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Monday, April 5th, 2004

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    Sitting in the cyber cafe. I'm pissed because the bookstore won't refund the books I bought, because it's been more than two weeks, but it was their fucking mistake in the first place...whatever. Because of them I had to put more money on my card because I needed to buy two more French books, but...they took all the spring semester books away. So I guess I'm just screwed. And it's April and it's fucking freezing.
    I took my CD player out with me today. I have to admit, music is nice when all you're doing is walking, but I've always hated people who walk around with headphones, it's against my religion. But i burned a CD this morning, and in my opinion, it's about damn time because I'm seriously fed up with Tyler and his lack of taste in music, but insistence upon burning a new CD every other day and forcing me to listen to it. Also, now my laptop that I'm letting him use is going to be massively cluttered with horrible music.
    I took a nap after work and before math and had a really weird dream, me and Jesse were shopping and we met like all these old high school people, the only one i remember was Corilyn Busch, so that was weird, and then I was in my dorm room (still dreaming) but it wasn't my dorm room, you know how that goes. And there was some kind of table, and underneath the table was a leaf and the leaf was walking. So I picked it up and there was a catepillar underneath, and as i watched it, it changed, but not into a butterfly, into a minihamsterlike thing with a long skinny squirrel tail and it had sparkly jewelry. And i think it could talk to me but i don't really remember. There was other stuff, but it's all hazy, as dreams usually are....so yeah.
    Hopefully this will be the most boring journal entry, because nothing has happened today.

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