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    Monday, August 25th, 2003
    10:11 pm
    wow today
    today i was with sari and we worked all day and then she came to my house. then school is starting soon. and then something else happened and then i gotta go shopping for school clothes... then i have to go bye

    Current Mood: bored
    Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
    8:24 pm
    my gay day!
    Today i went into town to get a new id because i lost my otherone. and then i went to the courthouse with my sister to get her marriage liscense. then althya came over and now we are going to go see the movie freaky friday! later
    Sunday, August 10th, 2003
    6:26 pm
    trip to longbeach
    Ohh well my grandma took me to longbeach with her because she had to go to a family reunion! and she told me i could bring a friend so of course i brought althya! and on friday we hung out got there at about 3:00. so we hung out in town and it was fun! we met some guys and had alot of fun we went on go carts bumper boats and alot of other things. and then on saturday we went into town again. and then we went swimming in like 3 or 4 foot waves and it was bitchin! and stuff like that. but it was hella fun and we just got home on sunday which is today.
    Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
    11:55 am
    me and althya might go to the lake today with michael robbie trevor and alex! if i can find a ride! and stuff. but umm.... yeah if we dont find a ride then we are going to go to the peir to hang out with blaze.

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: tom petty
    Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
    6:49 pm
    My saturday!
    I sat at home! and went on a slip and slide! isnt that wonderful! i am going to go find somthing to do!

    Current Mood: aggravated
    Current Music: tom petty- american girl
    Friday, August 1st, 2003
    5:27 pm
    another boring day
    today we went to VBS! last day thank god! then tonight we have the closing program and me and althya have to kiss a pig! which is kinda gay! but ohh well. then earlier today we went into pa and hung out in the cafe that i met blaze! wow!!! haha and then we went back to my house and watched american pie! but that was my boring day!

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: tom petty- free fallin
    Thursday, July 31st, 2003
    5:45 pm
    my last few days!
    Umm.. yesterday i went to VBS from 9-12 and then after that we went to lake sutherland! and we hung out there. and went innertubbing. and jetskiing. and went on the water trampoline. and hung out with renn and stuff. then we went into pa and hung out with blaze and gus and connan. then today we went into pa and cruised with bubba

    Current Mood: bitchy
    Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
    10:35 pm
    stoner bashing time LOL
    today we went to the peir to meet blaze! but his mom and him get in a fight and so he couldnt hang out with us! then after we got back we went to treys got really stoned and watched final destination 2! it was great

    Current Mood: dirty
    Sunday, July 27th, 2003
    1:41 pm
    my week
    Thursday i went to wildwaves and met paul tommy micheal and corey there! some hot kids! with sari it was fun! and then saturday my sister had a bridal shower and me and althya went to the races and met a kid there from tenessee and then i met this really hot hick! OHH MY GOD HE WAS SEXY and he was from pa and his name was matt! and i wanna hump him! lol and then i just had alot of fun and then tonight we might go to the movies with blaze and stuff! but anyways i am going to go i am having a wonderful argument with lance! so ttyl

    Current Mood: crushed
    Current Music: tom petty- last dance with mary jane!
    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
    7:49 pm
    my trip
    I went to wenatchee on sunday and rode the train there which was fun because i sat next to some really nice senior! she was 17! and then i went and hung out in chelan the next day and met johnny knoxville there! then the next day i went to summer jam only to 2 of the concerts and it was gay because i had a backstage pass and it sucked balls and then the next day i went shopping then i came home wednesday! and then wednesday i went to my moms and went innertubbing then came home! and now i am pooped out!

    Current Mood: cranky
    Current Music: tom petty- last dance with mary jane!
    Friday, July 18th, 2003
    10:36 pm
    my long and boring day
    Today as you know if you read my other entries went by boring! today i went to kingston and hung out with my brothers and step dad and i saw my mom and my step mom also there!! it was kinda fun but boring
    1:18 pm
    the rest of my night
    the rest of my night is going to go as planned hopefully! tonight i am leaving at 4:00 to go to suquamish which is by kingston! and i am going to hang out with my brother and his friend AUSTIN some kid i never have done stuff with :) LOL!!1 and thenn i am comming back tonight then going to bed and start packing to go to wenatchee!

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: althya
    9:57 am
    a work day for me!
    today althya is going home finally LOL hahaha! and i have to get all my record books done and also i have to go to my work night and finish this year of 4-h! also i have to ride my horse clean her up and get her ready for a photo shot for a picture at my barn in the stables at 4-h! well i gotta go for now!

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Thursday, July 17th, 2003
    5:50 pm
    my house
    nothing has happened today except me and althya hung out in sequim and nothing happened nobody was at the skatepark for some odd reason! i dunno and so me and althya called kyle to hang out so he came to QFC and then left without us for some gay ass reason! he is a fucking prick i hate him now he did it just to be kool which never works! then we came back to my house and trey called and he just got home from cali for 2 weeks so tonight if althya wont stop being dumb about it will go over for a little while and hang out wtih him or go to the mobies and try to meet people there!

    Current Mood: stressed
    Current Music: nothing
    11:11 am
    my day
    today me and althya might go to the skatepark and see who is all there and if nobody kool then we will just hang out in town! which will be boring but i hope i find lance to hang out with him! lol~ yeah but i will try and keep you updated of the rest of my day!

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: hound dog-sha na na
    Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
    11:41 pm
    Austins house
    Today i woke up late decided i wanted to show up at austins house went there hung out with austin thomas LANCE derrick and althya and lit off fireworks which was really boring but the only reason i stayed was to chill with lance which whom i like! and then i went home and watched the whole nine yards! and then i talked online and then i am still talking online! isnt this day exciting! actually i always thought austin smith was awesome but now i hate him! he is a jerk and lies to get out of everything what a fucking prick!

    Current Mood: bitchy
    Current Music: nothing