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    Monday, April 21st, 2003
    9:54 pm
    Monday night and 9:41. Crap gotta type fast!

    Anyways, Friday night when I got back I went to see Anger Management with Demon. It was a very good and funny movie with a bunch of plot twists you'd never expect. I recommend it to all my friends due to it's feel being very similar to that of other Adam Sandler films. Anyways, on the way back to Demon's house a funny thing happened. I wasn't paying attention (imagine that!) and suddenly I realised I was about to runa red light by accident. Just as I realise this and enter the interesection the light turns green! What luck eh? I thought it was humorous at the time.

    Saturday I refereed two soccer games. They were U-15 Boys Premiere and they were pretty uneventful. That night I visited Jon. Michala, Frankie and Meri were there. Val showed up later. Opps, forgot Alan was there too. Anyways, we filmed two interviews and then contemplated playing live action D&D. This eventually failed due to the lack of interest from Jonny and Michala so we got dinenr at Olive Garden. There we were treated to the worst service I've ever gotten at a resterant. The waiter only refilled my drive once and took 15 minutes to get extra salad and bread. We were rather loud and rude about our discontent with the service but it was well deserved. We as a party left a 4.2% time (or something like that) and I personally left none. I then took Jon home and got introduced to the game www.kingsofchaos.com which seems enjoyible. I drove home, checked my emaila nd went to bed.

    Sunday I got up late, hid the Easter Eggs for th eEaster Eggs unt, vacumed the basement, refilled my car with school stuff and had dinner around 2:00pm. At 4:00pm I went to LC to visit my mother. I also visited my Granparents from 8:00-9:00 and then went home. IMed Christina and Harry to make plans for Monday which failed due to conflicting life commitments. But we did set up plans for Breakfast at Newport Creamery.

    Monday morning, Newport Creamery was good. I enjoyed my sausage egga dn cheese on an English muffin. We talked about fencing, Anime Boston and D&D. Then we went to Harry's house and played Perfect Dark and MK5/6? (the new one on ps2). Anyways, I then toured URI which was confusing due tot he fact they showed me the Engineering Dept. instead of much Computer Sciences stuff. But I did talk witht eh Computer Sci Dept. Hed who told me about what sort of courses were required and such. I was done by about 12:30 and headed back to Becky's. There I played computer and then went to referee at 6:00 in pawt. It was a boring game but there was two new referees I'd never seen before. Dispite my doubts they did well. Then I picked up a copy of Night and headed to Becky's. More computer now to bed.

    Oh the funny thing I wanted Demon to know. I told her Friday that I always get movie tickets for Christmas, birthday, whatever and so I gave her one for that night. Sunday morning I got a new bunch of them for Easter. That's it folks, good night!

    Current Mood: stressed
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    Friday, April 18th, 2003
    9:05 pm
    Oh and I just fixed the colors but they still kinda suck. Anyone got suggestions?
    9:00 pm
    Ah, back from vacation at last! And what a miserible time it was. Not only did I fail to meet anyone of intelligence that could be even remotely considered interesting, but I spent much of the week failing to meet anyone at all outside of the minimal amount of conversation that is required to play a volleyball game. This seemed to be one of the only two of reliefs from constant boredom which was the last week. The second of which was my moral and ethical debate I felt internally as I began to reconsider some of the fundamental decision making processes that my mind goes through. I hope what I've discovered can be remedied through personal monitoring but we shall have to wait and see. Anyways, I plan on making my entries here ore interesting in the future but it seems when I sit down at the keyboard I get too lazy to do anything interesting. I'm off to see a movie with Demon right now so, Ta!
    Thursday, April 10th, 2003
    9:11 pm
    Wow, my colors are kinda ugly. Oh well. i'm heading off for Florida for a week so they will remain ugly until I get back. Right now I'm off to bed. I have to get up at 4:30am to catch my 7:15 flight. Why couldn't it just be warm where I live so we didn't have to go away? It would much prefer staying at home and dealing with local idiots then going to another state and dealing with new and different idiots. As always I will have to find my entertainment in the swiming pool and in the late night volleyball games played where I will be staying for the 3rd April vacation in a row. I'd say I'm hopeful that I'll meet someone with some brains and make a friend but I doubt it.

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    8:52 pm
    So, I'm new to Blurty but it seems almost the same thing as live journal. Anyone interested in my live journal could check www.livejournal.com/users/lordfate/
    At least I think that's what it was. It wasn't anything important anyways. I'll be sure to start posting here after I examine all the option menus and get things fitted for me.

    Current Music: Final Fantasy VI - The Mystic paino
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