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  2003.12.10  16.48

well found out i have pnemonia..stupid doctors don't know anything...grrr..haha well i guess maybe this one did lol...but anyways..this is the 3rd day of school ive missed and the 4th day ive been sick..i guess im feeling better... i get really bad headaches really chest hurts really bad.. but my fever is stayin down..whoopie.. well hmm i guess i really don't have much to say...b/c ya know my life has been so exciting these past four days (wink wink) haha but im gonna go lay down
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I Love Jeff!! (only 12 more days til 1 year!:D)

Mood: blah

  2003.12.07  16.21
ugh sick

okay i know i havn't updated in a while..but i don't have any time to sit on the computer anymore..well except for sooo sick..the doctor said i have the flu but i don't believe him cuz it hurts to breath..uh hello i think something is wrong...ugh stupid doctors...well jeff is in ames :( i wish he could come see me!!!! but well im gonna go ttyl
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
(( i lOVE jEFFrEy!))

Mood: sick

  2003.11.27  11.21
Happy Turkey day!!!! :D

wow i havn't updated this in a while..hmm lets see... not much is new... wrestling started about a week ago and our first JV meet is on MONDAY!!! whoop whoop!!! :) haha well hmm me and jeff are still good and we r gonna keep on goin! :) i love him so very much!!! muah!!! hehe well i finally got my license about a week and 2 days ago...its is a BLAST!!! haha now i can drive a go see jeff whenever i want to! (or whenever i have enough gas in my car) haha hmm well my grandparents are here for TURKEY DAY...althou we aren't having turkey...don't ask why haha.... well i gotta get goin...
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene

Mood: cold

  2003.11.03  16.37

yeah all mondays suck!..well not much still in love with the most wonderful guy in the world..hehe and im still dragged into everyone else's problems grrrr :| well hmm im not really doin so tired..maybe i should go take a nap..hmm.. oh yeah i made cookies after school... uhh they got a little umm over baked?? haha oh well!!! :P well since there's nothin else to talk about im gonna go
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I love jeffrey!!!

Mood: frustrated
Music: 'Insatiable'-Darren Hayes

  2003.10.29  15.58

well today's wednes day (yippie..not) haha and yesturday was JEFF'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! it was fun! he came over and we drove around and watched movies..and uhh drove around sum ;) well not much else gonna color my hair back to brown sometime soon! haha well nothin else to say so im gonna go!
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I Love You Jeff!!!

Mood: lazy

  2003.10.26  19.18
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  2003.10.26  12.52
long update haha

yeah i know its been a while since i updated this..well not much else is new...i have blonde hair now..and aubrey is goin out w/ tony..well yesturday i had a sore throat :( it hurt really bad but its gona now!!! :D yay! hmm well there's not really much else to say...hmmm.....oh yeah we got a new dog!!! his name is otis...and he's sooooooo cute! :D haha ...well im gonna go cuz i have to do laundry today :P BLAH haha
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I Love Jeffrey!!!!!! :)

Mood: cheerful
Music: "Me Against The Music"- Britney Spears Ft. Madonna

  2003.10.13  15.11
in school

yeah that's right im in school..suppose to be doin a project for world area...oh well i really don't understand anything from it anyways... well not much else new...i had to work yesturday..whoppie doo..haha hmm well jeff came over on saturday night..and we hung out..oh yeah kim got her hair looks so cute!...we have to cheer in eburg tonite..oh yeah tuns of fun stuff!!! can't wait..haha j/k i don't wanna go..but i am gonna return to my project before i get in trouble..
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene

i love jeffrey!!!!

Mood: working

  2003.10.10  17.08

haha today is my mom's 40th birthday!!! yippe my brother joe is throwin her a party haha and me..i get stuck with the video camera! haha oh well it shall be fun....i hope jeff comes down tonite! :D that would make me so happy! haha well today at school i locked my keys in my car..haha yeah highlight of my day! well tomorrow i have to go to the high school and teach elementary kid how to cheer haha so that should be fun..there's gonna be like 190 kids there! :S haha oh well thou..but anyways well not much else new but i g2g and help my brother pick up the house..ttyl
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene

I lOvE jEfFreY cHaD pEtErSoN!!!! :)

Mood: hyper
Music: "the cha cha song"- mr. c the slide man!

  2003.10.05  17.11

well not much new... last night was our homecoming and jeff went to the dance..and then came home..and he spent the night! :) well other than that...there's not really much else to say...hmmm well my brother CANNOT dance! haha yeah i figured that out last night... hmm well we won our homecoming game (suprise suprise..humboldt sux :P haha) hmm well not much else to say
Until Next Time,
Kirsta Irene

--I LOVE JEFF!!!!!--

Mood: loved

  2003.10.01  15.21

well it wednesday..on homecoming week..and that means class wars! haha....itll be fun..since i didn't go out last year... but well there isn't really much to talk about..we got out early and then i went to fairview to help the 6th graders do their pep rally on friday..and now im home...and at 5:30 i have to go to arby's for a meeting thingy and then i am going to gabbies bday party..and then im out for class wars with kim and whoever else decides to come with us... i just don't wanna get beaten up by sum big senior :s haha...well not much else to say
Until Next Time,
Krista Gardner


Mood: hyper
Music: "Punk Rock 101"- Bowling For Soup

  2003.09.30  17.28

yep that's right..its homecoming week...and freshman...ARE GOIN DOWN! BOOYA! haha well not for me tonite..but tomorrow im going'll be fun...but i got dance tonite... hmm well not much is at school was 70's day..yesturday was PJ day and tomorrow is island in the sun stuff! well we get out at 12:30 tommorrow..then i gotta go to fairview and help the 6th graders cheer..and then i might go get my hair colored...if i have time...then i have a meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at arby's..then im goin out! haha i told everyone thou if they put an egg on atleast put it in my hair b/c then i'll at least have healthy hair ;) haha.... me and my luck im gonna get taped to a pole..omg cody opheim was tapped to the pole outside of my hosue last nigth and i felt bad so i un-tapped him and set him free haha..yeah that was funny... my brother did it..then he saw me and they were gonna tape me up but hten he thought that he'd prolly get into trouble.. haha :D well not much else to say so ill write tomorrow hopefully
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I love jeff!!!

Mood: sleepy
Music: "How Many Licks"-Lil Kim

  2003.09.27  18.26
dum di dum

yupp just another boring day! although last night rocked! homecoming in okoboji! it was fun b/c i was with jeff!! :) hehe..i love him so much! well not much new in my 'really cool life' haha but who knows....omg today was the most boring day ever!! i slept and cleaned..yupp that's about it..well since there isn't anything else to talk gonna go...
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene

i love jeff!!!!

Mood: cold

  2003.09.23  12.54

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  2003.09.23  12.40
this sux!

yeah i know your thinking...why rn't i in school? well that's because im SiCk...well i can barely talk anyway and all ive done is i say THANKS MR. MASCHINO WHO MADE US RIDE THOSE FUCKING BIKES IN THE RAIN WHEN IT WAS ONLY 50 DEGREESE OUT!!!!! gosh i hate PE....haha but not much new...krista had pissy day yesturday..i yelled at betsey at lunch for being all over jeff...then we had a game...oh how i wish i could be at practice tonite....we have a stupid bitch alert on our squad... but n e ways..then jeff came over :) and then he had to go home :( but im gonna go and take another nap...
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene --I Love Jeff!--

Mood: sick

  2003.09.20  13.02
its saturday

yupp what another boring day haha... hmm well not much has been goin on...i went to the game last night with kim aubs and jayme..then on the way we picked up jef :) hehe....well jayme got punched in the jaw...from what i hear i think he broke it.. but then we were on our way home and i call my mom and she tells me that if we see a car that has a blue flashing light...don't stop..okay so yeah then i was freakin out!... so then we get home and my mom tells me he's a raper..i was like oh great that makes me feel really safe! haha but well not much mom is taking me to arby's in about 10 mins so i g2g ttyl
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I lOvE jEfFrEy PeTeRsOn!!! :)

Mood: hungry

  2003.09.18  16.42

yupp..another o so exciting day in spencer today...umm not much new..i had a world area test today... uhh yeah that didnt' go to well...but if he would actually teach us the shit that we are suppose to know! gosh teachers piss me off...hmm well i have dance tonite (which reminds me i need to go get ready) til 10 then im sleepin... omg we had school pics today! ahh scary for me! haha... but hmm well not much else to say so ill ttyl
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene ~ilovejeff!~

Mood: busy

  2003.09.16  07.38
Another Day

that's right..another day in HeLl....we had to cheer last night..yea i about quit... i mean seriously..who the hell put her in charge?! obviously not me! that stupid uhhh meany? (lol) but n e sittin here 1/2 asleep like usual.. i never get any sleep always too busy with this and too busy with that...oh keeps me on my feet i guess....but i g2g and go to the wonderful world of school
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene I lOvE jEfF!!!!

Mood: sleepy

  2003.09.13  09.51


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Mood: bored

  2003.09.13  09.22

blah..that's how i feel this morning! haha...hmm well not much to say..there's really nothin goin on today..oh yeah last night we lost to eburg 35-0....and my brother got hurt..he's goin to the doc today..i hope he's okay! well i think jeff got un-grounded...haha...that's what he said today....hopefully he comes to spencer today!!! :) but im gonna go and take a shower and stuff
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene i love jeff!

Mood: blah

  2003.09.11  07.24
its early....

hola..okay yeah its really early...hmm but i g2g to school early today... i didn't get my homework done (shh don't tell anyone! haha ;)) but n e ways...last night at like 9:30 me and my dad went to taco bell to help my mom get stuff done b/c like 1/2 of her workers didn't show up....she was PISSED...yupp..well im trying to talk ot jeff on the internet but i don't think he's there? haha who knows! but well im gonna go and go to school...yippe! haha just kidding
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene
I Love Jeffrey :)

Mood: bouncy

  2003.09.10  17.26

1.What time is it? 5:27
2.What is your name? Krista Gardner
3.What is your birthday? November 18th
4.How many sibs do you have? 2 bros
5.What are your sibs names? Joe n Jeff
6.Do you have a job? yes..
7.If yes, where? arby's
8.If no to #5, Where do you wanna work?
9.Do you have a car? si
10.What kinda car do you have/want? cavilier convertable

11.Movie: too many!
12.Song: too many!
13.Band: Good Charolate
14.Group: Nsync :P haha
15.Singer: too many
16.TV Show: Boy Meets World
17.TV Channel: Disney! :D haha
20.Comic: Peanuts!
21.Magezine: Dance Spirit
22.Food: kolache
23.Snack: snickers
24.Drink: uhh wine coolers? :D haha
25.CD-ROM Game: umm the SIMS haha right aubz?
26.Board Game: Monopoly
27.Card Game: UnO!
28.Kid Game: Barbies! haha
29.Number: 14
30.Cartoon: Rugrats
31.Character: Tigger
33.Color: Blue
34.Hair Color: brown
35.Time of the day: night..
36.Day of the week: friday!!!
37.Week of the month: last week
38.Month of the Year: November! and December

39.Do you plan on having children: umm not soon...i might adopt..
40.Do you want to get married: YES!!!
41.How old do you wanna be when you have your first child: 26-30? i duno
42.How old do you wanna be when your married: mid 20's prob
43.Would you have kids before marriage? ah no
44.What would you name the boy? i duno
45.What would you name the girl? i duno
46.Are you a virgin?: yes
47.If yes, Do you plan on loosing your virginity ne time soon?: ah that's personal shit! sick bastard! haha
48.Have you had oral sex?: that's none of your business...
49.Have no, Have you been past base 1?: jeez...yeah
50.Do you even know what the bases are?: ah maybe
51.Do you have a b/f or g/f (who): si! JeFfrEy!!! :)
52.Do you have a crush?: boyfriend! duuurrr

53.Music/TV: music
54.Guys/Girls: guys
55.Green/Blue: blue
56.Pink/Purple: purple
57.Sleep/StayUp: stay up
58.Summer/Winter: SuMmEr At ThE lAkEs....YeA bAbY!!
59.Spring/Fall: spring...
60.Night/Day: night
61.Hangin Out/Chillin: hanging out..i don't like bein cold ;) haha
62.Friends/Lovers: that's a hard one
63.Cold/Warm: Warm...better yet hwo bout HOT? haha ;)
64.Fast/Slow: slow :)
65.New/Old: new... change is good..
66.Dark/Light: dark
67.Sparkle/Shine: sparkle
68.Peach/Plum: plum
69.Apple/Orange: apple
70.Laundry/Dishes: dishes
71..Christina/Britney: christina
72.Limp Bizkit/KoRn: limp bizkit... but i dont listen to either
73.Rock/Rap: rap
74.Pop/R&B: r&b

75.Glass: clear
76.Shake: strawberries
77.Club: scroady
78.Sing: THE WATER IS WIDE!!!! lol chior is fun
79.Loud: the TV
80.Garcia: brothers garcia... the show
81.Hair: Mine sux
82.Ching: CHINGY! the rapper
83.Money: I have none
84.Work: arby's
85.Play: games
86.4002: long ass time from now
87.Betty: betty boops.. the cartoon
88.Sara: my cuz
89.Dog: BRAVO!!!
90.Brain: gross
91.Nick: nickelodeon! haha
93.AM: morning
94.FM: hot 100
95.PM: sleep
96.Morning: eggs
97.Ball: the blue one sittin here in the same room haha

98.Eminem: white man can't rap! haha
99.Rap: grinding!
100.Teenagers: young love!
101.Smoking: ewwwww
102.Death: scary!
103.Life: anything you want it to be
104.Drinking: wine coolers (he he)
105.Bomb Threats: umm kinda freaky
106.Murder: freaky
107.Suicide: ouch
108.Fear: SPIDERS!

109.Who is your best friend?: Kim, Aubrey, And JeFfReY!!!
110.Who is the best person to hang with?: anyone! i get along iwth most people
111.Who is the sweetest person?: jeff
112.Whos the cutest person: jeff ;) haha
113.Whos the nicest?: everyone i hang out with
114.Whos the best to talk online with?: everyone!
115.Whos the most blonde: BOEVER! HAHA
116.Whos the weirdest: Kimberly
117.Whos the craziest: everyone!
118.Loudest: manda! :) haha luv ya hun
119.Quietest: brea
120.Smartest: andrea and jackie
121.Quickest: the guys..fuckin players
123.Most Trustful: kim aubrey and jeff
124.Most Honest: kim aubrey and jeff
125.Most Cheerful: everyone!

126.Are you glad it's almost done? yes!! what made me do this in the 1st place?!
127.Are you bored? der... thats why im bothering with this
128.What kinda mood are you in right now? undescribeable
129.Did you have a good day today? no not really
130.What are you doing tomorrow: uhh dance and cheerleading and goin to school of course
131.What did you do today?: uhh read my journal

138.What time is it now?: 5:58 pm..i had sum interuptions
139.How long has it been since you started?: i duno a 1/2 hour ago?
140:Why is pickle juice green?: that's retarded..i don't give a rats ass! haha just playin

Mood: indescribable

  2003.09.10  16.56

okay so today went by so slow! and i wanna talk to jeff! but he doesn't get off of work til 6 :( i guess i can wait an hour...well today was so freakin boring! and im sittin here waiting for my shirt to puff painting it for friday...we play EMMETSBURG!!! KiCk AsS!! haha...its gonna be fun! there is suppose to be like 500 people there..that's a lot of ppl for a football game!!! haha..hmm well im gonna go do my homework and maybe take a nap!
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene (Peterson! ;) hehe) I lOvE jEfF!

Mood: tired

  2003.09.09  18.47
more bored

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Mood: bored


  2003.09.09  17.36
what a fun day..not

okay so im really freakin tired..i have a report due tomorrow..and i have dance tonite...and throught all that..all i wanna do is see jeff!!! i love him so very much!!!.... i dont' feel like doing my english report due..but i guess ill have to anyways...but hmm well jeff is suppose to call me in like 20 mins...i hope he does! i really want to talk to him!! :)...well cheerleading sucked..only 1/2 of us surprise...but hmm well not much to say.. so im gonna go
Until Next Time,
Krista Irene

Mood: rushed
Music: Christina Aguleria- Fighter

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