03:34pm 11/10/2003
mood: thirsty
music: [Pretty Fly . For a White Guy]
LOL, don't ask .. I'm listening to offspring, I dunno why, I felt I had to
.. and all the girlies say he's pretty fly, for a white guy .. hahaahha
Anyway I watched the lion king today - Yeah I was pretty bored, but it was so cute!
I'm thinkin about geting like 500 new posters, and taking all my old ones down, since it's getting pretty old. It'll rule, I'll have new posters since I've had the same since i was like 12 - I luv them though. Eh... I've found I only have 204 out of my 250+ cds, that could be because my brother likes to give them away. So that's very saddening. ROCK ON OFFSPRING! Do they have any new music!? I don't think they do.. too bad. I'm so hungry, but then again.. I always am. I got PEPSI! Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeaah. Okay.. I'm out, later.
11:44pm 10/10/2003

Name- crystal

Age- Fifteen

Sex- 100% Girlie lol

Star sign- Virrrrrrgo

B’day- TwEnTy-FoUrTh of AuGusT

Phone - Aaa, I hope U Not Askin For Da Number ;-) (999) 999-9999 lol

Address- OH NOOOOOOO :-D

Nicknames- Erm... Crys? and... No I don't have any, but my lil cousin calls me Horshie :)

Looks -what looks?

Hair color- Brown with blonde highlights, talk about preppy-ness.

Long/short- Medium

Eye color- Blue

Height- Like I know?

Shoe size- I'm proud to say I only wear a 9 and a half in my new K-Swiss shoes, unlike

my stupid NIKES which are 10.5, but that's way besides the point :-)

Clothing size- Okay, understand this: every article of clothing has a differen't size type!


School-High School

School colors- Who gives a herb? LOL

Year level- I guess I'm in 10th grade, but I could possibly be in 3rd.

Fav subject-English, you better believe it ;-)

Worst subject- MATH! but my lowest grade is in History

People you know

Funnest- Is anyone fun? Nicole was.

Funniest- OMG Domenic XD Scroddy

Best 4 advice- I don't know, I dont think i ask anyone for that

Prettiest- Come on now :-D

Ugliest- sure - that's just rude.

Nicest- Martha

Meanest- VICTORIA IS, SHE'S JUST SO, I'm just kidding :))

Smartest - Martha, she knows like everything on the earth

Best friend- Erm...

Worst enemy- Oh yes my friend is my worst enemy, maybe one who likes JUSTIN



Craziest- Me, am I my friend?

Loudest- Me again.. :-D

Quietest- Jill

Most calm- not sure, but it's NOT me

Best 4 guy advice- Well... hahaha NONE

Who knows all ur secrets- I have secrets? WOW! WHAT ARE THEY?

Whose secrets do u no- Everyones, and no, I won't tell you

Shyest- I don't know

Teacher’s pet- Yep, Cindy, true dat.

Who gets in most trouble- Jill

best handwriting- ME, MINE'S GREAT

Do you…..?

Believe in god- Yes sir!

sleep w/ or w/out clothes on? EEEEEWWWW I sleep with clothes on, THANK YOU

dress up on halloween? Yeah, last year I was a punked out rawkerrrrr, maybe like avril,

with the tie and all =D

like to travel? Well I think I WOULD, but considering I haven't, I DON'T KNOW!

sleep on your side, tummy, or back? My side, but you don't need to know that, cuz it

doesn't pertain to YOU :-P

think you're attractive? Uhm..no

have a goldfish? Oh sure, I ate it though.

ever have the falling dream? what's the falling dream? is that when you fall forever?

Nope, never heard of it.

have stuffed animals? I have more stuffed animals than the toy store can sell

go on vacation? I have never did that! :-(

believe in magic? No, but I believe people don't understand something so they believe it's


have to pay bills? No, I'm a juvenile :-D

do your own laundry? Pssssshhhhh What do I look like? A mom? :)))

clean your house? Yeah right! I'm the princess of laziness

own a furby? I have 5 or 6 furbys

stink? Nope, I smell quite good

Believe in the devil- yes, *runs and hides*

Like guys or girls- ok I'm assuming this isnt for friends..... guys

Like long or short hair-on... boys? Depends on what they look like

Like hugs- I think so

Lyk kisses- how would I Know?

Lyk it wen its raining- Depends


Wen itz sunny- yes

Swallow or spit-Uh.. EW!

Have a job-No, But i tried to get one

Keep a diary- What's this thing i'm typing on??

Wear make-up - No I don't, I guess I should... i used to wear eyeliner but I'm too lazy


Lyk long surveys- Oh I sure do

Wear glasses- I used to, I don't need them but I wanna get them, I could need them now

though because all the hours online

Sing in da shower- No :>

Have any peircings- Yes, i have 2 in my left ear and 3 in my right, I can't wear an earring

in the top of my right ear anymore because I broke it, so I'm getting the top of my left

ear pierced soon

Want 2 kill sum 1 - no I don't believe in killing people

Luv sum1 at the moment- Yes


No the national anthem- Ya I know it, OHHHHH SAAAAAY CAN YOU

SEEEEEEEEEEE.. Ok i'll quit

Talk 2 urself- once in a while

Talk 2 ur petz- always

Snore-I don't think, OHHH I hope not


Books: I don't read books

Relative: my parents

College: never been to one except penn state, and it's alright

Stores: Deb

Kind of chainletters: I HATE chainletters

Poems: Ones that rhyme and I can rap to :-p

News channel: the local news

TV shows: Degrassi and 7th Heaven, if I ever miss a new episode I'll die!

Five girl names:
--- I don't know anymore, my head hurts

Five boy names:

haaaaa I don't know anymore, I'm stupid

Top 5 Actresses you like:
.. I can't name five

Naomi Watts
Kirsten Dunst
and I don't know!

Top 5 actors you like:
Ashton Kutcher
Matthew McConaughey
Will Smith

Male singer:

Female singer:
who cares, I LIKE MURPHY LEE! lol

Murphy's Law of course :-)

Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, Mest, Simple Plan & Trapt

How to lose a guy in 10 days, You've got mail, The Ring

Ermm..... MTV's Carmen, the HipHopera, its the only one I like

Shaggy - The Reggae Virus
Sean Paul - I'm Still In Love With You
Murphy Lee - What Da Hook Gon Be?

yahoo.com :-p

Music Award Show:

Music Video:
Shaggy - Angel


Chicken n French Fries haaaa YUMM

Pepsi and Sierra Mist
or Grape Soda

Drink in general:
Icedtea or Peach Spring water


Ethnic food:

Fast Food Place:

What do you get there:
nothing lol

nowhere! .. home

What do you get there:

Snack to munch on:
peanut butter and jelly
or sunchips

Kind of pizza:
that philly stuff from dominos

Ice cream:
chocolate peanutbutter, coffee & black rasberry

wheat or italian with seeds

strawberry poptarts

I dont eat it but if I was going to, the peanutbutter stuff or Rice Krispy Treats

Let's all sing it together, SAVE THE ANIMALS!


Sport to play:
Iceskating, does that count?

Sport to watch:
None, I hate that.. well baseball is ok, but not on tv

Thing to do in winter:
stay home on a snow day

Thing to do in summer:
leave the house & get a sunburn

Thing to do on weekends:

Vacation spot:
how would I know, i wanna go to jamaica and lay on the beach LOL

Dream vacation spot:

Place to shop:
the mall .. I LOVE THE BIG ONE IN MARYLAND .. i wanna go to the mall of america

Thing to do on a rainy day:

Thing to do on a sunny day:
get sunburn

Color: silver, black & red

Magazine: seventeen, i like to read the fiction story, im such a nerd

Gum: i dont know what its called, i HATE gum, but if i want some i like the lime green

colored one

Outfit to wear:
omg that plaid skirt
no im kidding
my green army one =D

Pair of shoes:
k swiss

Kind of car:

Stuffed Animal:
my teddy i had since the day i was born

Article of clothing:

Piece of furniture in your room:
my bed, but my cat's always on it

Place in your house:
my room

Place to be alone:
my room

Kind of house:
one with a water view of a lake or ocean or somethin like that.. and a lot of windows, in a

kinda isolated area, but sunny

Place to live:
don't know

Place to work:
dont know

Kind of occupation:
something with animals or computers

Family member:

Memory from childhood:
i loved the song loveshack by the b52's and i still do, and if you say its a stupid song, I


Memory with friends:
aww geez, all of them before they all moved away :(

Alcoholic beverage:
none, do you honestly think i drink? 0:)

Kind of cigarettes:
Sure.... whatever

Party you've ever been to:
Not a party-girl, sorry

Least Favorites

Books: all of them

Relative: erm.....i dont know, i havent met most of them, probably the one who burnt my

uncles house down

College: never been to one, don't know

Stores: uhhh that TJ thing... I don't know, nothing's organized there, or gabriels,

everything is a screw up

Kind of chain letters: all of them

Poems: ones that are really long and point less

News channel: fox news

TV shows: wings, golden girls

Five girl names:

I don't know

Five boy names:

Don't know

Top 5 Actresses you don't like:

Don't know

Top 5 actors you don't like:

Don't know

Male singer:

Female singer:


soad, slipknot, stuff like marilyn manson

i hate movies that are gay lol

all of them

i can't stand that song 'in those jeans'

anything thats ugly

Music Award Show:
country music awards

Music Video:
i'm still in love with you boy, i love the song but the video absolutely sucks

almost all of them



Drink in general:
anything alcoholic

american cheese

Ethnic food:
dont know

Fast Food Place:

dont know

Least favorite snack to munch on:

Kind of pizza:
ones with anchovies

Ice cream:
eww something too chocolatey
or strawberry


Pastry: I hate toaster pastries(forget the name) cuz they're always cold in the center

Cereal: yucky charms :-p

Meat: pig

Holiday: valentines day

Sport to play: football

Sport to watch: all of them

Thing to do in winter: swim

Thing to do in summer: make a snowman, be inside

Thing to do on weekends: stay home sick

Vacation spot: HERE

Place to shop: used clothing stores

Thing to do on a rainy day: sit out in the rain if its cold

Thing to do on a sunny day: stay inside

Color: An ugly brownish green

Magazine: teenpeople

Gum: bigred

Outfit to wear: any dress

Pair of shoes: nasty julia shoes lol

Kind of car: station wagons, no offense to victorias mom

Stuffed Animal: anything chewed on


Are you straight, gay, or bi?: I'm straight, thank you very much

How many continents have you been to?: Does this one count?

How many countries have you been to?: this one

What color are the socks you’re wearing right now?: pink and white

Underwear?: if I normally tell you that, then you will know, if not... none of your business


What was your last vacation?: Uhhhhh, coming home from the hospital the day i was


Do you have any future vacations coming up?: NO :(

Do you have any tattoos?: nope, and I dont plan on getting any, mike from linkin park is

my role model :-p

Do you have anything pierced besides your ears?: no, and I don't want any, I have

enough holes

What is your dream car?: mercedes

Do you have long fingernails?: yeah its how i type so good ;;)

Do you paint them?: oh sure :-d they're silver right now, incase anyone wanted to know

What about your toes?: they're shiny blue, lol

What is your religious belief?: I believe in God, and that's all you need to know

What are some of your pet peeves?: I don't know what that means but I notice many

grammar and spelling mistakes in e-mails and IM's... also when people say the wrong

words I notice it

What are some of your phobias?: being in a closed up room by myself and being outside

in somewhere where i'm not used to being alone cuz i think ill get lost

How much money do you make each year?: the same as jill : a dollar LOL

Do you want children in the future?: NO

Do you want to get married?: Yah, I think

How many fillings/cavities do you have?: like 50 thousand

Guys or girls?: for.....? I'm straight, I like BOYS!

Have you ever kissed anyone of the same sex?: no, i've never kissed anyone

Do you underwear and bras match?: yeah, WHO WANTS TO KNOW!?

Are you right or left handed?: C. None of the above, haha I can use both.... I usually use

the right though so scratch that C answer :p

What is under your bed?: dust bunnies and a floor

What posters do you have on your walls?: I can't name all of them

What kind of house are you in?: My parents house, and It's like any other house

Have you ever broken a bone?: No, but I think im going to break my ribs off

Have you ever had stitches?: No

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever made out?: I didn't do that, I'm so.... good 0:)

Wot do u think about…..?

Abortion- I hate it, unless the girl was raped and she got pregnant, or if the mom will die

unless it's done

Kids- They're fine...... FOR OTHER PEOPLE

Adults-well there wouldn't be anything if it wasnt for them ;)

Love- Somtimes it's the worst feeling in the world and at the same time it's the Best

feeling you could ever have


Britney spears- I like her music, but her..... nope, i used to though, but she's a lil sl^t now

JLo- can you say ghetto booty?

Music-music is my soul

Videos-what kind? i like movies

DVDs-they are better than tapes

The environment- i care for it, lets help save it :(

Guys- they're guys! lol and they're cute

Girls- they're girls .... ?

Drinking- BAAAAAAD


Tattoos- EWWWWWW

Suicide- BAAAAAD

Jerry Springer- MORON!


Peanut butter or jelly: you can't have one without the other :-D

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi for sure

Drive or walk: i want to try driving, but walking is also good

Traveler or homebody: i am a homebody but i want to be a traveler

Good or bad: good

Skydiving or bungee-jumping: neither

MTV or Comedy Central: mtv

Ice or roller skating: ice

Nike or Adidas: both

Purse or wallet: i hate both of them

Dark hair or light: both i guess..... dark .. i don't know

Chocolate milk or regular milk: eww, I pass.

Tall or short: for who? I'm short....

Tan or fair skinned: I'm fair but I wanna be tan

Blue eyes or brown eyes: i have blue but i like/want brown

Books or movies: movies fo shoooo

Comedy or horror: both

Bath or shower: shower

Lights on or off during a movie: off

Theater or video: theatre

Red or blue: blue.. no, red..... BOTH\1

Gold or silver: silver

Top or bottom: hmm..... top --- OF DA FOOD CHAIN! lol

Morning or night: night, well morning is ok... if im not going to school

Black or white: both, they go together

Glass half full or half empty: half full

Chocolate or vanilla: both/neither i prefer fruit candy :-p or peanutbutter

Cat/dog - both

McDonalds/Burger King - burgerking

Metallica/Nirvana - both - i only like one song from both of them

BBC 1/ITV - i only know BBC.. so....

Sky/Cable - cable? what the heck is sky


Coke/Pepsi - pepsi, i already said that

Straight/gay - straight, gay people are so gross

Black/white - i said both

Left handed/right handed - already answered

Mum/Dad - both

Neighbours/Home Away - dont know

North America/South America - dont know

Football/Rugby - neither

Gold/silver - already did.

CD's/cassettes - CDS

TV/cinema - cinema

Video/dvd - dvd

Glasses/contact lenses - dont know

Brown hair/red hair - red hair, not orange....

Chinese/Italian - no need to pick nationalities... unless its food, i never had chinese

Ocean/sea - dont know

Sun/moon- moon

Plane/boat- dont know, i was on a boat once, but we didnt really go anywhere

Early bird/night owl - night owl

Jaguar/Mercades - mercedes

Yellow/blue - they look cool together

Windows/MAC - windows i think

Eminem/Dr Dre - em!

Buffy/Angel - arent they the same show?

Basketball/Baseball - i dont know

Wax/shave- shave lol ewww

Curly hair/straight hair - both

Mars/Snickers- snickers, i forget what a mars bar tastes like


Do u go 4 looks or personality- personality, i'm not shallow like that

Wot makes a good date- how would i know lol

Best thing a gf/bf could get u- don't know

Do u believe in….?

aliens: errrrrmmmmmmm kinda

space: yeah uh.... look at the sky, its like... THERE

god: ya, how did the space get there? or how did it get.... right THURRR!? lolll

satan: ya

ghosts: depends on what that means

vampires: no, but i love their teeth

demons: dont know

life after death: i dont know

angels: i think, im not sure

santa clause? oh yes... lol i do

monsters? no

easter bunny? no

tooth fairy? ya, want my teeth? gimme lotsa gold

Are you…?

Frigid- i dont know

Gay - eeeeeeeeww no but you are LOL, jjust kiddin

Bi - ewww korupt ppl are nasssstttttttty

Lesso- wtf is lesso? lol, i don't think so

Straight- yes =D

Evil- oh yah!

Good- sure :)

Christian- nop

Single- noo

Taken- i guess

Crazy- 100%

Immature- yep

Mature- ya that too

Quiet- sure

Loud- uh huh, SHOUT IT LOUD


Do you like to read? no

What's your favorite book?

What's your least favorite book?
all of them

What book were you forced to read and hated? every book in school

What book were you forced to read and liked? none

What book did you keep putting off? all of them

Have you read that book yet? ?

Have you read any of the Harry Potter books? yes the 1st one, but i have them all

Who's your favorite author? none

Who do you think is the most boring author? all of them

Do you read the chicken soup books? no

Do you like comic books?


last time u…..

left your house: earlier today

slept: yesterday morning at 3:30..... my bad :-d

got mad: when my brother came in cuz he stunk lol

ate something: 3, 4 hours ago? DESPITE THE RUMOURS.. I DO NOT EAT EVERY

HOUR! lol

showered: yesterday

watched tv: at 8, i watched the new degrassi

friends came over: HAAAAAAA LIKE 10 YEARS AGO, no.. my birthday, or victoria

comes over everyday :-D

ate ice cream: like 2 sunday's ago

farted: oh my god.. that's just... eww :((

kissed someone: never

went to a movie: well lets see, the last one i saw was....freaky friday!

cried: like yesssssssterday or something

went to southland: lol whats southland?

talked on the phone: yesterday

texted someone: 2 days ago

ate nerds: last halloween

drank grape juice: a year ago

shaved: yesterday

went to the bowling alley? the day of the social, it was the only day i ever went, and i was

only there for 3 minutes :((((

went skating? last year

went to the doctor? last year

used the restroom? 3 hours ago

got grounded? 3 years ago

What for? i dont remember

last person u……?

talked to? jill

talked to on the phone? my cousin

rang? nobody

kissed? nobody

said I love you to? my mom

got angry with? some body online telling me what to do

bitched about behind their back? a prep

cried about? i hurt my foot

had a crush on? nobody

punched- my brother

fought with- my brother

visited- my grandma

talked 2 on msn- jill

hugged- my mom

went out with- myself lol

Friends- most likely to…

help you the most if you were in trouble: victoria

succeed in life: cindy

risk their lives to save yorus, do anything for 1 million bucks, get a tattoo, live with their

parents until they're 30, get drunk and get married in Vegas, ditch their date on prom

night, throw a huge party while their parents are out of town, get divorced more than

once, get stranded on a deserted island, get their first question wrong on who wants to be

a millionare, jump off a bridge, join a rock group, fake their own death, come to their 10

year reunion drunk, never have kids, file for social security at age 25,become an

alcoholic, be the next Tom Green, wreck an expensive car that their parents gave them,

hit a pedestrian while driving, be the cause of a major collision because they were fiddling

with the radio, dump their fiancee on their wedding day, get married because their

boyfriend knocked them up, live on the streets, be on MTV'S The Real World, be on

MTV'S Road Rules, go bankrupt, start a protest in Washington D.C., join the army,



Who do you want to marry: HasHHasH .. can it be possible? :-s

Are you going to college: I hope so!

If so, how long do you want to go for: dont know!

What would your major be: dont know!

Where do you want to go: not sure!

What is your career going to be: really dont know yet!

Where are you going to live: ???????

How many kids do you want: None!

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon: not sure

What kind of car will you have: mercedes lol

What kind of house will you have: explained a long time ago

are u…?

Understanding- ya

Mean - nooooo 0:)

Nice- yah

Open minded- ya

Insecure- surrrrrre

Talkative- yeepppp

Trust worthy- yah

Interesting- yah

Smart- yesh

Dumb- YAAAAAA lol

Moody- not much

Organized- definately NOT

Messy- yea

Angry- nope

Sad- sometimes

Happy- sometimes

Crazy - yes

Calm- once and a while

in the past 24 hours have u…?

had a serious talk?: not really

Hugged someone?: ya

Fought w/ someone?: ya

Cried?: no

Laughed?: yes

Made someone laugh?: yes

Bought something?: yes

Cut your hair?: no

Felt stupid?: no

Talked to someone you love?: my family?

Missed someone?: yes

Been dumped/asked out?: no

kissed someone?: no

broken the law?: yes
Bonjour, Hola, Hello!   
07:05pm 08/10/2003
  Hi! My name is..... Uh.. My name is.... OH JUST FORGET IT, I DON'T KNOW
I didn't update this for.. like, ever because I don't remember anything, so why in the world would I remember to update this. All I do is ramble on about nonsense stuff that nobody in this world gives a care about, and I pity anyone who reads it. And the whole world knows I proofread my emails. I'M SUCH A NERD! Okay.. Today in school we were learning about semi colons and run-on sentences, and I could have taught the whole lesson better than the teacher. I seriously need a life, and Justine keeps telling me that, but I'm perfectly fine WITHOUT ONE! Yeah.. I'ma be ok. OMG There's this girl in lunch, and she's all.... Dutch?! Justine ate my chips at lunch like she usually does. It's not like I ever wanted to see what one actually TASTED LIKE...but she eats them all before I can even look at them. Why am I writing this? Nobody will read this far. Anyway.. Victoria gets to sleep all day and I don't because I'll cry that I wasted my day away sleeping, even though I waste it anyway. I'm not hungry, can you believe it? Me either. Now I'm talking to myself; I need to get out of this house. We danced to the Beach Boys at school today and that made me jump with joy. Not because I thought it was awesome, but I knew the song! ...It's not that I listen to them or anything, but since I was about 6 or 7 years old I had a beach boys cassette and then I had it put on a CD later. That's besides the point. It's October and Stacy's mom has STILL got it goin' on. I'm just playin.
You should stop frontin, You know I want ya! {Pharrell/Jayz~Frontin} <-- Download that song!

Woah diggity ... whas the dillio? n what da hook gon be?! I'm out
later my homie gz ;-)
21 September 2003 ~ Whatever   
04:58pm 21/09/2003
  Okay let me say this : today = horrible. I'm not in the mood to really write anything, but anyone who knows my brother.. if you see him, don't talk to him. He's really been being mean and I don't care if you're usually nice to him, he's been being more than usual, and it isn't gonna get any better. I've got a dilemma or a problem, whatever you wanna call it, and I'm hungry. What did I do today? NOTHING. Okay, I'm out. Peace.  
20 SePtEmBeR 2003   
10:25pm 20/09/2003

My attempt to leave the house has [offically] FAILED!
This is so depressing, since VICTORIA didn't get home in time... we didn't get to go LOL I dun wanna go to a football game when like a half hour is already over, but it's alright we can go to the next one! Anyway I made food, WOW, I MADE MY OWN FOOD, IMAGINE THAT. I was told there aren't enough "umm's" in my entry before so I have to include some in here. Um.. Yes, that's about ummm it. So um... I'm watching Degrassi, I love this show, NEW SEASON ALL THROUGH OCTOBER, YOU KNOW WHATS GONNA BE ON MY TELLY.. Umm..
19 SePTeMBeR 200-3   
04:31pm 20/09/2003
mood: amused
music: [Murphy n Ali - Boughetto]
16:00 Today I woke up before noon - Amazing? Hardly.. Ever since school started I've been waking up before noon. It's a tragedy, I know. One thing about these journals: I notice, all these DITZES at school cannot think of 2 paragraphs to start their English essays, but they can write 1,000 words in their blurties. Hmm.. something's wrong there. Anyway, I always write too much for an essay. I love essays; I'm such a nerd LOL. Song stuck in my head :: Get Low ~ Lil Jon N Da East Side Boys !! I HATE THAT SONG ITS GROSS --- But the thing is, I LOVE when they say {{TO DA WINDOW - TO DA WALL}} Hahahahaha. Okay, Still trying to figure out whether we're going to the football game tonight. My mom is sayin' she'd rather me not go just because she doesn't know when it will end, but common, I DO have a cell phone. LOL, she isn't even going to be here, she'll be at work. And why would I know how long a football game lasts, I've never been to one. My one time to leave the house even on a weekend! I'm excited. Okay, that was pointless. I went to my cousins house & I ran off some energy outside & that's about all I did today. And I spent like a half hour trying to customize this journal so it didn't look all stupid like before. Imma stop my rambeling now and maybe do something that isn't pointless like this is. =) Peace ~N~ Luv ++Crys ;-)