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    Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
    11:14 pm
    October 14, 2003
    I've had better birthdays.
    Sunday, October 12th, 2003
    4:18 pm
    Homecoming Weekend.
    Iit was homecoming weekend. Crazy times. Thursday night about 50 people went streaking through the quad. Then on Friday, after classes and everything, i prgamed a little with dustin at Kev and Kev and Brads room with some Tequila and Beer. I went to Jacks Party and his fridge was packed so we stayed there all night. Alley wasn't feeling too hot so I walked her back to her room, stayed for a bit, and then went home. Saturday was the big homecoming day so everyone was talking about drinking all day. I never really thoght I would drink ALL day though. I was wakened by kev coming to my room and telling me to go over there and have a beer. So at 10:30 I got out of bed and in my boxers, went to Kevs room and started drinking. My breakfast consisted of 5 beers and a couple of peanuts. At kev's rory called and told me to go there and drink, so i had one more beer and went to drink at rorys. Me and rory skipped out while everyone else went to get lunch and we made cup of noodles so we could keep drinking. This is only about noon keep in mind. So rory and i drank quite a lot, everyone came and drank some, had some tequilla, and then we all went to the game as a crew. I was feeling very good at this point. JMU was killing Richmond at halftime so we went back to rorys to drink more. I walked alley back to her room cuz she didnt feel so hot and we watched a movie. After the movie i went to my room, showered, changed for the night, and went to rorys and drank a beer, went upstiars to sheila and pegahs room and took a lot of shots of vodka. This is around 730. So we leave weaver around 915- wait and take a really long bus ride where i kept falling asleep. We finally got to the trak boyz party and had a blast. Great party wtih lots of kegs, no lines for beer, tons of people, good music and dancing, and lots of fun. We left there and went on a bus and we ended up going to cats which sucked bad. I just wanted to be with everyone else, so we left cats after i called alex and talked to him, and we went to Sigma for a frat party. I drank some more, and we left, i walked alley home, stayed for a few mins, and then went to bed by myself. It was a great nite till cats, then it was beat and i didnt want to be there. I slept well and am doing work all sunday, Red Sox better beat those Yankee Pussies and the Pats are winning so they better pull that out. Work Time
    Saturday, October 4th, 2003
    3:45 pm
    Saturday October 4
    Yeah so I had a crazy night last night. We started out at Kev's common room drinking vodka and beer. We chilled there for like a half hour and then Pat called! I was surprised to hear from Pat because he had told me he wasn't partying for a while with us because we ditched him last time. So this call was a good one to get. He told me he was looking for something to do and that if I had a crew, I could bring them and party. So i rolled about 11 deep to Pats and threw $20 his way. He went out and with the money he gathered, he ended up with 5 cases. I guess when you don't expect things to turn out good, they always do. Alley kinda ditched me and was a little nervous telling me, because I found out from Cat at dinner that she was taking Alley to some parties, girls only. So I was cool with that, and figured I'd roll with the crew and be on my own for the night. Turned out to be an awesome night. Too bad alley missed it because we really had fun and since she hadn't been feeling great, a good time would have done her good. I drank a lot at Pat's, and the kid that was with sarah was kinda being a tool, so i ignored him and me and rory made fun of him a lot, and he left. I guess he and some girl were walking to another party and the cops busted him and took him to the station. I partied at Jacks till about 12:30, then we went next door to the frat party which was bumpin. I guess the cops raided the place pretty hard, and steve and i booked it out the back. The cops called for us to stop but we ran and jumped some fences and made it out. We headed back and i got a cell phone call from the cops. that bitch Tom that came with sarah that was annoying earlier gave them my info and said i'd take care of him because he is 17. I talked to the cops for a while when they came to my residence hall, then to his dad, and everything worked out ok. talked to alley for a while then walked her home for the night, no sleepover. Then Z slept here, becasue steve puked his brains out at his dorm and she had to leave cuz an RA found out. All in all, a crazy night. Hahah JMU is some crazy times.
    Monday, September 29th, 2003
    12:28 am
    Sunday, September 25, 2003
    Today....I woke up at Alley's dorm. I drank a lot last night and we partied pretty hard. Alley and I had a good night at her room and then went to d-hall when we finally got out of bed. My afternoon was pretty much hanging around and doing homework. I got to thinking about missing my brother since he's at home and I'm away at college. I wrote him a nice long letter, and then burnt him 2 cds of music that we listen to here at jmu. Then i printed up some pictures of us hanging out here for him to see. Then i went to the bookstore and got him a JMU track tee shirt since i'm on the team. I also got thank you cards for the mail i've gotten. Dinner with alley again at Dukes was good, then I came back and watched Boondock Saints. I love that movie and got really excited about St. Patricks Day.
    I was thinking while I was in the bathroom earlier which i've found is where i usually get all my good thoughts from, that I am a lucky bastard. I was thinking about the part of the the movie, The Ladies Man, when he says, "i will sit around and wait for something to happen and it will all randomly work out, it will randomly work out." And i thought to myself, I've always had a plan for my life, and i think that it is actually got a chance to pan out. I knew that i wanted to get away and start anew at college. JMU is perfect, i came into it knowing nobody and having an incredible crew of friends that i will stay close with on the very first night. Not to mention the coolest most beautiful girlfriend ever. On top of that, my mom and dad called and let me know that i have 5 job opportunities for the next few years in the field in which i want to work for for the rest of my life. I'm really excited about my life right now and i just feel lucky to be alive and to be in the position i'm in. I'm happier than i've been in a long time and i love it. A big week ahead with lots of work, but i'm going into it with a good feeling of determination to work hard. Monday morning....bring it on.