One Month Later...........   
04:52pm 11/10/2003
mood: blah
music: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Socks
I know its been a month, but yea I dunno what happened.
Just slacked off I guess..........................but Ashley got me back on track I guess.

There alot to cover but I summarize it all up for you.

That girl, Alex and I went out and broke up over trust issues. We are now friends.

Nahirys got mad at me but we are now cool again.

I still haven't got any PT in fooball. w/e I'm pissed.

I am now single again.

Ashley and I are allowed to talk again I guess. I was so happy when I found out also. She really means alot to me.

Shanique and I dont talk anymore, and everytime I see her it kill me. She's sooooooooo beautiful, :*(. I still need to get her an I'm sorry card, and put all my thoughts and feelings into it.I wonder if that will work. You females tell me.

I met this other Jamaican girl. She come straight from the island. She doesn't want a relationship. Her exact words were "I want you to make me feel good." Put that unto Patwios if you can, Ashely lol.

I have straight A's. Nothing better to do.

Our football teams beat Dillard ranked among the top in the state. Go us. Our record is now 4-2.

We beat Penbroke Pines Charter last night 57-13.They suck

Ashley is goona try and come to our game this friday against Stranahan. I hope coach puts me in cuz you know pretty pointless of her to come if I don't play. But yea Im really happy she should bring her friends like Gina, Kels and etc...........wait never mind cuz some people don't know how to act around good looking girls. i don't want someone tryin to pull Ashely. But yea thats all the news for now.