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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

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    News Flash : SNOW IS COLD!
    We're back!!! Hooray! Well, not really "hooray" because being back in Sydney sucks.

    I didn't enjoy the snow a s much as I thought I would. It just seemed such a hassle to put on ten layers of clothes + beanie + gloves + skiboots and skis and poles. I was pretty good for a first timer! I didn't fall over or anything! Tammy said I was a natural. I'm not sure about that but I was certainly alright! But It's not very fun. At one point when we were all geared up to the eyeballs I said to Tammy "at what point did humans decide this was a luxury sport?".

    Yuri tried snow boarding but gave that up pretty quickly!

    So of the whole week only one day was spent actually on my skies! The snow was pretty crap. It was good the day we arrived but then it was sunny sunny sunny for the rest of the week. The snow turned to slush. They had all 50 snow making machines on and it was still pretty crapola. But Tam, Bec and I made an awesome snowman and that's what counts!!! We even made him out of three spherical balls and everything!

    But Adelaide was fantastic. I will write more about it tomorrow. I'm a bit exhausted right now. i'm thinking I might go veg in the couch!

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    Current Music: yuri fucking with his guitar

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