11:14am 15/10/2003
mood: excited

The 6th annual SmokeOut festival is next month. I cant fucking wait!.. Linkin Park's gonna be there and i know they'll have a meet and greet so.. yay! I havent seen LP in 3 months, that's a very long time. And for those who are thinking " this chick's obsessed, quite pathetic".. you people can kiss my ass. Papa Roach is also gonna be there, im not very excited for that.. bleh. If you wanna know more info about it go to http://www.smokeoutfestival.com


10:09am 30/09/2003

You're Mike. Usually laid-back and in control,
you're the more stable kind of person although
you can be surprisingly spontaneous at times.

Which Linkin Park Member Are You Most Like?
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in the end- you feel like life should not be wasted
live it to the fullest and never waste your
time on the little things.

what linkin park song are you?
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Rock On! You know all your Linkin Park facts!

How much do you know about Linkin Park?
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01:24pm 28/09/2003
mood: creative

I'll write a couple of more public entries before i make it friends only. I still need to add some info on the right, so... till then.. Add me.


09:40am 12/04/2003
  New Layout.. Entries to come.




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