributed
    When using the ground a shallow grave isn't allowed
    'Cause the corpse'll be found when the stench of it lingers out
    Make sure it's six feet deep or more
    Construction sites work in formented
    In what's cemented suspended beneath the floor
    Using the sea has its potential sequentionally
    The sea destroys all evidence eventually
    But make sure that you tie a weight to the body to keep it from floating
    around and being discovered by mistake
    Drop it as far from shore as possible otherwise it'll pop up at low tide or
    be seen by some fisherman's opticals
    Distributing! Body parts is riveting
    I explained it in verbs once forgive me if I begin again
    A wood chipper turns a corpse into chopped meat
    Spread it all over ya grass then water it down properly
    Within a few days the cadaver's fertilizer
    Your advisor's taught you ways of covering up murders wiser
    Regardless how you tried these methods
    Be careful with prints and rented equipment use cash and fake id's

    12:55 pm
    Long time eh?
    Been a while since im updated... im moving for sure it turns out.... but not for another year... at least thats what i hear.... as long as i can still goto votech i guess ill be fine... i dont want to leave hightstown tho... but what choice to i have.... im fighting to stay like crazy but being in this house with all the memories of rudy kills her... so i really cant say anything.... ::looks over at dog::: my dog is funny as all hell... i think i have a pic of him somewhere... ahh heres one of him in one of my GFX

    heh, he fucking steals my pillow.. lucky dog, gets treated like a king.... im suppose to go with my family tonight and go crabbing, ive nvr done it b4.... should be interesting.... brain seems to know how to do it...

    I have to go back to work in a few, not even enough time to call rhi..... yay.... well im off to work.... cya world...

    Current Mood: artistic
    Current Music: Kittie - In Winter
    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    11:35 am
    We killed Diablo... yay, lol

    Yeah..... he died...... we kicked his sorry little demonic ass... then i stole his boots..... lol......

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Sonata Artica - "8th commandment"
    Monday, June 30th, 2003
    11:13 pm
    Fucking Lovely
    Hmm... today was a simple day... work.... food.... computer..... food...... yeah.... thats about it...

    "Kuro continued through the village. His black metal armor did not shine in the sun like that of a knight, but swallowed it's light, indicating it was indeed cursed by a black magic. Across the chest-plate was a black design of a wolf's head. He walked on with the metallic clang of his boots marking his steps. His long straight black hair blew to the side by powerful gusts of wind. A scar across his left cheek was visible in the dimming sunlight. The sun began to set behind the evergreen trees in the distance. It wouldn't be long before night placed her black veil over his world. "

    a small chapter a book me and rhi are writing..... i like it... well its root beer time.... night world

    Current Mood: blah
    Sunday, June 29th, 2003
    9:26 am
    FuCkinG BloOd ThiRsty
    This rage is probably my favorite.... its so easily cured, tho its very sick.... I'll watch a horror movie and root for the bad guy.... Or ill watch some gory war movie..... why im so blood thursty i do not know..... it seems my family comes from a long line of worriors from the scottish blood... and my barbaric nature.... and my 7 grudges........ ::::smiles:::: id love to watch one of my seven hang from the highest gallo..... bleed from the highest pike..... fall from the tallest building.... why do i have this blood lust.... its a temporary thing that seems to be the only other emtion that can even come close to the strength of love... its as if all my stress builds up and is released in a sick twisted version of myself... My Rage may last 4-7 seconds.... coming out in a fury of screams and broken walls..... but my thirst for blood may last for weeks... even in the back of my heart in my happiest moments... only being shown when im alone, or with my love, making love, then i come close to having a bite.... tho she wouldnt mind that im sure.... love is more powerful thank god.... i can think of 1000000s of ways to kill my 7 grudges.... but as for anyone i love....... my heart creates a shield around them..... tho i can still yell.... they wont even be considered as "prey to my mind" I should really stop reading these damn vampire books...... they've changed my way of speaking.... what else will they change..... dont get me wrong... im far from weak minded.... but.... i wanted to change....

    Current Mood: devious
    Current Music: Jack off Jill - Strawberry Gashes
    Saturday, June 28th, 2003
    11:04 pm
    well my mom got her period today.... thats completely horrible to think about.... but its good to know my little brother or sister is now a pile of blood in some tampon.... well nothing happened today... i hung out with my love today.... was kool... to hot tho.... well... im off to fine a root beer somewhere in this house.... night world.....

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: metallica - "Until it sleeps"
    11:13 am
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    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: "I feel like chickin Tonight" - Shake and bake
    12:55 am
    It's FucKin LaTe
    Ahh, yes another great day over and im all outta root beer. Damnit. I need some more. My Mother is showing more signs of holding a child.. She is real emotional.. crying laughing really hard... her stomach seems to be showing a little more than usual... My mother's lover, he never had a child before.... he lived alone for many years and doesnt even know how to react to having a family. It's a confort to see tho... he enjoys have the company of people... What the fuck is up with this heat.... Im going freeze the sun one of these days. Might cause a long winter but w/e.... Ive been reading this book.... I am Legend , its a great book. It tells a story about a man, the last man in the world of vampires... the charactor description matches me almost intirely... Very strange... God damnit i want a root beer.... and nice cold foamy ass root beer on the fuckin rox in a tall glass and a fucking pink umbrella. I just watched an insect fly into on of my candles and burn up.. well that was amusing... ::chuckles::: I hope that i nvr have to become a bug for any reason... that would suck.... id probably get stepped on trying to look up someones skirt. Yes, high heels will be the death of my bug life... or id get caught in some fish net stockings... yes if i were a bug id be a lil horny bastard, i mean what the hell ill be dead in 2 days i should at least have fun with it.. Maybe id fly into somes eye while there on a motoycycle doing 60 and cause some huge accident... HAH! that'd be great... some fucking "gangsta".... ill send him 75 mph into a mini van full of girl scouts, hahaha, that would be worth my bug life.... man.... i need to kill something.... i feel like putting bin ladins mouth on a curve and smashing it with a sledge hammer.... naa thats 2 good for him... it must suck being him.... haha.... everyone wants him dead... loser.... fuck it, im grabbing a root------- fuck... i dont have any more!!!! damnit!! im getting some fucking water and going to sleep..... good night tasteless world with no room for any refreashment..

    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
    12:43 am
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    Friday, June 27th, 2003
    12:48 pm
    A loVeLy Day
    Well, today has been fun.... My mother may be having a child.... yet another sibling...... It isnt entirly a bad thing, or entirly a good thing... my moms husband, Rudy, whom has walked out on her resently still believes that my moms waiting for him to return and has no idea about her love with another. Well in about 3 mounths rudy will find out, That is, he is comes back or decides to call. That man lived with us for 8 years, and one day he walked and hasn't called or anything. 3 mounths ago and still memories we had with him race thro my mlnd. This also makes me remember my true betrayal of my youth. My very own dad walking out of my life before i was able to speak and say other wise. I wasn't meant to have a father, and thats just that. At least i know what not to do with my own child. My thoughts often go back and relive fathers day. My younger Half brothers calling there dad and wishing them a happy fathers day. My mom sadly visiting her fathers grave. And me afraid to call and not get an answer agian, to be ignored by one whos blood runs within me along with part of him. To find out about my father i have to look in my self.... fuck it... im getting a root beer and killing something.

    Current Mood: numb
    Current Music: Wait and Bleed by Slipknot
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